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By | October 28, 2022

Hi Everyone,

Almost two years ago I developed an idea for a Fourth Stage of Humanity Index. I have wanted to follow up on it and would like to share my ideas with you here. I am very interested in your feedback and critiques.

Since 2020, I’ve argued that the human race is moving into a fourth grand stage of existence. The first stage was as hunters and gatherers, and which goes back hundreds of thousands of years – millions if you want to include the ancestors we had that didn’t quite look like us.

Stage Two started roughly around ten thousand years ago and was our transition to a more settled existence, dependent upon agriculture and animal husbandry. The agricultural revolution. Of course, this didn’t happen overnight but took place over thousands of years in different places across the globe. But it eventually became the dominant form of existence for most people and lasted until fairly recently.

Stage Three was/is the age of science and industry. The science part started before the industry did, but we can say from around the year 1700 onward (yes, we can move it back a bit if you like) and which has lasted until … about now.

Stage Four is the digital stage. I sometimes call this the transhumanist stage but I’m leaning toward digital for now. Who knows. In any case, you could say this is a continuation of the age of science and, sure, that could work. Except for the fact that this digital stage is combining so many technologies at one time that, taken together, they are fundamentally transforming human society at its most basic level. They are leading to the creation of a society fundamentally different from anything we’ve ever seen in the past. To my way of thinking, this is as strong a break with the past as the Stage Two and Three were with what preceded them. 

A partial list of the key technologies/developments that are creating this new stage are:

1. Increasingly pervasive AI and digital programs to manage our world.

2. Smart devices to monitor people’s activities and behaviors.

3. Genetic tweaking and editing for those who can afford it (and perhaps illegal but widespread DIY gene therapies for ordinary people).

4. Increasingly more powerful forms of computing.

5. Increasingly better and more plentiful robots to do things that we used to do.

6. And so on.

There are of course people in this world who are explicitly using these new technologies to drive us all toward specific goals. By now we all know about the World Economic Forum and its stated goal of a Great Reset. I cannot keep track of all the things they want, but here are some good examples.

– “Smart” cities. “Smart” here means AI- and centrally-managed systems that are integrated according to specific guidelines and parameters, and which monitor essentially everything that can be monitored in a massive data crunching exercise.

– “Smart” agriculture. Again, this is centrally planned, controlled, and monitored by AI algorithms for optimal use. It also includes what the WEF calls “autonomous” farming which sounds pretty much like farming without the people doing the work.

– “Smart” energy grids that will allocate energy along the grid to where it is needed most, especially in an era of energy scarcity (which, surprise, is really upon us now!)

– The automation of many, many jobs, essentially resulting in their elimination, such as telemarketers, accountants, retail personnel, technical writers, real estate agents, machinists, commercial pilots, drivers, and much more. Sure, there will be new jobs, but economists are talking about the elimination of as much as thirty percent of the world’s human labor being replaced within the next decade. It seems unrealistic to think that most of them will smoothly transition into one of the new jobs that may crop up. It seems much more likely that they will simply become redundant and unemployed.

– The soon to be globally implemented digital currencies that will track every purchase and transaction you make, essentially like a State-monitored blockchain that leaves a forever footprint of everything you do with your money.

– The pervasiveness of smart devices monitoring more or less everything we do, with all kinds of metadata monitoring and tracking and data-crunching.

– And of course life modeled on the mantra, “you will own nothing and be happy.” They see this as a positive thing. Communities that will share all sorts of resources — basically lease, rent, borrow the things you need and return them when you don’t. One obvious thing about such a system is that it would be impossible to work unless it’s within a genuinely totalitarian model. Otherwise it fails. Well, it’s likely to fail anyway but I think you see my point. 

Essentially, we are talking about pervasive monitoring systems and massive data collection in order to devise “intelligent solutions,” as the WEF people love to put it, to the problems created by messy human beings. We are so messy and the problem is that we are creating a tightly controlled, I would say manicured, world order that has a single common denominator.

