[RMD] The Watchers – A Breakdown

By | December 26, 2021

Hi everyone,

I’ve got a fairly lengthy presentation here on the third installment of Ray Fowler’s classic work on the Andreasson Affair. This is his book, The Watchers. What a fascinating book. I have a fairly detailed breakdown of that book here, once again making use of Betty Andreasson Luca’s amazing illustrations. 

About half of the book — and this presentation — is taken up with a single abduction event from 1973. This description goes into an incredible amount of detail, and I tried to do justice to all of it. There are several additional events described in this book, and overall I do touch upon them. Ray Fowler also brings forth a number of very interesting bits of research and speculation which are definitely worthwhile to convey. 

It’s not hard to see how this book deeply influenced Whitley Strieber (who wrote the Foreword to it). He and his late wife Anne were both deeply engaged in many of the issues that are raised in this book, as you will see. 

I hope you enjoy this presentation. I feel it is very useful for us to continue this deep dive into such a classic abduction case. Betty Andreasson’s account does often seem utterly fantastic, but she is someone who was believed fully by every single person she came into contact with, and I would say for good reason. 

Make of it what you think. Lots of food for thought in this story. I hope you enjoy.