May 20 Event: Preview

By | May 18, 2021

Hi everyone!

Tonight’s livestream (8 p.m. EDT) will feature me discussing some of the themes of the May 20 online conference, UFO Secrecy in a Changing World. Plus, I will be doing this from the Observation Deck, which is the virtual environment of the event. I hope to see you there. 🙂


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  1. PressToDigitate

    The simplest explanation for the timing, extent, pace and particulars of the emerging “Disclosure” is that it is being done on the schedule and to the perception management requirements of the Aliens, themselves. Since the whole of Ufology has not been able to identify a single genuine “Insider”, and all known Human officials, regardless of their authority, appear to have been stonewalled when seeking the full details in any respect, we are forced to conclude that it is the ETs, and not some bevy of [Human] ‘Rogue Spooks’ who are in total and immediate control of the situation, viz “Disclosure”. This implies, either that the Aliens’ situation, some intermediate circumstances or Their relation to Us – Mankind – has changed, or that Their overall, longterm Agenda is reaching a state of [long planned] fruition, which itself is the ‘changed circumstance’, for which a ‘disclosure’ must be initiated.

    That They are acting under a Time Imperative would be consistent with many sociopolitical anomalies that have emerged over the last five years, which suggest that Their Human Collaborators among our Ruling Elite, and in the Media, Tech Sector and Intelligence Community have taken substantial, abnormal risks of late to suddenly pave the way for this coming “reveal”and/or “manifestation” of Their presence. The supposed coincidentality of the release of the COVID plandemic globally with the impending failure of the *second* CIA Coup Attempt to depose President Trump (the Ukraine Hoax/Impeachment charade) – and shortly following the Tories “Brexit” victory in Britain – indicates an Alien ‘frustration’ with the pace (or overall ‘certainty’) of ‘Globalization’ that Their Human Illuminati surrogates/acolytes/flunkies seemed to be achieving in 2019. As we are seeing in the ongoing audits in Arizona, Michigan, Ohio and New Hampshire (so far), unprecedented, *highly technical* means were *definitely* employed to rig the November election result (regardless of any old fashioned fake-ballot box stuffing that also occurred, manually), as LGEN McInerney and other cyber experts have revealed. Profound *desperation* on the part of the Intelligence Community, in order to control the narrative (via a ‘Puppet POTUS’), is grossly obvious, and without an alternative explanation. That we see intentional, deeply orchestrated, realtime collaboration between the Global Elites, our own Bureaucracy, Military and Intelligence Community AND the Chinese PLA/CCP, in *both* the engineering and deployment of the plandemic *and* the purchase and installation of ‘President’ Biden*, makes certain that this is a joint, transnational Deep State response to *external* imperatives, imposed by the ETs themselves.

    While there are many reasons to connect the recently blatant conspiratorial chicanery of the DNCIA with the ETUFO presence – the bizarre roles of John Podesta, (and the Clintons, and Rockefeller interests) in both – as per *his own emails* – being among them, we have *no comparable reason* to believe these various geostrategic political events are somehow separate and divorced from ‘Exopolitics’. Collectively, the peculiar events and machinations over the last five years, including, in particular, the ramped up Surveillance, Censorship and Propaganda, do not appear to be unrelated to the sudden anomalous emergence of a tentative “Disclosure” initiative from within the system.

    To deny the apparent implications of these correlations is indeed “whistling past the graveyard”. We seem to long so badly for nice, cuddly, “friendly” Aliens – to “save” us from the iniquities of our own, demonstrably corrupt leadership – that no one wants to believe that the Aliens have almost certainly *been responsible for that iniquity* among our leaders for the entirety of the lifetimes of most (and perhaps ALL) Humans currently alive on the planet. While much remains to be explored on the common history of the Illuminati and the ETUFO presence (as Jim Marrs, David Icke and others have pursued thus far), I submit that it is the common *Future* that They are engineering for us which should occupy our immediate attention.

