UFOs, the Gillibrand Amendment, and the Globalist Revolution | The Richard Dolan Show

By | December 28, 2021


Hi Everyone,

I will have a few things under discussion for tonight. First, will be the interesting development of the Gillibrand Amendment in the (just signed) NDAA, which authorizes what seems to be a fairly (potentially) robust UAP/UFO investigative body. 

At the same time I will be exploring the question: just how far can this go, especially within the context of what is clearly a globalist revolution — one aspect of which is to eliminate conspiracy theories that contradict officially sanctioned narratives? 

See you there!


42 thoughts on “UFOs, the Gillibrand Amendment, and the Globalist Revolution | The Richard Dolan Show

  1. Mark Wisborg

    I LOVED the piss and vinegar you showed here, Richard.

    So many of us waking up and Un-Plugging. Enough is enough.

    This episode gives me hope.

    1. William May

      Hey Richard I have been watching cosmic Disclosure season 12 on Amazon prime. Hours and hours of Emory Smith interviewing Richard Doty. If he is lying he is really good at it. This really is Cosmic Disclosure. Doty has been retired from the AF since 1990. He became a New Mexico State Policeman out of Grants for a few years. Then he lived in Austin for a while. I don’t know where he is living now. He is three years younger than me. This Emory Smith is an interesting character too. You know my number if you would like to discuss this. Hope 22 is good for you. Bill

  2. Philip Day

    Send a detailed memorandum featuring your bullet points to every member of congress, every major (and minor) news outlet worldwide and every major and minor college newspaper paper or otherwise. and see what happens.
    Time to bust it open.

  3. PressToDigitate

    1. WE NEED TO GET AWAY from the *psy-op* framing & phrasing of the sightings numbers that says “We’ve got 10,000 reports, but 90% (95%, 98%) are probably bogus, mundane things like airplanes (helicopters, drones, blimps, dirigibles, weather balloons or “swamp gas”), but we’ve still got a few left over that we just haven’t explained yet”. INSTEAD, we need to be talking about how less than 10% (1%, 0.1%) of all UFO sightings are ever reported to NUFORC, MUFON, or anyone else, AND “How many people each year nonchalantly *think* they’ve seen an airplane (helicopter, drone, blimp, dirigible, weather balloon or “swamp gas”), but were *actually* looking at Extraterrestrial Alien Spacecraft? This reframing of the issue is important to Ufology asserting control over the discussion, going into the new Bluebook Agencies and Congressional Hearings in 2022 (or ’23 if the Dems wont do it).

    2. All that corporate proprietary secrecy is *NOT* impenetrable. Ufology has just never even tried to go after it – but its certainly possible; Just ask the Glyphosate, Asbestos, or Tobacco class action claimants; or, better yet, *ASK THEIR LAWYERS*. I have previously outlined ‘Lawfare Strategies’ for Ufology to proceed against these Contractors, based on a solid, court-tested legal principles that have cracked open the greatest secrets that Fortune 100 companies had to offer, in many landmark cases in the past. It is disturbing that this approach has failed to elicit even a comment, much less your enthusiasm.

    3. Amid “What’s Coming?”, where you offered a) Pentagon Infighting; b) New UAP Report; c) New Books & Documentaries; and d) “Same ‘ol Same ‘ol, I have to argue that the most likely outcome has to be “e) None of the Above”, because so much of what we’ve seen in the machinations of the National Security State, and the Global Plandemic Reset over the last six years (predating TTSA, Elizondo & the NYT) tells us that *all of it* was about [ f) ] Their need to introduce a startling New “Official Narrative” — which has yet to be released.

    FFS, the CIA rigged a U.S. Presidential Election to replace the ‘uncontrollable’ Space Force champion — after not One but TWO (2) attempted Coup d’Etat failed to depose him. An engineered synthetic pathogen, designed at the molecular level to target *Human Male Reproductive Tissue* somehow “escaped” the WIV’s BSl-4 containment (and PLA Security), showed up simultaneously around the world, and was met by “miraculous” new mRNA “vaccines” – that were designed by NIAID *before* COVID-19 was supposedly discovered – which are designed at the molecular level to target *Human Female Reproductive Tissue*. And all of this was paid for by the NIH, NIAID, DARPA, DTRA, PLA, CCP, and the Rockefeller, Gates & Soros Foundations, and Gate & Soros for-profit ventures, all working in concert, For Years. And, all of a sudden, there are Fertility Commercials for IVF Services already popping up on television, *for the first time ever*. As I said, ground-based, mass market IVF is how they have to *scale* their disembarkation.

