UFO Bombshell & Live Reaction w/ Richard Dolan, Danny Sheehan, Linda Moulton Howe

By | June 7, 2023

Hi Everyone, 

I tried hard to publish this while traveling but the travel gods said No! That I must wait until we got home. So here we are. This is a fresh take and series of clips from our reaction at CITD. I recorded the intro and outtro at the Charlotte NC Airport. 

Much to say, very tired. Much to post in the next days. Count on it! 

Richard & Tracey


30 thoughts on “UFO Bombshell & Live Reaction w/ Richard Dolan, Danny Sheehan, Linda Moulton Howe

  1. Henry Howland

    I don’t think you are quite accurate when you say this is not getting a lot of media coverage. Here is an overview of who has reported on it as of now, 10:00 Pm PST June 8th:
    The Guardian: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2023/jun/06/whistleblower-ufo-alien-tech-spacecraft
    Fox News: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/military-whistleblower-public-claims-us-secret-ufo-retrieval-program-terrestrial-arms-race
    Newsweek: https://www.newsweek.com/ufo-uap-craft-found-covered-whistleblower-claims-1804733
    Huff Post: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/david-grusch-ufo-report_n_647eb0c1e4b0047ed782f875
    New York Post: https://nypost.com/2023/06/06/us-collects-intact-ufo-crafts-in-secret-program-report/amp/
    Daily Mail: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12161993/US-trying-create-weapon-wreckage-non-human-UFOs-claims-new-Pentagon-whistleblower.html
    The Atlantic: https://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2023/06/alien-intact-vehicles-ufo-us-government/674323/
    The Independent: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/ufo-whisteblower-david-grusch-b2352358.html

    Large International Media:
    France: https://www.leparisien.fr/sciences/ovnis-les-etats-unis-detiennent-des-engins-dorigine-non-humaine-affirme-un-lanceur-dalerte-du-pentagone-07-06-2023-J7MHHZURBJDODFFZFOAKGWNGIY.php
    Norway: https://www.dagbladet.no/nyheter/hevder-usa-skjuler-ufo-bevis/79480045
    Netherlands: https://nyheder.tv2.dk/udland/2023-06-07-usa-har-doede-ufo-piloter-haevder-whistleblower-en-vild-historie-siger-dansk-ekspert
    Brazil: https://oglobo.globo.com/google/amp/mundo/epoca/noticia/2023/06/ex-oficial-de-inteligencia-dos-eua-diz-que-governo-tem-ovnis-intactos-nasa-nega-origem-extraterrestre.ghtml
    There are others but I have to get back to something rn

    Also, Johnathon Grey is a pseudonym.

  2. intranuclear

    Thank you Richard,

    What a great power team with you, Danny and Linda.
    I cannot help but to get excited, and not to jinx it, but every time we seem to get close to disclosure, the US goes into war, or a 911 type of thing.

    As Linda mentioned, the sheer amount of secrets kept is so overwhelming that indeed those in the know have been living in a completely different civilization. We in the global community have been completely isolated with the same idiotic excuse that we are not ready. How on earth does one get ready when literally everything told has been a lie?

    Thanks again!


      >>>”How on earth does one get ready when literally everything told has been a lie?”<<<

      Convene a disclosure, reconciliation and accountability tribunal. How will people harmed by NHI and the government's handling of the situation be compensated? How will businesses that were harmed or denied a chance to compete, be compensated? How will academics, denied a lifetime of knowledge, be compensated? Profiteers and power-mad psychopaths need to be identified and punished.

      Use enhanced interrogation techniques if necessary to determine the level of interaction between humans and NHI. Who made what deals with whom and when? What were the agreements and the results of those agreements?

      How shall we set up diplomacy, trade and cultural exchange? Who will speak for us? Will this propel us into a one-world government as COVID has done?

      Uncover the secret space program and breakaway civilization, and characterize them for what they are, a gigantic theft of resources and talent from the human race, at great cost.

      Force those involved to stop acting as if there is no history to this. When you control the history to memory hole so much of the past, you can control the framing of the future. A good example of this is the Ukraine war. The public's opinion has been successfully propagandized and manipulated by erasing history. Never forget and never forgive.

