UFO Secrecy in a Changing World: Online Conference May 20

By | April 18, 2021

Hi again everyone!

Okay we put up the video on my Youtube channel tonight (I was thinking we might do this tomorrow). Please check out this video. We have a link to the actual registration in the link below that video, and tomorrow I will make a permanent splash page on this site for everyone. 

Well actually, the link is right here: UFO Secrecy in a Changing World

It’s exciting and I am glad to be getting this conference going. I hope you find it interesting. 


18 thoughts on “UFO Secrecy in a Changing World: Online Conference May 20

  1. Craig Champion

    Sorry – can’t help it…I’m wondering whether the latest sightings of various shapes are really “drones;” I’m thinking that we can’t use “old tech” ideas in order to explain the “cutting edge tech“ that we’re seeing. I’m guessing that, maybe these are projections that are able to also register in the space-time continuum (as in leaving a gravitational footprint) – that’d be very cool indeed!

    Oh – great political analyses! In our modern world, it boils-down to the upper echelon controllers running a con-job thru the media.😆 Same-ol’/ same ol’, throughout history (divide n’ conquer) – this is but the latest iteration…

    Cool new series on HBO – “Exterminate All the Brutes,” FYI…


  2. J-Rod

    The funny thing is , guys like Elizondo could let the entire cat out the bag but because of 5 nautical miles of signed NDA’s they “can’t”. So in my insignificant opinion, he ain’t helping….just hanging around admiring the view while he goes : Nope, try again. LOL.

  3. JimmyBee

    Watched the Youtube video. Impressive! I’m glad you have given us the ability to watcn after the event, in case we can’t attend live. Best of luck on this!

  4. PressToDigitate

    Congrats on the new Conference; we’ll certainly be there – looking forward to it. Now for the Rant:
    By the time anyone in Ufology musters the gumption to address the real issues, as in “The ETUFO Presence: ‘Worst Case Scenarios’, Detection & Countermeasures”, it will probably be too late for the field to contribute anything of consequence to Humanity that is useful on the subject. The lame, knee-jerk response that “If They were hostile, They’d have wiped us out already” reflects a poor understanding of the range of possible possible situations and motivations of the primary ET expedition here (the Greys/’Abductors’). Other shallow dismissals of the issue, such as “They’re a million years ahead of us and so ‘Resistance is Futile'”, neglect the well-established Crash Retrievals and the extensive corroboration from different whistleblowers and documents that *We Shot Them Down*, initially by Radar accident without even meaning to do so. There are also NO credible alternative explanations for the crashes, as “Pilot Error”, “Mechanical Failure” or “They Crashed Them To Give Us Technology” are all plainly too stupid to take seriously. The only possible acceptable excuse, that *Other ETs Shot Them Down*, unfortunately lacks even the most tenuous witness testimony or even official speculation in leaked or FOIA’d documents. We don’t even have any experiencers claiming that ‘Good Aliens’ told them They did so, to protect us from the ‘Bad Aliens’. The progress made by Human researchers in Electrogravitation, Quantum Teleportation and FE/OU clearly demonstrates that we are clearly *not* “millions of years” (or even “thousands”) behind Them, but, perhaps no more than a Century. Moreover, their results establish the vulnerability of Anti-Gravity systems to high-power Microwave interference; its likely the major reason why such research has been suppressed since the 1950s.

    So, while Greer’s ‘Space Brothers’ cult proclaims that ALL Abductions (and Mutilations) are some ruse by Human military (for which they can never seem to define a purpose), and that Elizondo & Co. are somehow waging some plot to scare everyone with a “False Flag” Alien Invasion (again, with no plausible motive), the converse point of view remains wholly unexplored within Ufology (and at our peril). If Ufology is unwilling to move beyond a “Trainspotting” model to one of the Reduction, Interpretation & Analysis of the sightings, documents, whistleblowers, crash retrievals, and all the other forms of Evidence, in order to arrive at the most probable – and most cautious – conclusions as to the operations and intentions of the ETUFO presence, then, I believe, we will have failed our fellow Man, and the entire exercise of Ufology, over the span of the last 80 years, will have all been a complete waste of time.

