A Quick Check In from Richard

By | April 10, 2021

Hi everyone. I just wanted to check in since I have been away once again during most of this week. However, I am currently writing something for this site. In all likelihood, it can be done later today but it’s quite possible I might not be satisfied with it until tomorrow, so there is a good chance it will end up as my weekly Fireside Chat. 

Yesterday I had a video documentary producer in our home to shoot me for a project, so that took out a good portion of the day. I will say here that we are currently planning another all day online conference — as we did last year — and you will be hearing about this very soon. I’m excited about what is likely to be going on for that. 

In any case, I haven’t disappeared and am preparing something for this site. So stay tuned and expect that in the very near future. 



4 thoughts on “A Quick Check In from Richard

  1. Keith Pegg

    The Mars drone, how it it possible to fly in 1% atmosphere if we are the standard at 100%. the math is beyond me. 40%, 60% I understand however 1% is not much to grab.
    Thanks Keith

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