The UAP Task Force Report: A Mystery Buried Amid the Jargon

By | June 25, 2021

Greetings everyone.

Today, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence released the unclassified version of the famous UAP Task Force Report, officially titled “Preliminary Assessment: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.” It’s dated June 25, 2021.

You can download it here.

The entire paper is just nine pages long, and that includes the title page as well as two Appendix pages, which add nothing to the report. So it’s essentially six pages. I suspect that everyone who reads this, including anyone from the general public who lack any real knowledge of UFO/UAP, will be extremely surprised at how threadbare this report is. Granted, we were led some time ago to understand it would be thin, to say the least. And I was certainly not expecting anything substantial at this point, but even so, I must say I was expecting more than six pages.

Frankly, this report is an exercise in bureaucratic jargon, and the unclassified version at least clearly seeks to avoid providing much of any genuine information.

However – and this is a big however – there are very interesting tidbits buried in here. And indeed, despite the fact that this report studiously avoids trying to make any conclusions about UAP, it contains a potentially provocative conclusion. The only problem is that you have to lift out a few statements that are scattered in different sections and piece them together.

Point number one. Although the authors do not point to any specific culprit as being the primary source of these objects, they do state that they found no evidence that any of these objects were U.S.-derived technology. Of course, we knew this in advance, more or less, from the various media reports that already came out.

Point number two. But there is something else. The authors found no evidence that any of these UAP (144 reports, incidentally) came from Russia, China, or any other foreign nation.

Point number three. Furthermore, the report also states that these UAP are for the most part solid, real objects and surely appear to be technological. 

Point number four. It’s also stated that these objects have caused a fair amount of havoc during U.S. military exercises and a number of near-mid-air collisions.

Point number five. Some of these objects apparently are puzzling in their flight characteristics and not easily explainable. 

Each of these various statements are scattered throughout the report, easy for the casual reader to miss, typically buried within long-winded sentences and paragraphs.

But this report, despite its skimpy nature, opens up a potential public relations problem. After all, if not U.S. tech (military or industry) and not a foreign nation, and they appear to be solid and technological, and they cause an air safety hazard and a potential national security “challenge,” and they sometimes exhibit puzzling flight characteristics, then what are we talking about?

With that said, I’ll do a quick breakdown of the various (small) sections within the report, although it’s probably just as easy if you read the report yourself.

First is the “Scope and Assumptions” section, which merely states that this report:

“provides an overview for policymakers of the challenges associated with characterizing the potential threat posed by UAP while also providing relevant processes, policies, technologies, and training for the U.S. military and other U.S. government (USG) personnel if and when they encounter UAP, so as to enhance the Intelligence Community’s (IC) ability to understand the threat.”

Presumably whoever wrote this run-on sentence failed English Composition 101. Aside from that, we learn that the purpose of the report is not to explain what these objects are, but merely to provide an overview of the challenges of understanding a potential UAP threat.

In other words, there is no information in this report about any specific UAP/UFO event. This is important to recognize. There are no cases specifically described.

Which means that for the general public, at least, there is no information upon which to gain a clear picture of precisely what was examined.

The “Executive Summary,” provides a barebones summary of the following sections. But first, a disclaimer:

“The limited amount of high-quality reporting on Unidentified Ariel Phenomena (UAP) hampers our ability to draw firm conclusions about the nature or intent of UAP.”

Therefore, right away we see this report is not going to give us any firm conclusions about anything.

We also learn that this report covers the years 2004 to 2021, and apparently really zeroing in mainly on the last few years, following the codification of UAP reporting procedures as indicated by the United States Navy in 2019 (although there is no indication about the nature of those procedures). So presumably they looked at the Tic Tac case but never mentioned a word about it. Or any other case.

In this section, the report does state that:

“most of the UAP reports probably do represent physical objects given that a majority of UAP were registered across multiple sensors…”

While the report emphasizes that there are probably multiple answers to the UAP reports it investigated, only one actual case seems to have an explanation at all (a stray balloon that was losing air).

Two other statements are noteworthy. One is that UAP clearly pose a flight safety issue, and “may pose a challenge to U.S. national security.”

The other noteworthy statement in the Executive Summary is simply a call for better and more streamlined processes to screen and process UAP reports.

The next section, entitled “Available Reporting Largely Inconclusive” is perhaps the most interesting section of the report. Such as it is. Perhaps the most interesting piece of data we get is that there were 144 reports studied by the task force, all of which originated from US government sources. Of these, 80 reports involved observation with multiple sensors. Another interesting fact is that most of these reports were situations in which UAP interrupted preplanned training or other military activities.

Precious few details. We learned that in 18 incidents, observers reported unusual UAP movement patterns or flight characteristics. Some of these included the ability

“… to remain stationary in winds aloft, move against the wind, maneuver abruptly, or move at considerable speed, without discernible means of propulsion.”

Apparently a small amount of data seem to show “UAP demonstrating acceleration or a degree of signature management.” Like everything in this report, the language is ultra bureaucratic, vague, and really forces you the reader to go through a process of translation from bureaucratese into ordinary English. But with a little bit of work we get the idea that some of these objects demonstrated extraordinary flight characteristics.

And that’s essentially it for that section. No other real details to work with. 

The next small section simply states that most of these reports very likely have one of five possible explanations, although no numbers or statistics are provided. The categories are:

  • Airborne Clutter (birds, balloons, drones, etc.)
  • Natural Atmospheric Phenomena (ice crystals, moisture, thermal fluctuations, all very vague)
  • US government or industry developmental programs.

This is interesting because I personally was wondering if they would include private contractors and the like, and apparently they are doing so here. The report does state,

“we were unable to confirm, however, that these systems accounted for any of the UAP reports we collected.”