That denominator is order and predictability. Everything the WEF is pushing for comes down to that. You can’t run a highly complex and technologically integrated world system without order and predictability. That’s why you need the technocrats to manage it all, and not actual elected politicians. It’s why nearly all elected politicians, especially in the collective West, are all ciphers at this point, void of personality and independence of character. There’s no room for those types any longer. Any politician or statesman, or private individual with any public influence for that matter, must be shamed, shunned, and surgically removed from public discourse. They have to disappear.

Looking at the kind of society that seems likely to be created by all this — a true Fourth Stage of Humanity — perhaps we can  characterize it as follows: 

  • Pervasive online/digital monitoring. The complete end of privacy.
  • Smart grid surveillance (supercharged by AI)
  • Smart aerial drones
  • Searchable high-res video surveillance
  • Comprehensive facial and voice recognition
  • Behavioral analysis by AI algorithms
  • Massive digital databases
  • Widespread unemployment and redundant people.
  • The perceived need by state authorities to control such an unruly and unpredictable bunch of people.
  • Pervasive and immersive authoritative state-sanctioned narratives.
  • Mind hacking (just ask Yuval Noah Harari)
  • Immersion into some form of Metaverse.
  • And so on. I know I am missing a lot but basically, what I call a human anthill. A Black Mirror future.

Yes, I know, it’s a bleak picture. Geez, Richard. Can’t you lighten up? Isn’t there an upside to any of this?

Well, yes, I suppose it’s all how you decide to look at it. If you take the very long view of human development and evolution, it is not difficult to argue along with most social theorists of the 19th and 20th centuries who saw the necessity and inevitability of human beings to change their ways from primitive traditional modes of living to something more rational, scientific, and orderly. This vision is embedded in basically every futuristic vision I can think of, and is perhaps mostly epitomized in the various Star Trek iterations.

As an aside, you notice that those Star Trek episodes did continue to allow for the existence of some level of freedom and uncertainty, but only because of the pretense that the Enterprise crew was out on the periphery of civilization and therefore had to deal with chaos and danger. It made for good television because the fact is that human beings crave some level of chaos, unpredictability, and freedom. Notice those shows almost never portrayed the settled parts of the Federation specifically because they were so boring and predictable.

But back to looking at the positive. You can say that humanity, by creating its latest and greatest infrastructure, backed by powerful science, requires a new breed of human. Perhaps there’s no way around this. The old form of human was one that was well adapted to the natural world. Therefore it required human beings – as animals, of course – to be rooted within our biological realities. These realities were well adapted for living at one with nature. It’s how we evolved.

But we don’t live in the natural world any longer. Yes, we still exploit it, but very few of us actually live in it any more. We live in an artificial environment, and moreover one that is becoming extremely controlled and regulated in every way. Therefore you could say that a new form of human being is required to live within such an environment and that this is what we are of necessity seeing develop now.

And I think that is basically true. You can see this as a refutation of our genuine innermost being as humans, or you can see it as genuine progress toward whatever it is we are destined to become. Either way, the change is happening. That much seems clear. And, as I’ve said many times by now, I truly believe that you can boil down most of our political culture wars down to one’s perspective on this transformation. It has supplanted the older Left/Right paradigm, which is why you increasingly see elements of the old left and right agreeing to oppose — or support — this transformation. Whether it’s someone like traditional leftist Naomi Wolf taking on the WEF position on mRNA vaccines on the one side (and there are many examples like her of course), or the otherwise strange marriage between “liberals” and “conservatives” (essentially neolibs and neocons) who fully support the goals of the WEF.

In other words, our transformation into this next stage of human existence is rewriting our politics. Not everyone realizes it yet, although more and more do seem to be getting it.

And I mention the WEF in this context because frankly this organization has become the focal point for all of the changes we are experiencing. They ARE the force driving this along. Yes, we all know there are other forces at play, but the WEF does serve, I think, as a useful face for the powers that are driving these changes. They’ve got their hands on all the levers of our world. Whether we are dealing with forces (cough cough) behind the WEF that are guiding it can be left for another missive. 

