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  1. itsmeRitaC

    I am agreeing with you so far just before the fourth stage of humanity beginning. However, i must say that the real ‘left’ has been dealing with this kind of ongoing crack down from both sides of the duopoly. For years. Now is the first time the ‘right’ is getting a taste of it. Remeber the McCarthy hearings which some here have posted approval of in the past few months.

    I also haven’t thought the recent events regarding ufo so called disclosure were fabulous. I have not found it made a difference to the citizenry. In fact on NPR today, Seti astronomer said that the tic tac videos and the other ones that came out, were only from on kind of air craft. Was it a hornet? And that he thinks it was a video phenomenon. So. MSM isn’t on board really. In fact he said that he hasn’t seen a difference in the mass thinking. That a third of people believed anyway. And this was a piece about the senate committe and the six month announcement to come.

    Third, i don’t wait for the military to tell me as i have said ad infitim. Period. I predict nothing in six months. You heard it from me. It will be classified and nothing more than the anemic TTSA videos will come out. Old cases were way more interesting.

    Ok , i am going to continue to listen. Oh, and what do you think the military will tell americans and the world in six months? That we are needing to expand our understanding of reality. Yes, people who make billions on weapons and wars want us to evolve.

    But since no one seems to bother to comment on my perspective here, i think this is my final one. If you don’t think this whole uap thing will be about threat to national security, then i can’t even say any more on this site.

    I hope one day you will be willing to talk about Grant Cameron’s take on these things.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Rita, you are right in that there is still a large segment of the MSM that continues to find reasons to dismiss UFOs, and NPR has always been in the hostile camp. But there are other outlets as well. As for Grant’s statement, I have tried to find his recent comments and don’t know which ones you mean. Can you give me some direction?

        1. itsmeRitaC

          OK. I just saw a some channel , one of the thousands, of UFO shows. In fact you were in it and i think they recycle under different program names but who knows? I don’t keep track. Anyway it is date 2017 and it was about USOs. Anyway, this is what i find very questionable….

          I saw some excellent still shots of close up triangular ufos right over the ocean taken by naval personnel i think. And i thought of that measly looking balloon type ‘ufo’ that everyone made a big deal about a few weeks ago. And that supposedly a better photo was going to be leaked or whatever.

          I have to say that what i saw on this program in the past twenty minutes had that kind of photo already. So why was it such a big extravaganza as if these kinds of photos weren’t already out there? Can someone tell me what is going on? It makes no sense to me. I think it is all control attempts of the narrative now.

          I hope someone has an opinion on this.

          1. Doctor3j

            I thought the same as you when I saw those same pictures. Its was on a program on USOs if I remember. I’m sure most members saw it, probably before they joined RDM.
            Those pictures you mention, I believe, were about two years ago. If these are the same, they said a US sub commander, if I remember, on patrol in the North Sea?, took cell phone pictures or used his own camera through his periscope. Those pictures ares the clearest ever shown to us; couldn’t be more clear. I assumed we all saw them. Only Billy Meir’s shots are clearer and his are assumed faked; too good to be true.

            I assumed that this periscope picture story was too suspicious to receive more widespread exposure. It is a little far fetched that a sub commander had to use his cell phone or separate camera. Shouldn’t periscopes have built in photo capability just like jet plane gun cameras to document what’s seen. Many criticisms are justified. If navy court marshalled a dedicated sub fanatic sailor patriot, who took pictures, how did these get left out from confiscation?

            I personally thought that it is highly likely those pictures, only 3 in total I think, …..are REAL, Genuine.

            Its possible as with almost al of these leaks that they were purposely released. The separate personal camera use was I believe a cover for deniability as to why only a few pictures are shown. If the truth were know the navy prob has complete video or at least many pictures of it, even emerging out of the water, maybe shooting off into the sky. They likely have numerous events well documented. It’s no coincidence that the Navy was even early on, preeminent in UFO tracking. In the past I think they were happy that the public turned always to the Airforce, deflecting attention from the navy. The public as a result of this misdirection looked up to the skies where moving lights in the sky has little value. No one looked at the seas, till recently.