It must be stated that this is not any kind of blanket denial that US technology is behind this. The report repeatedly emphasizes the lack of sufficient data, and does a consistent job of bowing out of any kind of conclusions. All they are saying here essentially is that they could not confirm that US technology was behind any of these reports. That essentially means nothing. They clearly were not ruling it out.

I believe this essentially contradicts earlier news reports that indicated this report had ruled out U.S. technology as a potential source of these reports. If I am not mistaken, this was a statement by Luis Elizondo. But from how I read this report, no such conclusion was made. They simply found no evidence. 

Next potential category for UAP reports are:

  • Foreign adversary systems, in other words China and Russia, possibly another nation “or a non-governmental entity.” 

The last category of potential UAP sources is simply called “Other.” And no, not a single reference or even hint that this could refer to anything extraterrestrial. For the authors of this report, it simply seems to refer to anything that requires “additional scientific knowledge” to study.

When you really read this section carefully, you find that it’s essentially empty of content. Even the title “UAP PROBABLY LACK A SINGLE EXPLANATION” gives me the impression that there was really no analysis performed. One gets the impression that they don’t even have an idea of what are the most likely explanations. Presumably the classified version of this report is a bit more sophisticated.

A short section relating to flight safety threats and potential national security “challenges” follows. We learned that the task force collected 11 reports of documented incidents in which pilots reported near misses with a UAP. That is interesting.

Under the subsection of potential national security challenges, we do get a very interesting statement. Easily lost in the shuffle.

“We currently lack data to indicate any UAP are part of a foreign collection program or indicative of a major technological advancement by a potential adversary.”

And there it is. Obviously none of these conclusions are even remotely definitive, but I find it very interesting that the report seems provisionally to discount U.S. technology and foreign adversaries as the source of these UAPs. Any logical mind is going to wonder about the implication. If not U.S., if not foreign nations, what are we left with? The question is not even asked. The implications are buried within the mass of bureaucratic language.

However, the report does state that a number of these UAP have been detected near military facilities or by aircraft carrying the U.S. government’s “most advanced sensor systems.”

The final section is a call for more money to go into UAP analysis, standardization of reporting procedures, etc. It states that the ability to collect these reports was severely hampered in earlier years, and really only started to become halfway decent in the last few years, following the U.S. Navy’s reorganization of the reporting process.

That’s essentially the report. Definitely a disappointment to anyone anticipating genuine data, much less images or video. But buried within this report, amid all of its qualifications, is the provisional conclusion that this phenomenon cannot be attributed to U.S. military or industrial technology, nor that of foreign adversaries. It furthermore states that these objects clearly appear to be solid and technological. You do the math.

Obviously the point of this unclassified version of the report is to bore the public to death about UAP, because despite the interesting tidbits in here, there is nothing even remotely exciting about this. The report would make an excellent sleep-aid. But despite the best efforts of the authors, there is something to work with here. The phenomenon is real, it’s technological, it’s an annoyance and potentially even a threat, some of the objects operate in ways that seem difficult or challenging to explain, and none of the cases examined pointed to the U.S., Russia, China, or any other nation. 

My guess is that the classified version of this report will leak out soon enough. I have no inside information to that effect, just my best hunch. Someone will get the rest out to the public soon. Let’s see. 


78 thoughts on “The UAP Task Force Report: A Mystery Buried Amid the Jargon

  1. Annabell

    Thank you Richard for your patience as the UAP
    Task Force insults everyone’s intelligence in regards
    To the actual truth of the most important powerful subject
    In the world right now. I appreciate all the time you have
    Invested through so many years investigating the most
    Important cases that reveal you are much more capable
    In solving these complex aliens group’s intentions and how they
    are affecting our earth. You’re the Best. Keep up the good fight.
    Angela Ryan

    1. Lajos Baranyi

      This report makes me think about the threat assessment of UAPs. It looks like the real threat comes not from the air but from our government. It is here, we pay for it and it is absurdly out if control. Every tenet of a good governance is ignored and completelely disrespected: we are treated like a sheep, ready for fleecing and perhaps harvesting for the secret goals of said government. A report like this could represent a secret collaboration between those in the government and those behind the USPs that are being protected with the report.

  2. whatif

    Excellent summary, Richard.


    My guess is that the classified version of this report will leak out soon enough.

    Come on now. . . I know you know they know damn well what UAP really are and they have known for decades. Whatever “classified version” leaks out will be exactly what they want it to be, because this entire “UAP Task Force” is a deception.

  3. Rosanne Losee

    Is anyone shocked? I am sure not. I figured it would be a watered down version with lots of conflicting statements to keep the reader off guard about what they are really talking about.

    I just visited the NY Times in which the writer of the The X-Files wrote a column explaining why he doesn’t think this is evidence of true UFOs. Whatever. The more interesting thing are the comments.

    2 to 1 they are people who say they just cannot believe UFOs are here, that there couldn’t be anything so silly… you know, the usual stuff people say when they haven’t done their homework. VERY discouraging.

    The PTB did a good job dumbing down the public at large. I suspect the vast majority of Americans have zero interest in UFOs or what they could portend. It doesn’t impact their lives in any way.

    The public knows nothing of any importance on this subject, sad to say.

    Remember, the media gave us nothing for decades. They disparaged the topic. Scientists stepped up to say UFOs as ET couldn’t be true, because, “they can’t get here from there.”

    It is simply astounding at the negative commentaries about this subject and that was just in this one column on the NY Times.

    This is not going to change for a long, long time, folks. Until we get a cadre of UFO researchers, scientists, physicists and ex military and government coming forward in a major unilateral effort to EDUCATE the public on this topic, it will remain a subject in the shadows.

    I wish I felt more positive.

    1. Simmo1

      NYT is the establishment’s paper, and its readers are dedicated conformists. They’ll be the last to understand what is happening

      1. Rosanne Losee

        There may be some truth to that. What gives? This should be a major topic! It is simply because the ridicule factor has been around for a long, long time and is intractable.

