We will be LIVE IN PERSON in Las Vegas Nov 10,11,12 at Disclosurefest.org

By | September 9, 2023

Hi folks,

If any of you have been looking for an in-person event to attend this might be a fun one to consider. They have rented out the entire LUXOR hotel during the KING TUT EXHIBIT!

There is a wide range of speakers (50+) and topics and it sounds like they have really put together a fun event


From their pr package:


Keynote speakers, live talks, music, Live Music, workshops, ceremonies, indigenous teachings, sound healings, sky watch, King Tut Exhibit, exhibit halls, science & ancient Technologies, VR pods and so much more…

  • Join us for 3 days and nights,  8 fully activated conference rooms, a massive exhibitor marketplace, and our Velvet room nightclub to continue our festivities into the night. 
  • Join us outside Area 51 for an intimate sky watch and meteor shower and make contact. With surprise celebrity hosts guiding us through the night! See ticket options for details.
  • Dine with us at our Dinner Gala & Awards Ceremony

with a royal table of hosts, speakers & researchers who continue to share a wealth of knowledge with us. With many award categories and you can be there to be a part of this history. Plus unbelievable prizes given away all through the dinner. This will be an event to remember!

  • Come check out our VR Starship Area with 15 Interactive VR pods with dozens of rides to choose from…
  • See the King Tut Exhibit at the Luxor during Stairway to the Stars, all weekend long. Celebrate the 100th anniversary of finding the lost tomb of Tutankhamun by Discovering King Tut’s Tomb, now at Luxor. Follow in the footsteps of famed archaeologist Howard Carter, as he unlocked the inner rooms, beheld the great treasures within and came face-to-face with the pharaoh’s mummy. See the king’s nested coffins and notorious death mask and learn why the ancients went to such an extent to preserve their dead. Light your torch, break the seal and defy the “mummy’s curse” and enter – if you dare. By Discovering King Tut’s Tomb, you’ll unearth the sights, sounds and wonders of ancient Egypt.

Tickets on sale now!

For more info about exhibiting and tickets visit Disclosurefest.org


2 thoughts on “We will be LIVE IN PERSON in Las Vegas Nov 10,11,12 at Disclosurefest.org

  1. JimmyBee

    As usual, no chance I can attend, as much as I’d like to attend. But, most people can’t hang out on this nice website 24/7 like I do, so it all works out. 🙂

    Anyway, for those of us that can’t attend, I hope you all will be able to make a video or two about it. I personally enjoy the behind the scene chats and short video updates you give us. Those are always fun.

    Speaking of fun, I hope you all have a fun and enlightening time at the conference!

  2. Ewa Boy

    well, a vid or two and/or comments about this last one in September would have been nice, also…still seems strange not a mention of it since you two have been back? Hmmm….

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