    So, the changing “Disclosure” environment since 2017 is not “coincidental” with all of the strangest geopolitics of our lives, it is a function of it, and the Alien presence and its own schedule of imperatives have been driving these macro scale events. We can establish that the Coverup *could not* have been maintained so well for so long without the Aliens’ active participation in it, as well as that the Coverup itself has been grossly detrimental to National Security, and could not have been justified on National Security grounds to any rational professional in the field – at least since the fall of the Soviet Union (nor, arguably, before). BUT, “total ignorance” was not the public mindset that would best serve the ETs objectives, if their goal were a ‘peaceful’ Colonization – nor was an uncensored internet. So we’re getting that “Controlled Disclosure”, to acclimate and desensitize the public, with a gradual escalating build-up to the “Big Reveal” – because the Aliens *need* to move on their program – and, *urgently*, for some reason. The desperate efforts to remove Trump and the haphazard Plandemic are proof positive that our Global Deep State pulled out all the stops to accommodate the Aliens needs, and, in late 2019, when it appeared they’d failed, #Wuhandromeda was suddenly released in their exasperated frustration with our Ruling Elites; a Eugenic Plague that those very Elites had, themselves, quietly engineered for a much more controlled application.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I am going to admit once again that your scenario DOES make a great deal of sense. It is entirely compatible with pretty much everything else I have been saying for some time, but does go more boldly toward a conclusion. I respect this and please don’t think I am ignoring it, because I am not. Thanks for expressing it.

      1. Curtis Lightle

        Hi Richard,

        Brand new member as of last night. Long time follower though (:

        What a ride it has been. I have been following UFO’s with great interest since the 80’s (I actually saw one in about 1983). Around 2016 I finally woke up to the 911 conspiracy and it was quite depressing really. Now these two world are colliding (i.e. UFO’s and globalism conspiracies). What a conflict between just trying to live my life an enjoy it, and being aware.

        I find myself trying to reconcile ignorance is bliss with evil prevails when good men do nothing. If I speak up to my friends and associates I become a “conspiracy theorists”, a racists, homophobe or whatever slander they have been taught. But to understand (at least try to) what is going on you have to really study it. People have short attention spans and when you say something uncomfortable to them they start hurling slurs and shutdown, then everyone is angry. I am guessing most people on this site can empathize with that.

        What is so remarkable is how obvious it (conspiracies like 911, war red flags, covid, etc.) becomes once you become aware. But to help others become aware is challenging on so many levels. In your case you are able to mostly stay in a circle where people agree with you (even pay to hear you talk!) and you can speak about it with ease. The real question is how do we reach out to others to help stop the Globalist’s?

        I have tried to relegate myself to the role of just trying to change a mind or two, and that is about all I can do. To that end I have failed.

        All that said I appreciate your effort and encourage you to continue. But, I might add it may be a good idea to help people like me to communicate the messages. After all, we don’t need to convince each other (that is called an echo chamber), we need to help others become aware of what is happening and sending a simple web link does not get that done! Not sure what would, but I would encourage you to think about that a bit given your influence.

        As to the post by presstodigitate that is post is attached to, insightful post, but now what?

    2. Rosanne Losee

      With all due respect, this meme of a global conspiracy to tamper with our DNA, the ‘Plandemic,” as you state, with aliens working with these conspirators to infect the population…boggles my mind.

      I would appreciate if this is a central meme here, to offer us some *evidence* to these statements. There are myriad conspiracy theories abundant on the Internet. I am only speaking as a person who is vitally interested in the UFO problem and highly respect Rich as an expert in this area of research, but gets confused by these types of statements.

      Thousands of medical doctors the world over have taken the vaccines and given them to their families. Thousands of epidemiologists and other medical researchers have done likewise.

      Dr. Wm Haseltine, a highly distinguished and highly respected scientist at the forefront of medical research from Harvard Medical School, in this country and around the world, has done informercials advocating for Americans to get vaccinated…is he a charlatan? Or duped?

      Are thousands of respected, highly educated, American scientists who are working with aliens and the ‘globalists’ to get all of us duped all on board to have our DNA changed and/or make us sterile?

      My wonderful internist too? He told me to get vaccinated and make sure my entire family gets vaccinated as well.

      Please, show us the evidence for these comments since they are now part and parcel of the UFO discussion here. Thank you.

  4. Craig Champion

    AOIMSG sounds like its much like Project Blue Book indeed, “collecting data” and withholding the truly anomalous cases, pretty much releasing “lights-in-the-sky” cases with prosaic “explanations.”

    Loved your speculation on how AOIMSG could possibly co-opt ASRO, utilizing standard three-letter agency infiltration tactics.

    Right – sadly, the zombified populace, products of the corporate, mainstream media aren’t capable of follow-up questions to abductions, crash retrievals or the cover-up itself. True data and and logic can’t penetrate the entrainment that’s occurred with the global, digital media revolution. Our community is, perhaps the sole means of comparing notes and drawing some hypotheses.

    “Build-back better” = increased control of the “sheeple,” the “haves” shall continue to control the “have-nots” in a more efficient manner. Throughout history, the wealthy have controlled the masses. As always, “history repeats itself, the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce.” Gotta’ love your insight: the media as, “a cheerleading section for the globalist revolution that they are creating.” Bullseye! (I know – who uses that word anymore!?)😆

    Great point about the promoted hate of our brothers and sisters, who may hold differing opinions.

    How much truth is permissible? With the upside-down, pseudo-reality world-view promulgated by the institutional media, only a modicum of truth need be disclosed, indeed. Disclosure of the ufo phenomenon would be “going for the jugular,” as in way too truthful, and – given the deep, consensus narrative, perhaps way too unbelievable.

