The Pentagon’s New UAP Department

By | December 10, 2021

Hi Everyone,

I am back from spending much needed time with Tracey and really wanted to get into a current UFO news item that has made the rounds for nearly a month now. That has to do with the announcement of the so-called “Airborne Object Identification and Management Synchronization Group (AOIMSG).” Of all the awful military department names out there, that has got to be a contender for one of the worst. 

Below is a brief piece I prepared, although my audio podcast is longer and has more off-the-cuff thoughts. 


Last month, on November 23 to be exact, the Pentagon announced the creation of a new organization supposedly designed to deal with the potential of a threat from UAP (UFOs) in restricted airspace. 

Many people in the UFO field thought this was a great thing. After all, isn’t that what we’ve wanted? For the Pentagon to acknowledge the reality of UFOs and give some level of Disclosure? 

Well, that’s not exactly what happened. In fact, far from it. 

So this new department was created to replace the U.S. Navy’s UAP Task Force, which of course was the organization that released the UAP report last June, basically a highly anticipated event that it’s fair to say fizzled out with not a whole lot of information. 

So now we apparently have this new group, which the Pentagon gave the absolutely terrible name of the Airborne Object Identification and Management Synchronization Group (AOIMSG). Good lord. 

Here is a link to the memorandum so you can read it in full.

Here is how the memorandum describes the task of this new group. 

“The AOIMSG will synchronize efforts across the Department and the broader U.S. government to detect, identify and attribute objects of interests in Special Use Airspace (SUA), and to assess and mitigate any associated threats to safety of flight and national security.”

Providing oversight of this group is the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security. This is not the best outcome for anyone interested in clarity and transparency from the government. 

The USDI&S, as it’s known, is directed to “lead an Airborne Object Identification and Management Executive Council (AOIMEXEC) to be comprised of DoD and Intelligence Community membership…”

As far as I can see in this memo, there is no clear public reporting mechanism in this memorandum. That’s a problem. 

Lue Elizondo tweeted about the many problems of having this organization being managed by USDI. For one, he wrote, this is exactly the organization that has “underplayed and tried to kill the UAP effort for years.” Moreover, there is no reporting mandate in this document, so no definite way for any unclassified findings to be reported to Congress or anywhere else. In Elizondo’s assessment, giving the Pentagon oversight over this subject, considering that there are still powerful elements there which actively underplay the importance of this subject, “this is akin to giving an alcoholic the key and control to the liquor cabinet,” he tweeted. “If you want to maintain UAP/UFO secrecy, this is exactly how to do it.” 

What this looks like at this point is that the Pentagon is doing what it does so well, and has done successfully in the past. That is, to take the initiative on the UFO subject and make sure that they and they alone have control over the UFO/UAP narrative. This was done multiple times during the 1950s and 1960s and beyond. Indeed, they did a great job on this during the 1990s when the Roswell subject threatened to become too much of a problem and the Pentagon wisely took the initiative to block the Congressional investigation and release its own report that gave us the infamous Mogul Balloon theory as well as the crash test dummies as the explanation for Roswell. The Pentagon knows very well how to maintain the initiative on the UFO subject. 

Indeed, the memo states that effective immediately the new organization will be taking over all duties from the Navy’s UAP Task Force. 

There is a good reason why things went down this way. In the current version of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), given to us every year since 2004 thanks to 9/11, there is an interesting amendment in there, sponsored by Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. 

A good link to the amendment is at the Black Vault.

The Gillibrand Amendment, as it’s known, calls for the creation of something similar to the AOIMSG and AOIMEXEC, but more of the kind that the public would be much more likely to get excited about. For one thing, this amendment requires any such organization actually to conduct serious investigations on UAP incursions and report its findings to Congress. And not just over sensitive US airspace but over civilian locations and definitely nuclear installations. The Gillibrand amendment even has a better name for this organization, the Anomaly Surveillance and Resolution Office (ARSO) – we could at least live with that. It would be responsible for developing standards and procedures to collect, report, and analyze any UFO incidents. It even spells out the need to study “adverse physiological effects” of Ufos. It would be required to have sufficient personnel to do field investigations, it would be required to have relevant training, equipment, basically any resources that would be needed to quickly respond to any of these incidents.

Not only that. ARSO would be required to conduct real science to test any theories to account for these incidents. In other words, it would be asked to develop theories and hypotheses for these UAP. The language in the amendment talks about considering things like propulsion technology, aerodynamic control, power generation, and much more. 

Suffice to say, the Pentagon’s new office doesn’t seem to have anything like this. Not even close. Now, the amendment is in process now and this hasn’t been approved, so I suppose we will see what happens. 

But it definitely looks like the Pentagon is still doing everything possible to keep this matter at a low level for as long as possible. 

