AM I SAFE OR NOT SAFE? OTC Clip. Reaction podcast to Ariel Phenomenon

By | July 7, 2022

Hi Everyone,

This is a new OTC clip, taken from #13 in our series which we published here a few weeks ago. This is a 14 minute clip about our reaction to watching the new UFO documentary, Ariel Phenomenon, produced by Randall Nickerson. 

For those of you who listened to the whole broadcast at the time, we tried to distill the key elements of the story that would work in a shorter podcast. And if you didn’t get the chance to listen the first time, we think this does a good job at hitting the highlights. In any case, we hope you enjoy. 



9 thoughts on “AM I SAFE OR NOT SAFE? OTC Clip. Reaction podcast to Ariel Phenomenon

  1. JimmyBee

    Over sixty kids saw this event in broad daylight. Some as close as just a few feet away Accounts were given and were consistent. Drawings were made by the kids and were consistent. A real event.

    Now, as adults, their recollections and statements remain consistent.

    Anyone who dismisses this “as kids having a mass delusion” is simply a fool.

    The Ariel case is the first UFO case that gave me anxiety: The anxiety of realization.

  2. Terri

    The first graders need to be found and interviewed. Age 6 (according to Jacobs) is when it begins. These kids are telling the truth. God bless them. I wish John Mack and Bud Hopkins were still with us to see this movie. Having just turned 60, I feel very lucky to have seen some of the truth come out during my lifetime.
    Thank you both for your UFO journalism Tracy and Richard. I enjoy your podcasts.

  3. Lazy Mystic

    Very good cuts.

    I look forward to you guys giving Randall a thorough, exclusive interview soon, to post for us here.

    Perhaps you can ask our Community here, ahead of time, for questions to ask him ?

    Among my questions to submit would be —
    “How many hours of material were left on the cutting room floor; what are some examples of the most interesting elements you discovered which did not make the final cut; and will there be any online access offered us to all that material left out of the film (maybe via a website archive subsciption) ??

    PLEASE interview him for us, and generously.


  4. Stojan Karlusic

    What Tracey said about listening to children is so important. When we dismiss what children say by saying “forget about it” or “it is your imagination” we are shutting them down. They are being setup for failure because they will be taught that their own experience is worthless, it has no merit and that they must only learn how to follow the dictates of culture and religion.

    This is extremely dangerous. And for many people, really, this sets up a pattern of defeat for them that they will have to live with for the rest of their life—a pattern of defeat they may never be able to overcome. So important. There is a chapter called “Raising Children” in a book called “Love and Relationships” by Marshall Vian Summers that deals with this. Fascinating.

  5. itsmeRitaC

    I heard an interview with Nickerson the other day. Half of it i should say. Whitley did the interview on his show. I think it is from a few weeks ago. Anyway, there is much more to the case than he has discussed before. There is a director’s cut coming out in six months. I didn’t know that there were teachers who came out and saw things as well. And that Nickerson had a close encounter himself previously. He didn’t want to get into that when he was there to discuss the film. Whitley is the one who brought it up. He also says more about the school itself.

    I appreciate Nickerson’s take on the ET phenomenon. He does not think/feel that they are malevolent at all. 🙂 And folks, he is not ‘new agey’ either. He did say that he personally got the same ‘message’ in his own close encounter as the children got.

    1. Lazy Mystic


      you can watch Randall & his sister ( w/ John Mack) here on (a disappointingly bee-yiitch) Oprah episode in ‘ 94. (6 minutes)

      During Ariel, there were brief clips from a 1997 ‘debate’ (they quickly dispensed with this sensationalized framing of the friendly discussion) between Mack & Budd Hopkins @ Harvard U. near Boston, gently moderated by the inimitable (and all time personal favorite public broadcasting legend) Christopher Lydon.
      (63 minutes)

      Until i saw advanced clips of Ariel in development in recent years, I had almost forgotten that i went through earnest effort in ’97 to be there, literally travelling hours via velocipede, ferry, bus, and subway to make the epic event, hahaha.

      There were audio/microphone issues, but the take away feeling of the forum was one of great excitement and even relief that such an intelligent & thoughtful conversation was held in the public light, with dignity for all.

      I don’t know if Richard & Tracy saw this Mack / Hopkins public discussion, but it is thrilling to discover it online literally decades later ( i had no idea! … never even thought to look), and it is a great preserved specimen of the state of the conversation back then during the height of the abduction question (and, i must ruefully note, just 4 tender innocent years before 9/11 necromancing collectively date raped us all).

      In retrospect, this may have been a high water mark for fair public treatment of the abduction/ ufo issue.

      1. Curtis Lightle

        Thanks for the link to the Mack/Hopkins discussion. Just watched and it was really good.
        Interesting that it was gaining main stream attention back then, now it is rarely talked about . I would attribute some of this to the death of Mack. He gave the subject credibility given his status and credentials.

        I have no doubt it is happening still and probably as much or more as ever. Richard – this seems to be a subject you avoid. Is there a reason for that? Seems I may recall you mentioning the subject, but I would be interested in your take. I would encourage you to explore it more and share your insights.

      2. itsmeRitaC

        Thanks alot ‘Lazy’ :-). I am going to check these out. R.N. also mentioned that he is working on another similar case in Africa currently i believe. He mentioned how many more similar events there are to Ariel School there that we haven’t heard about.

        And. If anyone can give an opinion on why Ariel didn’t seem to be shut down, as per we are accustomed to, regarding military intimidation, etc, i would love some theories from anyone here!

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