RDS Part 1. Extraordinary: The Seeding. Interview with the Creators (with Trailer)

By | May 6, 2019

A lively interview with Jon Sumple and Jack Roth, creators of the documentary, Extraordinary: The Seeding, which explores alien abduction, hybridization, missing embryos, military abduction, and more. I really enjoyed going into these issues with them. The film showcases several individuals who have had these experiences, some of whom have already been public, and others who are entirely new.

This airs tonight at 8 p.m. Eastern but is exclusively available for members now. Part two will upload in a short while later today.

15 thoughts on “RDS Part 1. Extraordinary: The Seeding. Interview with the Creators (with Trailer)

  1. MarkH

    Thought provoking, Intriguing, had me fixated on every word and I moved incredibly by Jon Sumple and Jack Roth’s narrative the whole way through. The Promo is just alluring and mesmerizing great 55min and 38 seconds spent so far today can’t wait for the second part!

  2. Craig Champion

    Great interview. Whew – Dark thought: I wonder if the genetic modifications apparently performed on us are in order to maintain or improve continued neurological control over us. We genetically-modify plants and animals on a regular basis in order to meet our needs and think nothing of it. Is the “hybrid-breeding program” a “cover?” Are we Food-stock? South-Pacific Islanders who practiced cannibalism have reportedly said that humans taste very similar to pigs. What is their agenda? LMH has apparently interviewed someone in the intel community who indicated, “you don’t want to know.” Carter reportedly collapsed at his desk upon learning of the agenda, apparently from someone “in the know.” What is, in-fact, the “currency” of the inter-planetary/inter-dimensional beings? Our “souls?” Our pineal glads? Are they harvesting some specific types of DNA or bio-chemicals that are somewhat/somehow of a commodity of sorts? Our cattle perhaps have no more insight in what we’re doing to them than we perhaps have of what they’re doing to us.

    Lighter thought: are they engineering a hybrid race in order to “save the planet?” The hybrids would gradually integrate into our cultures and presumably maintain control over us – although the planet may be better-preserved, we would presumably remain second-class citizens. Is this, per Jacob’s what he referred to as,“The Change?” I dunno…

  3. Rosanne Losee

    Read Nigel Kerner’s take on this. He believes it is our souls that they want. Now, can they ‘take our souls?
    I find this difficult to believe, because I do believe in the Creator, God, Jesus. I believe our souls are God’s domain. But that doesn’t mean they cannot try, or to mix our DNA with theirs, creating a hybrid race of beings.

    After reading about this phenomenon since I was 17 y/o, I have never been more afraid of what we are dealing with. Perhaps these are the powerful forces for evil in the universe, so we need to pray.

    I think this should be released to the public. We have a small cadre of scientists/military working on this, when we should be uniting the world and with the increased intelligence thrown against it, perhaps we can meet them on the same level technologically. It is not fair to keep people in the dark, so to speak, but I can understand why.

    1. Tracey

      Hi Roseanne. You know, his book, “Aliens and the harvesting of souls” is on my shelf and I don’t think I’ve ever really dove into it. Guess I should!

      1. Rosanne Losee

        Hello Tracey,

        It is an amazing book just predicated on his own gut instincts, I think. But it is disturbing. He does mention soul-stealing, which really blew me away. Kinda creepy!

        He also says he thinks these grays are biological robots, sorta like “Data” on Star Trek! But that there is a bigger intelligence behind them motivating them to abduct and do the ‘experiments.’ It is definitely worth the read!

  4. Scott Santa

    I’ve listened twice now – utterly stunning interview and conversation …. rather scary too … no, really!

  5. David Attardi

    Humans tend to think the worse and propagate fear over everything. If you use pure logic, no entities are going to steam roll over the planet for our resources, souls, hot women, whatever. This is an ongoing experiment conducted on multiple worlds with multiple races. If there was a truly aggressive behavior, we would not be having this discussion. They work on a time scale that we can’t wrap our heads around. I believe they are much more advanced then us not only technologically, but “spiritually” and humans will really freak out when they are confronted with the very real possibility that all of the major religions on Earth are based on a misunderstanding of very advanced technology. It all comes down to being compassionate, not judging and not getting overwhelmed by political and religious views. Humans are dangerous smelly primates and there is a very distinct quarantine on this world for who knows how long, until we stop being so nasty to one another. Does anyone else ever think that the arms race and escalation of nuclear power is really towards each other or is it based on mind blowing global military fear that we need to stockpile these weapons ” in case they invade us”. I am not even sure if nuclear weapons in an ICBM would ever survive the atmosphere re-entry stage because there have been many episodes of one or several races demonstrating that they can seriously F with our nuclear capability. I feel bad that 1st contact was with military and not like a philosopher/physicist. Call me ABC groups.. I am up for an ambassador position with “France” and I am HELLA nicer than most people and I understand the math. DOC

  6. Rosanne Losee


    I agree with you on some of your opinions on this issue. However, I think they are obviously more technologically advanced, but ‘spiritually’ they are not. If they were honest, they would appear and tell us how they are going to help us. If they were spiritually evolved, they wouldn’t be hurting human beings, both mentally, spiritually, and physically, in any way.