The old UAP Task Force already had enough problems to deal with. Clearly it was poorly funded, was given basically no time to do anything like a real investigation, and was not empowered to do anything like a genuine investigation of UAP/UFOs. That seems obvious. Was this the point all along? And now the whole operation seems to be taken over by the Pentagon in an attempt to keep this issue hidden from us for the foreseeable future. 

The Gillibrand amendment, if it goes through, certainly would promise to have a better outcome in terms of the things that the public cares about. Whether or not it will make its way into the final version of the NDAA is another matter, and if so, whether it will overturn the Pentagon’s new office or compete with it is another matter entirely. 

— Richard



12 thoughts on “The Pentagon’s New UAP Department

  1. Andromeda107

    This task force won’t be any better than the previous task force,and if the Gillibrand amendment does get past I will be shocked. Even it does past the Pentagon isn’t going to abide by it,they tend to operate outside the law when it comes to the UAP subject, I truly believe amendment is going to change that.

  2. PressToDigitate

    As Elizondo has said (and the Mellon & Wilson experiences prove), “Intelligence” doesn’t warrant a ticket into the USAPs, since it has neither an R&D nor Combatant justification for any “Need to Know”. So, putting any such office within Intel, whether it is AOIMSG or ARSO, is a guaranteed prescription for failure. As you allude, its got to be why they’re doing it this way to begin with. We’ve known this since the UAPTF was established. Strike that – we’ve known since we first heard about AATIP that it was another ‘Project Blue Book’ “front”, designed to shmooze past the Coverup, and even Elizondo has admitted that other UFO programs, with higher clearances and deeper authority, superseded his abilities to fully investigate all his cases. So, this is just the latest “Here we go again…”, as you seem to recognize, above. *WE* hapless multitudes aren’t the ones The World’s Foremost Ufologist needs to convey this complaint to – the Pentagon, Congress, and the “chattering classes” among the National Security State around the DC Beltway are.

    From the film “Saving Private Ryan”:
    Private Reiben: “…Hey, so, Captain, what about you? I mean, you don’t gripe at all?”
    Captain Miller: “I don’t gripe to *you*, Reiben. I’m a captain. There’s a chain of command. Gripes go up, not down. Always up. You gripe to me, I gripe to my superior officer, so on, so on, and so on. I don’t gripe to you. I don’t gripe in front of you. You should know that as a Ranger.”

    Perhaps we don’t need to extract 100 new Alien Implants from Abductees, spectroscopically prove them to be of ET origin, and beat down the scientific establishment with ironclad hard evidence they can’t ignore or explain away. Perhaps we don’t need to file Class Action lawsuits on behalf of Abductees taken from within Air Defense zones then [supposedly] actively defended, when the missiles weren’t even fired at the known UFOs present at the time. Perhaps we don’t need to file lawsuits for Fraudulent Conversion against the Aerospace Contractors under the False Claims Act for the funds illegally diverted to unauthorized UFO projects. Perhaps we don’t need to sue the executives personally, under derivative shareholder doctrine, for subjecting their companies to such grave legal and financial liability. Perhaps we don’t need to build a High Power Microwave “Radiotelescope” to sort out the “mystery” all by ourselves, “Once-and-For-All”. Perhaps all we *really* need to do is to explain these options to those who know enough to fear them; *Speak Truth to Power*, I believe they used to call it.

    With no evidence whatsoever that the ETUFO Problem is in any way divorced from the “Great Reset” of encroaching technocratic totalitarianism we are witnessing all around us, nor even that it is independent of the Plandemic, and a great deal of reason to suspect the opposite, it is vital that a “cautionary”, informed historical perspective be presented among the witness testimony on Capitol Hill, when the promised Hearings actually get underway next year. I shudder to think what will become of the historical ufological record if the Hearings are hijacked by the Cumbaya Brigade, and burrow down the CE-5 rathole of (likely imaginal) nonphysical “Consciousness Encounters”. There are millions of physical Abduction Victims who deserve better than that from Ufology. I just yesterday discovered another friend of several years, who, with his wife and child, have had full-blown Abduction experiences, complete with anomalous pregnancy and stolen fetus – and full conscious recollection thereof, without hypno. With *less than zero* indication that our government cares about these people, and specific evidence that it *allowed* these crimes to occur without even attempting to intercept them, any such Hearings, should they be held, would appear to be “The Last Roundup”, if we hope to know what is really going on, before it finishes happening to us.

  3. itsmeRitaC

    Hi Richard, i am listening to this one. 🙂 So. This is what i have been expecting for at least three years now, more or less. The DOD will now have the big ‘threat’ narrative which can be used in so many helpful ways! They have basically created a brand new potential asymmetrical threat. And of course, they can say they don’t know who “did it”. Anything can happen, as you know quite well. Is it China? Russia? ET? Spin the threat wheel of their choice. Well, you are saying this now, at the end. And it also provides cover for US actions against China and Russia, eta al. Plausible deniability. “Hell, we already said ‘we don’t know what those things are””.

