OTC 13: Ariel Phenomenon – Reaction Podcast

By | May 26, 2022

Hi Everyone,

After a Covid induced hiatus, Tracey and I are back with another Off the Cuff Podcast, this one being a reaction podcast to the newly released film, Ariel Phenomenon, created and produced by Randall Nickerson. 

This film is all about the famous 1994 Ruwa, Zimbabwe schoolyard encounter with apparent alien beings. The name of the school was/is Ariel School, hence the name of the film. 

We’ve talked about this encounter before, but Randall’s film treatment of it has been many years in the making. Tracey and I know Randall and we know just how important this project has been to him personally to complete, so a big part of us is simply happy for him for completing this important personal achievement. 

But more importantly, this film does a great service to the field of ufology, and certainly to the specifics of the event itself. This involved at least 62 witnesses, schoolchildren on recess, with ages going up to around 14. They were all excellent witnesses, and many of them were recorded in the immediate aftermath talking about what they saw — and sometimes what they “heard” telepathically. 

Some of the video that was shot back in 1994 has been out there on the web, although lately it seems to be harder to find. But this film includes all of that and much, much more. Not only dealing with the reactions of 1994, but of today, since all of those children are now in their thirties and forties, and they still have much to say about this extraordinary event. 

Tracey and I enjoyed doing this conversation, partly because it’s just been a long time since our previous OTC, but also because this is an important case to both of us. She has often told me it’s her favorite case to discuss, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s one of mine, too. And Randall really did a good job with it.

Here is a link to the webpage of the film, which includes a nice trailer. 

We’re glad to be back and hope you enjoy this. Our reaction podcast is exactly half the length of the film itself! 


*The only place you can currently stream this movie is directly on their website. (Click image below, or link in sentence above)