TONIGHT. Disclosure in a Divided World: YouTube Reboot.

By | March 16, 2021

Hi Everyone, 🙂

Tonight I will be doing a livestream on my YouTube Channel that will deal with the theme I brought up in my latest Fireside Chat with you, namely “Disclosure in a Divided World.” However, this won’t be exactly the same as the first one. Similar, yes, but with differences. 

One of your comments on my last video here was to the point: “It’s the Aliens, stupid.” And yes, that is a good call, and something I will be bringing in toward the end of the video. In addition, there will be quite a few other thoughts, also in the latter half, that will open up the socio-global implications of the trends we are seeing in this world. And a few other things. 

So in other words, I decided to tweak what I did and represent it for YouTube. 

As always, the show starts at 8 p.m. Eastern Time at my YouTube Channel. But you can also simply click the above image to go right to the video. If you click the title bar at the top of the video, you will go straight to YouTube which will allow you to participate in the live chat over there. 

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Okay, see you tonight! 


19 thoughts on “TONIGHT. Disclosure in a Divided World: YouTube Reboot.

  1. itsmeRitaC

    I am listening to this live since i really didn’t listen to the previous one. So of course i need to post as i hear or will forget by the end.

    I don’t think the nytimes is any more trust worthy in december of 2017 than it was a year before or after. I also didn’t think the so called disclosure was very exciting. I think the Phoenix lights were better. I could list many better reports. Unless it is because you are thinking the military is more acceptable? But what about all the well known military officers who put their reputations on the line back in the fifties and sixties? I am not impressed by the recent stuff. And obviously i am not alone, because it didn’t cause a sensation as far as i can tell.

    I also have no reason to think the tiny video we saw was really that low quality for the brass. I also figured it was edited.

    And what you are referring to as ‘fascist disclosure’ i think, is another term for perception management? But i may not be understanding you correctly.

    And that is what i have seen in past three years. We must wait for the pentagon to tell us what is real and true. They are our authority. Plus former counter intelligence agents doing the interview circuit now.

    Elizondo recently said that Doty is one of two rogue agents and were working outside of their job descriptions and there has never been a disinformation program. In fact, he went on to say that Ninety percent of those in the ufo community itself were doing the disinformation and it had nothing to do with any government operations.

    Oh, listening again. People actually do think it is possibly China or more often, our own technology. That is what i hear and i ask people about it.

  2. PressToDigitate

    Does anyone believe, for even a minute, that the UAPTF Report requirement would have been inserted into the NDAA *by the Senate Intelligence Committee* unless the Deep State [Majestic] *ITSELF* actively *wanted* it to be in there, for the Report to be used in releasing the new preferred narrative on the ETUFO issue? This inarguable political reality renders *moot* all the silly debates now going on within Ufology about whether the official responsible for preparing the report is of the proper rank, or has the right clearances or access, or enough time on the job, or the support of his superiors, or the collaboration of other services and intel agencies, or sufficient time or budget to do the report justice, or enough slides in his powerpoint to accommodate all the cases at his disposal. Puhleeeze! Let’s get real: It wouldn’t have been set up in the first place, except as a forum for The New False Narrative, to – seemingly, ‘authoritatively’ – replace The Old False Narrative (that “They [ETUFO] don’t even exist”). Sorry, but ‘Little Marco’ is not some intrepid maverick ‘Truth Crusader’; he’s a Deep State functionary, as are Warner and Burr, and everyone else [allowed to be] on that Committee; its in the NDAA because the actual “Insiders” must have *wanted* it to be there. After we’ve been victimized by psy-ops lies from the National Security State (Deep State) about Russia, Ukraine, COVID, and Elections, and COVID – and *Recently* – all in a coordinated strategic fashion, Is it reasonable to expect that they’re suddenly just going to play it straight on Disclosure with this Report? Or that they went to the trouble of conjuring up this Report forum, merely to repeat The Old False Narrative (which nobody seriously believes anymore anyway)? To release a few more Tic Tac vids, just to satiate idle public curiosity? No, all of those are irrational; the only thing that makes sense is that A New False Narrative is coming.