    Thanks, Richard!

  5. Carl Morris

    NBC’s Brian Williams’ resignation statement recently, framed as “strange” by a number of media outlets:

    “My biggest worry is for my country. The truth is, I’m not a liberal or a conservative. I’m an institutionalist. I BELIEVE IN THIS PLACE. And in my love of country I yield to NO ONE. But the darkness on the edge of town has spread to the main roads and highways and neighborhoods. It’s now at the local bar, and the bowling alley, at the school board, and the grocery store. And IT must be acknowledged and answered for.”

    “Grown men and women who SWORE AN OATH to OUR constitution, elected by their constituents, possessing the kinds of college degrees I could only dream of, have decided to join the mob and become something they are NOT, while hoping we somehow forget who they WERE.”

    “They’ve decided to burn it all down with us inside. THAT SHOULD SCARE YOU TO NO END as much as it scares an aging volunteer fireman.”

    “To my co-workers, love and thanks……”
    “The reality is, though, that I will wake up in the America of the year 2021, a nation UNRECOGNIZABLE to those who came before us and fought to protect it, WHICH IS WHAT YOU MUST DO NOW.”
    “My colleagues will take it from here. I’ll show myself out. Until we meet again…….”

    1. itsmeRitaC

      Huh? I know he was fired for a brief time for lying about his work with ‘the beloved troops’ in Iraq, but that was like fifteen years ago. Maybe ten. What is he saying here, i know he is a Roger Ramjet loving guy. I suppose the so called ‘RNC’ will think he is talking their lingo, as will the DNC fans. I personally can’t make sense of these quotes.

      Brian Williams thinks that killing Iraqi civilians makes america free, btw.

      Happy new year.

  6. BAS703

    Hi Richard and thank you for another important presentation.
    I would, however, like to take you on a thought experiment. Imagine the big Disclosure is made. Imagine, then, that humanity is going to be introduced to these ‘Others’. Arrangements have to be made for a big ship to land carrying representatives from that civilisation to meet those on planet Earth.

    So where is this landing going to take place? Who is going to represent humanity to meet and greet the beings? No doubt that agreements and treaties are going to be signed. Technology is going to be shared with humans. Perhaps treatments for diseases like cancer or malaria or TB, etc. Who is going to be given this tech? The Americans will be horrified if it’s given to China or Russia. So would Russia, the US, and everybody else if it’s handed over to France for example.

    Then these ET’s may wish to open a representative embassy on this planet. Where should this be? Which country shall be given this honour?

    Mr Schwab may have the solution for you – if there was a OneWorld government, would he not? There would be no conflicts /of interest, no preferential treatments. The ET’s will be dealing with one government and one set of people: courtesy of Mr Schwab!

    I would love to hear your comments.

    And Best Wishes for a Very Happy 2022 to you, your family, and all the friends on the forum.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I must assume this is exactly what they (the folks at Davos) truly believe. We can all see there is an obvious logic to having one authority to deal with aliens. No question. I believe even at the end of my presentation, I acknowledged that there are no simplistic answers to the question of globalization. We all live in a globalist world, and that’s that. But I would maintain there is more to the situation than this. First, what is the nature of this global government? Who does it serve? My own conclusion is that it serves the international corporations that pay for it. After all, the WEF is entirely funded by such interests. Secondly, do we meet extraterrestrials as a free society or a top-down hierarchical society? To put it more accurately, how much freedom do we wish to give our fellow human beings — and how much authority in determining their own society and mode of government? Sometimes I wonder, is the human race destined to toss aside its hard won idea of human freedom, individualism, and personal rights? Those were not easy to obtain. I ask myself a third question: do I personally want Disclosure (and even all the medical cures) at the cost of those rights and freedoms? A fourth question, and perhaps a counter argument to what I’ve just said, might be, how much freedom do I really have today, how much will really be possible in the future, and will a global government make that better or worse, or not change things one way or the other.

      I don’t have a perfect answer to these questions, but I do see that the human race is being corralled right now into a place that no one asked for.

  7. itsmeRitaC

    i will wager i may be the only person to pause to say thank you for actually explaining the old “never look a gift horse…………………..” saying. I never knew the origins and i always had an image of a horse carrying a wrapped gift box in its mouth and bringing it to someone. Of course that never made sense to me. 🙂 And i was hoping you would explain it…………………And you actually did!!!!!!!

  8. Curtis Lightle

    Hi Richard,

    Brand new member as of last night. Long time follower though (:

    What a ride it has been. I have been following UFO’s with great interest since the 80’s (I actually saw one in about 1983). Around 2016 I finally woke up to the 911 conspiracy and it was quite depressing really. Now these two world are colliding (i.e. UFO’s and globalism conspiracies). What a conflict between just trying to live my life an enjoy it, and being aware.

    I find myself trying to reconcile ignorance is bliss with evil prevails when good men do nothing. If I speak up to my friends and associates I become a “conspiracy theorists”, a racists, homophobe or whatever slander they have been taught. But to understand (at least try to) what is going on you have to really study it. People have short attention spans and when you say something uncomfortable to them they start hurling slurs and shutdown, then everyone is angry. I am guessing most people on this site can empathize with that.