  3. Leo Ann

    Thank you so much, Richard for the valiant work done with giving us the skinny on this recent development!
    You, to my mind have more than lived up to the lifetime achievement you’ve been awarded and great kudos for that, by the way, so a massive thank you for all you do with Tracey.

    Something on Ross and Bryce’s podcast with I left:…”except as part of a collection of feints, designed to pull focus away from the war in Ukraine and the US’ disastrous, depraved fixation on destroying Russia at the expense of, “…the last Ukrainian”. Something big IS coming but it is NOT what you think and it is certainly nothing to do with any kind of TRUTHFUL “disclosure” or the admittance of anything in the possession of ANY government.”

    I remain respectfully sceptical on this, as I know you do also.

    Why now? Right when the US is, arguably, in its death throes, as a functioning democracy.
    These are things I’m sure you think of and none of this, I’m positive, will have escaped you. Especially now…

  4. Leo Ann

    Thank you so much, Richard for the valiant work done with giving us the skinny on this recent development!
    You, to my mind have more than lived up to the lifetime achievement you’ve been awarded and great kudos for that, by the way, so a massive thank you for all you do with Tracey.

    Something on Ross and Bryce’s podcast with I left:…”except as part of a collection of feints, designed to pull focus away from the war in Ukraine and the US’ disastrous, depraved fixation on destroying Russia at the expense of, “…the last Ukrainian”. Something big IS coming but it is NOT what you think and it is certainly nothing to do with any kind of TRUTHFUL “disclosure” or the admittance of anything in the possession of ANY government.”

    I remain respectfully sceptical on this, as I’m sure will harbour similar thoughts.

    Why now? Right when the US is, arguably, in its death throes, as a functioning democracy; most especially when the US Congress has decided on a by-partisan push for more funding of the MIC!

    Apologies for the framing of this around simple geopolitical points, for everyone, as I know it can be somewhat tiresome but this is crucial in understanding what has happened, and what will come to pass.

    I am sure none of this will have escaped your thinking, so I will no longer harp on about such matters, save to add that nobody should take their eye off the ball…

    Especially now…

  5. JimmyBee

    Welcome back, Richard and Tracey.
    You mentioned a dripping disclosure, rather than an avalanche disclosure.

    I recently watched some videos about landslides, mudslides and avalanches. Turns out most of them start as drips, dribbles, etc. Like pebbles bouncing down a hillside, then days later, the hill collapses. The pebbles were an indicator of what was to come.

    This may be the first few clumps of snow coming down the mountainside, presaging the upcoming avalanche.

  6. Clifford Ribaudo

    I think this announcement definitely moves the ball a little further down the field. I am a bit concerned it didn’t come out in in NYT or WAPO but I saw Kean and Blumenthal explain on the Debrief why they couldn’t wait any longer (primarily to protect Grusch). It has only been a few days and I am seeing major UK papers and other major media around the globe start to carry it so perhaps the momentum will eventually force NYT and WAPO hands. The only reason I care if it comes out in these is that there are a lot of people that will say “if this is real why didn’t NYT cover it?”

    I am less concerned that they are still trying to cover a lot of stuff up…. that is the nature of the internecine war, but it is kind of too late for that. The cat has the end of the string and is pulling and I think things will unravel faster and faster and we know where that leads, it leads to some of the following:

    1) Some technology Comes out. Ok so what, that is probably a good thing particularly if it is energy or transportation related.

    2) People’s reality bubble gets a serious adjustment because now we are not alone so major shake up for various religious conceptions of reality. Ok, also a good thing.

    3) People learn the Government CAN do major conspiracy cover ups. Also good wake up call.

    4) And as the string unravels further, next realization is abductions are “REAL!!!”. Not sure this is good or not, because a lot of abductees who are not sure if it is real or imaginary are going to freak out. And clearly the Government can’t do much about it… or worse is running a cooperation for technology program like Dan Sherman says.

    Clearly #3 & #4 are one of the main reasons so many inside these programs are trying to keep the lid on… but I think it is slipping out of their control.