Okay, with all that as prologue, I’ve been thinking about how I would like to actually track the transformation of our world into this Fourth Stage. I sat down and tried to come up with the most basic and relevant categories and then tried to think of subcategories for each of them. I haven’t weighted any of them – which ones are more important than others, for instance – and certainly have not included everything that belongs here. I have no doubt I have forgotten elements, probably important ones at that. 

So what I am presenting here is provisional, and the truth is that I would like your feedback. At this time, I seem to have five major categories: (1) Privacy, (2) Freedom of speech and expression, (3) Economic freedom, (4) Digital integration, and what I call (5) “Denaturing.” This last category strikes me as important because it tracks us along the path of transhumanism, something that I think will be an important component of this next stage. That category seems to overlap quite a bit with the one preceding it (digital integration), so perhaps they should be combined.

What I am trying to do is develop a proper conceptual framework for this. Then, hopefully, actually to find a way to assign values to each of the categories and find a practical way of “measuring” these across the nations and societies of our world.

Once that’s in place, we will have an actual Fourth Stage Index.

Here’s what I have so far. Please let me know what you think.


– Privacy in public digital space

– Privacy in public non-digital space

– Privacy at work

– Privacy at home

– Privacy in one’s mind

– Private home ownership (I have this because home ownership is on the decline and strikes me as a key element to maintaining one’s privacy). 

Freedom of Speech and Expression

– Non-political speech in public forums and social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

– Political speech in public forums and social media

– Speech on websites (not social media)

– Speech for government and corporate employees

– Speech for private individuals in non-digital spaces

– Restrictions on dissenting speech (misinformation, disinformation, hate speech, etc.)

– Pervasiveness of “authorized” speech (State propaganda) in one’s daily life.

– Corporate control over entertainment, music, arts.

Economic freedom

– Centralization of corporate/financial power.

– Implementation of trackable digital currency

– Ability to purchase anonymously (ie. cash)

– Ease of starting/operating a new business

– Ease of changing employment

– Independence of one’s employment from personal life

– Implementation of “social credit score” society.

Digital integration

– Hours per day facing a screen

– Percentage of population who rely on: social media, digital monetary transactions, Alexa etc,

– Percentage of population with digital/tech implants

Denaturing of humanity

– Indoor/outdoor ratio (simple: how much time do we spend indoors vs. outdoors)

– Average number of real-life interactions with other people on a daily basis.  

– Percentage of organic vs. transactional relationships (eg. natural human relationships in which we treat each other as human beings as opposed to fulfilling legal, bureaucratic, or transactional needs in which one is a consumer, or client, or otherwise subject to bureaucratic/legal regulation and effectively dehumanized). 

– Percentage of meals prepared from basic ingredients (eg. from scratch). This strikes me as a useful thing to measure. How in touch are we with our own food? 

– Hours per week of unstructured and unsupervised play for children. (another important thing that increasingly is disappearing in western countries and clearly leads to increased mental illness). 

– Physical health measurement (obesity, nutrition, exercise, etc.)

– Pervasiveness of mental illnesses

– Pervasiveness of mood/cognitive altering pharmaceuticals among population (obviously related to the above category)

– Percentage of people in marriages/partnerships that either (a) are in their first marriage or committed partnership or (b) have lasted more than ten years. (I include this because it seems that relationship stability is a key traditional feature of all human societies and is very much seeming like a thing of the past). 

– Percentage of in vitro pregnancies, gender reassignment surgeries, and (soon) genetic modifications, etc. (this is NOT to criticize people who do either of these things. I believe in choice for such people if it’s that important to them. However, we can also see that these two examples are clear transhumanist markers and are poised to become increasingly common. They seem symptomatic of a larger trend).


Again, I wish to emphasize that I am all too aware of the limitations of what I have just put together. Therefore I would be grateful for your input. Once I have it, I will revisit this and compile something more accurate. 