    What is so remarkable is how obvious it (conspiracies like 911, war red flags, covid, etc.) becomes once you become aware. But to help others become aware is challenging on so many levels. In your case you are able to mostly stay in a circle where people agree with you (even pay to hear you talk!) and you can speak about it with ease. The real question is how do we reach out to others to help stop the Globalist’s?

    I have tried to relegate myself to the role of just trying to change a mind or two, and that is about all I can do. To that end I have failed.

    All that said I appreciate your effort and encourage you to continue. But, I might add it may be a good idea to help people like me to communicate the messages. After all, we don’t need to convince each other (that is called an echo chamber), we need to help others become aware of what is happening and sending a simple web link does not get that done! Not sure what would, but I would encourage you to think about that a bit given your influence.

    As to the post by presstodigitate that this post is attached to, insightful post, but now what?

  9. Terri Stradinger

    Thanks for your discussion of the passing of the Defence Authorization Act with the Gillibrand ammendment intact. I was astonished, and therefore suspicious, about why this seemed to happen without any resistance or adjusting of the language. Does this mean that the Pentagon has no problem with it because they know they will have no problem getting around or blunting the effectiveness of the provisions in the authorization?

  10. whatif

    Hard-hitting talk, Richard. Glad to hear it.

    The good news is the normies appear to be waking up to the Covid LIE. Hopefully not as many of them have been vaxxed as is purported to be.

    In 2020 we were told the flu magically went away. The CDC reported nearly ZERO flu deaths. Now the CDC tells us the Covid test mistakes the flu for Covid! THERE IS NO COVID! IT’S A COMPLETE LIE.

    Annual world death totals bear this out as well. The “pandemic” of 2020 had Zero detectable effect on the number of deaths in the world, per year.

    2016 – 56.3 million
    2017 – 56.9 – increase of 600,000
    2018 – 57.6 – increase of 700,000
    2019 – 58.4 – increase of 800,000
    2020 – 59.2 – increase of 800,000
    (data sourced from ourworldindata.org)

    2020 total deaths is consistent with past years. No pandemic. Literally, just an average year.

    The globalists are depopulationists. They are literally MURDERING people with the vaccine.

    These pathology results are devastating. Watch the linked video. Plan accordingly.

    1. Rosanne Losee

      Again, this is all supposition and conspiracy theories.

      If this is supposed to be a statement of fact, show us the facts!

      Again, are you saying the ‘globablists’ are working in tandem with thousands of medical researchers and epidemiologists/virologists all over the world to serve up murder?

      If you make a statement such as this, it has to be more than a personal opinion.

      There is NO COVID? Then why in God’s name are people dying of it? Why are hospitals all across this country filled to capacity with exhausted medical staff trying to save the unvaccinated? I find this meme extremely troubling, and slap in the face to all those working so hard to stem the transmission of COVID in all its variants.

      My sister has pancreatic cancer. She needs emergency surgery to remove the pancreas, NOW. Guess what? She was told she has to wait TWO months to get that much needed life saving surgery.

      Why? Because the ICUs and beds at all the hospitals are filled to the brim with sick, dying, unvaccinated people who spent the last two years denying the lethality of it, who refused to help mitigate the transmision of it, and then ask on their deathbeds for the vaccine.

      This is the long and short of it.

      Rich, I am beginning to see that I am the outlier here, this is all right wing stuff, conspiracy theories thrown out with no real facts to support them. People can believe what they want to believe, but I find myself now in the midst of a sea of them, and it offends my logical and rational thinking.

      Maybe time for me to go. I will miss you, and of course, I wish you well . Remember that it was ME that told you back when we first e-met that you would be the top dog in UFO circles back then and now you have done just that. Congratulations with all my heart.

      I just cannot come here and read this nonsense with a straight face. People are dying and my sister will now die, because the unvacc’d are being triaged before the dangerous situations that so many people face, and I am very, very angry.

      Either they continue with their march toward death and suffering, and then triage them LAST, not first, or they should accept their fate. Harsh, yes, but it’s even harsher to see and know that people all over this country are defiant about the vaccines, and then demand help when they are dying? This is morally wrong and I don’t support that selfishness. Love of country is working towards solutions, not adding to the problems.

      Best wishes, Rich! I will of course always support your UFO research but I need to be in a place where there are more balanced viewpoints.

      Good luck and God bless!

        1. Rosanne Losee

          I am not leaving YOU, Rich, I am leaving the right wing stuff. I don’t like wing stuff be it right or left and I am sorry it has invaded the UFO problem.

          I am still going to be here buying your books and thinking of what you say; I’ve told my entire family to start with you first when it comes to the UFO question. Hopefully, someday in these United States, we actually come together to solve our problems instead of trashing it all out so our own kids are drowned in all of it.

          So I won’t be here to comment, but will be here to listen and make up my own mind and stay away from so much political overtones… it is exhausting to listen to.