    There are major astrological forces at work:

    – Neptune about to be in Aries which will tend to destroy peoples closely held existing ideals and replace them with something hopefully better.

    – Uranus in Taurus which ALWAYS brings reconstruction and a confrontation between the Prideful, self assertive, arrogant little egos that want to maintain control, and those who want to embrace a larger vision. And, once Uranus enter Gemini in 2024 then the “Two Brothers” will wage a battle between the little puny egos who “must decrease” so that those with a greater vision and espousing of Soul Ideas “May increase”.

    – Pluto in Aquarius will bring major revolution in Government, Law and Energy science. We are already seeing signs. On the Law front the US will have a major battle over the Constitution which was written the last time Pluto was in Aquarius. And there will be major changes to understanding about energy and nuclear physics. These last had a major transformation when Pluto was in Leo and we will see more with Pluto in the opposite sign of Aquarius only this time it will be somehow more distributed and helpful to the people as a whole.

    And, anyone doubting this has anything to do with astrology, well all I can say is that this announcement has been happening under a major opposition between Pluto in Aquarius and Mars in Leo. So, that confirms to me anyway that this is all about the people power of Aquarius and what Pluto does esoterically which is to drag things out into the open for consideration and reformation to bring things more into conformity with a greater Aquarius ideals which are all related to the greatest good for the greatest number.

    We are in for quite the ride between now and 2044! Buckle up kids.

  7. J-Rod

    The disappointing thing here is that Grusch had absolutely no evidence. People making claims are a dime a dozen. I’m not discrediting him but you’d think that within his cohort/ circle of friends/ acquaintances he would’ve found a way to obtain just ONE photo of alleged downed craft/bodies. It would’ve been game over. Now I know why the DOD gave him the okay to come out…because all he had was talk. I wonder what the scenario would’ve been like if he told the DOD ” Hey guys, I’ve got some photos of the Roswell craft and bodies. Is it ok if I went on national TV and shared this with the public?”…..no.

  8. Christina

    What a treat this was – Thank you Richard for doing it, and Tracey for recording it 😊 I do wonder how it felt, knowing you (Richard) usually like to have good time to take a closer look on big news, and form some thoughts, before diving into it “in public” – but I really appreciate your take on this, as always with your common sense ruling, despite almost no preparation and just on the spot like that 😅

    I hope you had a smooth journey home…


  9. D.A.


    I only got a few minutes into your video, and had to stop at the slide entitled “Still Missing” to make a comment. I strongly recommend that you look at the 57 minute interview of Ross Coulthard by Bryce Zabel on Youtube, and Coulthard’s interviews of Grusch if you haven’t done so already. In addition to ET bodies, or non-human-intellegence (NHI) bodies, other long-talked-about stories related to UFO’s are discussed, or at least strongly alluded to. Yes, I too am now beginning to think that Steve Bassett was right all along and that we are, as we speak, in the midst of a controlled roll out of soft disclosure by a faction, or factions, within the government and the shallow state within the MIC, which we all owe a debt of gratitude to the AOA for–much to the chagrin of the deep state faction or factions within the MIC. In the end, Watergate will pale in comparison to Aliengate, which involves corruption at an entirely different level, and which is unprecedented in the annals of mankind.

    Knowledge is power; therefore, if power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely, then by extension, knowledge corrupts, and absolute knowledge corrupts absolutely. Secrecy not only controls knowledge and the power that comes with it, it magnifies it by concentrating it in the hands of a few. And like any other drug, or human desire, the more you have, the more you want, and once a secret becomes shared, its power becomes diluted, weakened. No bodybuilder wants to get smaller, only bigger. No millionaire wants to get poorer, only richer. It’s human nature. Those holding the power are not going to give it up easiely; though the damn has been severly weakened. I’ve always contended–going all the way back to some of my earliest comments to you–that there was a faction war going on within the MIC/Pentagon (the UFO deep-state vs shallow-state). The AOA was the shallow state’s champion, and it looks like their efforts are starting to bear fruit.