35 thoughts on “Building a Fourth Stage of Humanity Index – ARTICLE

  1. Margaret Davies

    I love your optimism. I think “they” see us as a failed species & will allow only as many people to remain here as they “need”. A herd or two of us? The others of us will be simply eliminated.

      1. Margaret Davies

        I really wasn’t being sarcastic. I truly think our time here is very limited. I was going to say one or two more generations, but honestly, I’d give most of us maybe a year or two more at most.

  2. William May

    Wow, I don’t know when you have to time to put all this into words. We can all see something like this coming but it has been vague. You have managed to clarify it quite a bit. Old outlaws like me can resist by continuing to go where we want when we want and ride what we want and carry guns and feel in charge of our lives but we are a vanishing breed as I wrote in a recent article on The next generations have all this to deal with. I hope they are up to the task.

  3. ColonelBleep

    I think your concepts are valid. I don’t like the future as you have analyzed it. The world will be a huge prison, more or less, and I don’t want to be one of the inmates. However, the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. Excess deaths are increasing in the vaccinated populations. Reduced fertility and still births are increasing too. I have been reading that it has been a long term strategic plan to carve up Russia into smaller sections that will not pose a threat. Climate change adds some urgency to their plans, I believe. But our military and political classes will be dying off in the coming years due to the vaccines and I think that might be the case in Europe as well. The West is picking a real fight with Russia and China as it starts to deindustrialize and collapse. The United States is like an aging boxer who thinks he can still teach the young punks a thing or two about boxing. That’s fine if he picks bums to fight, but if he faces a real contender, the old boxer will have his ass handed to him in pieces. I see China as the survivor and global hegemon. The future will be even bleaker than you have envisioned it.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Thanks and yes all of your points are valid. I’ve not been discussing the depopulation scenario, although it’s staring us in the face. Also been seeing A LOT of data on mRNA vaccines and infertility.

  4. Clint Child

    Perhaps some more details about political and military aspects could be included.
    Fourth Stage of Humanity and World Government
    The role of the CIA and other intelligence agencies in the rise of the Military Industrial Complex, Data/Population Control and the Breakaway Civilization.
    The EU, being so closely allied with the US; will quickly fall into the orbit of an emerging Breakaway Civilization based in the US.
    “Alien” abduction & hybridization. The hybridization/integration program is to assist in the Change; involving a takeover of human society aided by the hybrids. This could include mind control of the population.
    DARPA; In the list of DARPA weapons technologies, there are several that are particularly disturbing; including the creation of autonomous military cyborgs, unlimited information control and killer robots.
    “Alien” incursions (UFO Phenomenon); The U.S. military is dealing with incursions of American airspace, military installations and war zones by UFOs. Because of the many sightings by reliable witnesses, the Air Force is extremely concerned about maintaining secrecy as they seek to match UFO technology.
    Nazism; After the fall of the Third Reich, funding for the Fourth Reich was camouflaged behind fake business deals between German corporations and foreign industry. Although Germany was defeated in WWII, unfortunately the Nazi party was not. The most important secret weapons technology was to remain firmly in Nazi hands. After reunification, Germany quickly took advantage of eastern European economic opportunities and was able to become the dominant economic power in the region.
    Freemasonry; This is a secret society with occult beliefs and rituals that has had a strong influence on American history. The Masons have had an extensive presence at NASA and in the Secret Space Program. The Masons seek to bring a New World Order into existence.
    Secret Space Program (and it’s link to the military); Faced with the provocative and dangerous UFO threat, the US responded by attempting to match UFO technology. Understanding antigravity propulsion became the key focus of Black Project efforts. From the beginning, US satellites had the capability of monitoring enemies on Earth and the UFO threat from space.
    AI (Artificial Intelligence); AI is pushing an arms race between top world powers. This includes hacking the AI systems of rival powers, counter cybersecurity AI to prevent rival AI hacking, AI weapons systems, AI defense systems and covert AI surveillance. As in the Cold War, fear of rival capability provides motivation and justification for the escalating Tech War. Control of AI will be a key to the rise of a world government.
    Transhumanism is the idea that the physical and mental nature of humankind can be enhanced or even completely transformed by science and technology. Much of the world’s population will also undergo genetic transformation, seeking to self-evolve and become a new and higher species. An emerging world leader will control an army of enhanced humans. It may be that a technological entity or AI network of immense god-like power will be controlled by a world leader and give rise to a world religion.

