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By | June 16, 2020

Hi Everyone,

That last article I wrote was long enough that I think an audio version is helpful for those who don’t like wading through all that text. So in the original post, I have attached two version of audio: one simply an audiotrack that places easily on your phone or laptop, or if you prefer it as an unlisted Youtube link, which is what I often do. Click below to check it out. 

[RDM] Born in the USA: Bringing the Color Revolution Back Home


9 thoughts on “Audio Version of Color Revolutions Article!

    1. PressToDigitate

      Having read and enjoyed the entire essay in print, I nevertheless enjoyed it more the second time, in audio. I’m not entirely sure why, since when I read your writing I hear it in your distinctive voice in my head anyway. 🙂

      As you know, I’m a hard-core MAGA Trump supporter – and ‘Somewhere to the Right of Darth Vader’ – but, like many Libertarian Conservatives, I find common cause with much of what BLM’s aggrieved *supporters* are seeking, while being disgusted with the Violent Racist and Communist approach of the BLM *leadership*. ‘Hell Yes’, the Police need to be demiitarized – and significantly (though not totally) “defunded”. Yes, new guarantees of Civil Liberties need to be imposed on the actions of Law Enforcement – *At All Levels*. Yes, many of *the Wrong Kind of People* are allowed to become Cops; pudging ex-High School bullies with insecurities issues they work out on the job by victimizing the public. But, what turned me off (and Millions of others) by the recent “protests” (“Peace Riots”) was the violence, arson and looting which comprised most of their actual activity. That is, Arson and Looting – unrestrained in any way by the Police – which primarily victimized inner-city Black, Hispanic and Asian -owned Small Businesses, and some “Corporate” employers whose main workforce was PoC also from those local minority communities. The violence, evidently brought to the party by the Soros-paid, Antifa Communist mercenaries, and condoned, if not even ‘egged-on’ by BLM leaders, so precisely cleaves the Right-leaning Libertarians from the Left-leaning Anarchists, that it decisively inhibits a rational “Consensus of the Extremes” – that might possibly effect positive change in the United States.

      Having attended multiple Tea Party and Occupy rallies, I was always struck by the roughly 65% overlap in their grievances and recognized ultimate villains. Both sets of extremist activists understand all of the same Conspiracy background, the history of domestic meddling by the U.S. Intelligence Community, the Banksters’ corruption, etc. So the subtle element of the orchestrated violence, coordinated and paid for by somebody centrally – who bought *Pallets of Bricks* and prepositioned them to facilitate it – just screams ‘psy-op’ manipulation of the highest order. That is, were it not for the violence, Right and Left could have united and the Police State would be Toast. They certainly couldn’t let that happen, and the Right’s predictable reaction to the rioting chaos was used to prevent it. The net result both weakened the existing sworn constabulary (and will for the next decade), while *also* creating the pretext and popular support for *new* ‘Instruments of Public Order’, which, I can assure you, will be more brutally oppressive (and, ultimately, more ‘racist’), than anything we’ve ever experienced in America before. It will be the “Progressive” urban Democrats (“Proglodytes”) – rather than Trumpist Right-wingers who usher in this nightmare.

      I believe that all sides, Black/White and Right/Left are being ‘played like violins’ in all this, by a third party of great intelligence and insight, able to think faster and at higher orders of abstraction and over longer time horizons than we do, that isn’t concerned about money (or about those who are), and which knew in advance how groups would react to stimuli and how it would exploit the outcome in detail, in myriad ways, simultaneously. and, of course, “They ain’t from around here”.

      Here’s a scary thought: (hear me out)
      We look at the 7,500 or so vetted Abductees known to Ufology around the Anglosphere since the Hill Case, being some fraction of the ‘Alert’ Abductees, who came forth to a Jacobs, Rodwell, Lamb, Hopkins, Mack, etc. We *guess* at what percentage of Abductees alert to their takings actually come forth to volunteer their experiences into the public limelight; is it 8% or 80%, or More or Less? And, we then *guess* at what percentage of returned Abductees ever become “alert” to what happened, to even contemplate looking up a Ufologist to go tell about it; again, is it 8%, 80%, or More or Less? So if a SWAG is 10% know, and 10% of those come forward, we have a population of 750,000 Abductees in the English-speaking world alone, in our lifetimes. Okay, you’ve heard that riff from me before. But, *If the “Targeted Individuals” are no more crazy than the Abductees, and we apply the same logic, then How Many People Could Be Under ‘Remote Control’ Without Even Knowing It?* Suppose all of the [X number of Thousand] “T.I.s” *That We Know Of* are merely the ‘rejects’, for whom Alien Psychotronics fail in proper effectiveness *As Does The ‘Memory Cap’ In Known Abductees*? The persistence of their self-described ‘torture’ might be explained in terms of Alien investigative research toward attempting to perfect the systems, prior to a more comprehensive deployment for mass population regulatory purposes. And, I’ll just leave that right there for now. Let That Sink In.

  1. Ed Coffman

    When you see the world getting worse & worse, it is truly hard to wake up in the morning and put a smile on your face. And especially so, when you really don’t know what lies ahead…whether it be your own “little” situation, or the world at large.

    Thanks for all the “feeling” you put into this article.