        Furthermore, I made various comments on the column in the NY Times, since they were allowing comments. I noticed that the comment I made that didn’t include the word, ‘aliens’ or ‘abductions’ was printed, but the one where I did use those words, was scrapped.

        It is obvious that they do not want too many people discussing this phenomenon with any amount of serious inquiry. Again, the media is in control and is still limiting what we hear and have to say.

        The WSJ just buried the story at the bottom of the page, and closed it with NO comments allowed. That’s what they think of this topic…non essential, who cares?

        This is the state of our major media on this subject. Seems to me that nothing has changed.

    2. Gerald Anderson

      I am sure many people here have first hand knowledge of UAP’s, others have done their homework. Still with all of that its seems some still need validation from our authority figures, and a detailed explanation down to the nuts and bolts of what this is. Unfortunately who ever is trying to foist this report on the public, is only hurting their own credibility, and in the long run their amateurish efforts to deceive, means that they will eventually lose control of the narrative. One day fleets of these objects may show up in broad daylight. Apparently its already happening at night. Then they won’t be able take control no matter what they say.

  4. Craig Champion

    Talk about underwhelming. Pretty-much, a whitewash. The mention of balloons turned my stomach. So, it’s a big, open-ended question that requires more investigation as well as a commensurate amount of funding.😆

    Thanks, Richard for finding the positive notes…if it’s not this, or that; then WHAT? Frankly, sadly, I’m afraid that most people just don’t give a damn anyway…

  5. Dubh Sith

    If you are rooting for the government to move toward discloser, I see how it looks like a step forward. But if they buried the lead ( and scattered it around ), the public won’t ever be consciously aware of it. The points you cite will be good fodder for politicians seeking to buy favor from the military-industrial complex, and maybe they’ll tell us what they learn with our money… but they’re not the kind of dots a sheeple wouldn’t run from, screaming “conspiracy!”

    However, I’m not waiting for the government to tell me what is true. I’m intent to steal the truth… to figure it out before they want me to – much less before they admit it. The report doesn’t enhance my understanding, so it’s a big fat nothing to me.

  6. Gerald Anderson

    Thanks Richard..

    I wasn’t expecting that much, but it looks like they, whomever, wrote the report , did their best to drain all the blood out of it. But as I said I wasn’t expecting much. They did their best to not mention, things like did the objects appear under intelligent control, did it seem to interact? I did not like the word phenomena used over and over again. Seemed like a way of avoiding the obvious.

  7. Nitefall

    Thank you for your summary on this nonsense Prof. I have no intention of wasting my time reading this piece of bullshit. After all looks like they did not mention swamp gas which is the obvious cause of everything seen and experienced…including abductions.. Oh yeah ….what about mass hysteria??? Another obvious explanation for everything. Thank heaven for government openness and clarity. We would surely be screwed without it. I kinda feel sad for Mr. Bassitt with his wonderful optimism. He has worked very hard and maintains a great positive attitude in spite of the forever lying weasels..

  8. dodge

    Adm Wilson knew this was coming, hence his balk.

    Why he doesnt want the truth out….who knows?


    As I, and many others predicted, it was the same old Sgt Schultz “We know nothing” song and dance pretending there’s no history of this phenomenon, no earlier programs and no earlier conclusions. Add in a little threat narrative and beg for money.

    Terribly disappointing, but only starry-eyed noobs would ever imagine anything else.

    Whatever happened to the TTSA / ARMY CRADA, Mr. Richard?

    Unless TTSA comes through on that, it’ll be hard for them to deny they are just another contractor PSYOP.


    There was a song by Elvis Costello entitled “less than zero” which quite adequately describes this government report on UAP.

    The report appears to say :
    “We are putting out this official report about UAP so as not to ‘appear’ to ignore them any longer after 70 years of ignoring them. Furthermore, it would be ridiculous for your government to ignore them so this report PROVES that we do not wish to look ridiculous any longer.”

    Now don’t even get me started on the “UAP Collection Strategy, UAP R&D Technical Roadmap, and a UAP Program Plan” funding needed for all the additional government activities required to get to the bottom of it.

    How many government agencies does it take to screw in a UAP-shaped lightbulb…? Do we really want to know.

    Your tax dollars at work (by a government that has had complete amnesia about the multi-decade encounters we’ve had with UFO/UAP).

    If the report accomplishes anything it may lay to rest the theory that we are a dystopia.

  11. PressToDigitate

    This disgraceful, mindless whitewash & smokescreen should dismiss, Once & For All, any fanciful thoughts that the Deep State is “hyping some non-existent Alien Threat”, when it doesn’t even allude to the ETUFO presence, much less mention it directly. It completely fails to raise a warning about it, heavily implying that unless it is Russian or Chinese – for which there is no evidence – there is nothing to it to worry about from it, *at all* (barring, perhaps, the idle, occasional ‘hazard to air navigation’). The document was written to be as anodyne and uneventful as possible; it was carefully crafted to provide as little fodder for news headlines that could be educed from it in the English language as possible. It was meant to shut down discussion and debate, in a morass of ‘limited and uncertain data’, ‘budget constraints’, ‘incompatible data sets’, ‘differing reporting procedures among source agencies, and over time’, etc. Unlike our original surmise, that it would ascribe unknowns to some [perpetually intractable] “Mysterious Phenomena”, it doesn’t even present THAT target aspect to us for assailing.

    Someone at the highest level commanded this “report” to be ‘scrubbed’ of any definitive detail, or “hooks”, whatsoever. Random discussion would have yielded more detail; This Was Deliberately Culled of Specifics – even within its limited purview excepting individual sightings cases. So much for the Democrats being ‘Disclosure Advocates’ in any way (Please see Trump ODNIs Grenell and Ratcliffe, either of whose prior public comments provided more concrete detail than this document). The Report blatantly violates both the letter and the spirit of the legislative language which authorized – and mandated – it in the first place.

