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Hi Everyone,

I was inspired by my recent “Landing Cases” video that I did here and decided to reorient it for Youtube. I took the 17 cases and boiled them down to 10, but have also provided more analytical background and added a few more visuals so it’s actually quite different from the earlier one.


This is what I wrote for the video description:

Join UFO historian Richard Dolan as he delves into ten of the most compelling and descriptive UFO landing cases spanning from 1976 to 2000. This presentation explores incidents from around the globe, showcasing the tangible evidence and eyewitness accounts that make these cases stand out. From animal mutilations in New Mexico to mysterious landings in China, Peru, Brazil, South Africa, and notable incidents in the Soviet Union, each case is meticulously examined. Dolan also discusses the implications of these encounters, including technological insights and the global impact of the UFO phenomenon.

Cases Covered:

1. New Mexico 1976
2. China, 1977
3. Argentina, 1979
4. United Kingdom, 1980
5. USSR, 1985
6. USSR, 1990
7. Peru, 1996
8. Brazil, 1997
9. South Africa, 1998
10. Malaysia, 2000

I feel pretty good about this and I do hope you enjoy it if you see it. Live at 8 pm EST!


14 thoughts on “10 UFO LANDING CASES OF THE LATE 20TH CENTURY | Richard Dolan Show

  1. starfleet

    Why haven’t you mentioned the Westall incident in Clayton, Australia. Witnessed by over 200 students and teachers in 1966. A UAP actually landed near the school grounds.
    One of the most historic UAP incidents in Australia.

  2. Ted2

    Sean Raasch was doing some good reviews of older UFO cases using FOI and Project Blue Book files. However, he seems to have cut back or ceased doing that. Some of his past work is really worth looking into. Your focus on past UFO events is commendable and you should keep it up. These large-scale topics you are covering help provide us with a valuable perspective along with some insights into possible alien intents based on their activities.

  3. itsmeRitaC

    Hey i am listening live, sort of. I got in late.

    A couple of things and i paused so i could post. 🙂 First, i always seem to resonate more with these older reports. They are more meaningful to me on a few levels. And they seem to have more of a real human element as opposed to the past few years. Even , one of my all time faves, the Rendlesham Forest case. That was military, but it was a heck of a lot more engaging than the tic tacs. For me, anyway. Oh, i just realized something and of course……..Duh..

    What the whole ‘disclosure’ whatever has been supposedly going on in the US agencies and congress, etc, is only about back engineering tech. basically. Or am i wrong on that? But i am thinking that is why it all feels so MIC and nothing more to me. No heart and in fact, the opposite imo. I always felt a darkness about it all. But we know this already. 🙂

    I had to stop and come back here so i can’t remember all i was going to say now. But i wanted to at least make those comments.
    Thanks Richard.

  4. Thomas Hickey

    They act like farmers or game wardens rather than scientists. There would be no need for this level of activity for science, especially over decades. A farmer on the other hand would constantly be taking samples to make sure the herd stays healthy. Autopsies on animals might sometimes be necessary, perhaps to see the impact of pollution or nuclear traces from nuclear plants or tests. Finally there is breeding, a staple activity in any animal husbandry operation. Making sure that humans are optimized for whatever goal or crop they are interested in. We may be the resource on Earth that they are most interested in.

  5. Bjofod

    Definitely some time manipulation or even advanced space/time travel.

    I see so many reports about saucers that seem to be unstable in the air and NOT at all look like advanced propulsion. Wobbling and wiggling saucers in slow speed or stationary is common. Its when they speed up it is obvious that there is unknown technology involved.

    Now, there is also reports from people who claim to have been aboard a captured saucer and they cant say for sure where the propulsion engines are. Must be very small or maybe not even for traditional movement at all.

    Im thinking that maybe they dont move at all but stand absolutely stationary when they enter the time/space mode. They may just jump between time/space locations and what we see as a speeding object is just an object moving between T/S points that are relatively close together to make the impression that they move traditionally.

    This will also explain the 90 degree turns at 20k miles pr hour. They stand still and have no G force involved.

    OK, so what happens when they need to operate in space only and let time flow. Then they may use a more normal propulsion that is not 100% stable in our atmosphere and indeed make the craft wobbling around at slow speeds.


  6. Stevecattard92

    Awesome stuff Richard. For me there are many reasons why I will always continue to follow this topic and stay upto date in the field of ufology. This isn’t only a personal thing for me having had my own experiences in my young life, but I have always felt some connection to the needing to know what is really behind this phenomenon. It’s interesting to me that some live there lives not caring at all, and others will spend all of there live trying to get to the bottom of this. Either way, I feel this is the closest we have been to some sort of disclosure in the 13 plus years I have been researching this topic. I share a lot of your views on the government and do not believe we will get a genuine disclosure from them, but instead, it is going to come to us another way. Thanks again

  7. Andromeda107

    Richard you mentioned colonization,that brought me back to Charles Hall and his experience with the ‘tall white’s ‘ , where he claimed he lives with them for around two years. I know we have talked about his claims before,but if his claims are all true,then there is definitely some type of colonization process going on with collaboration with our government. And as far as disclosure fatigue, I definitely feel it sometimes. Great fireside chat 😊

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Thanks so much. Tracey and I both read a great deal of Charles Hall’s writings (in several volumes). He always struck us as a bit …. spectrumy. In both of our opinions, this adds, not detracts, from his credibility. He’s got a heck of a strange story, but for my part I think I believe it.

  8. Bjofod

    Looking logically at the possibility of disclosure I think we need to realize that the unknown party sets the rules.

    If the ” aliens ” wanted disclosure, no human could stop it so it is obvious that it is them that want the deep secrecy.
    Nothing else is logical. It is obvious.

    Where does this put the governments of the world.

    If they want disclosure they could just do it so there must be something that stops them from doing so.

    Are they in on the plot or are they beeing treathened not to do so or are they the same people? Meaning that the ” aliens ” already have full control of the governments.

    Another question then appear. If the aliens are in control either by treath or full control, do we have a secret human force that oppose them.

    I would much like someone to do deep investigation of the Michael Herrera case in Indonesia and the Pentyrch incident in UK with focus on what the party that we view as human was doing around those incidents.

    BTW- Area 51? How many areas are there with such a “Area # ” nickname. These numbers could be with a hidden meaning. 51 as a date is May first or MAYDAY

  9. Craig Champion

    Thanks so much, Richard, once again for this recounting of some prominent landing cases. It certainly drives-home the reality of the Phenomenon.

    It’s been said many times however the importance cannot be overstated: keeping the vast scope of UFO history in mind remains SO important! It’s easy for the myriad of cases to be lost in time. Keeping the flame going is a truly noble cause.

    Thanks again!

  10. RavenMaven

    Don’t know how you boiled these down to 10 cases! I always learn from your historical segments. Do you think we’ll ever know what really happened in Mage, Brazil in 2022? We (the U.S.) sure shut that down fast!

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I remember when that was publicized. Well, I do intend to do a video on landing cases of the 21st century, so perhaps I can revisit that one. I am sure I will. thanks!

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