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  1. SunPower

    At 2:45:18 Cee Cee asks why the entities are contained to the general area of Skinwalker Ranch. However, I’ve had spirit wolves run right up on me when I was at least 1600 mi. or 2500 k. from the Uinta basin. There could be other portal terminus scattered about, of course. I think when Allan LaVigne saw the clear bubble moving through the sky (he thought it a UFO) and it would distort light coming through from behind it, IMO, that is an example of “them” moving a portal terminus to a new location. Perhaps, they can move around locally by moving a lower capacity portal about to a new location, let’s say. One just sees a lot of the entities near a big terminal like it is Grand Central Station , for example. And there is the example of the hitch hiker effect that seems to leave the vicinity of the portal, also.

    BTW, I liked the interview.

  2. Christian Morales

    Great interview so far I’m half done. Will finish the rest tomorrow. I’m pretty hopeless about disclosure from the government at least real disclosure. I think the experiencer side won’t ever come to light. It actually kind of did, in a strategic and very successful way. Susan Gough in March did a 1500 FOIA dump. Unaccounted pregnancies and radiation burns, come on that’s the good stuff!! Unfortunately as much as I want disclosure yesterday she did do it prematurely. Unless you’re into the topic or have a small interest, or you’re an experiencer everyone else rolled their eyes and potentially some might’ve gotten turned off by this topic. Those normies out there that never thought about this but might’ve thought tic tac that’s interesting, they might’ve seen this article that got released to the sun and thought ok that’s enough of this! Susan is a smart lady and she understands psychology, that move was planned and was successful. Sorry to go in a tangent. I’m reading volume 1 national security book just finished Maury island incident in the beginning! Wow!!! Doesn’t seem like a hoax to me! I’m more fascinated by that terrifying aspect of the phenomenon and those spooky men than the grays or the other ones.

  3. itsmeRitaC

    Hi Richard. I started in the beginning and began to skip around.

    First. This UAP/UFO Cottage Industry has become more exponential than the sighting reports, imo. 🙂 I am guessing that about 20% of males under thirty five are now doing podcasts on these topics, regardless of background. There must be some guidance counselors out there lately who are advising this as a career path for those with tech skills (well, these guys all have that know how). 😉

    I am not trying to say that this is a bad thing. Or am i? It depends who is vetted i guess and i don’t know anyone’s background. Anyway,

    I just got to you talking near the end, as i said i have been skipping around. And again, i will always comment on this when i hear it, because it always makes me cringe to be honest. It is my continual surprise that you want to talk about the very DOD type of motives regarding those gosh darned ETs. They are one more asymmetrical threat to our precious bodily fluids. And i know there are members who are worried that they are Commies from another galaxy. Btw, a movie title that i can’t believe doesn’t exist yet! 🙂

    At the risk of being boring, what is the point of the threat narratives that you have said did not happen? They have. It is in all the official language for the most part.

    And if you are not talking threat, than please can i have another term for it? I could not be more serious here, Richard. I don’t understand what you are suggesting that humanity should be doing now to stop the alien invasion, even if it isn’t like the movie Independence Day. It is invasion scenarios. What is the point?

    This makes me deeply sad and disheartened to see where this is all heading. Things have gotten much more stealthy and dark since the so called ‘disclosure’ was being announced all over ufoville a few years ago. Very dark. I find it problematic and very unhelpful. Maybe it is because alphabet agencies are the main source of information. And since i just read this and it is relevant here, IMO,

    The illustrious Travis Taylor, a hero in ufoland, and straight from t.v. stardom on that ‘Ranch’, is working new military contracts for Radiance Tech. Way down south in Alabama. But he can’t talk of course. Back engineering for better weapons for better living. My guess is that we the people of the ufo community love anything that mentions ‘Alien’ technologies. It could be used to fry you or blow up the oceans, etc. But you gotta be thrilled. This is more ‘disclosure’! Look everyone, they are using UFO wreckage. I love weapons and such if they come from off planet parts!!!

    This is not a good direction. I would leave it altogether but i also haven’t stopped activism on torture and drone killing, etc, so i doubt i will stop commenting on what i see going on in UAP arena either.

    Thanks Richard. I am going to speak my truth here of course, and i know you totally understand that sentiment! 🙂

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hi Rita, you and I agree on several important matters, and definitely on our mutual distrust of the US MIC. In fact, I assumed you heard me state during that interview that I had no trust or belief in the goodwill of the USG domestically and around the world. As for the aliens, I don’t see how we can ignore their massive and undisclosed presence in our world. It’s one of the most astonishing things, in my opinion. They are literally everywhere and no one talks about it other than vague references to “UAP”. Are the aliens necessarily up to no good? I don’t say that. But I surely do not think it’s wise to assume that everything out there in the universe wants to be our friend. I just think that is dangerously naive. That’s my opinion, not certain knowledge, but it is what I think.