    But, ultimately, the question has to be asked: WHY is the National Security Establishment breaking the law (in yet another way) to continue the ETUFO Coverup, when there is demonstrable Congressional Intent to end it, here and now? NOBODY has ever articulated a credible (or even ‘plausible’) national security argument for the total Coverup, even during the Cold War. It *certainly* has nothing to do with “protecting Big Oil” (Coal, Gas, Solar, etc.) from Alien Free Energy Technologies, since *most* of the dozens of private, Human, FE/OU inventors who have been brutally silenced since WWII were destroyed by strange, enigmatic, seemingly-“Alien” “Men-In-Black”, exercising preternatural abilities with which to do so. The only rational conclusion is that the ETUFO Coverup *is The Aliens’ Coverup*, mandated by Them, and collaborated in by the Vichy, bootlicking, ass-kissing, Anti-American vermin at the CIA.

    When the National Security State maintains the Truth Embargo solely to protect an inhuman Invasive Species of Aliens, and its genocidal Depopulation Agenda, it is in diametrical opposition to any semblance of “national security”, and instead defines the Treason of “giving aid and comfort to the enemy”. They are also, thereby, complicit in the ETs Crimes Against Humanity – which will only multiply and intensify over the next decade. We now can all see why these same Rogue Spooks had to rig an election (after two failed attempts at Coup d’Etat) to finally get rid of President Trump, to install the incoherent, drooling dementia patient now pretending as their ‘Puppet POTUS’, “Old Gropin’ Joe”. This document today is *why* they [provably] altered the votes in a dozen states last November, and are fighting tooth-and-nail against independent forensic audits of the election, ballot and voter fraud. They *HAD* to do this on “disclosure”, and *HAD* to remove Trump to do so; BECAUSE THEY HAVE SOLD US OUT TO ALIEN COLONIZATION. If ANY other theory explains what we’ve seen happen today, PLEASE ELABORATE! Else, What’s Their Motive for More Lying – Now, *Directly* Against the Law?

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Excellent commentary. All of your points are worthwhile, but your first one really sticks with me. Threat narrative has been played down to the lowest level. My initial response was an attempt to be as dispassionate and non-polemical as possible. As time goes by, I will probably speak a bit more candidly. Not that I’m holding back necessarily, but it’s just how I am. It seems so many responses in the UFO community gravitate to emotional extremes. I didn’t want my first response to be like that.

      1. Lajos Baranyi

        Appreciate your restraint but I find it pure treason to handle the issue the way it is handled by the report.

      2. itsmeRitaC

        Am i wrong? I believe Dan Sheehan said that the language of this public report ‘mandate’ was written as a suggestion only. And i am pretty sure it indeed was Sheehan.

        I had said several times on this very site, that i don’t see how they will be able to go with a direct threat narrative because that would mean they would need to talk about some ET concept. But to be honest, i think this is something that the military or whoever the hell ‘they’ are, will like to have on the back burner because it can be ongoing…………………..Whatever flavor suits the period we are in will be the spin of the day. IMO.

        This is post,post modern disclosure my friend. 🙂

        p.s. Didn’t Steve Basset say that there were going to be big reveals in this report, just last week?

    2. Greg

      Hello PTD,

      Just as regimes in third world countries sell out to earth empires, so can “third world” planets sell out to ET empires.

      We may need to re-think what constitutes “disclosure.” Up to now, it has seemed to mean “acknowledgement of ET-based UAP’s from official sources.” There was a time when the lack of acknowledgement from “official sources” would guarantee lack of acceptance from 95%+ of the population. Today, I’m guessing that around 30% of the population no longer waits for the imprimatur of an “official source” before deciding whether or not a claim is true. Certainly, faith in government authority has dropped dramatically since the immediate postwar years when Roswell occurred, and with good reason.

      So I’m thinking that the new measure of disclosure should be the number of people (not counting the collaborationists) who have come to the conclusion that ETs are visiting Earth, and are open to considering further evidence that they have interacted with certain humans in various ways, especially including the PTD scenario.

      Look at it this way: Juries can convict criminals of wrongdoing based on the evidence, no matter how vehemently they deny their guilt. Disclosure shouldn’t be about getting collaborationists to admit their bad faith; it should instead be about disclosing the evidence to the jury of the thinking segment of public opinion.

      1. DeanTucker

        Greg, I like your point! The evidence is more than overwhelming! This is without question! Eye witness accounts, captured crafts, alien dead bodies, photographic images, etc.

  12. PressToDigitate

    and, on an even more depressing note, it appears that there was no more discussion of ET or UFOs at “Contact In The Desert” today than there was in the UAPTF Report, since, by midnight, CITD had *still* not mailed out log-in credentials to any of those who have registered for the Conference, nor even posted an explanation on their website. Technical “glitches” I understand, but what is so “Hush–Hush” about whatever problem they are experiencing?

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Yes, I feel terrible about that whole debacle so far. I gave them a pre-recorded lecture complete with answers to submitted questions, and they had a major snafu that seems to have lasted all day. I am supposed to give them a second lecture today. Apologies to anyone who signed up for that because of me. I don’t know why they are having such problems.

      1. PressToDigitate

        On Facebook they’re complaining that none of the Speakers have responded or addressed the ‘outtage’ of CITD, so I took the liberty of reposting your response above into the discussion. You’re thus the only Speaker to have so commented on the problem.

