“Almost Half” Unexplained?

By | November 1, 2022

Hi everyone,

In advance of my scheduled RD Show for tonight (an interview with filmmaker Darcy Weir), I created this short video on the most recent report sent to Congress by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) on UAP. It’s not available for us to read yet, although perhaps it will be soon. That’s the thought, anyway. Meanwhile, I looked over some media coverage of it and put this together. 

Very interesting stuff going on behind the scenes, it seems to me. 



9 thoughts on ““Almost Half” Unexplained?

  1. MarkH

    Terrible reporting by the NYT In there article trying to run with the old story “Nothing to see here” we can explain half the 366 cases. BUT NOTHING ABOUT THE HALF THEY CANT EXPLAIN. Clearly, lacking context and using misleading headlines to deceive the public.
    Nick Pope said the ufologists only have to be right once, the sceptics all the time. Well here is 183 cases with data presumably they can’t explain. They will never be able to explain using known parameters what these things are. It’s time to just say what is the most plausible hypothesis is, of course, that’s it’s an intelligence not of mankind demonstrating abilities beyond our technological and cognitive ability.

    1. elevator

      It’s comical and infuriating at once. Just business as usual by the pentagon. Waving some cases over here and debunking the videos released in 2017. Meanwhile just about everyone with a pulse and brain cell, that pays attention, understands that they have in their possession a catalog of films and videos dating back seventy years that are conclusive evidence of UAP that are clearly not of prosaic origin. Releasing these videos would end the mockery of a sham instantly.

  2. Headhunter01

    Great that you are reacting with a short video to a “news flash” as addressing “ufo news” and very recent, fresh developments out there.
    I’d like to see that more often!

    The Team

  3. Headhunter01

    Richard, could it be possible that all new developments (laws, NASA etc.) are being established just to debunk even harder? I mean, with the collecting of more data, they can explain the non existence of aliens/ufos even beter to the lay public. “There’s really, REALLY nothing there because we have tons of modern aquired data looked over by real respectable organizations. So, now it’s clear. Move on, people”
    So, in fact a more modern, more heavy tranquilizer.

    The Team.

  4. Andromeda107

    Thanks for sharing Richard,although I am not surprised that the military is trying to write the Uap’s off as something terrestrial; They will do anything to steer in the wrong direction.

  5. itsmeRitaC

    Hi Richard, i am breezing in here before i am ten minutes in just to respond to something you just said. 🙂 When talking about using china and russia as the fall guys for these ‘uap’, you say that it would be hard to actually pin it on those state actors. But that matters not. I hadn’t seen any evidence of any sort and the u.s. is in how many ‘missions’ as i write? Several. And. There was no evidence i know of for invasions of Iraq, etc. So i don’t think actual proof is ever needed by the MIC.

    I also have no interest in unnamed sources in 2022. 🙂 I think most of us here could have written these articles based on all we know. Nothing new is said.

    False flags? Well, i do think all the stuff about genetic hybridization and soul stealing is rather a ‘threat’ scenario. But that is not coming from the MIC.

    OK. Now you probably say something about that in the next ten minutes and this will be a moot post! 🙂

  6. itsmeRitaC

    I came back in. 🙂 Well. It seems there is equivocation all the time on this thing. So what is there? Is there an inner power struggle? I think that is a given about all manner of issues. But. Who is doing the talking? I am just not waiting on homeland security types to tell me truths. And. Am i the only one who thinks that the smoke and mirrors games are targeted more at foreign governments than average american citizens?

    I think it obviously is in the interest of the MIC to have this scenario playing out now. I see nothing ‘rogue’ happening here. In fact, i feel there is more control on the narrative than ever before over decades. Plus, it has been made into something rather prosaic. I can only speak for myself, but these guys make the topic feel that way. And there are a lot of unbalanced folks who work in alphabet agencies including those ‘former’ guys, although it is said that one never really ‘leaves’ these occupations.

    I want to hear from people who aren’t the usual gang from the ‘Company’. I find so many of these people just plain boring to try to listen to. And not very compelling in general. 🙂 Sorry, that is a bit off topic.

    OK. Rant over.

  7. D.A.


    Re: Percent of explainable UFO cases.

    Assuming the sightings reported in the UAP report are mostly military in nature as opposed to public, then one would expect the percent of mis-identified natural, or man-made, objects to be much lower (50% vs 95%) for highly trained military personnel than for average people, who might be more apt to confuse a celestial object, prosaic atmospheric phenomenon, unusual military aircraft, or a run-of-the-mill drone, with a UFO of unearthly origin. If anything, the differences in the percentage of explainable UAP likely has more to do with who is doing the observing than what is being observed. Again, this is assuming that the UAP report involves mostly military sightings as opposed to public sightings.

    Regarding airborne trash, foreign spies and water illusions: the DOD is simply trying to put the genie that the agents of AAWSAP had unleashed onto the public back into its bottle. The NASA study will just add on to this. The age of soft disclosure, as we know it, might very well be over now that the agents of AAWSAP faded from the scene after achieving their objective, unless of course the public continues on pushing the subject. Unfortunately, the public has a short attention span.

    Hopefully, James Fox will be able to get his hands on the video of the alien being that was captured in Varginha, Brazil in 1996 before the government gets a hold of it. Speaking of Varginha, what are your thoughts on James’ latest documentary?


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