What Do We Really Know? The Big Picture Livestream.

By | November 2, 2019

My livestream from today.

Description: UFOs or UAP definitely constitute a mystery in our society. If that’s true, it is much more true regarding people’s claims of alien contact. How do we process this information? How do we decide what to believe?

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9 thoughts on “What Do We Really Know? The Big Picture Livestream.

  1. Linda Miller

    I found this to be an extremely interesting video and wonder whether there is a set of questions/criteria that can be applied to experiencers?
    The reason I ask is that my mother, now 92, had an experience with a strange being when she was 16 – 76 years ago. Her story has remained consistent over the years and she doesn’t like to talk about it any more, but if I had been able to ask her more pertinent questions, rather than relying upon her account, there might have been more information I might have gleaned. The alien in question certainly didn’t match any of the descriptions I have seen or read.
    I would put my mother’s experience on the forum but would be unable to answer any questions that arose, so maybe it would be a pointless exercise.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hi Linda, that sounds fascinating. I can understand your mother no longer wanting to discuss the experience. Is it possible you can share a bit of it here? For my part, I am quite interested in her encounter … 1943? Yes indeed!

      1. Linda Miller

        Sure . . .

        The incident took place at Dundonald Recreation Ground, Merton (South West London) on a midsummer evening at dusk in 1942/3. My mother, then aged 15-16, had said goodbye to her friends and was walking across the ground to the exit on the other side of the park.

        She was three quarters of the way over when she looked up and saw a “man” looking at her from the far side. She suddenly felt uneasy because nobody else was in the park and quickly turned away to walk faster to the exit.

        She said that as she turned, in that nanosecond he was there beside her, having covered a distance of well over 100 yards instantaneously. She noticed his feet first. She said he was wearing plimsolls (sneakers), which was very unusual in those days, and a white coat. He was short (shorter than her, who is just 5ft), with small eyes, small mouth and small nose, although his face was wide and flat. What was most alarming was that his hair was white and stood on end, and was the same length as his face (if you look at an early picture of Jedward I guess the hair would look something like that).

        Unsurprisingly, she turned tail and legged it home, not looking back, and collapsed when she got there. (Home would be 500 yards or so from the park), Her mother (my grandmother) said “What’s the matter with you?” and all she could get out was “There’s a man, there’s a hideous man out there . . .”. My grandfather immediately went out but there was nobody there. My mother was told not to be a bloody idiot and chastised for telling lies.

        Anyway, a couple of nights later, there was a terrible thunderstorm, and in the middle of the thunder and lightning there was a loud knock at the front door. My grandmother went to the door, opened it, screamed loudly and slammed it shut and ran hysterically into the kitchen shouting “He’s here, that man, he’s outside!”. My grandfather went outside with a stick but the “man” had gone, leaving my mother and grandmother frightened out of their wits.

        Neither my mother nor grandmother saw the man again but they both thought he was not human.

        1. Richard Dolan Post author

          Many thanks for sharing this, Linda. Hope you don’t mind that I copied and clipped it to my own collection of personal encounters. Quite fascinating and I am very grateful, as I’m sure many others here are. What in God’s name was that creature/being?

  2. Russsigman1957

    Profound statements regsrding the “high strangeness” that is the UFO/UAP phenomenon.
    When I reflect on my sighting I must admit i don’t know what it was. It just did not fit my logical minds idea of what should be in the air.
    Was it an actual craft, an apporition or something totally out of this world.
    The question is profound an seems to touch the essence of our reality.
    Thanks RD for the insights and making me stay up all night and contemplate what does this mean to us as a speices.
    See ya in the funny papers

  3. Carolyn3

    Good talk,
    As an experiencer I can’t really provide anything as far as evidence. I can only explain my experiences to the best of my ability. I mean many expereincers already know that people will think they are crazy to begin with. That’s the last thing most experiencers want to be known as or the attention they want. I’ve stay quiet for many year regarding my experiences. Nobody except my husband knew of my experiences. I’ve told none of my family about this.
    This was the first place I felt comfortable enough to put my experiences out. There’s nothing an experiencer can do to change the circumstances of what has happened or continues to happen to them. You never know when something will happen and that can be a bit nerve racking. I do think it’s innate as a human to search for answers even if those answers are not of this world.

    Again, good talk thank you

  4. Scott Santa

    Killler Richard! Always brilliantly put together and delivered. Boiled down – it always, well almost always comes down to witnesses (like myself) stating … in the best sense of James Fox’s movie – “I Know What I Saw”. For me, at that point, the world stops and a truth is revealed, I then sympathize with those who have not been provided the glimpse regardless of what they or it are ….we’ve seen it.

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