      1. itsmeRitaC

        Thank you for your response here Richard. I agree that it can’t all be our version of ‘friendly’, etc. But maybe there are other nuances that we, humans, at this time in our evolution of consciousness, (and i know that you know i am not being airy fairy), can’t wrap our minds around.

        Whatever this phenomenon is about, in my understanding of ‘reality’, can’t be comprehended by our limited perspective. I think that is sort of obvious of course. We are so primitive regarding even, our understanding of human psychology, in general. And , well, i believe that there are a few universal laws. My own experience has taught me this, besides some outside information. And i do not think that any civilization, on or off planet, can get too far in their development with a limited awareness, such as i see on this planet.

        Evolution of consciousness includes the realization that , basic as it sounds, ‘what we do to another we do to our self. That is universal. I believe this as surely as i am sitting here typing now. I know it. And i didn’t need to hear it in any church, either. 🙂

        I will only say that no one is going to create the ‘technologies’ or whatever, that seem evidenced by these , let’s call them ET to make it simple, if they are at our current Earthling level of development. No one needs to believe that of course. Truth happens regardless and i know i sound like “who does she think she is”? 🙂

        But i don’t believe the universe functions randomly. I believe *meaning* is everything. Otherwise, we wouldn’t even be having this discussion. A famous twentieth century writer said, “Hell is a place where nothing connects with nothing”. That sounds like clinical depression, i know. But it is very relevant to what i am trying to say here. I don’t think we live in a disconnected and meaningless universe or universes.

        And i do think that the colonial expansionism that is projected onto these Beings implies that all sentient life is just about basic survival. Survival as an end in itself is nothingness. You must have read Victor Frankel Man’s Search for Meaning. I know you have. And a civilization that can function transdimensionally, i felt like saying that, is far more evolved than we are. And that means exactly that. They are not ‘primitive’ or ‘immature’ Beings. They could not be. It is totally logical to me in fact. I can rationally discuss any of this. They would have annihilated themselves eons ago, or in parallel universes, or whatever.

        I think if we are going to frame everything in terms of survivalism, which is what the conquest of all resources really is about – actually it is capitalism in one of it’s most grotesque guises as well – then we are at a dead end. Because it is obviously suicide. And that would be true even if we weren’t talking about ET. And. Well. I can’t ‘prove’ any of what i am saying. But i do think the field would be very well served if people began to ponder some basics and consider the meaning of *wisdom*.

        Well, Richard, i am going to stop myself here. 🙂 I hope this makes sense to you. And others. If not, i can say things in a few different ways.

        Oh, i will listen to more of the interview. I didn’t hear more than twenty percent and i didn’t hear the parts you mentioned here. I apologize for that. I do know that we share many of the same geopolitical views.

    2. Clifford Ribaudo

      Rita, having just attended (in person) an excellent “Experiencer” conference in NYC where I saw Leslie Kean, Ralph Blumenthal and Chris Mellon speak … amongst others … I will have to disagree that it is only 20%. It seemed like it could very well be more like 30%! I think this might be the Male, 20 something analogue to the significant percentage of USA girls who seem to have no other career aspirations other than to be an Instagram or Youtube model/star/”influencer”…. :/

  4. wildbill65401

    Greetings and salutations! 😀

    During your interview, there was a discussion related to time travel. I have spoken about time travel to one of my close friends many times and we tend to point to one little known Hollywood sci-fi film from 1984 called The Terminator as a prime example of how it is done. 😎💪

    In the movie, the Terminator goes back in time to assassinate Sarah Connor, who is the mother of John Connor (aka the savior of the universe **cue Queen’s Flash Gordon** 😂). The fact that the Terminator went back in time leads Kyle Reese to also go back in time and in turn impregnate Sarah Connor (aka he is John’s father). This is a self-fulfilling prophecy (if you will). The time travel is 100% necessary in order to make the future happen.

    So, what is the point, Wild Bill? Great question, Richard! 😀 If the grey aliens are truly super evolved humans from a far flung future who have travelled to our current present to extract DNA for whatever reason, then it is 100% necessary for them to be here. Nothing they are going to do today will change anything that will happen in the future. No, no one is going to go way back in time to kill Hitler as a baby or what have you because he needs to exist in order to make the future where time travel is possible to happen. (And yes, you can really start to run down a rabbit hole very quickly with this.)

    I will end with my favorite quote from Kyle in The Terminator when asked about the time displacement equipment: “I didn’t build the f&^*ing thing.” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Wild Bill 🤠

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Thanks Wild Bill for the info on that movie of which you speak, this … what’s it called? The Terminator? Hmmm I’ll have to look into that one.
      Okay, that’s my lame attempt at humor. I do remember the first time I saw it, it was several years after it came out, probably around 1990 or so. I was utterly blown away by it, that is for sure. I think I had REALLY underestimated Arnold Schwartzenegger movies until then. And yes, Terminator does time travel REALLY well.

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