    According to Ross Coulthard, a lot more is going to come out in the not too distant future, and it’s going to be big, VERY BIG, despite Kirkpatrick’s, Kelley’s, and Shostak’s, duplicitous assertions to the contrary. In light of the absolute preponderance of extraordinary “evidence”, I can come to only one of two conclusions regarding the statements these individuals have been making: 1) they are stupid, or 2) they are lying–OK, maybe a little bit of both. Regarding number 1: people see what they want to see, hear what they want to hear, and believe what they want to believe irrespective of the truth and regardless of the facts. To maintain their beliefs they will simply apply confirmatory bias to anything that might remotely support their beliefs, and selectively ignore the rest by sticking their fingers in their ears and whistling Dixie. Remember, there is only one thing more difficult than disabusing an idiot of a stupid idea, and that is disabusing an intellect of one, especially a self professed intellect. I recently saw an interview with Shostak and Pope; where Shostak argued his contrarian point of view by stating the age-old platitude (as evidence no less) that if someone within the government were holding on to such secrets, someone would have surely leaked them out by now. Really? Am I missing something here? This stuff has been leaked out from the beginning. Has he ever heard of Donald Kehoe? What does he call the Wilson-Davis memo? What does he call the MJ-12 documents? What does he call the Navy’s Tic-Tac and Gimbal videos? What does he call Louis Elizondo and Christopher Mellon, if not Steve Bassett’s Heroes of Disclosure, or in my case: the AOA? Apparently, a UFO denier’s definition of “evidence” is different than everyone elses. Furthermore, it’s not that UFO secrets haven’t been leaked all along; it’s just that no one outside a select few, who were willing to suffer the slings and arrows of being labeled cooks and conspiracy theorists, like yourself, ever believed them. It’s as simple as that.

    Now, with that said: my GOD, what does Bob Lazar have to do to get any recognition, respect, or vindication??? Virtually everything Lazar has ever said, has come true–and more will no doubt come out in the not-too–distant future that will absolutely vindicate him. Everything Grusch has said does nothing but corroborate everything Lazar had said. Coulthard touts Grusch as a hero, who risked his career, and likely more, to do what he did, which is absolutely true, but at least he had the backing and support of Congress as well as the shallow state within the MIC. Who did Lazar have backing him outside of Knapp? Just think about what that man risked, and what would have likely happened to him if he didn’t begrudgingly heed Knapp’s advice by coming out publicaly in full view of the camera. If Grusch is to be considered a hero, then so should Lazar. Period. End of debate. In fact, by virtue of Lazar’s position, he was more of an insider than Grusch, who only obtained information about reverse engineering programs from others–a point that his detractors will likely use against him going forward.

    Regarding number 2 above: I can only come up with three reasons why these individuals would lie: a) they are on the dole or secretly working for one of the MIC factions not associated with the AOA; b) they don’t want to admit that they (and their life work) will not only be marginalized once the secret is out, but their ongoing sources of funding will evaporate as well; or c) they are part of a larger effort to control, and tamp down any potential histrionics, regarding a calculated roll out of a new human narrative, which will no doubt be very difficult for a good portion of the population to accept.

    Just my humble opinion.


  10. itsmeRitaC

    Hi there, i just saw the first ten minutes, in airport lol. Well, i would say that what you are wondering about regarding the DOD control over the topic is what i have been saying for five years now. 🙂 It is always more of the same and nothing new. Plus they throw in our ‘enemies’ and it is all about weapons, weapons, weapons. It seriously, and i know i am a broken record here with very few like minded people here, however. I think that many in the community have a goal of just hearing any one from the MIC saying UAP and then they are thrilled. But i also think they are folks who thought we needed to bomb Iraq because of WMD. The belief in TPB never really subsides even if they claim to not trust the government. Sad but i see it over and over again. This isn’t conjecture on my part, Richard. It is in podcasts and in comments.

    Thank you for your airport report. 🙂


      Much is still unknown. Many conclusions will be jumped to by people with strong legs and weak minds.

      They are memory holing so much.

      You should watch until the end to get LMH’s take on it. I love that lady. She may have some ideas I don’t particularly harken to, and she’s been fooled horribly in the past by some very BAD people, but I love her like the dickens and never miss her Wednesday night show. She is a light in the darkness.