            I liken this type of contaminated disclosure (first postulated by Grant Cameron) used for deniability and disinformation, as being similar to 60 years ago, Adamski’s 8 mm home movie of a Hannabu like saucer with the three gravity amplifiers actually moving and the craft partially shape shifting. This likely true film was mixed in with all the fakery etc with Adamski. There is a short German film supposed from end of WWII with a similar craft that moves erratically as we now know they do, moving over a city.

            I remember much more extensive periscope films taken in WWII that I saw as a kid on a Friday night TV show, the Silent Service. Similarly, I’ve said many times, the plane gun cameras from 70 plus years ago were amazing during dog fights. You know they have hundreds if not more clear gun camera pictures, that they hide, because even one of these would be undeniable proof. Game would be over. When you see the clips of a Jap zero or Mig its 100% definitive, especially with those vintage film, before photoshops existed.

            Just occurred to me that Bruce Maccabee had to know. Let’s set up his death bed confession or the rights to it. Someone needs to ask him safely and discretely if it was possible that such pictures exit but are above top secret. He is a Hynek like figure originally commissioned to explain away UFO sightings, but in recent years he has converted. Please realize my ideas are frequently outside the box. Meant to open up possibilities, even if not practical.

  2. deweyweber

    Great content tonight, as well as last night with Jimmy Church. I’m a big believer in the yin and the yang approach to life and your conversation with Jimmy was a perfect example civil discourse. How else will there be a balance to society. There is no future in this attempted purge by Big Tech. BTW, any thoughts on the core dump of the Black Vault today and who is Leon Davidson?

  3. PressToDigitate

    The old canards about “It would crash the Stock Market!”, or “It would threaten ‘Big Oil’!, or “The Churches Would Empty Out!”, or “The Russians would Find Out!” – just aren’t the slightest bit credible as excuses for the ETUFO Coverup in this day and age (not that they were ever realistic reasons for it to start with). I think we’ve all been dangerously naive to accept those as justifications, especially in the 21st Century. Now, institutions and computer programs determine the Markets, not individual investors; Governments (and the Power Elite *themselves*) are rushing to put ‘Big Oil’ (and ‘Big Coal’) out of business anyway, the Churches that haven’t already dried up and blown away are being shuttered by COVID, and organized Religion as a whole now represents a minuscule portion of daily life as a whole, and for a vanishingly small fraction of the population, and, post-Cold War, its evident that the Russians have the same history with the ETUFO presence that we do (and the governments must be collaborating on it anyway). So, “Where’s the Beef?” What’s the *REAL* justification for continued Coverup?

    The public realization that “Our Government Can’t Protect Us!”? Bullshit. First, the Aliens’ presence doesn’t *appear* to be something people should feel they need protection from; Second, few people would *expect* that our government/military *would* be up to the task, after all the depictions on film of it failing to do so; and Third, the decisive evidence is that while our government *DID* become capable of defending against UFOs, shooting down dozens of them in the late 20th Century (or there could be no “Crash Retrievals”) – that it then – for Some Reason – suddenly STOPPED DOING SO (whenever the last reliably verified UFO Crash took place) more than 20 years ago. Moreover, we can see specific evidence that our government not only avoided ever engaging the Aliens with its most serious [nuclear] weapons (able to down them with DEW beam devices, instead), but that it affirmatively discontinued those weapons which could have posed the most effective threat to the ETUFO presence, almost fifty years ago. The history of Continental Air Defense is crystal clear in this regard.

    So, again, it circles around back to the same question as yesterday. The conventional explanations, even those believed by most people in Ufology & Conspiracy circles, turn out to be bunk, but, yet, That Coverup Remains. And, now, we’re being prepped for a new ETUFO “Official Narrative” – by the TTSA/AATIP revelations, etc. – to be rolled out over the next six months, starting with ‘Microbial Mars’ in little over a month from now. If the Aliens were here to Colonize our World, and the Human population were – shall we say, “a bit more than They needed”, would that have brought Jimmy Carter to tears? Would THAT be reason to keep the secret? Would the Human Ruling Elite cater to the Aliens, for their own Survival – let alone Wealth/Power/Prestige (/Immortality/”Upgrades”) after the ‘Great Change’, as *Vichy Collaborators* with the new Regime? Just like the dystopian trends being engineered into our society – yes, by “Conspiracies” – the question, as to the Coverup, is “Who Benefits?” Again, the only credible answer to it is “No One from The Planet” (except, by derivation, the aforesaid ‘Vichy Collaborators’).