  2. Eric_T_Amble

    Thanks for doing this. RD content is great for long bike rides, and RD’s voice is so much better than “Siri (United States)”.

  3. itsmeRitaC

    Richard. I am agreeing with you so far, and you just got to Trump. There is no ‘left’ in America. We know that. I don’t know what the term ‘progressive’ means in the past ten years or more. It is randomly used. I agree about Bernie and i tried to believe back in 2016 as well.

    However, the reason i find Trump offensive goes back to the eighties. I am aware of his business practices. It can be looked up easily. You have to know that Richard. And i remember the Central Park rape issue. Very well. That isn’t about vulgarity or a lack of vocabulary words. I don’t hate the man. I sincerely don’t. Trump’s personality is what causes a lot of the hate. George W. Bush and Cheney offended me more deeply and heck, they were polite i suppose.

    If you think Trump has the IQ points you surprise me. I don’t think i am going to vote by the way. First time. Maybe Green Party because i stopped voting duopoly years ago. I also don’t dig Fundamentalist Christians running so much of my country via all of the courts. Maybe you will censor this due to the appearance of being anti religion. But i am not a Lindsey Graham fan either. And if you think that Trump is anti empire………….I would feel that i don’t have a clue about where you are coming from. And as you know, i did in previous years.

    I don’t give a damn about pee tapes, pssy grabbing tapes, etc. Too much Fundie Christianity and ramping up the military budget. Granted with the help of all in congress. They all suck. And Trump’s dealing with South America, etc. also sucks as badly as all the rest.

    I agree with you about the impeachment nonsense and the Russia b.s. which i always called out.

    Btw, for some reason, the so called ‘left’ never does get into what is considered conspiracy theories. That is because everyone lacks creative thinking. And of course that includes Chomsky. You know i called out nine eleven the same day it happened. It was all obvious to me.

    Oh, i didn’t even get into Trump and Israel. I doubt that would be something of interest here. That alone is reason for my disdain. And yes. He is the worst i have seen yet as far as that goes. And i would never support any politician who runs with a ‘torture is great and it really does work’ platform. Seriously?

    I am trying to listen as i am writing so i will end here and maybe write another post.
    Peace, Rita

      1. itsmeRitaC

        Thank you for the response Richard. I know i got off topic with my posts here! But i felt it strongly of course. 🙂

  4. itsmeRitaC

    Well, i never got past the first part of the audio and i am interested in the color revolution portion as well. So i think i will make the time to ‘read’ your article. 🙂 I didn’t mean to sound argumentative by the way. i just read what i posted the other day here. I know you are not making political opinion pieces here per se. It is just that i know what Trump was saying before he was elected and it certainly hasn’t been how he has gone about foreign policy as far as i can tell. I also don’t believe he is insightful, wise, or intelligent. That is just apparent. I am not going to do psychological analysis, although some things are glaring. I did think his schtick was funny many times and still do. But a president shouldn’t be there for my amusement.

    I don’t care if other ‘leaders’ don’t respect him because i am not a nationalist anyway. I am a humanist. And his love of all things military is rather sickening. Yes, that is the USA for you. But he is over the top. And he has done away with common sense treaties. But common sense seems to be lacking with this man. Even to the point of self defeating extravaganzas. He is indeed living in his own reality tv show.

    I am always amazed by how dissociated so many Americans are. There is no sense of knowing what is Real vs what is show biz. And it will continue along these lines until it implodes. It is certainly not a sustainable mass consciousness. Trump is just accelerating the process.

    I also want to add that i didn’t really think he would go through with his massive rally in Tulsa. I am hoping that he doesn’t come to Pa., which i am sure he wants to do. If people think covid is a hoax and want to be in big arenas that is their choice. However, i am also in danger if i am in contact with those who have attended. I feel sorry for the minimum wage workers who may be forced to work there with those crowds. SAD.

    Sorry for going off topic. As i said before the election……….America is going to inherit Trump’s karma if he becomes president. And i never had that thought before. I voted for Jill Stein. 🙂

  5. itsmeRitaC

    And another thing. 🙂
    One thing i appreciate about Trump. The mask is off regarding the US. It is clear for all to see the brutal truth. He pardons war criminals. Special ops sadists in Afghanistan as one example. I forget the names but even their comrades turned them in and were appalled. But he seems to love those kind of ‘real’ men. Yes, i appreciate the fact that the veneer is off. I think that is one of the reasons that this is his time. He does indeed project the true nature of the u.s. in the twenty first century. Although his calling in the military to clear Lafayette Park and his stroll to the church to hold up a bible may be the most bizarre act yet. And since i have been on the streets for the past twenty years, i speak as someone who does more than theorize and complain. And i began with Iran/Contra and have never stopped.

    I don’t support our troops. And i hope my identity is safe here. I have a feeling i may be in the one percent of members here. By the way. I adore the tax breaks for the billionaires. I am doing just fabulously now. And the cabinet members are a real brain trust. Ben Carson is sublime and Eric Prince’s sister is a great woman.

    Now i am finished with this thread. I needed a break from my work from home. And i will get to the actual article. Sorry for the rant. I have no idea if any of this will get approved and i did spend a lot of time on my posts here.
    Best, rita

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