  5. Rosanne Losee

    I’m blow away by your predictions, Rich. So many of them, and of course, you are probably correct. We already see that media can control and manipulate our thinking, our lives, right? I’m talking about both political spectrums.

    But here’s another question, and excuse me for going off the radar a bit. As I was reading your possibilities, I was think Aliens.

    Everything that I’ve been reading and thinking is that Aliens are our future. They are stepping up their presence. They are stepping up abductions, or at least, it seems so. They are in control of the human species, we cannot pretend we can deal with them on any level, except spiritually. They are not spiritual and that is what they want most of all.

    So how do aliens fit into your presumptions of a super tech, mind control environment for humans? I have a bad feeling that we are never going to be in control, or even debate the good/bad aspects of what you postulate here, but those decisions will not be made by us. They will be made by aliens on the planet!

    Has anyone yet watched UFO Witness? It is quite powerful, interviewing abductees. It offers up a disturbing future with aliens in charge. So can I ask you if what you postulate about the 4th Stage of Humanity, will have anything to do with Alien manipulation and their control of humanity?

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I Roseanne. I just posted a Fireside Chat that addresses our “moment in time” and transformation from an alien perspective. It’s certainly not comprehensive, but I’m trying to move in that direction.

  6. Anthony Bybell

    There is no need for any creature possessing individual qualities in a hive-like society. One could argue there is no need for anyone even extending along the lines of an Isaac Newton, either, because an AI would stumble across any brilliant leaps of faith in thinking due to how it could “play the powerball” and win.

    I’ll give you an example: I design large chunks of microprocessors for a living. These designs are ridiculously complicated and it’s extremely difficult to test where obscure bugs can occur because the designs are just too big and decoupled (i.e., they have independently moving pieces and it’s hard to predict how they can interact poorly). Enter the power of (directed) random simulation mercilessly throwing the kitchen sink at the design using thousands of machines over the span of a couple of years. Most functional bugs are found, and toward the end of the design cycle, the kinds of bugs found require some convoluted sequence of a dozen events that need to line up just right or the bug remains hidden. This didn’t require brains to find: it required brute force combing through a state space of countless possibilities.

    AI is going to be like that once it achieves a deeper level of what we view as thought. Humans won’t be able to compete with something that has the sum total of all human knowledge at its disposal, is enormously faster than slow, biological processes, and can relentlessly iterate through and examine countless dead end options without getting tired or bored. It provides a near instantaneous military advantage to whomever gets to the Singularity first. There is no need for the rank and file to exist at all, except for the fruits of their labor as nuts and bolts machines today don’t have the manual dexterity of humans. We will be out-thought eight ways to Sunday and will have been relegated to a factory worker class.

    It’s not the world any of us want, but it doesn’t matter. Eventually we’ll age out and die, and future generations won’t remember or know of a presurveillance world. Social mores could be spun to make independence look dangerous. Remember when the CEO or CTO of Sun once proudly stated something along the lines that privacy was obsolete? We’re travelling along that line.

    This would be the fodder of a science fiction story, but perhaps the eventual fate of all enlightened, advanced societies is they are forced to destroy themselves to prevent the machines from taking over because of the realization that the machines would eventually populate and take over the entire universe.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      You have said EXACTLY everything I have been trying to say for some time now, but did it just … perfectly. Thank you for this comment. Yes, I wish any of us could find a way out of what seems like inevitability. I sure haven’t figured out a way yet, I can tell you.

  7. Craig Champion

    Wow – a thoughtful, many-faceted projection regarding the apparent direction of the digital revolution.