          You are still the best in the field, bar none. I will be here in the shadows still listening and still supporting you and your efforts, and hope for better time for all of us and our precious families.


          1. Richard Dolan Post author

            Thank you Rosie, I’m glad to hear that. You know I consider you a genuine friend and someone I respect very much. Frankly, I don’t see myself as right-wing. I don’t even know what that phrase means anymore, that’s the truth. As a kid it meant something to me, as a young adult, ditto. Now? Same with left-wing. I stand by my belief that we are living in the midst of a top down directed global revolution. And while in fact I’m able to see the motivations of those individuals who believe they know best and might even be considered true believers in the cause, I can’t agree with them. As it turns out in our world today, the only people seeming to oppose this movement are classified as right-wing. But are they actually right wing? Not in any traditional sense, I don’t believe that. The terms don’t mean what they used to mean, in my view. When I considered myself liberal / progressive, I still always believed in the primacy of freedom of speech, no matter what. Nowadays as you well know, that’s considered right wing. What the hell happened to this world? Anyway, I’m glad you are still around.

        2. OgronWaitress

          Wouldn’t this be an ideal time to openly debate and fact-check these claims and counter-claims on this very site? There’s goodwill on this site and Richard is an unafraid debater. No need or need to for tempers or ad hom. Perhaps we could arrange a Zoom hook-up?

  11. Dirk Adams

    Thanks Richard for another outstanding discussion. I feel like I’m getting closer to graduating from the University of Dolan. :} This year I committed to reading your books and I enlisted to the conferences. Looking forward to maintaining my sanity by keeping my attention on things other than the massive reset.

  12. Dirk Adams

    Thanks Richard for another outstanding discussion. I feel like I’m getting closer to graduating from the University of Dolan. :} This year I committed to reading your books and I enlisted to the conferences. Looking forward to maintaining my sanity by keeping my attention on things other than the fear of the massive reset. May God bless us all.

  13. Bjofod

    No doubt we are in the middle of a ” one world government ” revolution or maybe assisted evolution. I took the deep red pill and not a pinkish one. It is a possibility that we have been under a new order of one world governance a long time but from a hidden place behind a curtain of some sort. Is the revolution that we see that they will step one step foreward ? Now that we have eaten from the tree with red pills and know there is an alien presence we can address the more important questions. Who are they and what do they want ?
    A few years back i wrote down my analysis of who they might be using the same sivilisation ” type of ” that Michio Kaku have been using many many times looking at energy consuption.

    Type 0 aliens: Humans that have alienated themselves from the majority of the population for their own benefit.

    0.1 : Modern breakaway sivilisation. Maybe 100 years old, possibly due to sudden and surprising gain in physics and other technology that was taken into hidden development and controlled by small groups of officials and private companies. Maybe due to the breakthrough discoveries by Tesla and Einstein that they decided was an 100% given path to gain absolute control over enemies, goverment and population.

    0.2 : Ancient human sivilisation that lost most of their population and technology in one or several major catastrophes and decided to keep their advantage hidden to the rest of the population and thereby gain a higher advantage then they had before the destruction.

    Type 1 aliens: Not human but still terrestial.

    1.1 : A different terrestial intelligent species then humans that have been overlords to the human species in most of our distant ancient history. May look like humans or may not but have always had more scientific knowledge and higher understanding of technology. Possibly lost most of their advantage during a catastrophe but some survived and have always influenced and ruled over the human race from an undisclosed hidden place on earth.

    1.2 : Same as 1.1 but have fled earth due to environmental changes after the destruction that made the environment poisonous to them. Survivors may influence the evolution of earth and humans from a base or bases in the solar system to gain their planet back . Possibly not far away, moon as an idea.

    Type 2 : Extra Terrestial but not Extra solar.

    2.1 : Old sivilisation from a different planet in our solar system. Most likely Venus or the missing Super Earth that had Mars as its moon. This is a sivilisation from a time where life was prosper on atleast two planets in our solar system. Earth and the alien world. They may have influenced earths evolution and created both biological species and left traces of their operation behind. This sivilisation also lost their world and survivors operate from an hidden location to steer earth in their wanted direction.

    2.2 : A sivilisation from a planet orbiting the possibly undiscovered companion of the sun. Relatively far away but very close in comparison the other star systems. In a way Extra solar but not Extra solar system wise.

    Type 3 : Extraterrestials from a different star or even galaxy in our universe.

    Type 4 : From a different dimension we dont know exist. A parallel reality to our own universe.

    New Year quiz.. Of these choices, what do you people think is the most likely candidate. Bring into the solving both modern and ancient mysteries and also try to think wich of the types are more likely to be benign vs malign.

    Happy New Year to you all.

    1. Bjofod

      Maybe i should explain the ” super earth ” reference.
      The Kepler mission found that the most common planet around other stars is the super earth, a rocky planet with diameter 2-4 times that of earth.
      If we look at our systems planet configuration we find something odd.
      Mercury is small, venus a little bigger, earth a little bigger then venus, ( mars suddenly only half the diameter of earth) and next up is the asteroide belt, then comes the gas giants with jupiter the biggest and then the other planets a little smaller as you go away from the sun.