  13. carroll.vance

    Five pages of Nothing Burger. Can someone sneak Daniel Ellsburger into the pentagon so he can leak out the “Pentagon Papers, UFO Edition” that has the database of correlated raw data from multiple military instrument sensors and witnesses, on each of those Navy sightings in the UAP task force report? Civilians don’t have the money for these exotic sensor systems from billion dollar R&D programs that are purpose built to track objects. There is no better UFO tracking data on this planet than what the US military has. We want the raw data!!!!

  14. Jess Hansen

    Excellent. The media will start doing a lot of heavy lifting here now, imo. They are finally interested in the subject and despite all appearances to the contrary, they’re not stupid. They know the Pentagon is blowing smoke, so I figure they will follow the story.
    It’s hopeful.

  15. Doctor3j

    Grant Cameron thinks that this whole thing would explode completely out of gov control, as more questions are raised. This incredibly cleaver and devious report shows that he is probably wrong. This report tops every deceptive piece of propaganda ever produced. They have outdone even the main stream media narrative control. They left out virtually all the significant facts and knowledge we all know for 70 years. They have deflated the whole story better than Gen Ramey did.

    This demonstrates that a report on its own, without dialogue is useless unless subjected to open criticism as in a hearing. This way no one gets to hear the rebuttal when such questions as what about crash retrievals metamaterials, new technologies, aliens. Clear plain pictures and film.

    This report is worse than a lie. It actively is designed to deceive. This is now exhibit A proving that the US Gov lies against it’s own people. This is more controlled than a Joe Bribeden press conference.

    75 years of gov knowledge and only a few pages of platitudes.

    You have to ask, can aliens be any worse than out current controllers.

    1. PressToDigitate

      You’re missing the point in all this.
      You analysis is spot on.
      But, the only explanation left is that The Aliens *ARE* Our ‘Controllers’, period.
      The Coverup exists because the Aliens want it; the last pretense of it being done for some Human purpose – whether nefarious or noble – has been stripped away. Its there to protect the confidentiality of the real Alien Agenda, which is abjectly Anti-Human, and would be recognized as such by everyone in 15 minutes of actual Truth.

      1. Doctor3j

        yes It is highly likely the aliens are behind this total control eventually. I have come to agree with you. Its the best explanation to explain the all pervasive manipulation. I have to get it out of my head that aliens are a better alternative. You are right. There is no alternative. This is them all along. Highly likely.

    2. Rosanne Losee

      Excellent comment, but who are ‘They?” Who exactly is the keeper of the secret? Are they in the Pentagon, the government? We know the POTUS is usually not informed. Biden hasn’t said a thing about it; Trump said he personally doesn’t believe in UFOs as aliens.

      So just who has the reins of power in this regard?

      1. PressToDigitate

        I believe that Alien Hybrid Operatives born around or slightly before the turn of the 20th Century, began infiltrating the major governments of the world and other key institutions (banking, academia, tech, media) from the 1920s on, and that by the late 1950s, the ‘National Security State’ (‘Deep State’) of the Intelligence Community and parts of the military had already been compromised, corrupted, and co-opted to support a Hundred Year Colonization Plan. That plan, which relies on the imposition of a controlled ‘Hive Mind’, ultimately thorough mass-market neurotech, to control popular dissent and suppress any ‘nativist’ Human resistance, is well along toward its objective of pacifying the planet by 2045, as ever larger cohorts of Alien Colonists disembark into Hybrid Containers. As creepy as this scenario sounds, it is the only one which addresses all of the known facts we have regarding the ETUFO presence, and the official response thereto over the last 80 years. The “They” you’re looking for are Adult Aliens [technologically] ‘reincarnated’ into Human form, in Hybrid Containers bred from Abductee sperm/ova. None of Conspiracy Theory – which is exhaustively well documented and not in the least “theoretical” at this point – makes any sense without accounting for the ET Infiltration component; otherwise, the ‘theoretical’ Conspirators are not acting in their own best interests, and to a wildly irrational extent.

  16. Harry Harris

    This report brings nothing new to the table for anyone who has seriously studied the subject and puts to sleep again, anyone who hasn’t. But Richard did not mention the memo from the deputy secretary of defense that came after the report was released that supposedly gives authority ” to develop a plan to formalize the mission currently performed by the UAPTF.” Maybe Richard will also review the memo in context to the report and give his assessment of what this all means going into the future. It has also been reported that original director of the UAPTF was replaced by someone maybe not up on the subject to begin with and possibly more pliable as to its content. I am speculating that this report is a dumbed down and sanitized version of an original that maybe the NYT got wind of earlier. I am sure there will be a lot speculations about where this is all going but few answers. Very disappointing.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Yes good point about the task force having a likely mandate to continue its existence. I had heard this from a good source, but did not know about the memo you mentioned.

      1. itsmeRitaC

        Or else it is actually a great gang that will be tasking on all kinds of ‘threats’, since this *is* the whole enchilada here. That is the operative term it seems to me. Let’s say, it is all about how this can harm us in some manner. Do we really think we need more spins on that agenda? I really thought we had all the ‘enemies of the state’ scenarios covered?
        Thanks for your diligence Richard!

  17. WickyBu

    Many thanks Richard. I guess it’s a case of ‘watch this space’ now… in more ways than one.

  18. Andromeda107

    The information in this report seems like it was fine with a quick Google search,no effort put into it at all. The task force probably didn’t do any real work on this report. I highly doubt that they knocked on any USAP doors or any other top secret doors . Very disappointing report,but it is what I expected.

  19. Rob Jeffs

    We have to remember that this is an official report, on the record and released to the public; so even if the data gatherers (UAPTF) had more to say, the people who rubber stamped the final draft will have made amendments to the language, possibly even cut stuff out.

    On the other hand, the report emphasised the difficulties in gathering good data; so where’s AATIP in all of this? Surely, if Elizondo’s official efforts resulted in analyses that supported the ‘5 observables’ then those data would have been invaluable (assuming such records exist). However, in both instances (AATIP & UAPTF) we have no case details.

