A Small Request from Richard

By | January 4, 2020

Greetings everyone and Happy 2020. 

It’s come to my attention that on more than one occasion enthusiastic members of this site have asked various researchers to appear as guests on the Richard Dolan Show. That’s great, except for the fact that (a) I never asked anyone to do this for me and (b) I wasn’t even informed of this!

There have been at least three instances I can think of in which this has happened: Lyn Buchanon, Deep Prasad, and Diana Pasulka. Make no mistake, I am interested in all three of these people and most likely would like to have them on as guests in 2020. But I have not reached out to any of them, and frankly am not yet ready to do so.  

I don’t know who has done this, and it really doesn’t matter. I’m not upset, but I don’t need anyone doing that sort of thing for me. Believe me, I will reach out to these people when I am ready. I am sure I will know how to reach them! 🙂

So, while I do truly appreciate the thought, I ask people please NOT to act on my behalf in this way. If you want me to reach out to someone for an interview, by all means please write to me and I can promise you I will take it under advisement. 

Thank you.


14 thoughts on “A Small Request from Richard

  1. AvatarJ-Rod

    Hi Richard. Any chance of having a chat with Dr. Steven Greer? Would be sensational. Two brilliant researching minds . Hope it can happen. Cheers.

      1. AvatarBrianRuhe

        Yes. That would be like the show when Alec Jones invited David Duke on, LOL! You would do very well Richard as you are so cool and polite and diplomatic. Your ratings would help catch up with Linda’s.
        Much metta,

  2. Domi ValléeDomi Vallée

    Hi Richard,

    It’s not me! Promise! 🙂
    Although I did suggest you as a guest to some people for THEIR show, so that they can approach you if interested. I did so presenting myself just as a fan of your work, not in any way officially connected to you.

    So just to make sure… is that ok with you?

    1. Richard DolanRichard Dolan Post author

      Hi Domi, that is fine of course. And believe me, I appreciate people caring enough to try to do these things. But I am sure everyone can appreciate that when they ask folks to be on MY show, especially without telling me, it can be a bit awkward! 🙂

      1. Domi ValléeDomi Vallée

        I totally get it! It makes absolute sense. 👍🏻
        That being said… I’m witnessing more and more “deep thinkers” nowadays that aren’t necessarily related to the UFO community get very interested by the subject and having often unique perspective. For example, New York author Mitch Horowitz who mostly deals with occult and “New Thought” matters, has been very vocal about his positive opinion. Another great example is philosopher Jason Reza Jorjani in this great interview with Jeffrey Mishlove (see video below).
        I wonder how it would be possible to take this matter outside of the direct community… to preach outside of the church, so to speak. Do you think it would be a good idea to connect with some of those people?

  3. AvatarRosanne Losee

    Not me either! However, suggestions could work, but only you should be the one who decides.

    My suggestions, I have two in mind. The first is Dr. Bernard Haisch, who is very open and honest about his curiosity regarding UFOs. He has written numerous comments, and he has included you, Rich, in his suggestions for reading. His goal is to educate scientists who, unfortunately, have a self-inflicted embargo about learning anything of any seriousness on the UFO phenomenon. Behind the scenes, many wish to know more, but are prevented due to the strict confines that exclude UFOs that scientists must deal with.

    The second suggestion is Terry Lovelace, who wrote a book last year, “Incident at Devil’s Den.” He is a former veteran and also a lawyer and state asst attorney general. He write of a stinging experience of an abduction that he and a friend in the service experienced while they enlisted in the military. It is a harrowing account, and a very interesting read.

    Thanks, Rich…

  4. Avatarstlthlvis@hotmail.com

    Hey Rich, just checking to see if you got my message about your 5 O’clock with Alex Jones Tuesday. You are beautiful babe, dont change a thing! Oh, and dont forget you are taking me to the airport tomorrow as well. Love ya!
    – T LaMar

      1. Avatarstlthlvis@hotmail.com

        I couldn’t resist. I like the way you handled that situation. You guys make us all feel like we are part of the team and “in this fight together.” However we are a diverse group, the tin foil hat crowd is represented I’m sure as well as many others. It makes it fun the way I see it. You make it work. Thank you and hope your weekend is going well.
        – T LaMar

  5. AvatarExaminedLife

    I believe it reflects the enthusiasm of the moment. I and my partner have become quite fascinated with Deep Prasad as an up-and-coming player in this space (even before his recent and remarkable story).

    Can’t wait to hear you two talk as top intellects from very different corners in this field. Something quite rare and part of the reason we decided to sign up today!

    With that said, UFO folks are probably a preternaturally pushy bunch… what with the itch to “want answers” and all. I’m hearing Richard’s voice in my head as I say this “we’re live… No pressure!” 😉

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