      With this logic it is absolutely not impossible that a super earth that ended up as the asteroide belt once was there and had mars as its moon. It fits the kepler findings and the planet configuration much better.

      If I was head of NASA I would explore the moons of mars as they are not spheres but chunky odd geometrical rocks. They must be collected asteroids or remnants from the super earth. As space is a big perfect conservatorium they may hold evidence of surface structures that may have been on the possible super earth. Mars could even have artificial sattelites or other space installations orbiting it without our knowledge.

      But ofcourse, if there is a protective layer around this possible knowledge we will always hear that the asteroide belt and mars has nothing to do with a missing super earth.

      1. Bjofod

        Thankyou, yours to use now if you want.

        Yes, think deep about it. The ET s that have intersteller or intergalactic travel possibilities have millions of planets to terraform.
        Why earth?

        The ones possibly from our own system may not have interstellar capability and really want our world. That is if they not own it already.

        Our well hidden ancient history is maybe a clue. Old stories tell about aircrafts that have what reminds me of rocketengines and chopper blades. That sounds closer to home for me.

  14. D.A.


    Yet another well done, thought provoking piece on your part; however, as one of your followers, and someone who holds your opinions in the highest regard, and sees you as a beacon of light in a vast sea of misinformation, disinformation, subterfuge, and refractory opinions fueled by ego; I would be remiss if I did not express an alternate viewpoint on one aspect of your discussion, which is based on my 30+ years experience working as a DoD contractor, for a DoD contractor, and as a DoD employee.

    Where my view point diverges somewhat from yours is in the notion that any contractor would have been given such control over any government run program or operation, especially one having such a National strategic importance, not to mention potential ramifications on mankind. I can see contractors being given the responsibility of managing UFO programs, but not control over them…no way, no how. Private entities are motivated by profit, whereas government entities are motivated by control and power; it really is that simple. Follow the flow of money upstream, and you will eventually find those in control. Government contractors will do whatever it takes to keep the flow of money going, including protecting the source of that money at all cost, which I believe is what happened to Wilson. The contractors were simply doing the bidding of their government overseer by denying Wilson access to the program they were managing without having to divulge who was in control of the program—a person, or persons, mind you, who might have been sitting just three doors down from Wilson in the Pentagon, or perhaps even in his own office!

    Are the contractors in joint control of the overall narrative? Absolutely, but the vast amount of money and resources spent on weaving the grand tapestry of UFO secrecy that has been so diligently crafted over the course of the last 70 years did not come from the coffers of private industry, but from the government, which begs the questions: if control is in the hands of private contractors, why was the government so willing to hand over such control to them in the first place, and furthermore why would the government be so will to foot the bill for protecting the outside entity’s control over it for so long? Believe me when I say government organizations have much more control over programs that are “managed” by outside contractors than they do over programs managed in house due to the huge amount of political and regulatory obstacles associated with managing in-house programs, as well as the oppressive level of government bureaucracy and ineptitude that is fueled by the general lack of accountability at all levels of government. If a contractor’s performance is unacceptable, their funding gets pulled, and the work goes to the next contractor up. On the other hand, if an in-house government organization’s performance is deemed unacceptable, teams are formed to create spread sheets and get-well plans. The government-contractor relationship is symbiotic, but only to the extent that such a relationship is advantageous to the government party in charge..

    Does this refute the Globalist Revolution theory? Absolutely not; it just adds another possible wrinkle to it. Have you ever considered the possibility that instead of being in the midst of a Global Revolution directed by corporations, governments, and/or the elite class, that we might be in the midst of an Existential Evolution in which all the actors are the same, but those ultimately pulling the strings and directing the play, at least with respect to the UFO related portion of it, are not us…but them?

    Are we not our master’s puppets?

    Just a thought.


    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I appreciate this perspective of yours. But it does make me wonder just where the center of power lies. I don’t think it is in the formal structure of the White House, or even the department of defense. It seems to me there must be a more stable, long-term center of power. I can’t see how that could be the office of the presidency. Don’t you think so? So if it isn’t the private contractors, and it’s not the president, where is the bureaucratic structure that controls this? Or is it the office of the presidency after all?

      1. Bjofod

        Agree, not only longer term center but maybe run by individuals with longer life span.

        You see a good representation of those in charge i think in the character Peter Bash in the movie Don’t Look Up. Look like hes been living a while to. Looks good but can hardly move like a human.

  15. itsmeRitaC

    As i listen, i need to pause and post or i may not get back to certain points. I personally don’t think everything about ‘abductions’ is insider operations at all. However, i don’t think the expense of such operations would be a major reason to doubt it. That would be my last consideration. You know what is spent by the deep state/military/ etc.

    Also, since it is still fresh in my mind, i agree with you regarding the DOD framing this all, most likely, as foreign ‘enemy’ technologies. However, the door is open for it to be ‘space invaders’. The writing is so on the wall, that i am surprised i feel the need to post it. And that is not the same as the Carol Rosin scenario, btw.