    Sadly, considering the manner in which we’re being played, many won’t even regard this ever-encroaching trend as an abrogation of our rights, i.e., “going green,” celebrating a “socially responsible order,” etc. – essentially being good little bio-bots. I find it interesting to note how there’s been a long-standing theme in the entertainment industry of “post-apocalyptic zombies,” mindlessly marching forward, vacuous and depleted of their fundamental humanity that we’re, in a whimsical manner supposed to fear. Well…ironically, it turns-out that it’s US, the easily-led and propagandandized masses that are gradually embodying this very phenomenon. Instead of Invasion of the Body Snatchers as alien pods, it’s rather the digitalized social order that’s ever-impinging on and ultimately hijacking our minds.

    Ultimately, while the WEF’s vision of a new social-order may very well, in some ways become a reality, it’s essentially the same theme – those own and control things and those who do not, begetting of course, at some point a revolt in some way against the former.

    Thanks for your work, Richard!

  8. Gerald Anderson

    There is an assumption that our society, our world is advancing. It is my observation that is almost solely based on technological advancement. Unfortunately, I can make a good case that society itself, is not only not advancing but that it collapsing. How we will exist with technology that we as a species no longer understands, but may not be able to use much longer? In this regard I would refer to Pitirim Sorokin’s view that we live in a Sensate Society. “ A wholly sensate, materialist society, in Sorokin’s opinion, ultimately loses all moral restraint to the point at which crime and lawlessness make the pursuit of happiness a hollow goal. Competition for goods becomes increasingly vicious as greed, untrammelled by other values, outstrips the speed at which resources can be induced to match demand. The resulting loss of social cohesion leaves the community defenceless; revulsion against moral anarchy and the sordidness of sensate arts invites belief in a new and more challenging philosophy of life, thus further disrupting traditional loyalties. In the end, the sensate society commits suicide” Holding Up a Mirror. How. Civilizations Decline Ann Glynbn-Jones…

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Thank you for this comment and your sentiments, which I share. Question: this isn’t the “famous” Gerald Anderson written about years ago concerning the Roswell Incident? Forgive me if I’ve asked this before!

  9. Max

    Dear Richard,

    Thank you very much for your precise and accurate summary of our problems we’re facing.

    Indeed, we’re going through a complete change in the history of humanity.

    We are also a blip in the evolution of life on this planet. We’ve only been around for 200,000 years.

    But as Michael Sala says in his one of his papers that there may have been a galactic civilization in India , 12,000 or more BC.

    In my opinion this could be part and parcel of the concepts expressed in the Lotus Sutra and other esoteric spiritual teachings which express a cartography of the cosmos, which is based on on the quantum field and on the essence of truth in the universe which is based on love and connectedness.

    Can we indeed, bring this understanding of the nature of the Living Universe and the field as expressed by David Bohm and as understood within the context of the Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle to people at large ?

    Consciousness has become almost a dirty word, because people constantly insist on leaving the word consciousness out of science.

    It was in the 1960s that Willis Harman ( founder of IONS with Edgar Mitchell ) wrote the book global mind change, which expressed this concept, that consciousness is the eminent aspect of where we are and what our lives are.

    In fact, I do believe that highly developed celestial or ultra human extraterrestrials use the consciousness field to navigate their ships .

    Steven Greer has mentioned that these highly developed extraterrestrials connect with others with beauty, love and light through forms of meditation and intention.

    I think this is where we need to go in order to counteract this evil materialistic era .

    Even though DH Lawrence and William Blake in Victorian times, were talking about the machine taking over humankind , it seems that their warnings were not heard.

    Now indeed we are having the process of the machine as AI ,take us over.

    This is the case if we do not understand and give precedence to the value and inherent dignity of the human psyche. This is something that Jung talked about.

    It was expressed in the new thought movement in the 19th century, by Emerson, who wrote on the over soul.

    Indeed a there is a timeline of consciousness reaching back 1000s of years. This timeline has been lost as we become more and more part of the process of corporate surveillance and control which is occurring around the world.

    It is the power and noetic qualities of a human that can change this dangerous process that we are facing.

