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By | December 12, 2023

Hi Everyone —

Got a new program for tonight — a year-end review of 2023 (assuming nothing Earth-shattering occurs in the next three weeks!)

I wrote this description for the Youtube video:

Richard gives a comprehensive “Year in Review” treatment of 2023, a year of immense activity relating to UFO/UAP. It was marked by dramatic revelations of alien technology and “biologics,” but also by the momentum and failure of Congress to establish a responsible mechanism by which to obtain genuine data and information about this subject. What were the victories and failures? Where are we likely headed in the coming year and beyond?

I’ve got some high hopes for this program. Hope to see you there!


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  1. Thomas Hickey

    Is there any chance that China or Russia release some UAP information to make life difficult for the US? It seems like the US republic is done, with the MIC controlling Congress rather than the other way around so my expectations from our government are close to zero.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      It’s a legit question, and I’ve wondered about this for at least about ten years. My take is that the Russian and Chinese govts are intrinsically conservative and probably not likely to want to rock the boat any more than the U.S. But we are in volatile times and in an undeclared state of hostilities. Anything is possible, I would think.

  2. Stojan Karlusic

    Yes Richard, it is always about the ETs. Why are they here? The Government is a smaller actor than the ET presence itself.

  3. Ted2

    Here are a few thoughts about how we got here, where we are and where we’re going. I think that your past view of the government’s stance regarding UFOs was pretty spot on. It’s obvious that the Ralph Blumenthal/Leslie Kane 2017 New York Times article was a major enabler in getting the UFO disclosure ball rolling down the hill. At that time, the forces arrayed against disclosure had both the position and power to largely stymie most efforts by pro-disclosure proponents.

    During the interval between then and now, you correctly assessed the situation and came up with the red line of disclosure. At that time, you noted that the forces opposing disclosure, both governmental and nongovernmental, would not admit to the UFO reality nor to the fact that the government, in concert with aerospace companies possessed non– human craft (dual red lines). When that article and additional UFO/military encounters perked congressional interest, the DOD established its first public UFO group. As I remember, you stated that basically the organization would never accomplish much other than to say there was something out there that we don’t know about and need to continue to study (with the notion that that effort would continue in perpetuity without providing anything substantial). That organization would act as a buffer between the public and the truth with those in power, both in the Congress and the executive branches, keeping a tamper on any activities or revelations outside the scope of their hand-picked oversight group.

    But something went wrong. In their haste to set up an initial “investigative group” (the UAP Task Force -UAPTF), they did not closely control the activities of their original group. Consequently, David Grusch, from the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, was employed and tasked by the UAPTF director (Jay Stratton) with finding all Special Access Programs & Controlled Access Programs (SAPs/CAPs) above congressional oversight related to UAPs. As we know his findings penetrated well into the curtain that the governmental disclosure proponents were trying to maintain. This resulted in a Project Sign/Project Grudge-like transition resulting in the creation of ARRO. Grusch’s disclosures and subsequent hearing testimony potentially pushed the anti-disclosure forces closer to your red line. To a certain extent, it also limited the utility of ARRO in hindering useful government investigations into UFOs. Under Sean Kirkpatrick, it was a rather feeble tool to downgrade sightings and the phenomena with the eventual transition of Kirkpatrick out the door.
    The Schumer/Rounds amendment may have been a Trojan horse forcing the governmental disclosure opponents (both defense and congressional) to use all their power and position to neutralize it. To the most casual of observers, in effect, they have endorsed the UFO reality, Grusch’s claims and the extent to which they will oppose disclosure.

    While efforts to promote UFO disclosure have galvanized its opponents, the efforts of the opponents to stymie UFO legislation has have the same effect on disclosure proponents. For the anti-UFO group, the enemy is at the gates. There is little that they can do to try to stall disclosure progress by researching the topic to death. The forces for disclosure have pushed their noses right up to the edge of your redline.