  11. Craig Champion

    What a cool bonus, having this information divulged during the course of the conference. It’ll undoubtedly make for extra-special memories for many of the attendees.

    In thinking about the information that’s been released, it strikes me that Grusch is taking-on the role of a spokesperson. My impression is that this article and interviews are a bit like a press-release. One might naturally ask, “why now?” There do appear to be some interesting parallels with Lou Elizondo and his previous endeavors.

    I also wondered a bit about this statement in the article: “Jonathan Grey, the intelligence officer specializing in UAP analysis at the National Air and Space Intelligence Center, is speaking publicly for the first time, identified here under the identity he uses inside the agency.” In other words, he’s identified via a pseudonym utilized INSIDE that agency? I don’t quite get this; in-line with sources and methods protocol, wouldn’t that pseudonym be used OUTSIDE the agency? I dunno’, my expertise is apparently lacking. At any rate, he’s apparently an anonymous source.

    Additionally, there is, of course the classic issue of how a USAP program pertaining to the possession of alien craft is discovered in the first place, amid the labyrinth of compartmentalization and secrecy protocols. It’s interesting how Grusch’s filing a complaint of reprisal (albeit unclassified) has eventuated in this level of apparent disclosure. It almost feels like a pre-planned springboard. In other words, shouldn’t the focus remain on the alleged reprisal and not on the classified data pertaining to the reprisal, again due to its highly sensitive, classified nature? It’s a head-scratcher as to why the Defense Office of Prepublication and Security Review team would allow for this highly compartmentalized information to be released in the first place, in that their job is to ensure that no classified information is made public. Also interesting to me is how his attorney is the first ICIG. I dunno’. Again, some of these elements feel curious, almost like a pre-planned, coordinated effort, not that any of these issues necessarily detract from an honest effort toward disclosure.

    Isn’t it interesting that AARO is so out-of-touch with the plethora of ufo data. They may be subsequently playing the “we don’t have clearance” card, but, hey – what’s the point here. I sometimes wonder whether Congress has any more access to real data than we do.

    Lots to unpack here. Although not released at the publication level of the Washington Post or New York Times and of course needing further analysis, this nonetheless appears to be historically noteworthy. It’ll be fascinating to see how this plays-out.

    Thanks, Richard!

  12. MarkH

    Hi Richard
    I don’t think anything will progress in a positive fashion with mainstream media until Grusch outlasts the inevitable slings and arrows of putting his head above the parapet Im seeing at the moment from the usual suspects. There are positive signs in a recent poll online that Grusch was seen as a patriot and not a conman. I think the complaint he filed went a long way to reinforcing that outcome in the survey, along with all the other officials that have vouched for his credibility.
    J Grey is abrogating responsibly, but in stating those words, he also admits “fault”, acknowledging the US’s part in the crime. And we can assume from recent statements from AAROW that the other culprits are the “5 Eyes – FVEY (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, USA)” in the coverup.
    Wow, what a week. Well, will disclosing recovered craft and bodies mean disclosing visitations, abductions and the consciousness component? Will we learn something shocking and unfathomable for even those who follow UFOs? Motives?
    The exponential avalanche is on the horizon. I think “Baby steps” just learned to run.

    A meeting of Great Minds Contact in the Desert.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Well, I was recording it in the Charlotte airport and trying not to be too loud. But yes, the audio came out too soft during those parts.

  13. elevator

    It’s certainly a lot easier, on a sliding scale, for the “Government” to admit that there are non-human craft in our skies than to state that the non-humans have been performing animal mutilations, abducting humans and possibly maintaining a hybridization program. As you say Richard, various levels of disclosure. One reason for that could be that different entities within the government have more information than others regarding these issues. And considering that we may be dealing with several different species and entities with varying agendas it is entirely possible nobody has the entire truth, which I believe to be the case. However, in order to begin to process the answers to arrive at something approaching the total explanation will require a combined effort at so many levels it is almost impossible to grasp. But, without beginning the work with the revelation of what we do know for sure we are lost.