    Yes, Ufology is Mocked – or, rather,”MOACT” – the “Mother Of All Conspiracy Theories”, and keeping it in ridicule has been essential in keeping the public from investigating and taking seriously the Others. Why make a spectacle of Flying Saucers, Tinfoil Hats and Bigfoot? Perhaps, in part, to keep the more visceral, ‘Down-to-Earth’ conspiracies from being widely recognized as part of our Actual Reality, as well. BOTTOM LINE: There is no logical alternative to the Illuminati being a Fifth Column of Alien Hybrid Operatives and their Human Vichy Collaborators over the last, say, 250 years (coincidental with the Industrial Revolution). ETUFOs aren’t just “MOACT” – they are “All Conspiracy Theories” – the foundation of The Whole Conspiracy, in all of its manifestations. It is time we wised up to this, and moved on to plan accordingly.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I love this comment. I am still not 100 percent on board with your conclusion, but I must say you are providing some serious food for thought. Thank you, David.

      1. PressToDigitate

        AND NOW, FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT: Clyde and I are fast becoming big fans of old *vintage* UFO documentaries (’70s, ’80s & ’90s), many of which are now available on various ROKU Channels. (We happen to be watching one right now – some of this stuff is really ‘schlocky’, lol) The production values and presentation are, shall we say, less “Phenomenal” than those of today. Many are only available in aged VHS quality. We thought it could be very amusing sometime (April 1st?) if you, and, a couple of others at your level (with equally ‘distinctive’ voices, like Nick, Grant, Linda), were to do a live “Movie Night” online, kibbitzing three of these films as the audience watches along, ala “Mystery Science Theater 3000”. We would just see ‘the back your heads’, in silhouette, along the bottom of the screen, and you guys would react to the films in realtime (ideally having reviewed them previously to prepare). Not only could your commentary “from the peanut gallery” be funny as hell, but you could supply fascinating updates that have arisen on a lot of the cases they present, that weren’t known at the time.

        You could pick the right three films together, package it as a Pay-Per-View Event, for, say, $10, all promote it to your own independent audiences on YouTube, Twitter, etc., and then split the proceeds. I think a LOT of people in Ufology would get a kick out of it, and love to spend an evening with you guys, taking a lighthearted look at the early perspectives that UFO Buffs of the day made the first documentaries around. Did you know that Stanton Friedman was YOUNG once?

        Tracey, what do you think of this idea?

        1. Richard Dolan Post author

          OMG, my man, that is an epic idea. Totally love it. Hmmm…… thinking about how to do it. Okay, it’s in my brain now. I would love to do something like this. Of course, we could never be as funny as MST3K — a group of guys I adore. (saw them live once in Philadelphia, so much fun)

      2. itsmeRitaC

        From PTD.

        “Moreover, we can see specific evidence that our government not only avoided ever engaging the Aliens with its most serious [nuclear] weapons (able to down them with DEW beam devices, instead), but that it affirmatively discontinued those weapons which could have posed the most effective threat to the ETUFO presence, almost fifty years ago. The history of Continental Air Defense is crystal clear in this regard.”

        He appears to be saying this as a criticism. I glean this from the context and i don’t think i am a dim person. If that is the case, If you agree with one hundred percent of his post, and i am reading it correctly, I have to say that you have blown my mind here. I don’t know what else to say. Dr Strangelove film comes to mind. I am almost speechless.

        I hope i am dim.

    2. itsmeRitaC

      I think that anyone out here trying to guess what would bring Jimmy Carter to tears is , for politeness sake, and you are definitely extraordinarily polite, PTD, a bit of a stretch. Although those who believe they are in some kind of all knowing position regarding what ‘alien’ entities are thinking and ‘up to’ would certainly not have a problem believing they know why Jimmy Carter was crying in the late seventies.

      And i am really upset at the lack of nuking objects in our air space. I have been living far too long. It’s go time!