    Why the mention the deflated balloon, but fail to mention the 2004 Nimitz event? There was no indication of the spectrum of cases from poor to excellent i.e. the highly credible, multiple witness, significant data cases that present the most difficult questions to answer – the real questions? The lack of any such differentiation would appear to be the hallmark of a censored report of the type we’re very familiar with – one that isn’t a fair and accurate representation of the situation.

  20. miket52

    Same old, same old….we will get back to you in, say, 70 years or so. In the mean time we will look into it.

    1. Rosanne Losee

      Or…as a commentator said on the NYTimes today, it is all ‘pure hogwash’….he claimed to be a scientist and then said since astronomers do not see UFOs through their telescopes, and because our satellites do not capture UFOs in space that are ‘credible’ it is all pure hogwash.

      This is the contention from the Science community, because I have read this elsewhere time and again. They will be the last to know because their fall back response is they would be the only ones who could and would know if aliens were really visiting us.

      We have a lot of work to do.

  21. D.A.

    Richard, as usual, you did a fantastic job in parsing out the nuances of government speak for your followers, which is all you can do for us at this point; however, as I had mentioned in a member forum thread, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. So while reading between the lines of this report, which really amounts to nothing more than a glorified abstract of unclassified information, is incredibly interesting (and goes a long way in assuaging the the restiveness of your flock), what we all need to do at this point is practice a little patience, sit back, and wait for the reactions of those who actually tasted the pudding–i.e., those who have read the real report–and then carefully monitor the subsequent fall out. Substantive disclosure might take a little longer than people had hoped, and might only come in what amounts to be dribs and drabs that could be easily overlooked, but if there is anything definitive in the “real” report, we will know soon enough…one way or another. Buckle up–you’re going to be a very busy man.

  22. Jay Sherin

    In my opinion, at the foundation of this exercise is an implicit knowledge that, at the top levels, no one is threatened to lose their jobs due to incompetency. We have built this culture for a very long time and now they can pull stunts such as this with impunity. It goes even to the 2020 election results where there is sufficient smoke to at least warrant a “look see” before we send the military into action in foreign lands (and perhaps even in homelands) without knowing whether it is due to the will of the people (misguided or not) or due to actions from a nefarious group or groups.

    Whining about what we receive only gets us so far. After that it takes resolve. And what can best be described as a groundswell of civil discontent. Do we have what it takes…or are we more interested in watching cute cat videos on YouTube and the latest incarnation of America’s Got Talent? Not too many folks out here whose brains are wired for long-term plans. It is a shame.

  23. Frank Light

    I have read a few analysis of the report from researchers I respect and have followed for some time. All seem to want to pull a few tidbits from here and there in the report that represent a small amount of useful information we can work with. However, depending on where you draw the line that represents nothing, I believe the authors actually managed to come in below that line. Like Dubh Sith posted, it is up to us to steal the truth if we ever want to discover what that truth is.

  24. Ed Klatt

    Thanks for parsing through the government goulash for us. I read the “report” 3 times and didn’t really pick up on what you did. Actually, the more I read it, the more confused I got, which I’m sure was the whole point.

    Don’t know how well this will sit with the Senate Intel Committee. It basically says, “We don’t know anything, and we need more money, if you want to find out”. Probably not too unreasonable since they were given only 6 months to slap this together. It will be up to the Senate to push the ball downfield at this point. Except for The Great Deflating Balloon Theory (why is it always a balloon?), they know nothing more definitive, except what was known and not known before they started.

    Well, it’s back to square one. I guess we’ll have to wait another 75 years before anyone in the government will admit the obvious. In the meantime everybody, “Watch the skies. Tell everyone. Keep watching the skies.”

  25. TomTort

    Thank you for the analysis of the report. I, however, take you at your word that you will be more candid with your thoughts on this report. It is obvious that you were being polite and honest while holding back what you really think.
    I stated in a previous commentary that this report would be a waste of taxpayers money. However, it went beyond anything I could imagine. I think it was a “non-denial” denial while alluding to a possible “no contest” plea telling the American people, “Move along! There’s nothing to see, move along.” It also insults our intelligence.
    There are too many high profile, educated people in the scientific community, informing the population that the universe is not a “waste of space.”
    Jimmy Church stated he didn’t care what the government was saying, it is the science that is telling us that we are not alone.
    If anything, this report should infuriate anyone with an ounce of brains forcing them to realize the government is giving us another line of crap.

  26. Rosanne Losee

    One more thought.

    Rich, have you ever, or would you ever, consider doing an op ed for one of the major newspapers? I am very serious about this, as it is eminently apparent that there are millions of Americans who don’t know squat about UFOs; just reading their comments tells us that.

    It would seem to me that the first place to starts is with the history. How can anyone adequately understand what has been happening, and why the PTB are so afraid to get the Truth out, without some knowledge of the history of this phenomenon?

    btw…I did plug your “UFOs and the National Security State’ books in my comments on the NYT and the WSJ. Perhaps it will bring more readership and interest that we all need for this to pop open.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      In the near future I’m going to write something like an op-ed. but as far as getting it into newspapers, it’s a good idea and something I should explore.

      1. Rosanne Losee

        Another thought FWIW…

        How about we storm the Congress? Get all the UFO people to do a massive writing campaign to our Congress people demanding accountability and further disclosure.

        If enough of us did that, consistently and emphatically, perhaps it might help to move the mountain.