    Since, contrary to the fantasies of the ‘Cumbaya Caucus’ within Ufology, there is *less than zero evidence* that the military is manufacturing a fake Alien Invasion “threat” to scare everyone into new weapons appropriations (that would have been handled *VERY* differently in Washington – and in Senate Intelligence), we are forced to confront the apparent reality of [official] Human Collaboration with the in-fact *Genuine* Alien Invasion, that has demonstrably been discretely underway for the past 65 years. Why is it so hard to believe that our sworn ‘protectors’ in the CIA, FBI, NSA, DIA, DHS and Pentagon could have SOLD US OUT to an Invasive Species? They’ve just waged two Coup Attempts, rigged a U.S Presidential election, launched a global, engineered Eugenic Plague, exacerbated it with intentionally fraudulent public health policies, and covered up all of the above. “Your Tax Dollars At Work”, as they used to say. Whether its by ‘Vichy Collaboration’ or ‘Hybrid Infiltration’, or, most likely, *Both*, it seems preposterous to assume all this is somehow separate from the Grand Conspiracy, or from the ETUFO Presence, or that the two are not one-in-the-same, running that Deep State responsible for it all – and for the ETs own strategic purposes.

    There *are* pragmatic approaches to undercutting the Censorship, to provoking a public awareness of the ETUFO problem, and to mobilizing Humanity to confront the situation intelligently, rather than with superstition, religion, or other magical thinking. While the world has every right to expect Ufology to be its vanguard in apprehending the problem, and to point the way to understanding and solutions, there seems little indication of its readiness to do so, now, when it matters. Because “the fix is in”, we can reject all of the scenarios about “economic collapse” or WWIII with China, or anything else that would be further destabilizing; They have already just let loose all of the destabilization that Their plan can tolerate. This is precisely *why* we have kindly, familiar, Old Gropin’ Joe as Puppet POTUS right now to begin with; a “calming influence”. They need ‘stability’ – and isolation and boredom and “work from home” are all consistent with that – to get a ‘critical mass’ of Humanity to eagerly jack-in with the new AR/VR & BCI 5G gadgets that are forthcoming. To take the place “whole”, herding our public into Their cloud-based ‘Hive Mind’, through an electronic Drone Yoke, is the Aliens’ – and, thus, our Deep State’s – highest (and overriding) priority. It has been since 1969, when ARPAnet first went online; and, *They Told Us So* at the time: .

    Let’s discuss some of the ‘pragmatic measures’ we might take to restore and preserve the assured distribution of Alternative Media, for particular application to the future of an ‘ETUFO Truth Movement’, as a successor to hobbyist “Birdwatching” Ufology, in a world where official “Disclosure” has come and gone – and ‘gone bad’.

    1. Ron Holmes UK

      PTD, really good points and I agree with the bulk of them. They’re very well made and thought out – which makes them hard to go against, but I do think there’s some leeway to be had with one of them.

      Regarding the implausibility of someone “sneaking” a UFO Disclosure bill through with something else… yes, I’ve always thought this deeply unlikely, but there is also an inherent danger in overestimating your opponent too. They’re powerful, but not perfect. No one is.

      I often have to force myself to remember the past to really push that point home in my own mind. I think back to JFK, and the unimaginable hatchet job they did of that cover-up. Then add in RFK, MLK, Lennon and even the attempts on Regan and the Pope… Dare I even mention 911 for a more up-to-date example? Either way, I think there’s sufficient proof of their fallibility buried somewhere in that lot.

      So was this genuinely just a wrinkle in the system being exploited by a motivated expert who saw an opportunity, and somehow he just snuck it through?

      Like you, I remain doubtful, but I do have to concede that it IS possible.

      I really enjoy reading your comments and responses to Richard’s work, please keep up the excellent work and the clearly very intelligent analysis.

      1. PressToDigitate

        Thank you for your reply.
        But, I hasten to point out that the coverups of the Kennedy Assassinations, and 9/11 – along with, to this very day, that of Roswell, itself, are examples of *successful* subterfuge by the Aliens and their Vichy Collaborators within our Deep State. The fact that *we* probably know the truth behind these events, and that it has been chronicled in dozens (if not hundreds) of books in each case, is *irrelevant* – because nobody outside our “Fringe” Alternative Subculture takes any of such “Conspiracy Theory” seriously enough to act upon it.
        Little Marco is a ‘waterboy’ for the Deep State, and that Committee is kept packed with “dependable” politicians who can be counted upon to do the bidding of the Intelligence Community. Even if HE had been a renegade in proposing the UAPTF Report, the others would not have gone along with it unless the outcome was intended to be useful to Them. Why do you think nothing happened after the Snowden Epiphany in 2013?

