Special Virtual Event on June 25

By | June 16, 2022

Hi Everyone, 

I just realized that although I put this event on the front page of this website, a post might be a good idea too! In any case, I am organizing a single-day virtual event in which I will be delivering a two-hour new presentation, followed by one hour of moderated Q&A. We are having the questions submitted beforehand but in fact you can write them here if you will be attending and I will send them on to the moderators. 

This is all happening on Saturday, June 25 at 2 p.m. Eastern Time. 

In addition to the main three-hour event, I am following up with two separate live Zoom AMAs. ( 1 hour each). These will follow the main lecture. 

I created a page for this on this site, which you can look at here. 

FOR TICKET INFO, click here. 

Member discount code: click here

Tickets are $39.99 each, whether for the three hour lecture or the one-hour Q&A. I realize we are in uncertain times, and for those who don’t want to spend their money on this event at this time, we will be making the lecture available at a discounted price of $19.99. If yo purchase that, you get the lecture only and it will become available to you two weeks after the event. 

For those of you who don’t want to spend ANY extra cash on this, I get it! Over time, I have no doubt that the ideas I introduce in this presentation will make there way to this site. 

In any case, if you can make it, I’ll certainly be glad to see you in our virtual space. 








4 thoughts on “Special Virtual Event on June 25

  1. Thomas Sinisi

    I am a speaker. and lectured many years. But seems to me after I stopped working with Sargel18 I have become the most hated UFO speaker out there. Why because I only deal with TRUTH. Meaning what I know is the truth. I listen to every speaker and most have no actual experience themselves. never mind it seems the most important subject is what the GOV is doing. That will never effect people and what they do unless we go into a full out war. But the real problem is what aliens are doing to people. That actually effects everyone. Maybe not today but maybe tomorrow. I can say I have been involved more then 98% of the people in the UFO. I had more experience then 99% of them s well. Except I was never been forced on a ship I cannot be. Why? I stood 12 feet from an alien, I stop a ship from abducting my brother, I was a foot from a Bigfoot. I was close to about 10 ships as well as seeing at least 2,000. And do almost any night I go out. I was working with abductees during the 70’to the 85. I was helping abductees deal with what actual happened if they did not know. I was doing past life regression , as well as psychic implant removals. But linked up with Sargel18 in 1996 to 2002 doing UFO conferences, During that time we shot more pictures of every kind of UFO then anyone else inside the US . We showed the pictures all the time as well. But is was like very few people believed much about UFO’s or aliens.. My closest friends in the UFO world were Killed , disappeared , put in jail and one in the nut house still. I am in Hawaii and there is so much going on here. Some gets on the new – usually lies. But recently they are asking the questions-what are they? But hwat is worse the questions asked are not even answered. Like the only one that is really important why are they here. But I have come to realize -SINCE UFO people changed the name from abductees to experiencers there is even less truth coming out because 98% have been programmed by aliens and some by the Gov. I have dealt with over two thousand people myself. I was never writing about that because that truly does anything for a person that was actual abducted. Yes, people are starting to tell their stories. last night i watched Osborn and the three brother doing a show together, . Then Osborn actually dealing with a town where many people are seeing the ships and getting abducted. Just for ?? There is nothing good that they do ever did. – Then you hear experiencers talking about the GOOD ALIENS, which is a great mind program. If you search history – aliens never did anything good for any race that was here.
    Yes I know you talk about what you think, and so do most speakers. Sadly I know the opposite . The truth. There was never one important thing aliens did for mankind as well many thing the opposite. Even Art Bell was afraid to bring us on and actual lost his show during that time. I was on almost every other show for years. I even did nine months on Kerry Cassidy show with Sargel18 as my co-host. We had many more followers then she did. Except it came to me paying to do the show when I let it go. That was the same time I split with Sargel. He came into LOTS of money. Guess he kind of disappeared in the UFO world, but not like so called Steven Greer saying he was offered 2 BILLION Dollars to walk away. It was a lie. It would not cost much money to take someone out. In the UFO world during 1996 -7 over 180 UFO people involved in the UFO world died????? We just did Strange Universe and it was taken off the air the next week. That was when John Ford was put in the nut house – not even able to go to trial, STILL. it was also when Phil Schneider was taken out as well. I have a actual letter from NASA sent to Sargel the day before we went o do a conference. Saying sit back and watch what happens we have no right to be involved. Oh he was killed months later. He was the one involved with the space shuttle they sent up with things of different people to describe humans. But sadly the whole UFO world is going off track. The Gov is keeping what they know secret because Russia and China are doing the same thing.
    If it was not for Tesla worjking with aliens – IN NJ Where I sue to live we would not be in the problem we are in now. But the US has the worse weapons on the planet and really don’t need to show them to Russia, even though PUTIN actual said they are working with aliens and two races want to destroy the planet. There were wars already. Not one UFO person today is talking about that ????? They will be killed. I saw two ships get blown up here in Hawaii years ago myself. I did know all the important people in the UFO world.Including the two people that ran Seti. Yes both were killed. Right now CHINA thinks armies will win a war. They have no clue to the weapons we have Tesla gave our Gov 50 and they all are the most deadly weapons on the planet.
    Hope this finds you well. Ever want to talk (TRUTH ) any time. Tommy

  2. Thomas Sinisi

    Yes it seems more and more lies coming out and less truth. WHY? I have been getting blocked and have a chance of losing my YouTube, but truth is all that matters in my world. I am old now not I was not old when I started talking. Right now in the UFO world everyone is placing their attention on the wrong things by the powers that be. Are you ready for any truth. Or would you rather pay for stories. ? Please send link to your friends. I never charge for anything I ever did in the UFO world. Or spiritual workshops. If I did have lots of money like some people you would see this every where. my life is dedicated to Truth only. I am only responsible to God only.

    Link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-RtaNBSLSC8

    Today 3 PM CA 6 PM ET time.

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