    While the disclosure opponents can use their legislative end DOD muscle to stall legislation, maybe for several years, the inevitable is staring them in the face. Forthcoming congressional hearings with new witnesses and UFO revelations are around the corner. The last vestiges of criticism of Grusch’s claims – that they are second-hand, or hearsay have to been put to rest as it was confirmed that he has been read into one of the secret UFO programs. Lacatski has admitted that there is a genuine UFO that has been internally examined. The ICIG investigation findings have yet to be revealed.

    The DOD is behaving like a two-headed boxer that is fighting itself – trying to hide facts on one hand while revealing others.

    The UFO opponents have enacted their Plan A by necessity. What now? Recently somebody coined the term “catastrophic disclosure”. Jeremy Corbell noted that now insiders with information they want exposed may go rogue and reveal secrets that probably should be withheld. New revelations will ultimately result in legislation that at some point will win the day for disclosure advocates. The anti-disclosure folks are probably going to have to move the redline. At this point, they probably realize that the jig is up and are figuring out what information they have to reveal and what they can hide or negotiate to their advantage. A Plan B is in store.

      1. Richard Lamb

        A top analysis from Ted. So, would the suggestion that the now-axed legislation was, ineffect, a political ambush? Key players have been outed and shown for their machinations, eg. the attempt to sabotage Tim Burchett’s re-election. A planned-for reaction was elicited.

  4. W.R. Velthuis

    Richard, you forgot one thing which is coming down the line in 10-20 years, the effect of the world wide rapid decline of birth rates (except a few countries in Africa), which will make it very hard to keep societies running as a small group has to pay for healthcare, roads, education etc etc, with sky rocketing taxes as a result, and without enough farmers, teachers, doctors you name what.

    For decades now, many countries have been unable to sustain a population replacement birth rate, including in Western Europe, South Korea, Japan, and, most ominously, China. The societal and social impacts of this demographical decline are vast.
    I think that’s the reason for mass immigration, upcoming food hubs, UBI, more control, surveillance, CBDC etc. as it will disrupt societies.
    The population of the US for example will shrink 20% for every generation. China is expected to go from 1300 to 650 million by 2050…

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Yes, I agree this is a big problem. Many of us may feel there are too many humans, etc. But even if this is true, a rapid depopulation is going to have challenges for sure. But I would not think insurmountable. The world recovered after the Black Death, and I would think humanity would get through this difficulty. BUT … the transition is not likely to be fun at all.

  5. Headhunter01

    Richard, have you read that new book by Garrett Graff?
    I can imagine you just haven’t had the time.
    But as soon as you have read it, I’m really looking
    forward to your comments on that, just as I’m always
    interested in your take on the actualities…
    Giel & Vondelen

      1. Headhunter01

        And while you’re at it… with regard to your excellent remark about anti-gravity research…
        Might as well catch up with that remarkable book “The hunt for zero point” by Nick Cook.
        Gives you something to do in the holidays!


  6. Arthur Preston

    Hi Richard

    Great review, but you got some stuff wrong about the China Spy Balloon, and the 3 unidentified objects shot down in Alaska, Yukon, and Lake Huron.

    Check out the deep dive I recently did on the shootdowns.

    Feb 1st 2023: China Spy Balloon spotted Montana
    Feb 1st 2023: @rosscoulthart reports UFOs intercepted Arctic
    Feb 10th 2023: Unidentified silver cylinder shot down Deadhorse AK
    Feb 11th 2023: Unidentified cylinder shot down Yukon Canada
    Feb 11th 2023: Unidentified radar track Montana FAA closes airspace, intercepted
    Feb 12th 2023: Unidentified Octagon object shot down Lake Huron
    Feb 12th 2023: Unidentified object China’s Shandong province intercepted
    Feb 14th 2023: Unidentified “balloon-like” object Romania/Moldovia intercepted
    Mar 25th 2023: Unidentified radar track South central Texas Intercepted
    May 1st 2023: Unidentified “spherical object” Hawaii Intercepted
    May 13th 2023: Unidentified radar track Poland

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