And ANOTHER Article on the EWD Notes!

By | July 27, 2020

About a year ago I was in conversation with Australian journalist Matt Eaton in connection to the Eric Davis-Thomas Wilson notes. Matt wasn’t able to get his research published with his employer, but he was allowed to publish his results elsewhere. I say, great. Let’s get the information out to as many people as possible. Well done, Matt! 

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16 thoughts on “And ANOTHER Article on the EWD Notes!

  1. Chester_Hunter

    I haven’t seen the following question asked but cannot imagine it hasn’t been.

    If the DoD’s statements can be interpreted to say, the objects in the three famous videos were not “US built,” and we were able to confirm at some point that they weren’t built by “the Russians or the Chinese (or any other nation capable of building such via a ‘government owned and paid for’ route)” is it still possible that this technology may have been built by either a privately owned (by Earth humans) entity or a breakaway Earth human civilization?

    Because, if so and barring retrieval of live or deceased “non-human” or, if “human” provably not from Earth… doesn’t that still keep “ET” as a still unresolved and super important piece of the puzzle?

  2. miket52

    Yada yada yada blah blah blah if you want to repeat facts that everybody already knows write a book. You left out the most important part of the New York Times article where Davis is quoted as having briefed on crashed retrieval materials. Well I imagine there might be one or two people on this website that haven’t heard all of this at least 10 times in recent days. So all in all good work just saying

  3. miket52

    Yada yada yada blah blah blah if you want to repeat facts that everybody already knows write a book. You left out the most important part of the New York Times article where Davis is quoted as having briefed on crashed retrieval materials. Well I imagine there might be one or two people on this website that haven’t heard all of this at least 10 times in recent days. So all in all good work just saying …

  4. FamousAmos

    I’m getting cautiously optimistic on the momentum we’re seeing with this soft disclosure. Chalk it up to a changing of the guards (Trump, Rubio), lowered defenses of the MSM as COVID dominates the airwaves, TTSA on and off-screen tactics are gaining traction… whatever the source, it *seems* to be picking up speed.

    Pick you metaphor, but I liken this to an asymmetrical fight between a heavily muscled and armored giant against the small but quick-witted scrapper. Once he finds a weakness in the opponent, he relentlessly attacks it while avoiding counter-attacks. Eventually the barrage of knee shots will cause the giant to buckle, setting up for the KO.

    Let’s continue to concentrate all fire on this gaping wound — the EWD/TW notes — in the UFO secrecy’s armor. It just might work.

  5. WickyBu

    Yeah, good article indeed… glad to see you aren’t…unacknowledged.

    BTW, received today a physical copy of your book, ‘UFOs for the 2st Century Mind’! That’s my next port of call…right after I finish Marc Davenport’s book, which I have to say, is quite fascinating! The whole subject of time travellers from the future (or past) makes a whole lot of sense in so many ways.

    Definitely worth a read for anyone not familiar with ‘Visitors From Time’.

  6. Tracey

    Even if you have read about these facts before, this is one of the best broad overviews in my opinion.
    And if you haven’t, (since this is a public article), this will get you nicely up to speed.


    1. StreetDoc

      Agreed, Tracey. Eaton boiled any of the fat away and laid out the entirety of the meat of the story in a very clear & succinct way. Well done!

      If we can get as many folks to read this as possible, hopefully it can accelerate things. The slow walking of the entire issue is maddening.


    2. PressToDigitate

      I thought you guys said something about Richard picking up an “Agent” recently, am I right?
      He probably needs a professional out there arranging and cultivating bookings for him on news shows, talk shows, late night, idk, “DWTS”, if that’s what it takes to be positioned at the center of the conversation as this thing inevitably explodes in the coming months. He can’t be seen as some curmudgeonly hermit, ensconced up there in (or near) “The Great White North” – like Stan was, in Frederiton, who only comes out once a year to see his shadow to predict the oncoming Spring. Or, more to the point, like “Dr. Brian O’Blivion”, the renegade academic in “Videodrome”, who saw the approaching madness before anyone, and retreated, to only communicate with a select few, and only via recorded videos. Richard has been in almost every series and documentary on UFOs since the turn of the century; now the time is ripe to parlay that into guest appearances on – [‘Everybody’s’] Talk Show – to discuss the ETUFO subject intelligently, before the Steven Greers and Michael Sallas (and Webres and Bissagios) start coming out of the woodwork.