  2. trybabytri


    First of all, I really appreciate how you’ve been rallying up the troops lately! I will follow you anywhere! Thanks for expanding my mind! I share you’re ideas daily with anyone that will listen. But I just font have a computer or laptop can you please develop a phone based platform for your conference? It just doesn’t make sense for me to pay for your conference if I can’t watch it. Also, by the way, I can see the video on my iPhone 12 safari Browser but I just can’t get the sound to work so you’re close.

    Cheers, and let’s all keep up the good fight!
    Christian Patrick

    1. HappyCup

      I noticed the sound glitched for the first 5 minutes or so. I didnt hear anything but it cleared up eventually.

  3. JurassicRanch47

    Some of the corporations involved in this must have corporate competitors and enemies with some idea of who & what they’re up against.
    Is there a data base that can identity the “interlocking directorates,” board of directors members of the major corporations involved, cross indexed to who has served on the boards of multiple corporations involved simultaneously or separately over the years? Do SEC or state corporate laws require listing major shareholders, including investment banks? M&A action among the players would tell a story. They will never disclose unauthorized programs with false front or unbudgeted funding. This is Sen. Inouye’s “shadowy government” times ten. I think journalist Danny Casolaro may have been on to part of this when he was “suicided” (The “Octopus”).

  4. Lauren2844

    I think ANYONE with a brain knows the government is pissed because they lost access to the UFO technology. Obviously this disclosure is to scare Lockheed and the their power elite to the discussion table with the government. I wouldn’t doubt if the private corps tell them to fuck off.. Lockheed has the cards and the technology. They know the government is a joke that leaks..

  5. RAJOD

    Thanks for the reminder Email. I paid the $139.00. I’ve never been to a UFO/UAP conference so take it slow 🙂

    Mostly I support the brave souls (That would be you Richard) that have paved the way over the years for this to occur.

    Now that its cool talk talk openly in public about it. I think the 60 minutes special and the 2017 NY times sort of opened a box that can no longer bet shut. I think you and others have pushed the giant snowball up a mountain for years and its finally reached the top and rolling down the other side. You have to be a little excited to live long enough to see some change.

    So if I miss one of the lectures I have 1 week to pull up the video and watch or Re-watch?



  6. RAJOD

    Well I have to say I was not impressed with my first venture on that 3D campus. I set up my avatar and was walking around. I have no idea what is real or virtual. But I was in the conference room and saw a few avatars that might have been for realistic effect.

    One starts talking to me on stage. He did not answer any questions rather told me to get out of the way and off the stage as they were setting up. I’m like is this a JOKE? this is cartoon land you are not lifting heavy items Im in a video game.

    They were not nice. Have to say this is my first and probably my last virtual conference. They really know how to alienate new people. I would take back my 139.00 if I could now.

    Sorry Richard but rude people after paying that much don’t appeal to me.

  7. RAJOD

    This is very strange.

    I told the avatar that I would leave the stage and log off. Now I got a refund that I never asked for.

    what is going on there? they are running people out of your conference? Like sabotage.
    Has it been called off or something? The email did not state anything just a refund. Unless you did that.

  8. RAJOD

    Ok this is so strange its like something out of bad movie.

    This Observation deck is new to me and most people.
    They encourage you to try it out. Download it walk around. So I did.

    I go into an auditorium and checking it out. Im on stage and this person with the world SUPPORT over their head is there. I figure great some help. I had a few questions about my computer monitor set up. So I say hello he says hello.
    I ask my question and rather than answer it he tells me to leave the stage they are working. I was like? is this really a staff or is it some kid. So I ask is this a joke? like it was a dry sense of humor because its a 3D fake stage. Again no replay no explanation totally ignored. I asked again if he was joking no answer so I said thanks for the welcome mat fine I will leave. Then I get refund email.

    So i asked customer support. She said I was Bullying. I am like what? Bullying? Apparently the avatars were working sort of like if you walked into a restaurant and you saw some painters.

    And you ask them a question and they say were are busy painting. Then you would believe them. But a avatar saying they are working telling you to get off the stage. It was surreal like this has to be a sarcastic joke right? But they just ignored all questions.

    I still don’t understand it. But they need to post something not to go into the building because its under construction.