    *Some future conference – sooner than the summer of next year* should have guests and panels addressing the following:

    — How might our current scientific understanding of the Quantum Soul (Hameroff-Penrose), Biological Nonlocality (Josephson, Radin, Nelson, Tiller), the Soul Disembodied (Schwartz, Beischel), and Reincarnation (Stevenson, et al), inform our interpretation of the Aliens’ primary enterprise – of producing “Hybrid Containers” – over the past 65 years? Note that there are Two (2) Nobel laureates in Physics among those researchers, whose work Ufology continues to ignore on the subject, and that several of these experts would make themselves available for such a discussion, at your beckon call.
    — What can our own century of thought on Interplanetary and Interstellar Astronautics, by the British Interplanetary Society, and others, teach us about the dynamics and logistics of biological migration between star systems, [independent of considerations regarding propulsive effectiveness or efficiency]? Numerous studies have been done on the sustainment burden that live, warm, wet Colonists present, whether the trip takes Centuries, Years, Months or Weeks. Even put to Sleep in “Suspended Animation”, a substantial mass, volume and power allocation must be made for each Colonist aboard ship; while we can probably assume the Aliens don’t engage in such ‘primitive’ processes, even a trip length of *days* requires extensive Life Support for any biology, if large numbers of Colonists were being transported. But, IF They have perfected a form of “Incorporeal Transport” of Their people – “All Bets Are Off”.
    — When Reduced, Interpreted and Analyzed in the ETUFO context, what does our legacy of Conspiracy Factuality tell us about the most probably direct interactions between the Alien Presence and Humanity over the past Century? A panel of David Icke, Jordan Maxwell, Steve Quayle, Tom Horn and Mark Dice would add to our perspective on what ‘They’ have probably been doing here, “Among Us”, over the last 100 years.

    But ‘the Moon is in the Seventh House, and Jupiter Aligns with Mars, and Peace will Guide the Planets, and Love will Steer the Stars’, right… 😉

    1. Rosanne Losee

      They are abducting human beings to use their DNA to create a hybrid race, and then take over the planet. We will be their slaves, or we will be eliminated. My view of the future of our earth is dim and sad. If the military and the PTB know all this, what are they doing about it? If anything, or is it our fate regardless?

      1. PressToDigitate

        I agree, Roseanne. The problem is, I believe, that the PTB have been compromised, infiltrated and co-opted by Alien Hybrid Operatives, increasingly over the decades, and so the military, CIA, etc., are not even attempting a defense. But that doesn’t “seal our fate”, as it is up to US – in particular, those of us in Ufology who haven’t drank the Kool-aid about “our benevolent Space Brothers” – to sort out what to do about the situation.

        1. Rosanne Losee

          Thank you for your response. I have been reading everything I could get my hands on for a long long time and I read more than once that there are military people with the abductors. That seems to me that perhaps the PTB are NOT capable of stopping them, and perhaps made that ‘bargain’ to work with them, in order not to competely take over the planet. I am just guessing of course.

          I just finished reading Part 2 of Terry Lovelace’s book on his abduction, “Incident in Devil’s Den” – Lovelace, who is a retired Asst Atty Gen in Arkanasas, seems like the real thing. He said he kept quiet about his abduction for all the obvious reasons, until he retired. He gives a chilling story on his abduction along with his buddy, while they were in the service back in the 80s. His buddy, went crazy and died. He suffered for years trying to come to grips with it, and also because he warned by the military in no uncertain terms to shut up.

          No nothing new there. Deeply troubling story, and gives one the chills. As I look at my little grandkids, I wonder what world they will be living in. I have often wondered if perhaps the entire world was informed of this presence, that we would have more brains working on the problem instead of just selected military and higher ups.