    I remember reading Stephen Hawking’s warning some years ago that we should not be advertising ourselves here on Planet Earth. He said it was because we would be attracting a more highly developed technology that would use and abuse us for their own purposes. One thing I learned as a Christian is that selfishness is at the heart of evil.

    I do believe these beings are abducting humans for their benefit, most probably to initiate another race to take over the earth. Even as I write this, it sounds so embarrassingly sci-fi-ish! But I think it’s true. I think the universe is comprised of the ying and the yang, good vs evil. I am also hopeful there are beneficent beings out there, but right now, the way I see it, we are being utilized for nefarious purposes, nothing more.

    I just finished reading “Incident at Devil’s Den” by Terry Lovelace. He is an attorney and ex military, and his story will grip you. He calls them, ‘monsters.’

  7. Robert Duvall

    Extraordinary. The Seeding.

    I saw this interview as an opportunity to make a few points.

    Aren’t we considered a hybrid?

    Who were the Annunaki?

    What sort of shenanigans went on here with respect to the “fallen angel” chapter?

    We choose what we study. I studied UFO activity within the nuclear infrastructure (policy and hardware), which led me to wonder what evidence within deep history might indicate the foundation for these apparent tightly guided actions. I see much of this UFO activity related to militaries as human development course corrections and reminders that they are there, always; and by the way, superior. Of course there are other agendas; we are but one of those. We are not the first, nor will we be the last. We are part of a continuum.

    This is bigger than anything our government could ever say about it, bigger than the institutions we call churches could ever divulge, yet they know.

    The benefit of studying history and allowing it to speak openly and honestly without prejudice is immeasurable. I wanted answers like everyone else and they weren’t coming, but I refused to sell myself short.

    The real importance of ancient history is not so much that it reveals who did what but that it actually reveals what has taken place, and this includes players and entities we (public) are just beginning to become aware of and to an extent define and prove using the tools and resources available today. We can now connect with each other in ways we were never allowed prior. We have the capacity to overcome any lies and barriers the governments, religious institutions and academia throw in our path. Those tools include access to testing facilities by willing accredited persons to build a knowledge base outside of those controls. The real picture is emerging.

    We are not the first; we are not the product of natural evolution; there are others here today who also had their origin here in a similar way as ours; we continue to be monitored, steered, and utilized for something bigger.

    The biblical history is as crazy as it sounds, is part of our natural history, and creates both a narrative of what took place and how we should live. The accounts need to be taken from the oldest interpretations possible but language and context have to be maintained. I highly recommend studying the records that came before the biblical records were created and understand the evolution of that record. Mesopotamia should be the foundational reference – pre-Babylon. My best understanding of our situation came after I decided to leave the government out of my studies. After I visited the Vatican in 2006, I decided they were probably the key holders of those ancient truths, and based on how they handled the scrolls or books over millennia it was also apparent they were hiding, obfuscating, lying, yet putting the information out in plain sight as if to allow some to get what they were doing. Symbolism and these sloppy actions will eventually expose them, just as it is happening in globalist politics today. It is all related.

    I went from UFO to studying as a fun hobby the Sasquatch people. Unlike UFO one can go out in the forest and get close to them fairly easily – especially here in Washington State. But the fun hobby soon was informing my unresolved interpretations of the flood story – something that has been dogging me for decades, like a dead rat in the attic does for months before you finally discover it and remove it. I now think (objectively) that I understand what happened fundamentally, and it reveals much about us, our odd genetic cousins and weird hybrids (cryptid is the word we use unfortunately). But when it comes right down to it, we are also very, very likely a (set of) hybrid(s) (referring to races). What isn’t? Look around. What is original species? That understanding of what actually occurred also informs me of what all of these institutions (includes governments, their studies and narrative production of academia , and the mother of all institutions – the Vatican State). Who are these others who have and are coming here? Some of that is answered. The rest is not part of the record, yet we have ruins, so the answer is somewhere, right? Think of it this way, we are part of their history as much as they are part of ours. Records have been destroyed throughout our history so we might not have those records, but they might. Who knows when we will get together with those others and find out? In the meantime, I won’t budge an inch to get the entity we call our government to let go of its death grip on the truth. Even if they did, the Vatican really holds the cards in this regard. We don’t need either to find out the bulk of it.

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