  27. Schuyler

    Under “USG or Industry Development Programs” the report states: Some UAP observations could be attributable to developments and classified programs by US entities. We were unable to confirm, however, that these systems accounted for any of the UAP reports we collected. (Page 5)

    What this means is:

    “We attempted to get information from classified and SAP projects, but no one would cooperate with us and we were left frozen out of those programs. As a result we can’t tell if any UAPs are USG projects. “

      1. Robertoe Anderson

        Our Department of Defense has a budget of close to $800 billion annually. They are unable to account for over $20 trillion. They can’t pass a real audit. Not a single war or action they’ve had post WWII has had anything to do with actual ‘defense’ of the US. It’s been perpetual regime change warfare, over 800 military bases worldwide and one clusterF after another.
        And they have the nerve to release that UAP report yesterday that was 9 pages long (actually 6 if you remove the Title page and all the bureaucratic fluff) that could have been written by a 6th grader. After 6 months of waiting!
        As usual, they are lying to us again. Total bullshit. Nothing before 2004? It reminds me of Clapper and our CIA saying we aren’t spying on Americans or D Feinstein hearing they were not tapping into Congressional computers. Total bullshit. How long àre we gonna put up with this? Sen Harry Reed is correct- we are the taxpayers (unlike billionaires) so we have a right to know.
        Our government has been tracking UFOs since 1947 and the summation of the UAP report is ‘we don’t have enough info to know what they are.’ WTF??? What a crock of shit. It’s past time to start cutting DOD budgets. This is totally more government bullshit and totally unacceptable.

    1. John Hunt

      You may well be right about their level of clearance but the belief that we have the type of technology UFOs exhibit is just false. I say it is a security belief to make us fell comfortable. The real cases are extraterrestrial or (perhaps) something even more exotic.

  28. Doctor3j

    If this whole affair fades as they hope, it would prove that every power group and agency we know, the MS media, Hollywood, big tech/social media, the spook agencies, most politicians have been mostly united. Just like they all acted overtly to dump Trump. Such coordinated bee hive like activity strongly favors the alien control theories of Press ToDigitate. Such an all encompassing, total control, with no major dissenters is, I dare say, never, ever before, been seen with Homo sapiens This almost total thought control is not human.

    So far there are no heroes to speak out esp among the politicians.

    1. whatif

      Such an all encompassing, total control, with no major dissenters is, I dare say, never, ever before, been seen with Homo sapiens This almost total thought control is not human.

      Indeed. Well, except for the CCP.

  29. Barbara Van Haute

    Richard, as per usual, your ‘notes’ are great – specific and insightful. However, I have one additional note to add to your notes.

    I read the Report prior to reading your notes, and the thing I noticed was the inclusion of the phrase “if and when” government (military etc) actors experience UAPs.

    My experience in IR in academia, and working in the foreign service tells me that this is actually a ‘wide-open’ statement presented in a seemingly innocuous context. It can allow personal (with clear technical support) experiences to be included, as well as personal experiences (without technical support) to be categorized as either ‘other’ or simply ignored. Interesting tid-bit I thought.

    Add interestingly enough at this point, many commentators who do not have access to ‘technical support’, seem to follow ‘emotional responses’ which probably will not be considered as ‘other’.

    Anyway, just a thought on my part

  30. Ron Holmes UK

    Hi Richard. Well, now I’ve calmed down a bit, I’m starting to see the real genius on display here.

    Firstly the report is horribly written – encouraging most people not to read it from the outset. = Genius move.

    Secondly it gives no specific detail about anything – therefore it cannot be challenged and proven false, now or at any time in the future. = Genius move.

    Thirdly it’s so vague as to be totally uninteresting to anyone with a burgeoning interest in the subject, hungry for more “solid” info. Why dis-inform people when you can bore them to death, right? = Genius move.

    And finally, my absolute favourite point of literary awesomeness, and possibly the only dim spark they accidentally gave us:

    Fourthly they didn’t just deny everything, a la Roswell 1947.

    It’s actually carefully written not to do so all the way through. It’s been written as if to allow people at a future date to say – perhaps if one really does land on The White-house lawn – “We never said it wasn’t aliens.” And this is the truly good thing for us in it – it’s so non-committal it actually gives away its true meaning. This is an “oh shit – the cat’s out of the bag” kind of document. Any form of Disclosure that may accidentally happen has an “out” here – and that was their mistake. The more informed public at large has become so used to seeing “spin” these days they can spot it a mile away, and I believe they’ll see this for exactly what it is. It’s a nothing burger – and strangely, they always mean something important. By being so open-ended and and leaving all opportunities open for future retrospective review, should the situation change, they’ve wrapped the subject up in “legalese” terminology. And there’s nothing so easy to spot as someone who is actively darting from shadow to shadow trying not to be seen….

    This may yet come to work against them .

    1. Robertoe Anderson

      Our Department of Defense has a budget of close to $800 billion annually. They are unable to account for over $20 trillion. They can’t pass a real audit. Not a single war or action they’ve had post WWII has had anything to do with actual ‘defense’ of the US. It’s been perpetual regime change warfare, over 800 military bases worldwide and one clusterF after another.
      And they have the nerve to release that UAP report yesterday that was 9 pages long (actually 6 if you remove the Title page and all the bureaucratic fluff) that could have been written by a 6th grader. After 6 months of waiting!
      As usual, they are lying to us again. Total bullshit. Nothing before 2004? It reminds me of Clapper and our CIA saying we aren’t spying on Americans or D Feinstein hearing they were not tapping into Congressional computers. Total bullshit. How long àre we gonna put up with this? Sen Harry Reed is correct- we are the taxpayers (unlike billionaires) so we have a right to know.
      Our government has been tracking UFOs since 1947 and the summation of the UAP report is ‘we don’t have enough info to know what they are.’ WTF??? What a crock of shit. It’s past time to start cutting DOD budgets. This is totally more government bullshit and totally unacceptable.

  31. Jess Hansen

    There are a few who are extracting diamonds from a dunghill. This isn’t going to change, imo. It’s going to ramp up. Fox news, much as I hate it, has a huge viewing public and Tucker Carlson is on board, too.