    2. itsmeRitaC

      Richard, speaking of agendas and hybrids, etc, i had not been aware, until Bob brought it to my attention in the forum today, that there is a very bizarre CIA related group called Collins Elite. Everything that had been disturbing me regarding certain postings here for the past year here is literally covered by Nick Redfern interview i have found.

      This group evidently has been involved with promoting the idea of ET as literal demons as in the christian particular mythology. And ‘soul transfers’ which i have only seen on this site, btw. and ET hybrid programs that need one world government for them to prevail so satan shall take over the human race as in vacation bible school, or so i have heard from christian friends. I am very interested in knowing what you know about this group and if you are or aren’t aware of what Nick Redfern wrote about them.

      Thank you. I find this extremely disturbing and i knew i was uncomfortable with certain directions from posters i have read here. Sorry, but if i am not real, i don’t see the point in posting here. Is this all one big coincidence? I couldn’t be more serious Richard. It is indeed a CIA operation.


      1. Richard Dolan Post author

        Yes, when Nick first wrote about this group, I wondered if he was overstating things a bit. But I think he was on to something. Certainly within the US military there is often a fairly conservative and sometimes religious subculture, so it makes sense. Ultimately, we all approach this subject from some sort of ideological perspective. Believe me, over the years I too have encountered people whose ideology differs from mine. However, I usually find I can still learn from them, and ultimately the differences of opinion don’t really change the world in any way so I’ve essentially stopped caring. Okay … there are some genuine crazies out there, so I avoid them. But I think you know what I mean.

        1. itsmeRitaC

          Thanks Richard. I do know what you mean. I brought it up because Bob said that it is that particular group that he has come to believe is the reason for fear of disclosure on the inside. So i looked them up and found that to be a very worrisome situation. And i figure Bob has inside information that i certainly don’t have access to. Heck, i never heard of Collins Elite until two days ago. 🙂

      2. PressToDigitate

        You’ve seen me be as critical of the ” ‘Angels’ vs. ‘Demons’ ” crowd in Ufology as anyone out there. My interpretation of the evidence, that we are being Colonized, has nothing to do with anyone’s religious mythology. It certainly has nothing to do with any Christian Reactionary “Collins Elite” cult in the government (if it ever existed and still exists), who purportedly believe that paying attention to the ETUFO subject somehow “feeds the demons”. No, the scenario I have argued is based on numerous, mutually corroborative, independent reports of confirmed physical Abductees, and on the intractable LOGISTICS of Interstellar Migration – which don’t change that much regardless of your level of technology, speed of your vessel, or level of ‘spiritual advancement’.

        I direct your attention to “Glimpses of Other Realities” Volume II, by Linda Moulton-Howe, Chapter 4 (pgs. 235 – 344) “Body Containers and Souls of Light”. While there are thousands of descriptions by Contactees and Abductees of their Souls being ‘taken out of their body’ during encounter experiences, Linda details some who were observant enough – when taken *physically* – to recount details of the Alien technology involved. Now, I personally believe the Christians are off-base in their resorting to “Demonology” for explanations, when technological hardware is clearly involved. Nigel Kerner, who is not a Christian, also shares their faulty interpretation that Aliens somehow want to extract *our* Souls – for ‘something’. (Of course, no explanation is ever offered as to what *use* OUR Souls we be to Them, be they “Demons” or otherwise”.) My contention is that They have no use for *our* Souls, because They have Millions (to Billions) of Their Own Souls along with Them on Their expedition to Earth (in a Quantum “Box”, of some sort) , because THAT’S HOW YOU’D MIGRATE LARGE POPULATIONS BETWEEN THE STARS, and there is probably NO OTHER WAY TO DO SO. A disembodied Soul (let alone, Millions of Them) offers no Mass, occupies no Volume, does not Inhale or Exhale, and neither must Eat or Excrete; it is the *Perfect & Ideal* passenger for an Interstellar Migration.

        Without a reservoir population of discarnate Crew & Colonists to “embody”, you have no rationale for the production of Hybrids (which the Aliens *themselves* refer to as “Containers”), and, therefore, no rationale for any of the Abductions. Since Abductions are CLEARLY *Our Best Evidence* for the ETUFO presence (owing to the ICPMS data from the extracted Abductee Implants), the physical Abductees and their common observations are our strongest evidence – and they widely, if not overwhelmingly in recent years, attest to the commonality of Hybrids among the Alien Crew. The increasing prevalence of passable Hybrids reported among the Abductors’ ranks, over time, supports the theory that passengers are being decamped from Quantum Stasis into these biological Containers at an accelerating pace, with increasing success in perfecting superficial Human resemblance and suppressing visible manifestations of the infused Alien DNA.

