Intruders Revisited. Interview with Debra Kauble | The Richard Dolan Show

By | November 23, 2021

Hi Everyone,

This should be really interesting. Debra Jordan Kauble was the main subject (Kathy Davis) of Budd Hopkins’ classic book, Intruders, published back in 1987. I met Deb about ten years ago and recently hung out with her last summer while shooting The Observers, and she is just wonderful. Fascinating story and a fascinating person. 

We go live at 8 p.m. I have a few clips of her interview from the film that I will be able to play as well. Hope to see you there. 


24 thoughts on “Intruders Revisited. Interview with Debra Kauble | The Richard Dolan Show

    1. Gerald Anderson

      Well, here goes.. I have the perception that there is a lot more going on with her . I see someone who is trying very hard to distance herself, from her emotions, hyper talking, all over the place. Maybe not aware herself, trying hard. Maybe more hypnosis is in order.

  1. JPKent

    Hi Richard,

    This was a great interview, thank you. I recently finished reading Nick Redfern’s book, “Final Events and the Secret Government Group on Demonic UFOs and the Afterlife.” It is fascinating; it presents a different angle, and is well written and researched. I was wondering if you have read it, and/or are familiar with this particular history of the UFO phenomenon? Thanks as always, take care.


  2. Craig Champion

    Great interview, partly due to your skill in conducting an interview – use of clarifying questions, noting common elements in the abduction experiences of others while also getting out of the way and letting her talk. I think that the abduction syndrome is truly “at the core” of the ufo phenomenon. Thanks for keeping these cases alive.

  3. PressToDigitate

    Apart from her subjective “Stockholm Syndrome” (“well, they must’ve *had a good reason* for torturing me, ruining my health, terrorizing my family and killing my dog…”), I found her a great witness for the Abduction Crisis. All that perception of “interdimensionality” is best – and easily – explained by Clarke’s Dictum, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is Indistinguishable from Magic”.

    It concerns me that the major ‘advocates’ the Abductees have since the retirement of David Jacobs, and the deaths of Hopkins, Mack and Leir, are people like Rey Hernandez, and the well-meaning but naive Barbara Lamb & Mary Rodwell. Darryl Sims and Don Donderi appear to be the only ones on the world stage of Ufology that aren’t drinking the New Age Kool-aid, and they aren’t exerting the leadership necessary to effectively advocate for these victims. What happens in three years or so when all the Abductions cease, and new Hybrids incarnate through IVF Clinics down the block on any ordinary street corner? By then the ‘Alien Abduction’ lore will be disappeared from the Internet, from Social Media, from Videos on YouTube & elsewhere, and from [available] Science Fiction films; it will be denied and a forbidden subject in the UAP distraction about little blips popping in and out of the ocean.

    Can they suppress the Abduction Discussion until a large cohort of ground-based IVF Containers, hatched by 2025 begin swarming into industry by 2045? Of course they can! They’ve suppressed it for 60 years now already…
    (P.S. Next time you talk to the niece, Clyde *still* wants to know whatever happened to Betty & Barney’s dog! Hopefully, he/she met a better fate than Debra’s poor pooch…)

    1. Rosanne Losee

      I keep hearing this misnomer…”if they really wanted to kill us, they would have by now.”

      No, I don’t think so.

      They may be biding their time, working on their hybridization program, and when it’s done, when 90% or even 100% of the population has been abducted and ‘experimented with,’ maybe that’s when they make us their slave race, or get rid of us, once they have what they want.

      That’s my assessment; I don’t have any rosy pictures of these evil beings, and I don’t say that lightly.

  4. Bjofod

    Better and better Richard, thx so much.

    The craft she describes in the yard after getting out of the garage.

    I cant get away from that it looks like the craft Lonnie Zamora describes from the Zocorro incident.

    Regards B.

  5. Bjofod

    I remember many descriptions of small crafts that made me think that it is to small for the occupants.

    What if the craft or portal or teleporter is real and has mass while most of the occupants are holograms or other « no mass» technology.

    That may also explain some of the floating and through glass, walls testemonies.

    And in Betty Andreassons case, she gave her bible to one of the grays and he copied it to the others like magic. I dont believe in magic. It may well be a copy hologram tech to make the victim «know» he is outbumbered or something.

    Just a thought. Regards B.

  6. Gayle Alexander

    Thank you so much. I’ve been looking for another human who has had a similar history and Debra Jordan Kauble is it. We are about the same age and we’ve had remarkably similar experiences and we’ve come to very similar conclusions. I hope I can contribute something to all of this as Debra has. I’m off to her website now. Again – thank you.

  7. Rosanne Losee

    It must have been VERY difficult years ago when people have had these horrific experiences. They had nothing to draw on, but some books and authors, but almost zero in the media. Or if it was, it was deliberated on as something to mock. It must have been so frustrating to have had such frightening and weird experiences, with no one to tell it to, albeit family members, who probably didn’t want to hear it anyway.