    And i am wondering if many in ufo or uap world are not talking about this obvious and imo, likely eventuality, because they don’t want to be considered to be part of the ‘Greer’ group?????????
    Happy 2022, rita

    1. itsmeRitaC

      One more for the road. I would not expect anything meaningful from the pentagon or intelligence agencies even if there were not a “great reset” happening. But that is how i roll, as i point out here now and then. 😉

      Why would anyone here who is at all aware of the past fifty years or more of the “UAP” believe the same agencies that are invested in not telling the world their top secrets? This is not just about telling all the ‘god bless em’, americans, exceptional as we so obviously are. Even if congressional members are sworn in there because they want to represent their fabulous electorate, i will bet they won’t break security clearances any more than……………………I can’t keep track of the list of insiders on the “I won’t betray my pension” roster.

      But it seems that the space force was formally announced just in time!!!

  16. D.A.

    Who is in control? That’s the million dollar question, isn’t it? Finding the headwater of a river is always harder than finding its mouth; that was Wilson’s mistake. He followed the flow of money downstream when he should have been searching upstream. Of course, he may have started out going in the right direction, but didn’t stay the course. After all, isn’t it hardest to find what you are seeking if it’s hidden in plain site?

    Control over the UFO phenomenon might have germinated within the executive branch, but that seed fell far from the tree more than 60 years ago, but you already know that. What knowledge is to power, secrecy is to control. The power lies buried within an agency, or within an entirely separate entity with deep-rooted ties to more than one agency.

    I see only two possible scenarios in which control and power could possibly be transferred to a private entity: one would involve the total and complete corruption of the deep state by a private entity, but that would mean the power would have to be concentrated in the hands of but a single company, which is unlikely, unless a consortium was created, but that would mean giving up control and power and distributing it amongst many—not likely. Besides, consortiums are messy and eventually get bogged down in their own red tape and infighting. The other scenario, and most likely one, would be the formation of an ultra-secret UFO GOCO type arrangement, which quite frankly makes the most sense, because in that model, the private entity, or entities, running and managing the GOCO’s, need only answer to specific individuals within the government. I know that personally, when I tried to get some QC test information about a particular propellant from an Army GOCO plant on more than one occasion, but got what was tantamount to a proverbial flip of the bird, despite the fact that I belong to the very organization that developed the propellant formulation in the first place. It became quite clear to me that the only way that I would be able to get the information I needed was to track down the GOCO plant COR, which without going through all the bureaucratic hoops and over all the chain-of-command hurtles, would be virtually impossible—and this was an above-board operation!

    If I were a betting man, I’d put my money on the likelihood of the existence of one, or more, ultra-secret UFO GOCOs—most likely one. It appears Wilson had found that GOCO—but what he really needed to do was find the black-budget equivalent of the COR, who could have been someone he passed every day in the hallway on his way to his office.

    Just my humble opinion.


    PS: I was never able to get the information about the propellant I needed. Unfortunately, science in our government is governed by vested interests, politics, egos, and bureaucracy. Add power and control to that mix, and you will understand why we have been stuck in the mud for so long with respect to reverse engineering efforts.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Very interesting. I had to look up GOCO (government owned, contractor operated). your characterization of this does make sense and seems plausible. But I have to think there is international control here as well. Something along the lines of a Bilderberg style control group. I assume that is what mj-12 is these days. I don’t think those are mutually exclusive. I suspect there is an international elite that has all or most of the information they need, and still likes to use the United States national security establishment as its primary tool for dealing with it. And this would be accomplished through structures like what Wilson found. Except I suspect there are several of these, in various branches, and how these are all coordinated, I really wonder how that happens.

  17. D.A.

    Is there a secret organization akin to the Bilderberg group that is attempting to form a new world order? I don’t know; though I suppose thinking otherwise might very well be as naïve, or as closed minded, as dismissing the existence of other well known, and very real, organizations that have been historically associated conspiratorial agendas, like the Free Masons or the Knights Templar, just because there was no concrete evidence of such agendas–only circumstantial evidence wrapped in theory. But as is the case in criminal law, just because there might only be circumstantial evidence tying a suspect to a crime; it doesn’t mean the suspect is innocent.

    One could even argue that perhaps the most famous group of unquestionable elites, who did in fact secretly gather together in order to bring about a new world order, involved a brave group of men who eventually came out from the proverbial shadows to sign their names to the bottom of a now esteemed manifesto that was drafted in Philadelphia almost 246 years ago. Of course, they are now considered founding fathers, but what if their little plot had failed, and they were all hanged as conspirators? How then would their names be written in the annals of history? Sometimes there is a fine line between fact and fiction, real and imagined, good and bad, religion and occult, and planning and plotting, which can all too easily get blurred by context, time, and our attempts to understand and accept them. But to answer your question, if there is such a group of elitists now plotting to bring about a new world order, then to assume that there is only one such group, with only one ultimate goal or agenda, might be just as naïve as assuming one didn’t exist at all.

    Regarding control and management over the UFO phenomena, in particular, there does seem to be an underlying international element to it. Yet, somehow the U.S., or a secret group within the U.S., still seems to somehow end up being at the center of it all in one way or another.