    This Grusch guy hasn’t given or even offered a single document, photograph or video. Not a teensy piece of metal or anything. Read what he says. “Other people told me.”

    He was groomed by Luis Elizondo to be his replacement as the new “star” of the UFO world. Lue gave us NOTHING we didn’t already know, and this guy won’t either. If he tells anyone anything, it won’t be us.

    What he will do is herald the naked threat narrative. Big money there. Just when you thought they couldn’t con us out of any more trillions of dollars…

    If president Biden were to pass away just when things were VERY THREATENING, it’s going to be COG all the way.

    If the Russians have UFO weapons tech, too, are we now experiencing a post-nuclear MAD standoff? What happens if UFO-tech weapons get used in Ukraine?

    Everyone needs to stop jizzing their drawers and start thinking about this. The UFO world is more than just entertainment.

    If there’s anything real to this, Richard, what about the breakaway civilization? That used to be “your thing” but I can’t remember the last time you talked about it. If there’s anything real to this, has the breakaway civilization reached the level that our dear colleague Linda Moulton Howe talks of? I listen to her every Wednesday evening. I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting her in person and envy you in the worst way. Whether she is right or wrong about anything, she is a dear, dear loving person and one of the brightest lights we have, regardless.

    Now start answering my questions, bub! Don’t let me draw my own conclusions here, because I’ve got a mighty big pencil. LOL.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I do think we have to be careful and rigorous with all this new information. A big part of me was ALL over this. But I am thinking about it. I am not prepared to say this is an “op” or something negative. But I do want to move slowly on this and not take a rash step. We just recorded an OTC which we are about to release and I end the podcast with some concerns — not even specifically about this per se, but in general.


        I thought that in spite of your excitement, that you were the model of, well, what a modern UFOlogist should be. You DID say we should wait and see. You DID say there were reasons for reserving judgement. You did at least that, and I thank you for it.

        I was a little surprised at Mr. Bassett’s reaction, having expected something a little more reserved. I guess, that like many of us chronologically gifted persons in the field, he wants justification for a lifetime of work before he dies. I think he’s gotten a little too chummy with the DC Opsters. I wish him the best for all his good work.

        1. Richard Dolan Post author

          Thanks for this feedback. Yeah, the thing is that I have an almost genetic disposition NOT to get worked up over new revelations. Sometimes this works against me, since I don’t jump into the fray right away, but overall I am glad for this quality. Steve was indeed VERY emphatic and optimistic! I spoke to him last night and he still is. 🙂

  15. Durkle

    Could this be the “ cosmic stargate” event that will change the history of everything? Or did I just drink some tainted “kool aid”. It seems for one side of ufo opinion the news is too good. For the other side the information is obviously is fake because if any part of it was true , their belief systems would come into question. We truly live in interesting times. Loved getting the information first hand from the conference.

  16. Ted2

    BTW – You should read the tepid DOD (Susan Gough) response (kind of) to the Grusch story.

  17. Lazy Mystic

    It is interesting to note the date this broke in the news streams — June 6… you know, D-Day… the, uhh, INVASION of Normandy.

    Psy op?

    We must always stay grounded, critical, vigilant.

    Various factions will spin this for various agendas.

    I am personally grateful that this story broke (whatever games will be played with it), as it puts into the official Federal/Congressional record the essential concepts:

    – “we are not alone” (trite but true)
    – NONhuman exotic tech & bodies are in custody
    – there has been a TERRIBLE & deeply illegal decades-long Coverup against Congress & We The People

    These fundamental developments cannot be undone.
    This IS truly historic.

    Also —

    As i wrote before
    (i hope we Members with you, Richard, can dissect this event afterward):

    “Dr.” Steven Greer* is hosting a press conference @
    National Press Club June 12, @ 2p.m.


    *Yes, i am among probably a majority of the Members here holding many concerns about Mr. Greer’s personality, some of his unsubstantiated claims, and his distasteful penchant for narcissistically wrapping the UFO story around his ‘Special’ personhood at the center of it all (i.e. he’s culty), BUT on the other hand he has
    HAS been consistently pushing for Disclosure for a long time… so we can sift through his complexity for the worthwhile nuggets, eh?


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