    Such a lonely experience. I’m continually shocked by how much suffering human beings go through, normally, just getting through Life, and now this, the abductions, so disgusting and awful.

    In my own family, all very well educated and successful, they don’t talk UFOs except to make some jokes. Occasionally I do get in some real data and drop some names (Rich Dolan), and they all give me blank stares. My own assessment is that there are many people who really don’t want to hear this. It is such a frightening idea, that we are under the aegis of beings from somewhere else, who apparently can and do, abduct human beings against their will…that we shut it out.

    I remember reading a military person who said, ‘just go on with your life, no need to focus on this stuff,’ as he said it was all so terrible for the human race. There are times when I want to shut it out too, and it seems unfair that we now have to worry and wonder about this event(s) that will take place where the human race will end up in bondage…or worse.

    I remember Debra’s story very well, having read all the UFO literature back then, and it is obvious there was some mind manipulation by the aliens. They can control our bodies, they can control our minds. I can’t think of anything more serious on the face of this earth, and yet, the door keeps getting slammed shut on open discourse and disclosure. Pretending it doesn’t exist is not going to make things better. For those of us who have been reading and learning for years are going to be a tad less shocked when the reality of this finally hits the earth.

    Great interview! Suggestion to have Terry Lovelace on, his abduction experience was very intense.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Thanks, Roseanne. Hey, I wonder if you can recall the name of that military person you were reading who made that bleak statement about UFOs? Tracey and I are collecting such statements and quotations. Every little bit helps.

      1. Rosanne Losee

        Rich, Tracey,

        I don’t remember! I do remember the comment, and I will do my best to investigate that comment, but at the time I heard it, it chilled me to the bone. Because the man knew that we were facing a grave threat to the existence of the human race, and was basically saying try not to focus on what’s ahead, just live your life now…

        If I figure it out, I will let you both know. (My daughter’s name is Tracy, (without the ‘e’) but loved the 70s song, “Tracy, Never Let Go.” Do you remember that one?

      2. itsmeRitaC

        Was this the “bleak statement”?
        “I remember reading a military person who said, ‘just go on with your life, no need to focus on this stuff,’ as he said it was all so terrible for the human race.”

        That seems so off handed and generic from my own perspective. I am just being honest and sharing my own thoughts here. It sounds like something a ‘military person’ may have said about the Red Menace or god forbid , Islamic religion. I even recall the big american crusade twenty years ago. Literally that term was used.

        I am not being at all critical here as i am old enough to recall what it was like even back in the sixties and seventies! 🙂 Many here might not know how many ‘enemies’ the u.s. has had and continues to promote through all forms of media.

        But then, it does seem to be going along with ‘trust the military’ they are your friends and they are also the truth bringers unto these united states. 🙂 And we know from the polls that they are the most highly regarded professionals in this country. Who better to tell us about the nature of reality. And they can also be counted on to get me a taxi to the dark side. How can i not love them!

  8. quicksilver_00

    I wish I could have an off the record chat with you… Her experiences relate to modern scientific breakthroughs that are not main stream yet. But “they” have figured out how to manipulate whole organisms rather than just single cells. The modern census is that you can slow down time but not go backwards, and she felt this effect.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I think it’s got potential to be legit, and I told my friend (and site member) Scott Santa that I would discuss it, since he was kind enough to send me the books on the case!

  9. James Hageney

    Does anyone ask these ‘abductees/experiencers’ to repeat their stories backwards?

    None of this is believable without evidence.

  10. HappyCup

    This was a very good interview.
    Amazing story. It is right in line with others we have come across. These encounters are not related to the Roswell type greys we all know and love. They just don’t seem to be anyway.
    There is an other-dimentional feel to this. Perhaps they are from another Universe. (Bledsoe mentioned multiple Universes.) Maybe that or they simply exist in the “in between”.

    The idea that they first interact physically in order to prep the experiencer for future (non physical) contact is fascinating. It would explain a lot.
    Has anyone blood typed these experiencers? The answers are in the blood somehow. Of course I lean toward Nephilim tech and bloodlines, but that’s me.
    The phenomenon skips generations and siblings but does stay with certain bloodlines in seems. What a trip.

  11. JimmyBee

    Fascinating conversation! I watched the Observers first or second day it was available. The only part I didn’t really get was Debra’s part, as I didn’t know her. Your conversation with her answered my questions and am now watching again, with a new appreciation for her. Thank you.

  12. TomTort

    This is an interesting account which I believe. The way this individual describes her account gives me the distinct impression that she has come to accept her experience, yet is still bothered by it. While listening to her experience, I, at times, felt uneasy with what she was talking about. Her experience is not something I could handle without trying to find a way to release my anxiety and mental trauma. I am sure people who have encountered such situations are not just a few. I understand from her tone why people don’t want to talk about these encounters.
    I was impressed with your Personal experience and your line of questioning in regards to what she expressed. An impressive interview and I hope you will do more like this. This topic appears to open up a complex realm of which we are completely unaware.

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