          Think of the thousands of scientists all over the world who are not in the loop; I knew an astronomy professor who showed the least amount of interest in the topic, because he was uninformed. He actually thought all this is just made up stuff!

          Back in 2000, I was asked by Dr Bernard Haisch and Prof Peter Sturrock to do an impromptu survey of astronomers in the USA. I did, but unfortunately the response was not enough to warrant a good analysis. What we did find out, was that there were plenty of astronomers who were AFRAID to ask question about UFOs.

          Here we are 20 years later, and I am sure it is still the same!

          So WE need to get the word out. I have long believed that the media is the primary source for doing this. We should be clamoring to get people like Rich Dolan out there and not just in the UFO circles, but in mass media.

          I have people in my family that still do google eyes when the topic comes up; that is how utterly in the dark they are… what do you think?

    2. J-Rod

      @Press You really think we’re just 100 years behind them ? Interstellar travel in a safe, non-linear manner in 100 years? That would be impressive. Go us humans! And with regards to Antigravity systems being affected by high powered microwaves, deep space won’t be any more forgiving in this area. I’m not a scientist (or a scientist’s a/h) , just grappling with “research” done by humans. I’d like to see the research done by non-humans. LOL. Good post.

      1. PressToDigitate

        With a few exceptions, natural Microwave sources will not present a focused signal strength trained on a craft anywhere near (within orders-of-magnitude) as strong as that from WWII era Radar beams at Hundreds of Kilowatts (or more). Moreover, such natural sources will be known and [relatively] “fixed” with respect to the motion of a starship (and clearly market on navigational charts), and won’t be tracking on it for periods of seconds, or tens of seconds. Any successful space-faring civilization will know what natural beams not to fly through, and their precise vectors at any given moment.

        But more to the point, there is a difference between Anti-Gravity/Electrogravitation engines which permit Alien craft to maneuver through out atmosphere without aerodynamic lift, and to ‘hover’ when needed, versus the “Warp Drive” they would use for Faster-Than-Light Interstellar propulsion. Two *different* engines, with entirely different physics. Anti-Gravity alone doesn’t get you between the Stars. Their star drive may or may not be vulnerable to intercession with any technology at our disposal; but their AG systems certainly *ARE*.

        Here is an inkling of some of the work done in Electrogravitation outside of the “Black Programs” area.
        Dr. Podkletnov and former CNES senior researcher Dr. Claude Pohrer have actually gone significantly beyond this, and Dr. Giovanni Modanese has brought their work into established Quantum Theory.
        The bottom line, when you delve into it, is that (if it were not being actively and brutally suppressed) the private sector could make Anti-Gravity craft a practical reality within 20 years – and could have done so at any point over the last 50 years, certainly over the last 20. Even the Warp Drive is within perhaps 40 years of a manned flight test, if the decision to build it (based on the White-Alcubierre model) were made in earnest. Since we understand both systems, and have both theoretical understandings and practical, bench-top experimental data which validates both theories, it cannot be credibly claimed that They – the Aliens – are “thousands of years” ahead of us; at least not in Space Propulsion.

    3. itsmeRitaC

      Hi PTD. I would just like to jump in, because i forget where you mentioned my name in a post i saw the other day here, (thank you), that i don’t think that TTSA is part of the Greer scenario. But i don’t know if he says that. I doubt that whole group was all on the same page. Well, i suppose that is apparent at this point.

      I would say that i am in agreement with John Greenewald, to my surprise, as he just elaborated his perspective on Jimmy church interview i posted on this thread. Have you met any hybrids personally? It seems that at least half the planet would be hybrid by now. Have you seen the sci fi tv show circa mid sixties about alien takeover? The Invaders. I saw reruns on a station during the past year. And you would no doubt find your perspective if you watch it.

      If your theories are correct, when will we know? there should be a timeline here or else? What? Like in fifty years or a hundred? It would seem that if you are correct, something should become known in maybe the next five years? If there is a timeline that goes beyond our probable lifetimes, then i guess anything goes. I can predict that in a hundred years we will be riding on anti gravity unicorns for that matter. Who can say it won’t be true?