    We can analyze the various processes which have been dealt very effectively by the great reset.

    The challenge indeed is to work under the radar. We all know that a small number of people can change the world. Margaret Mead said” Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has”.

    I am in the process of creating a World Summit with openness of dialogue on these topics, so that we can contribute towards the creation of a new era for humanity and an upshift. ( )

    This is a process promulgated by myself and my colleague and friend, Professor Ervin Laszlo, author of 83 books and two time Nobel Prize nominee.

    We would love you to be part of this project, and I’d love to hear from you.

    My email is


    International Association | The Club of Budapest | Hungary
    Club of Budapest Australia
    Global Transition to a Sustainable Civilisation

  10. Stephen

    Outstanding work, Richard.
    Your analysis is excellent.
    I would like to see a much larger audience reading this, outside of the UFO community. Perhaps a modified, non-UFO version could be mooted to a larger interest group? The Four Stages concept, and its horrific implications, should be the subject of intense discussion in society as a whole. If there are other voices out there who are sounding the alarm, they seem muted and myoptic, not grasping the vast implications of this situation. If there ARE such voices, we should be finding and amplifying them.
    We could also benefit from understanding how the various components of the situation affect the big picture over time. For example, centralized digital currency – which apparently could happen in the USA in the relatively near future (Months? A year? Two years?) – would make any effective resistance very difficult. Hence, we should prioritize our efforts and start organizing opposition to this proposal NOW. Pick off the biggest threats before they overrrun your defenses. Readers: Sound off if you know anyone or any group that could be central to such opposition.
    “Non serviam!”

  11. itsmeRitaC

    “The scenario of the exercise—which saw the participation of 23 ships, one submarine, 65 aircraft and 6,000 personnel from six NATO nations including the U.S.—was to enable the Allies to maintain control of the Mediterranean in the event of a threat from the Russian air force and navy.

    Journalists have come into possession of documents which detailed plans for the NATO coalition to use the POLARIS exercise to send a French carrier strike group to preemptively attack Russia in the case of a Russian invasion of Ukraine, which the U.S. and NATO were in the process of provoking. The UK signed an agreement with Ukraine that granted it access to naval bases in Ukraine that could be used to attack the Russian Federation.”

    Richard, i know this is off topic here, but i came across this article and it was not something i knew about. I wasn’t sure where to post it when i considered topics on this page, so i picked the most recent. 🙂

    I thought you might not have heard about this. Actually, i do see a connection with all the obfuscation regarding ‘uap’ and military ‘exercises’…… But that is another conversation. 🙂

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Thank you Rita for posting Covert Action Magazine (I assume the descendent of the old Covert Action Quarterly?). I am going to start checking them out more regularly. And yes, the US and UK are constantly working on false flags, provocations, and aggression viz. the Russians. Very glad you posted this.

      1. itsmeRitaC

        It is published by the son of the late great *actual* whistle blower Phil Agee. I use the term ‘whistle blower’ literally here, as of course you know. I will take this opportunity to say something more on that. 🙂

        I don’t see anyone who has NDA and still doing contract work as a ‘whistle blower, although i have read it and heard it all over the place out there, uap wise. In fact, i believe that the very term itself is in the process of being co opted. It is going the way of what was done with the term “the left”. And it works really well for whomever. But you know i have gotten into that right here on this very site! 🙂

        Thanks Richard. rita

  12. JurassicRanch47

    At midnight, all the agents and the superhuman crew
    Come out and round up everyone who knows more than they do.
    Then they take them to the Factory where the heart attack machine
    Is strapped across their shoulders, and then the kerosene
    Is brought down from the Castle by insurance men who go
    To check that no one is escaping to Desolation Row….
    (Bob Dylan, Desolation Row)

    “We demand that men and women be returned to work as controllers of machines, and the control of people by machines be curtailed.” – Kurt Vonnegut, Player Piano, 1950
    “The main job of humanity is to do a good job of being human beings…not to serve as appendages to machines, institutions and systems.” – Kurt Vonnegut