      Cheers, rita

      1. PressToDigitate

        Rita, “Lack-‘o-nukey” is a dreaded Hawaiian affliction, which, at nearly 60 – and married – now troubles me far less than it did in my youth. But I digress…

        While no one respects Jimmy Carter less than I do, simply becoming aware of the mere *presence* of the Aliens could hardly drive him to apoplexy. Only something ‘nasty’ about *what they were doing here* would provoke that reaction. He’s not stupid …. well, Yes, he was stupid, but I presume that he could correctly identify an Existential Threat to Humanity if he saw one (his blindness to Communist adventurism in Central America, southern Africa, and South Central Asia, notwithstanding).

        I’ve never presumed to know what the Aliens are *Thinking*, merely to see correlations in what the Aliens are *Doing*, and have become confident that the production of Hybrid Containers, en mass, as their principal activity here thus far can have only one plausible explanation; Infiltration as a prelude to Colonization. My worry is that the technology to “Transplant Souls” (which numerous Abductees have attested they possess) which is *essential* for the Hybrids to serve any purpose for the Aliens whatsoever, *necessarily implies a practically unlimited number* of [discarnate] Colonists, awaiting such “Disembarkation”. If IVF Clinics begin springing up like Starbucks over the next 36 -48 months, you’ll know I was right about all of it.

        1. itsmeRitaC

          Thank you for your response PTD. I have a question, if it is possible to answer. How does the soul transplant work? Are you saying it is a genetic manipulation? And how are you defining ‘soul’ in this case?

          Also, who said that Jimmy Carter cried while on the telephone and that what he was discussing in that moment was UFOs. I do know he filed a report after seeing one prior to being president.

  4. Doctor3j

    The red line of disclosure on UFO as you say is the mother of all red lines. My addition is that breaching this line would then tend to legitimize ALL conspiracies. People will wonder, what else have they been hiding, like the JFK issue.

  5. HappyCup

    I have to say I was wondering why “they” hadn’t kicked Trump off of of Social Media a long long time ago. It has not been a secret what ‘twotterbook’ was all about. I only played on those platforms during 2020 and I got out before they could get me. There is a sly satisfaction in quitting before getting fired.
    I truly think we would all be better off if we went back to 1998 internet protocols. Socially speaking of course. We can keep the current down load speeds. But that’s it! I kinda miss AOL.
    My question for you, Richard, is this; As events unfold, is your belief that a false flag Alien invasion is unlikely, becoming more or less certain? I know you aren’t “all in” but do you think it is more likely a possibility, having survived the last year, or less likely? I am just curious. Again, I am such a pessimist that I am surprised they havnt faked “Independence Day” already. The whole Covid ‘over reaction distraction’ seemed a little weak however effective it has been.

    Thanks for keeping the content flowing. Keep up the good work.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hi there. you know, I think it’s time for me to update my thoughts on a proposed false flag alien invasion scenario. I remain HIGHLY skeptical of such a thing, but there are interesting nuances I think would be useful to discuss. So thank you for the prompt.

  6. Stephen


    The “Red Line” talk was stellar!

    An old saying I came across years ago came to mind as I listened:

    “Who speaks the truth should have one foot in the stirrup.”
    -Arab Proverb

    Thank you for your tireless pursuit of the real, the true, and the good.

  7. controlrod

    Why do they work so hard to keep the secret? I can’t get the image of Jimmy Carter in the Oval Office in tears after getting his security briefing. Looking at all sides of a question, what if there is good cause to keep the secret?

    What if we are protected by some galactic treaty and that treaty is about to expire?

    What if we find that our use of nuclear weapons has condemned us to annihilation?

    Carter’s display of emotion suggests that something very detrimental is to come. Would you be better off knowing our time is limited?

    I don’t make this comment because it is my fundamental belief, I make it because it is a hypothesis rarely investigated.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      There are quite a few scenarios that could bring anyone to tears, in this case President Carter. I’ve never been certain which one I think is dominant. Probably, I think one factor is that he learned “they” are here and there was nothing he could do about it. Beyond that are many possibilities.

  8. mcwest50

    Richard in light of the current events I have tried not to let this dampen my believe in our
    system broken as it appears. I’ve have found myself avoiding any news, what’s done is done.
    I hope they don’t come for this forum, it is the only one I have joined and have taken brakes
    to give myself a chance to get back on the question that looms larger, when? disclosure will
    happen. I realize the dribble of info that’s been around and not new. I believe it will be months
    before anything is revealed. Rubio’s investigation is near the time it is to reveal anything fruitful,
    as my faith in our representatives is at an all time low, and expect Rubio to reveal anything of real
    substance. So we press on. I hope your sadness is subsiding. I do believe your mother has been
    relieved of her physical pain and is embraced in the ethereal realm that I believe is waiting for most
    and maybe all of us. The Ying and the Yang of life is what I cling to. Stay strong Richard, you are
    one of the good guys

  9. wildbill65401

    Hi Richard!