      1. PressToDigitate

        It was under Richard’s post, “Breakdown of the Latest from the Drive” that I tagged you, and over the issue of whether the Aliens were being hyped as the “threat”, vs the Chinese (or Russians, etc.). Yes, I am familiar with “The Invaders” series, and have been meaning to re-watch it.

        With some basic assumptions extrapolating what we know, it is reasonable to assume that there are in the single-digit Millions of Alien Hybrids “Walking Among Us”, here in 2021. The greatest number will be in their 20s, fewer in their 30s, fewer still in their 40s, etc., with nearly all of them being 65 years of age or younger (b.1955-). It is also reasonable to assume that they constitute merely a “vanguard” of a *much* larger future Colonial population (or such an enterprise would serve no practical purpose for the ETs).

        The timeline is actually fairly well defined, and has been publicly known for at least the last 16 years (albeit with subterfuge on the subject). Ray Kurzweil’s projection of the technological Singularity for 2045 (See “TSIN”: https://b-ok.cc/book/731095/19a0a6 ) is a convenient public metaphor for the solidification of Alien hegemony over Mankind. We don’t need to ‘speculate’ about any Man-made Artillect hacking the brains of the Billions of Humans who will be jacked-in with full-duplex neurotech by that time; the Aliens have already got one, and their Human stooges have been paving the way for it to do precisely that, since – at least – 1969, in the Prometheus study, *that we know of*. Its the “long range goal for Mankind” that Feinberg described https://b-ok.cc/book/5332245/5f5959 regarding ‘the electronic integration of all Human consciousness into a single collective Hive Mind’. Its just that neither Feinberg nor Kurzweil was candid about who and what the Illuminati has been arranging all of this for.

        The “AI Singularity” and “ET Disclosure” will be one in the same event, as far as 95% of the public is aware. That is, unless we do something to change that trajectory over the next 25 years. Of course, it is possible that the #Wuhandromeda plandemic has accelerated Their timeline.

  5. wildbill65401

    Will there be an opportunity for those of us unable to attend a conference like this during the work week to access the lectures after the fact? No, I am not asking to access them for free. I am more than happy to pay for them.

    Thank you!

    Wild Bill 🤠

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hi Wild Bill, yes I should have mentioned that just as with the last event, we will be making the entire event available later. I know it wont be right away, but at some point yes.

      1. wildbill65401

        I totally understand not happening right away. There has to be consideration given to the people who spend their hard earned money to attend the event live. I would expect no less! Maybe during the latter half of June I can see an opportunity to watch the lectures. 🥰

        Thank you!

        Wild Bill 🤠

  6. Adrian

    I have looked at and listened to these so called “young guns” both the 4 mentioned here and some others. Whilst some show real potential, all have a way to go yet. Nevertheless I cherish the fact that they are here and working hard. Of the others, one in particular who is very new and getting a lot of attention as well as lots of interviews in which he gets asked questions across the whole spectrum of this field. I am a long time in this field yet this person has never used the three simple words that I still have to use most often, ie “I don’t Know”

  7. itsmeRitaC

    Hi, i am going to recommend that you check out some of this interview. I am not a big fan of Jimmy C. in general as an interviewer, however, in this case he and John Greenewald talk about ‘disclosure’ that has been all over the media and what John believes is really going on here. I would agree with what i have heard so far as i skipped forward. I would suggest beginning about 75 minutes into it.

    So many people are forgetting what they have known for decades, and don’t get the so called ‘reset’ here.

    Finally, someone is talking about what i have been saying for at least three years now. This is happening for the ‘benefit’ of other militaries, not ‘citizens’.

  8. Rob Jeffs

    In The FAQ section, under “Important Information about the virtual world” – there seems to be an issue with the text, at least, with what I’m seeing.

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