        If we look at the *scale* on which Abductions (and consequent germline harvesting) are occurring, it becomes obvious that this is not some discrete ‘Observation’ Mission, to watch us “in our natural habitat” in Human form, or, merely to advise and “improve” us through covert Social Manipulation. What’s more, if In-Vitro Fertilization becomes widely accepted and commonplace – as COVID-19 virtually assures – then whatever “tweak” the Aliens require to make Human zygotes suitable for occupation can be implemented on a massive scale, increasing Their rate of “disembarkation” by at least three Orders-of-Magnitude (from Tens/Hundreds of Thousands to Tens/Hundreds of Millions, annually). I fail to see where religious iconography, Christian or otherwise, needs to be invoked to explain this. If an advanced Invasive Species has developed a form of “Technologically-mediated Reincarnation” (as a result of being innately psychic and not making such research a scientific “taboo” for generations, as we have), that They would certainly use that technology in colonizing space; particularly if They had some imperative to do so (i.e. some need to relocate, such as war, natural disaster, etc. on Their homeworld). This hypothesis just fits more data points to the curve than any other we have yet, in explaining the particulars of Their presence that have been widely observed and reported. I believe that THIS is what the CIA has been covering up all these years.

        1. itsmeRitaC

          Hi David,

          ” My contention is that They have no use for *our* Souls, because They have Millions (to Billions) of Their Own Souls along with Them on Their expedition to Earth (in a Quantum “Box”, of some sort)”

          If you could explain what exactly a quantum box is, i would think that you have quite an invention or patent on your hands!! Can you tell me how it is made? And what it means exactly. I sort of got side tracked with that and wanted to know more because it is a great image in my mind to be honest.

          Actually, ‘demons’ would be the dark age interpretation of what are now called evil ET. So i see it as an equivalency. But personally i think that people who work in the field of tech, over project the concept. Tech is not any kind of savior as far as i am concerned. Particularly not on the level that gets created by the minds who are currently creating it.

          I don’t know how ‘abductees’ know that they have lost their souls. But if they have, how are they walking around on earth and reporting to LMH and Jacobs? Does Jacobs get a bit disconcerted when all these ‘people’ , who would appear like zombies, keep coming into his office and talking to him? I would not even bother with hypnosis with the walking dead. But that is me for ya! 😉

          The devil is supposedly in the business of stealing souls, in Christian mythology. That is what i had thought anyway. And humans are not responsible for what they do if the devil made them do it. Isn’t that also in that religious tradition? I have been told that from people who say they are in fact ‘Christians’. So that is how i see some similarities. And you have attributed bad human behavior to the work of ET in history. Even through hybridization. It wasn’t the ‘humans’ fault’.

          A ‘demon’ by any other name………………………………………………….

          It is always fun ptd! 🙂

  3. Yabbadabbado

    Hi Richard,

    I love to hear your talks which synthesize in a multidisciplinary way. I get a sense that you are on the right track, and thank you for sharing the evolution of your thinking. On the other hand, I still look at how violent & discriminatory the people in our world can be, and I think of Michio Kaku’s theories about the stages of planetary evolution, and maybe we need to have some form of mind control before we can enter the community of planetary worlds. So, I listen hungrily, but also I wonder if these impending changes will lead to a better world. Shrug.

  4. blackboxoutside

    Great YT video for the non-RD-members. You were on point and on fire 🔥 – I especially loved the last part! 🙂

  5. mcwest50

    Your summation of recent events that is leading to totalitarian rule by those left standing
    at the controls of industry and government, those plutocrat vampires of society taking good
    people who don’t believe or can’t except this sinister plan to rob them of all that they thought
    was an inalienable right as a member of this Republic now waking to this nightmare. Our basic
    freedoms stripped and left to kneel or get cancelled. Resist, resist, resist! My wife and I see
    what looks like a train out of control being sent down a track that ends……..badly We looking
    to secure what is difficult to secure thanks to government rules tied to those who will not
    feel the pain of the crash. This is my stress, will there be a retirement we dreamed of our one
    of a meager potato harvest. We need alternate media and guard it from the ghouls. We must
    look at ourselves for our lack of vision in this world that will not allow real disclosure, Richard is
    right the window is closing fast, and PTD you may be right disclosure may have come and gone

  6. Ron Holmes UK

    Hi Richard, I really enjoyed both versions of this chat – although the youtube live chat comments by the viewers rapidly reminded me why I much prefer this place as a source of info. It’s dangerous / weird out there man! Hope you get the 100K soon, I don’t doubt it’ll come.