    “Don’t give yourselves to these unnatural men, machine men with machine hearts and machine minds.”
    -Sir Charlie Chaplin, The Great Dictator

    “What did you dream? It’s alright, we told you what to dream.”
    -Roger Waters/Pink Floyd, Welcome to the Machine


    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Oh my god … these are some incredible quotations, all of them. I have to admit, I haven’t listened to Desolation Row in many years but wow. Vonnegut and Charlie Chaplin, oh yes. Now, “Welcome to the Machine” happens to be one of my all time favorite songs, and THAT line you quoted is easily the most powerful of the entire amazing song, at least for me. Thank you for posting these. Very on-point in our world of today.

  13. JerseyGirl2008

    Wow. What a great start. I can see you writing a book about this after you finish the USO book. So, I haven’t put a ton of thought into this yet (need and want to find the time because this is a fascinating and an urgent topic, IMO). Just throwing out some quick thoughts right now.

    – Maybe the transhumanist stage is different from the digital stage. The digital age, when tech went from mechanical to analog to digital, signifies the rise of the information age, basic wearable technology, and early big data computing and nanotechnology. It s a precursor to transhumanism. Is transhumanism is the real beginning of a directed evolution of human consciousness along with highly advanced bionanotechnology, AI, and quantum computing?

    – Job displacement – accountants, supply chain management, paralegal, project management, medical and general scientific research – the breadth and depth of the job loss will be staggering. Worse than anyone imagines. And there will be self-healing technology, including plastics and metals – so let’s say your kitchen water faucet springs a leak. No need for a plumber if it can repair itself.

    – The dumbing down of the masses to make them stupid and subserviant, and the deliberate creation of generations of eunuchs and people unable to naturally procreate. Increase in sterilzation services, especially for minors.

    – The death of parents and parental control. Demise of the family to make way for the rise of the transhumanist collective.

    – In addition to genetically engineered humans, an increase in “euthanasia” services – culling out those with mental disorders, disabled infants born alive… this could become dark if I let my mind go there.

    – Wondering where religion and spiritualism fit in? Will there be another Great Awakening? Difficult to imagine right now, but what about spiritualism in general.? I think this has to be explored and in conjunction with extended consciousness. Does expanded consciousness become the new religion?

    1. Kelley Landaker

      “expanded consciousness becomes new religion”
      this is the prize humanity has pursued the past 40,000 yrs from shamanism to god helmets.
      most scifi i’ve read in my life has smart machines and humans in symbosis. add psychedelics and awareness meditation and we have the foundation for a new consciousness to evolve.
      will it have the capacity to endure without a priesthood of corruption?

  14. Diane Cameron

    re: “in the future you will own nothing” — this is particularly troubling in respect to land ownership and home ownership. Richard, you rightly include home ownership as an indicator of human freedom, and personal and local community sovereignty. We could more broadly include “stable, affordable rents” to recognize that many people choose to rent or renting is their only option; their economic freedom and sovereignty is dependent in part upon whether their rent does not take up more than 1/3 of their pre-tax income.

    I view housing cooperatives and community land trusts as antidotes and preventatives to the WEF-style expropriation of land and real estate. Cooperatives and community land trusts are examples of property ownership models that are not-for-profit and are based upon local community organizations in which the residents of a given place are co-owners, and shareholders.

  15. deweyweber

    I wonder how close your model of the fourth stage of man comes to the WEF model of the future that is driving the transformations in society we are seeing today. A senile president of the US? A Supreme Court Justice who can’t give us the definition of “woman”? A national debt in the multiple trillions? Are these things merely random coincidence?
    I beg to differ. It’s the chaos that allows George Soros to achieve his “Open Society”.

    I suggest that the concern of individual security be added to the Fourth Stage of Humanity. We are currently in the Fortress stage of security where the elite live in secure fortresses while the rest of us live in between the fortresses in an increasingly Mad Max existence.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I fully agree with you on these points. I do believe the WEF is explicitly attempting to bring us this, and has gotten itself into positions of great influence in essentially all Western governments.


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