    Up the DOD budget and of course, call the space force too, although the only thing i have heard on that topic, or seen, was that the poor dear boys were having to learn incorrect history of american race relations. Yes, that is the thing about control of the world with nukes and more, that worries the population it seems, in many corners. I don’t mind feeling alien given the priorities i see coming from my fellow americans…….. 🙂

    Thanks. i had been waiting for you to comment on this. Also, on Julian Assange as i strongly feel/believe/know that very recent events regarding his extradition are relevant to much of what is discussed here about the world!!!!!!

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Thanks, Rita. And yes, Julian Assange. My god, how he is being tortured for doing journalism, and the entire western establishment says nothing about it.

      1. itsmeRitaC

        Mark posted this on the Forum and ………… I wasn’t aware of the 1% Doctrine put into place after 911. Although some of what i read here doesn’t make sense regarding what is written about there being more transparency. However, it sounds like Lue Elizondo is pushing the threat narrative for sure here. Not surprising to me, of course.

  4. Rosanne Losee

    As you so aptly state, Rich, “…to be taken over by the Pentagon in an attempt to keep this issue hidden from us for the foreseeable future.”

    Such a sorry state this entire subject is now! The public has forgotten what happened, that little tidbit that they threw down to them with the Nimitz and the TicTac. Forgotten to be put back on the dusty shelf. Meanwhile, what happened to the Congress? Yes, the Gilibrand amendment would be an improvement but the Congress should be clamoring for verification and explanation.

    And the abductions continue…

    Because isn’t that the very essence of this problem? Meanwhile human beings on Planet Earth are being taken against their will, and treated with less dignity than a bull waiting to be butchered in the slaughterhouses.

    Not a peep from the Pentagon, Congress, the President. The American public continues its collective sleep over this topic. The whole thing so utterly disgraceful, it is difficult for those of us who have been educated about UFOs to sit by and watch the silly charades continue.

    Lord, let’s help our kids and grandkids…because they will be enmeshed in this evil activity most of all, and demand action from these ‘public servants.’

    Good assessment of the problem, Rich. But sad news, indeed.

  5. Harry Harris

    Whether it is the DoD version or the Gillibrand amendment. They both, I believe, are intentionally staying far away from Ufology and the historical record. It is almost like starting from scratch and leaving out the past 70 years. Also seemingly left out is the high strangeness of the phenomenon that borders on the paranormal and abductions etc. Currently the Gillibrand version has passed along with the NDAA in congress but still is to be reviewed and possibly amended by the Senate. I read where some of the points in the Gillibrand version were taken out dealing with civilian review of the data and analysis. Not sure this has been confirmed. In any case, hope the Gillibrand version gets finally adopted. In regards to Lue at least at his stint in TTSA, Ufology in general was really pushed aside as not worth dealing with. There maybe a point to this, but the historical record, data and UFO context needs to be included to get an overall perspective of the phenomenon(s).

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Good points here. Also, one thing I didn’t mention (and should have) is the possibility (probability? certainty?) that there will be strong behind-the-scenes pressure either to kill the amendment or seriously defang it. I can’t think it’s a welcome development to the inner bowels of secrecy. Plus, it directly competes with the Pentagon’s new creation.

      1. Harry Harris

        No what you mean about the “strong behind-the-scenes pressure either to kill the amendment” however I think there is a chance for this one to pull thru. After all a number of congress saw the classified version of the June 25th report. This should make both sides of politics think twice about trusting the DoD on this subject.

  6. Rosanne Losee

    One other tidbit of info… just visited Drudgereport , and a headline caught my eye.

    “Look inside brains of people who say they’ve had UFO encounter…” (New York Post)

    Seems they end up with brain damage. Just a FYI…

  7. Bjofod

    Just a small thought on this. It seems to me that it is not only cover up, it is more specific. It is about covering up things that may lead to a different understanding then the understanding they want us to ” know” A filter to only let out situations that the word ” treat” can fit into.

    Do we not see the same thing about covid. They promote vaccines in every sentence and make most understand that the vaccines is the only solution to the problem. At the same time covering up other medications and news about adverse side effects. The masses are definitely beeing steered into a wanted understanding. Very aggressivly, media, social media, politics, everything works in the same direction.

    That may be the same thing they want to do with the alien contact. Me personally, I am convinced we are already under governing of one such force. That force will possibly go to extremes to make us understand that a different force that is on its way or already make small visits are our only most evil enemy. That may not be true. We may be tricked, once again.


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