6 thoughts on “Setback Not Defeat

  1. elevator

    As I mentioned in my post in the other post of yours. it’s all about getting the pawns of the Defense, intel and Corporate interests that want to keep the truth hidden out of government. If we have hearings and generate mass interest by the public, then the election in one year can be a new beginning on getting at the truth. Forget parties and elect leaders who pledge to get us Disclosure. It is the most important issue facing humanity.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      This particular video had too many glitches which I believe were from weak Wifi. I am recording all streaming video now on ethernet which I think should correct the problem.

      1. Brian Andersen

        It’s wild, every UFO podcast seems to have had sudden and often wifi dropouts around the time of the UAP ammendment gutting. I used to always laugh on C2C when someones phone would drop and Art or George would half-joke about someone interfering with their show – but damned if every other non-UFO show I watch seems to go off without a hitch. These days I tend to think that CIA, NSA etc have endless time and resources – why wouldn’t they try and shake off a few listteners here and there with some glitchy wifi?

        I also noticed that my youtube recommendations were a lot more “spooky stories” and a lot less Richard Dolan, Ryan Graves, Danny Sheehan, Christina Gomez, UAP news, archival UFO cases, etc. I laughed at myself again for thinking that it was conspiratorial and not just a random off day for the algorithm – then when I went onto reddit, many people in the ufo grpups had noticed the same thing that day. I think this was a day or so before the act was gutted.

        Honestly, it reminds me a lot of what was going on with Bernie Sanders groups and pages across social media in 2016 and 2020. In 2020 my twitter account that I used to follow Sanders supporters and leftist/progressive groups was slow to load anything with any hashtag related to the Sanders campaign or the election in general – my alt account with no connection to political content suffered no such problems. And again, this was confirmed by other people across the platform – I wouldn’t have even thought to check my alt account if not for seeing other people post about it.

        I digress, I digress.

        All said and done, even with the gutting of the UAP ammendment – I think we are furhter along towards disclosure than I ever thought we would be in my lifetime, having followed this subject closely for the better part of the last twenty years.

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