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  1. Ed Coffman

    Richard, what is the percentage chance, that the RD Member “Brain-trust”, is the best among all UFO subscriber websites?

  2. John_Bruno

    Richard Dolan.. The one true voice of reason in the UFO community! Thank you for posting this, as I have not seen it before. 🙂

  3. PressToDigitate

    Very well done; I look forward to the new documentary series from the same producer.

    While I suspect that in the months since, your estimate of the chances of ET/Hybrids “among us” has increased from 70% – you’ve made unequivocal declaratory statements to that effect, on here, recently – the only number which really surprised me was the 10% on Antarctica. You and Linda talk regularly, and she appears convinced by the evidence her contacts have provided her. Have you two simply not gone into that particular subject in-depth together in the last year or so? Given the known capabilities of even small Alien craft well accounted for by documented observation, I’m not sure there is much substantive difference as to whether the primary fixed, local ET facilities are in Antarctica, Underground, Undersea or on the Moon. The difference in travel time to any point on the Earth’s surface between these would be negligible. Whether they can get to Gulf Breeze or Phoenix or Washington, D.C. in 10 minutes or three hours probably isn’t significant in any respect. The Moon is the perfect “Duck Blind”, offering – until now – assured isolation and security; whereas, nothing (save ‘Infiltration’) prevents Humans from tunneling into Archuleta Mesa, or Mt. Shasta, or wherever. But the rational course of discovery would be for us to assume “e) All of the Above”, and wage an effort to independently instrument all of them for direct detection, outside the purview of Government.

    I considered it odd that the question – and your response – considered only a “False Flag” Alien Invasion, and not an assessment of the probability of ‘The Real Thing’ taking place. I don’t believe there is any chance whatsoever that our government, its contractors, or any other group of Humans could conduct a *fake* Alien Invasion that anybody would believe. Half the public have already seen through the Plandemic – and that didn’t even require flying Aircraft Carrier -sized Motherships hovering over dozens of major cities simultaneously – which, thanks to Hollywood, would be the minimum people would expect, in order to take it seriously. In fact, that deeply embedded, universal public expectation of what such an Invasion would look like is the ETs single greatest strategic advantage in acquiring this planet.

    If the government proclaiming one is a tell-tale sign that an Alien Invasion isn’t real, what does it do to the odds if the government [publicly] barely takes notice of squadrons of alien craft maintaining Air Dominance over the USS Nimitz and USS Theodore Roosevelt over the course of a decade, and says they are ‘no threat to national security’? Is a Pentagon *denial* of the seriousness of an Alien military presence somehow MORE credible than if they had inflated the threat into an invasion that did not exist? For that matter, since they’ve gone seven decades denying the ET presence is even here *at all* – and been so grossly wrong – why would we give the current official assertion that “they pose no threat” any more credence? “Officially”, there was no way that Pearl Harbor could be attacked and destroyed without warning; after all, we had RADAR, and Air Cover, and Naval Intelligence – and everything. Officially, the French were publicly *certain* that the Maginot Line made France impregnable to German invasion. Officially, Japan was winning the war, up until their surrender was announced.

    Have you ever seen “Life of Brian”? – The bit about “I am NOT the Messiah!”? 🙂

  4. Greg

    Hi Richard,

    Enjoyed the interview very much. I pretty much agree with the odds you give for a Breakaway “Civilization.” I put the quotes around “Civilization” because the BC may be no more than the glorified equivalent of a gated community in an impoverished country, where the residents have access to private jets.

    For sure, all of us need to break away from the Fall of Rome Part II (or Part III if you consider the Byzantine Civilization the Easter Roman Empire, even in the 15th century) –without throwing the baby out with the bathwater. We need a “Breakaway Civilization For The Rest Of Us.” Many are already breaking away from all the negatives: the status-seeking consumerism, the junk food, etc. Some of us are not only breaking away mentally from the negatives, but to better acquaint ourselves with the powers of mind and spirit. (A modest example I’m personally familiar with: instead of raising the thermostat, you “tell” your body to do the warming.) If we did this, we might better appreciate the limits of AI. If AI seems like the future, is it because we’ve been conditioned to think of ourselves as glorified robots? I think an interview with Jon Rappaport, who views our power of imagination as crucial to “exiting the matrix,” may be a good counterpoint to the boosterism for AI, which strikes me as more of a mind prosthetic then a different kind of mind altogether. (BTW< sorry I missed your conference earlier this month.)

    The mammals had it easier in the Age of Dinosaurs. The dinosaurs didn't have a coordinated campaign to wipe them out. But then again, the mammals weren't aware of what was at stake. We are.

  5. TomTort

    Having a conversation like this would have been impossible just a few years ago. Today, it is a common discussion at dinner in my house with my family. It is not a subject I can share with most of my friends. However, it is a subject that is not off the table. Having not seen any evidence, I think what has been presented is overall 70% believable.
    A very good presentation.

  6. TomTort

    Flat earth 1%
    Secret space program 95%
    Advanced secret space program 90%
    Moon installations 90%
    Bases underground 65%
    Antarctica 30%
    Break away civilization 70%
    Alien material 75%
    Alien High technology 85%
    Invasion threat 5%

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