      Some good ‘Management’ now could translate into his next book taking off like – well, all the others – versus it taking off like a new Harry Potter novel. I understand that “fame” is not something Richard wants, or even seems comfortable with at times, but its a necessary prerequisite to obtaining that extra measure of Truth that he puts a premium on knowing. There is No One Else that millions of us ‘UFO Buffs’ would feel comfortable representing us, as “The Public Face of Ufology”, other than Richard. We love Linda, and Grant, and Nick, but you know who the Hollywood-driven shows will gravitate toward, without Richard ‘Towering over the Aliens’; it will be someone ‘flashy’ and ‘mysterious’. “Who ya gonna call?” Redfern? Tsarion?? Wilcock??? AYFKM?

      As much as I think the late night talk shows have all gone to Hell in a bucket over the last four years (and have quit watching any of them), Richard needs to upload an “Off the Cuff” from Jimmy Kimmel’s “Green Room”, as well as “Ellen”s Couch (and Dave Rubin’s), and show up in places like Jan Kekeilek’s “American Thought Leaders” (Epoch Times), PBS’s new “Firing Line” with Margaret Hoover, “America First” with Sebastian Gorka, and, of course, “Tucker Carlson”. Richard is a more interesting and engaging personality than Pope, Elizondo or Fravor, and his encyclopedic knowledge of the ETUFO subject should be on display in interviews in any studio you can get him to, short of requiring Sled Dogs.

      This *Moment* – the advent of ‘Open ET Contact’ – can only come ONCE. Yes, the ‘moment’ may stretch over the next couple of years, but I hope you manage to get him organized to ride it for all its worth. The alternative, of course, is for all of us to be represented, instead, by some incense-addled poseur akin to “The Stupendous Yappi” on the X-Files…

      1. Gaspar74

        I agree with Pressdigigate we need Richard in the forefront on this. I trust NO ONE else to do this topic the justice and exposure it desperately needs!

    3. Robert Arthur

      Agree with Ms. Tracey, nice to have this very epic story all in one place, in one article. Good job Matt!

  7. TomTort

    This is an excellent overview and is very helpful in trying educate some people I know who refuse to believe any of this. They are well educated and not intellectually challenged. However, numerous distractions place their thoughts elsewhere. The “me too” movement, rioting and not the least of it all is the Covid 19. It is curious as to why all of these “sudden” distractions. In addition, the election is just around the corner.

  8. Kat13

    Thank you,Richard. The MSM still fears the huge stigma attached to the subject of UFOs. Eventually they will have to produce some comment, or risk being irrelevant to theMillenialls. How ironic that FOX news is now on-board, along with the NYT. Tucker Carlson said ( paraphrasing) ; now it appears that the government has been lying to us for years! Wow, disclosure is upon us.

  9. Andromeda107

    I think this a very good article,yes I know about the facts of the EWD notes,TTSA etc…,but this is still a very good article,especially for the people who are new the subject..And it doesn’t hurt for people to keep writing about it. This subject needs need to kept in the fore-front.I am pretty sure the people operating and working the USAP’s is hoping this subject will just die down and people will just forget about so they can continue to operate in the shadows with over sight.and not worrying about what will happen if this gets out.Well they need to be worried, and they need to stay worried and concerned. they have kept this bombshell of a secret from them American public long enough,its a travesty .And we as US citizens need to stay up their asses about it.

  10. itsmeRitaC

    Hi Richard. I am beginning to feel rather certain that in the venn diagram of the set of ‘people who comment on this site’ and the world views of me, Rita, has an intersection set of maybe ‘2’, and that is just an assumption. It may in fact be the null set. 🙂 Actually, i find that disheartening to be honest.

    My response to the question posed by the title of this article. Yes, of course. But. I wish that weren’t true. I am not all excited about SAPs and such using off world technology to make more effective and twisted weapons. Sorry. I also do not believe in patriotism and if anyone is interested, i will give quotes from rather enlightened persons who talk about that subject. But i digress.

    Also, to all of the proponents of “Those ETs are coming for us because they hate our freedoms”…………..Richard, you have expressed less than supportive views of people who believe that ETs are all about ‘new agey’ DNA upgrades, etc, etc. I am taking liberties here in my wording. But i think the ‘evil aliens’ perspective is the opposite side of same coin. The belief in demons and a big projection of primitive fears. Reminds me of the horrible movie Signs.

    I hope that no military contractors or DOD big shots get any meaningful ‘hardware’ from ‘crafts’, if that is indeed the nature of these things. Humanitarians they are not.

    1. PressToDigitate

      “Humanitarians they are not.”
      – Neither are the ETs we’re dealing with.

      We may well have been far better off had they never shown up on Earth.
      If that’s NOT the case, it has yet to be demonstrated.

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