RDS Part 1. Yvonne Smith on Abductions, Hybrids, and Trauma.

By | January 19, 2019

Continuing on my recent theme of exploring the phenomenon of alien abduction is my interview with Yvonne Smith. Yvonne is a certified hypnotherapist who has regressed well over 1,000 individuals relating to alien abduction. Probably closer to 2,000, she thinks. I think Yvonne is also the only person in the field with genuine tutelage under Budd Hopkins, David Jacobs, and John Mack.

I cound Yvonne to be insightful about the phenomenon as well as deeply caring for the people she has worked with. You can tell she strives to be very diplomatic in her statements, but it’s also clear that she recognizes serious potential problems relating to abduction and the ET agenda. At the same time, it’s clear she doesn’t think they are evil, or even necessarily enaging in a global takeover. The fact is she isn’t sure.

Her latest book, Chosen (2017), focuses on how the people she is regressing have of late been getting messages from their abductors concerning the fate of the planet, and the need to be better caretakers of the Earth, etc. This of course is an old theme, but in Yvonne’s view there is a new urgency to these messages. But what does it mean? I don’t necessarily share all of her views on this, but she is worth listening to. She’s certainly done a great amount of legwork to gather information.

One thought on “RDS Part 1. Yvonne Smith on Abductions, Hybrids, and Trauma.

  1. Craig Champion

    In terms of attempting to determine whether the apparent alien intervention is “good“ or “bad,” like the fishpond metaphor, it’s unlikely that we are capable of presently understanding their agenda.

    Perhaps they are interested in attempting to preserve the planet in that it’s an environment rife with biological and mineral diversity.

    For me, the fact that it’s an apparent clandestine operation creates a degree of natural suspicion.

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