    Am I the only one who is scared of the upcoming Fourth Stage? Barring some tragic accident, I will probably live another 30-40 years. I am old enough to remember the good times and what the internet was like. I remember watching 9/11 happen live (I was working at one of the affected airlines at the time). I remember the anthrax scare and how it was worked into the tv show NCIS (and probably others I didn’t watch).

    I am a virtual employee, and have been long before the pandemic. I love the super fast internet for that. There is no chance of that happening back in the late 90s, despite the movies of the time acting like having ridiculously fast internet capability in your house was commonplace. Uhmmm…not for me it wasn’t. But I know that I for one don’t want to become a machine. If anything, as I have gotten older, I have started wanting to own an older pre-computer vehicle and maybe even get rid of my cell phone. Why? So that I can travel anywhere I want when I want and thumb my nose at the people trying to track my movements. I am sure that I will still be tracked nonetheless, but it is a small way of trying to be dodgey. 😎

    Richard, do you see any way of being able to fend off this Fourth Stage, or is it truly inevitable? 🤨

    Thank you!

    Wild Bill 🤠

  10. TomTort

    I would definitely appreciate it very much if you would update your thoughts on the entire concept of “false Flag” and how it applies today. I have a couple colleagues who think the concept of false flag applies to the coronavirus. I don’t agree it applies to the virus, but it is an idea that is floating around. It is becoming more than evident that the virus is artificial, consequently there are implications that there is more to the virus than the public will ever become aware.
    I know this is a political issue and you may not have an interest in commiting to a discussion on covid19, but I think there should be a serious discussion or comment on it.

  11. itsmeRitaC

    Sorry, but i came back to this one to listen to the second half now. I know i posted a lot already here! But,

    The very fact that the awareness on a conscious, very public level would lead to the largest transformation of consciousness , far bigger than Copernican revolution, means i would assume that someone such as yourself, Richard, would not be looking to the MIC, etc, for your truths. Why would you? What have they been open and honest about, at least since WWII?

    I think a part of this revolution is that the means must be worthy of the message. A breakthrough simply cannot come through the usual old sources from a Juarasic paradigm. It can’t. It is a fact. I am saying that until we do find different ways, which are not based on the antiquated and outworn patriarchal hierarchy, and females can be in that mix, btw, we are not going to find out anything much that is ‘Real’. Breakthroughs just don’t work that way.

    Oh, i am hearing more. Yes, every structure would be challenged however. I am not so sure that these control forces are more powerful than the ET reality. I have to assume that they may indeed transcend our power elite of the world. Or certainly be outside of that box! Think ‘Flatland’.

    I am very pleased that you have these conversations, Richard!!!!

  12. itsmeRitaC

    Richard, we haven’t even been able to force ‘them’ into coming clean about what is going on in Afghanistan. How in the world would we force them to come clean on UFO cover up? I am serious. That is why i do think as far as real change happening, and that is what i care about because i am not interested in spending tons of energy to change the mindset of the MIC, for just one example. Why spend the energy on that? I mean it. I feel it is interesting, but i don’t see getting the upper hand on ‘them’. I say they have already won, if we give them all of our energy and authority.

    In other words, we are then still playing ‘their’ game.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hey, I agree. Who can expect truth coming from our establishment? Not you and not me. I guess that’s why it’s a never ending fight. Depressing perhaps, but what else are our options?

  13. itsmeRitaC

    And. I will always be posting this point of view, Richard. I do not see any big changes coming to our societies if in fact, this UAP situation is presented as a ‘threat’. Then it is over and out for meaningfulness here. And that is exactly what i see or why else is a senate committee for ‘intelligence’ involved? They are there to determine military/threat issues i would assume. That was the Threat Assessment program, or whatever the heck the names were/are. And that is the only way it can come out and basically things don’t have to change. Same fear/violence paradigm.

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