    As I have previously mentioned, I am a strong advocate of looking at strings of commonality between different UFO related accounts. As I am sure you would agree, too many of them do in fact seem to involve some type of multinational element to be simply chalked up to mere coincidence; whether we are referring to Lazar’s description of the Russians at S-4, or UFO crash retrieval stories involving other countries, which describe unfettered access to the crash sites within their borders and control over what is found at those sites by foreign looking military groups and MIB types. All too often these groups, which seem to come out of the woodwork almost immediately, are described as, and/or are assumed to be, American in origin. Conversely, I don’t recall (and you can correct me if I am wrong) any accounts of UFO crash retrievals within the borders of the U.S. ever involving a convoy of foreign looking military vehicles and equipment, or involving personnel wearing foreign uniforms, or speaking a foreign language. So, by all accounts, it is clear that the U.S., or rather some secret faction within the U.S. military complex, is at the center of it. Now with that said, forget the logistics of what would need to go into mobilizing such groups, whether they be American in origin or under the aegis of someone else, but think about the general notion that any sovereign nation, never mind multiple ones, would simply allow a foreign nation, or any group not within their control, to simply waltz right into their country seemingly at will and then take something of such importance (and value) as a downed craft of alien origin; or, even if a crash wasn’t involved, allow members of such a group to come into their country to investigate, or in some cases, even take over the investigation of a UFO encounter. On it’s face value, it simply doesn’t make any sense, unless there was, at some very deep level, a multinational agreement, or understanding, of some sort.

    Moreover, with the exception of abduction cases, a preponderance of UFO accounts of nearly every type, including those discussed by you and other ufologists, as well as skeptics, who engage in debunking the ET hypothesis, seem to point back in the direction of the U.S., and in particular, the Pentagon, or a deep-state within the Pentagon and/or the American national security apparatus. It seems like only when the U.S. military is emasculated on the world stage by a UFO encounter do any of the fingers start pointing back at other nations, and even then, some of those fingers still end up being pointed back to the Pentagon, or a secret part of the U.S. military industrial complex.

    Now, one could easily argue that the collective presumption, or mindset, of American involvement and dominion over UFO crash retrievals, as well as the UFO narrative in general, is due merely to America’s status as a world superpower and the resources that it has at its disposal to carry out such operations, but if an MJ-12 type organization does exist, and if a semi-official, albeit clandestine, relationship had in fact been established at some point between mankind and one, or more, ET groups in the aftermath of WWII, which ultimately ended with the ability of one nation to harvest atomic energy and subsequently establish itself–for all intents and purposes–as earth’s alpha dog, then wouldn’t it make sense for ET to seek out and establish that relationship with the alpha dog–the one nation having the greatest hegemony over the new world order that arose out of the ashes of WWII? Of course, by definition, an alpha can only exist as part of a group populated by subordinates, so the involvement of other nations was a necessary evil from the get go. ET, however, wouldn’t have had control over how mankind’s de facto alpha dog handled and managed the rest of the pack, and evidence points to the fact that (for reasons good or bad) control over the UFO phenomenon was likely placed in the hands of a very small, ultra-secret, and elite group of people cobbled together from within the belly of the alpha leader, who were entrusted to manage the pack and take control of any hardware or tech obtained through the pack (or outside it), as well as manage the overall narrative of the phenomenon itself, which by keeping it secret ensured the group’s absolute control over it–ostensibly, for the sake of the greater good.

    But as the old saying goes: power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely (especially when in the hands of a few), so despite being headquartered deep within the bowels of the Pentagon and possibly other U.S. government agencies, and suckling off the teats of the American military industrial complex and national security apparatus, the group itself may have evolved, or mutated into a new multifaceted virion, a new self-serving variant if you will, with no international borders, or even a particular allegiance to the host in which it infects, which could perhaps help explain the apparent formation of different factions within the DoD and other agencies, and the internal schisms that it has created, which only now are–for some yet unknown reason–being brought out into the public domain.

    So…is there a secret, or perhaps even a not-so-secret, organization akin to the Bilderberg group that is, and has been, attempting to form a new world order? All one need do is look at the formation of the United Nations or its predecessor to know that thinking otherwise would be naïve, but to assume that there is only one such group, with only one ultimate goal or secret agenda, might be just as naïve. And just as the order of Free Masons had their fingerprint on the Great Experiment, some other secret order, or orders, may very well have their finger on the pulse of the UFO phenomenon.

    Just a thought.


    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Great comment, DA, and it makes me wonder for the first time perhaps if any part of MJ-12 would have been behind the establishment of the Bilderberg Group. Or splintered off into some other global management group that we’ve never even heard of. It’s worth reminding ourselves that only in the last couple of decades have most of us even heard of the Bilderberg Group. It existed in virtual secrecy for quite a few decades. That’s remarkable, considering how much power and influence it has always wielded. Have any other still secret groups, quiet meeting places, etc, existed in which our fate is decided by a handful of powerful, unelected, unknown officials and agencies?

  18. D.A.


    Have you seen the latest article in the Hill? If so, I wouldn’t mind hearing your comments on it.


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