    I was not bullying was totally baffled by the reply and why a avatar with “Support” over its head would be rude and ignoring questions.

    It was a crabby IT person that did not want to be bothered. They need to keep that separate from the public then.
    Don’t tell people to check it out then be rude and kick them out for a question. Then get called bully for thinking it has to be a bad joke.

    The customer is always right mantra should be used here. Not blame the customer for asking legitimate questions. In the end it your conference will have less people and less money because of IT person that did not want to explain things.

    Now a bunch of people I know will never see your conference and probably never return to that place. And I was excited to see it.

    This is how a business often go under.

    I think you need to talk to the people running that place. I own two practices and the people that can cause you the issues are your staff and how they deal with the paying public.

  9. Lazy Mystic


    i cannot seem to access recent video content.

    (android phone, firefox browser, VPN)

    Open question: why is RDM still dependent
    on yuu tooob for video hosting?
    I thought that the growing consensus was that the central 3 or 4 tech giants are monopolies sucking up our lifeblood & privacy & dignity.

    Can we, as a community, please practice & share digital privacy & self defence? Can we view content hosted/posted outside of yooo tooob boxes in the near future?

    Anyway, as of now, i cannot view any recent material
    (and i just laid out 139 clams for the conference).

    Hope i can access the material this week.


  10. Ron Holmes UK

    Hi Richard,
    Unfortunately I suffer with ill health and as a result have been unemployed for a few years now, so I sadly can’t afford to join in the fun with you and Lue. I desperately want to see you work him over, in a truly professional way, of course.

    If I could pay to be there, particularly for the Viewers Q&A section (greetings fellow Dolanites) I would have had a question for him though:

    A hypothetical situation.

    Let’s say that Lue has a friend in “an Agency” who has absolute proof that the US has recovered alien tech. This friend calls him one day, clearly upset by something. His friend asks “Am I doing the right thing? I live in a Country whose people swear allegiance to an all-binding Constitution, the signing of which was an act of treason at the time. But the men who did it, did so because it was the right thing to do – no matter the consequences. Shouldn’t I be doing the same?”

    The question is, what would Lue advise his friend?

    Rich, I’d love to think that either you, or someone in the chat for the questions section of the event, has a question along those lines. That’s his weak-spot. I believe the man is a true Patriot at heart.

    Lue has done a lot of interviews recently, the most important one to my mind was where he mentioned his Daughters, and his wish for them to grow up in a free world and not under a blanket of secrecy.

    But Lue has also mentioned many times that he doesn’t want to go to jail for breaking the secrecy oaths he’s taken either.

    It seems to me that those two things are in direct conflict.

    Lue may well be in a position to blow this entire thing wide open – right now – but his (entirely understandable) fear of imprisonment is stopping him.

    If the Founding Fathers of your Nation had acted the same way, and refused to sign through fear of the repercussions, would things have been better for the people, or worse? Wouldn’t he be taking the same risk as any US Soldier overseas policing a war-torn Country? Or a Cop (my Dad was a Policeman too Richard) going into what they know is a really bad neighborhood late at night? Or a Doctor working themselves to near death, and risking infection, just to save yet another total stranger from Covid?

    Aren’t some risks worth the potential price of a human life, or their freedom?

    And does he really think that after coming clean and enabling Disclosure, the people of the World would allow him to be sent to prison?
    Would any President ever (perhaps besides LBJ) have been brutal enough to do that to him, especially considering the huge weight of public opinion that would be behind him? Lue would be (rightly) considered a National Hero, and any politician dumb enough to incarcerate him would be guaranteeing they’d be hated by the electorate, and never get elected to any public
    office, ever again.

    Anyway, just my thoughts – I hope the event goes well, and that you have fun presenting it too.

    Push him hard on his Daughters and his Patriotism Rich. I think he could break if the right pressure is applied to him.

  11. Nancy Derusha

    What a powerful and Informative event! The OD is a place everyone should experience. Loved the fireworks♥️. Big thanks to you Richard and all the guest.

    Nancy DeRusha


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