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By | November 30, 2021


Hi Everyone,

I recently recorded a nice interview with Jon Sumple and Jack Roth, creators of the new film Extraordinary: The Revelations. It’s not a long interview, just over thirty minutes, but I thought it was a nice discussion of some important issues in ufology and I hope you enjoy it. 


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  1. JimmyBee

    Well! That was one of the best UFO related films I’ve ever seen and I think I have seen damn near all of them.

    I have to salute the makers and participants of this film. Really well made. No fluff, and no token debunker telling us that this is all bullshit. Thanks for that! It’s high time the debunker crowd was left behind. The independent film makers of today are really awesome!

    Glad to see Nick Pope continuing to edge closer and closer to openness.

    Richard, you continue to show why you are the top UFO researcher.

    Good job, everyone!

  2. PressToDigitate

    We watched this interview when it came on, then [finally] watched the film “The Observers” – and then realized they had made a separate film and weren’t its producers, and are now re-watching their “Extraordinary: The Seeding” (which we very much enjoyed the first time around), in preparation for their new release. These are both very well done, compared to the UFO documentaries of “yesteryear” (but we’re gluttons for all this stuff). Having seen you in these shows since before the Turn-Of-The-Century (in a sort of Tom Mix, “Transition to Talkies” kind of way), and being ones to binge on that vintage Ufology cinema in the bowels of Roku on a regular basis (even earlier today), the evolution of the field over the last 60 years is an interesting study in contrasts.

    “Back in the Day” the ‘experiencers’ were given short shrift, treated as “suspect” oddities, in and among the “main” stories about “lights in the sky”; we knew our government was lying to us about it all, but we believed, deep down, that they must be looking out for us, and that the secrecy was part of protecting us for our own good. Today, it is not at all obvious that our government has our own best interests at heart – because they certainly don’t in other contexts – and we can prove, in specific detail, that they have declined to protect us (even though, as we now know, they possess the means to do so), abandoning countless numbers of us to Alien predation, in the dark of night, with nary an official whimper.

    You said, in “Observers”, that this must be Exposed, essentially because the criminals responsible are not going to “fess up” to the situation voluntarily – and, its all going to get Worse if we Don’t. It was interesting to see the Kennedy Assassination and FE/OU referenced. (Is it possible that elite scion JFK was a Hybrid, and removed by the CIA for that reason?) Having spent a good bit of time around FE/OU research, and having, myself, originally ascribed its suppression to the Evil “Big Oil”, I realized long ago now that some ‘Other’ party was at work in suppressing it, because the first-person inventor accounts of such had too many “MiB” elements in them to be divorced from the Ufological context. Fears over “the disruption to Big Oil” are made absurd by current events, where the Establishment *itself* is recklessly forcing expensive and unreliable Renewables into the market to intentionally render fossil fuels obsolete, at a catastrophic pace (note today’s price at the pump, vs. a year ago, under Trump) – without, it must be noted, bringing forth the clean and cheap FE/OU alternatives known since WWII. So, if you strip away the pretensions of “Helping our Environment” or “Preparing us for Ascension”, and examine the empirics of the overall Contact *that we know of* (being described as I write this on “The Seeding”) you get to **Aliens who want to invade this planet out of Test Tubes, rather than appearing to Land from the Skies**.

    These market projections for robust IVF growth over the next five years *Do Not* account for the present dramatic rise in Infertility (and hormonal and period disruptions, and miscarriages) observed in the latest clinical reports, nor that anticipated from the full effects of COVID Virus & Vaccine, which will take time to be fully realized in the victims’ metabolism – and are likely to affect the majority of the [ostensible] ‘breeding population’:
    If Alien Hybrid Operatives are broadly and deeply embedded within the Pharmaceutical industry and Medical profession, as their behavior in the orchestration of the Plandemic suggests, then the probability that the widespread commercial adoption of IVF as a mainstream reproductive modality will facilitate the ‘scaling’ of Hybrid production *by several Orders-of-Magnitude* – becomes a virtual certainty.
    Chat me up. Lets Talk.

  3. Morrill Moorehead

    I bought this video, “Extraordinary: The Revelations,” on vimeo, watched it last night and gave it 5/5 stars. It’s wonderful to see its creators include one of the Christian perspectives on ETs and UFOs rather than ignoring Christians as if they’re somehow nuttier than the rest of us in this fascinating ET/Alien niche.
    Mainstream science does its best to sideline scientists who publically explain why they think the physical evidence we have now favors an intelligently designed Universe over the mainstream’s mindless, random, impersonal, meaningless universe. Glad the “Extraordinary” movie creators are not black-and-white on any specific non-materialist, spiritual view.
    The video below is a riveting crack in the mainstream’s censorship of scientists who hold non-materialist views of the current scientific evidence. Enjoy:

  4. jason wetzel

    I purchased this movie with Apple and watched it so far 3 times. What I liked was that overall production. It wasn’t a bunch of history channel-style jump cuts and drum beats. So that was great. I also liked your interview and the one with David Jacobs as well. I think the topic of hybrids is indeed swept under the rug and I would like to hear more about it.
    But overall, I don’t know if I could recommend this for a lay audience. A certain amount of rhetoric was leveled most likely at what I would call “bible christians”. And while I get it, it’s probably off-putting to a lot of them. They don’t want to hear that their view of Jesus is mythological, even though technically it is. “Myth” does not mean untrue, but maybe not factual. Perhaps a point that’s too subtle for the medium.
    Also, once the one lady says she was Arcturan(?), and the other curly haired lady said something like “science only looks backwards” I was like ???? Are we on shrooms right now? Not that I wouldn’t mind being on shrooms, but this was way out of bounds in my opinion. I came away not knowing much about the hybrid situation in the end. I mean, if they have human bodies, they will still need to eat, right? Are they going to take over Denny’s and make better omelettes? I’d like to see them try! Anyway, interesting food for thought, as always.

  5. Phil

    Realy informative movie. They provided the most complete picture yet of the phenomenon.

    There are two points which the film didn’t touch on and I would like to share them because I think they are important and worth considering.

    My brother and I witnessed conflict between e.t craft. I have found three other documented cases involving conflict and have had feedback on social media from people who also describe conflict. I believe different e.t groups are actually competing over us and it may be possible that both (or all) are involved with a hybridisation process of their own. This would make sense if competing groups wanted to get influencers on the ground. There is some support for this possibility as abductee reports seem to describe opposing perspectives, and contain different information. I have the opinion that these differences may not be fully explained by personal interpretations or different fear responses and treatments. The comparison between Jacobs, Rodwell and Lamb imply that this may be the case.

    The other piece of information that is absent from discussion involves the most common message contactees are given which regards our destructive trajectory and the need to protect our environment. This warning seems to come from different e.t groups and has been told to humanity from the beginning of the modern ufo era and throughout history. My view is that this may well form part of the reason why this intervention is occurring. That is, we have failed to listen to this advice, and our failure was expected. There may be other motivations including ones we don’t understand, but the destructive warning is a large piece of information that we should consider in the ufo puzzle.

    1. elevator

      The message from the visitors makes sense, whether to save the planet for the humans who populate it now, or the hybrids to come.

  6. Jon Nordlien

    Veldig bra. Jeg har kjøpt begge filmene. Jeg sliter noe språket, men får med meg det meste.

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