    Most people don’t read the New York Times, so I wouldn’t be too concerned about them. And Marco Rubio, for one, may want to build his career around ufo disclosure.

    This is a first step. The holy grail is crash retrieval, so the way the Pentagon is setting things up, is for ongoing disclosure, minus any reference to technology that they might have. It’s a liability limiting move, most likely.

    We’ll get there. It’s like the watched kettle never boiling…nevertheless…its coming.

  32. MarkH

    Hi Richard.
    Acceptance phase.
    Taking a positive approach to the statement that the government runs with, and keep an open mind at the same time. If it’s not the Russians, Chinese or some other foreign state or deep state technological breakthrough. Then what are we left with to consider?
    1) Breakaway civilisation with advanced tech, and if that civilisation was advanced, it might have already succumb to its own AI.
    2) Aliens from anyplace or dimension etc.

    I think when the 73-page report is eventually leaked, that will clearly be of a threat narrative we will be able to say for certain. My money is on the Aliens or perhaps both, but more likely the Aliens from anyplace.
    Indeed, we can now push the government to find out what the “other” is, thanks to people like Luis Elizondo and Jeremy Corbell and TTSA, and we can put to rest the idea it’s all an OP.

    Indeed, the next step is clear we need politicians to continue the momentum. To hold up the evidence from a historical perspective and not let it slip into mythology. Hopefully, Luis’s position hasn’t been compromised by the government hack, and he remains in a position to enter politics. Or worse, he has been shown the keys to the kingdom and succumb.

  33. PressToDigitate

    In this delightful turn-of-the-century Canadian UFO documentary, a nascent Richard Dolan (in the earliest footage we’ve seen yet), reports on U.S. intransigence in dealing candidly with the “phenomenon”, while both Canadian and French (French!) governments organized serious inquiries on the very topics the present UAPTF Report claims the United States government must ‘now’ begin looking into:

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Oh my dear God. I absolutely hate that footage! LOL. Long before I learned how to deal with a camera. Anyway, it’s all part of the story.

  34. Mark Wongstedt

    Thank you all for your insight, tremendously helpful to have others views and reactions. My own: the script is changing, and there needed to be a point where there was an “official” change in direction and a direction of the change. I don’t see it as much of a “nothing burger” as some. I did hope for more, but the direction is interesting. The rabbit hole, for those not versed in some of the better known portions of the UFO world, has a big sign over it now. That sign says ” follow us for the real truth and we will begin to start to maybe some time in the not to distant future, give you more, we will investigate……. probably “.

    I am pretty old school and am overjoyed to have it treated with some seriousness. It didn’t drop the A-Bomb of truth, nope. It did state the obvious and that was needed to move forward.


    Thank you for your comment which I believe to be of historical significance:” Fourthly they didn’t just deny everything, a la Roswell 1947″.

    The truth is they didn’t have to because your government has already officially denied all of it and documented that position with not ONE but TWO officially released Air Force – OSI reports on Roswell. Several authors with extensive knowledge know they are easily disproved as inaccurate are, IN FACT, very misleading versions of the actual events. The fact that the Air Force produced reports refuting Roswell are not even mentioned in this UAP report will tell you everything you need to know about this report’s real purpose. If you have amnesia is there really any need to deny? A convenient truth.

    This official report on UAP is all about the DOD not UAP.

    Why doesn’t DOD ask the CIA/NSA about its 156 TOP SECRET UMBRA UAP/UFO documents that Stanton Friedman and CAUS proved through FOIA requests already exist in government archives? Wouldn’t this be a great place to start building the truth about UAP?

  36. dodge

    Would congressional hearings ala Watergate serve any purpose here? If national security is at risk…perhaps so?

  37. iam080

    You might be interested in the recent, highly credible UFO Disclosure advocacy by Australian journalist, ex-60 Minutes reporter, Ross Coulthart-

    In addition, Jay of Project Unity, has an upcoming discussion with Ross, previewed here-

    Richard, are you able to
    1) Arrange for an open-access media insight discussion with Ross, regarding the subject of commercial reporting of the UFO subject?
    2) Connect Ross with Linda Moulton Howe + Danny Sheehan regarding the potential for a team of legitimate public-interest personas who can formally or informally reach out to the scientist, likely identified as “ISAAC” of the PACL CARET leak and/or the scientist likely identified as the author of that report?

    Per my recent comments to you on this site-

    “I privately provided both Linda Moulton Howe and yourself with detailed analysis which identifies, in all probability, both the identity of the leaker of the PACL CARET Report, “ISAAC” (a renowned JPL scientist), and also that of the likely author of the report (a visionary XPARC scientist). Please feel free to pass on that information to Danny Sheehan. Perhaps individuals with direct knowledge of reverse engineering activity may be relevant to the DoD Inspector General investigation.”

    “I’d be happy to verbally clarify the basis of my research with either Danny or yourself, should that be helpful.”
    and also-

    “privately provided you with the possible identities of both the author of the PACL CARET Report and the leaker of that report.”


      1. Richard Dolan Post author

        I need to listen to this as soon as possible. Ross has done some excellent work behind the scenes, and has an important book about to come out.

  38. paavorapo

    I just find it very odd indeed that this kind of confirmation is not coming from the scientific community, but rather the military. Is it not usually the scientific community’s job to declare what is real and what is not real after careful study, à la Higgs boson? They’ve really dropped the ball and have not bothered to pick it up, even after the 2017 revelations.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Yes indeed very good point. But don’t you think our scientific community dropped the ball a long, long time ago? It seems so to me, at any rate.

      1. paavorapo

        Oh yes. I just watched a video by Lex Friedman hoping that scientists would be more open-minded about these sort of things. I mean, there are so few who actually dare to challenge the current way to think (or not think), while others seem to repeat the same old, tired verses. Tyson is by far the worst when it comes to this, even now.

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