    I watched FTB the other day with Steve Bassett, and wondered if you saw it?

    I don’t know if I’m getting a bit cynical in my old age, but according to Steve: Disclosure will be in two or three months.
    I feel like we’ve heard this a lot from him over the years. Now, to be fair, I love his passion for the subject and he’s overall a great asset to the “movement,” but he sure does keep repeating himself on this point. That devalues the other things he says and doesn’t do his credibility much good either. I just wish he wouldn’t always hit the “Disclosure” button so damn hard.

    Also, I have been seeing some excellent work from Jay at Project Unity lately. He really is one to watch and his content is of exceptional quality.

    He recently tweeted out a link to an old Youtube video of someone using the Fitbit tracking information (you know the health monitor things that tell you how far you’ve walked today etc?) to show what was happening in Antarctica. It “seems” to give away the location of several secret bases, some of them on multiple levels.

    I was a bit skeptical at first, but it’s clearly not just activity on the more populated coastal areas, McMurdo etc, these were tracks in the interior where people really have no reason to be. It was genuinely fascinating. Was wondering if you were aware of this? It’s a few years old now, but really interesting to me because I hadn’t seen it previously.

    Here’s the link just in case you missed it too:

    I hope you and yours are all well, and I’m looking forward to the next upload greatly.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hi Ron, thanks for the info about Steve. I did not know he said that specifically, but of course he has been talking about impending Disclosure for over twenty years. The only exception was during the Trump years, which really upset him. But now that the Democratic Party is in the White House, he seems to think Disclosure is a done deal. He is a perceptive and often deep thinker on this subject, but his conventional political positions have always puzzled me — something I have told him countless times over many years! Regarding Jay at Project Unity, I totally agree (we will probably do an interview soon), and I will definitely check that link. Thank you.

  7. Rob Jeffs

    On alien motives…
    I accept the possibility of an alien presence on Earth (not just visiting us), which consists of multiple biological alien species. Plus psi-related effects. So I have to accept that there are implications – monumentally huge ones at that; even if we’re just engaging in a thought exercise.
    Some of those implications include alien civilisations at different levels of technological sophistication and age.
    None have chosen to make open, formal contact, which may imply that ‘first contact’ is problematic, perhaps more so with primitive planets (i.e. the demands that different native governments would make upon a potential alien benefactor and the divisions that would cause).
    Even without formal contact, the various alien civilisations represented on Earth (both long term visitors and transient) present a problem to themselves in regard to conflicting agendas and any duty they may take upon themselves to protect a unique resource (which includes us primitive humans).

    Meanwhile, what do we see down here? Evidence that some military &/or government insiders are very aware of alien visitors. However, no one has an official job description that includes communicating this to the public; and any loss of secrecy represents a potential loss of useful information and access to windfall technology.

    On the plus side, it seems reasonable that some alien groups would act protectively towards developing civilisations, just as enlightened nations help to protect indigenous populations and wildlife. There would be little of intrinsic value on Earth that couldn’t be obtained elsewhere; but we would represent a unique resource in terms of scientific novelty.

    What we appear to see is significant diversity in the alien presence, which in itself, is cause for hope: one, because it indicates that we can develop much further; and two, because these visitors appear to have secured the ability and freedom to explore the galaxy almost anarchically (given the diversity of entities and their observed behaviours).

  8. david

    Thanks Richard, I was nodding along the whole time! I’m trying so hard not to follow the mainstream news but I can’t help myself and doing so only upsets me. Maybe I just hope one day I look at the news and see things start turning around for the better and we will wake up from this bad dream! It’s hard to see how that will happen and if it does it feels like it will take a very long time. My wife and I spend as much time going out for nice walks around South Oxfordshire and getting away from our smartphones as much as possible which isn’t easy in these lockdown times but being among nature has been a massive stress reliever. So make hay whilst the sun shines is my motto 👍

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