Scapegoat Disclosure | Richard Dolan Show w/Allan Lavigne

By | December 26, 2023

Hi Everyone, 

Although Allan and I recorded this a few days ago, I had this arranged to appear “live” for tonight. Our team thought this would be fun every now and then simply to allow the chat feature on the videos. In any case, Allan and I had a great conversation. Here is the description I wrote for Youtube:

Join Richard as he delves into the world of UAP with his returning guest, Allan LaVigne. A seasoned investigator for the Aerial Phenomenon Research Organization (APRO) and a former Homeland Security consultant, Allan brings a wealth of knowledge and insights into the UFO phenomenon. In this program, they discuss the significant developments in the UFO/UAP field in 2023, the concept of disclosure, and the potential implications of government control over this information. They also touch on Allan’s background in Hollywood special effects and his unique perspective on the UFO phenomenon. Don’t miss out on this intriguing conversation!

I hope to see you there! …. although I won’t be chatting 🙂


21 thoughts on “Scapegoat Disclosure | Richard Dolan Show w/Allan Lavigne

      1. Andromeda107

        I love listening to Allan, it’s clear he is very intelligent person, but I highly doubt the government is going to be raiding any of these private contractors. I just don’t see that happening. And even if there was an attempt made to raid Lockheed or one of the other contractors, I am pretty sure they are going to be well informed ahead time by some congress person ,such as Mike Rogers or Mike Turner , or some other congress person that is being funded by these corporations /contractors,that they are about to be raided.Which will give them plenty of time to hide the evidence. Also what Alan pointed out that I had never thought about pertaining to the Betty and Barney Hill abduction,was that the leader ,who was wearing some type of skull cap was using that to communicate to Betty. From my many times to listening to the Hill’s abduction story I always thought it was weird that the leader was talking to Betty telepathically , yet the other et’s in the room were communicating verbally ,although it was a language she couldn’t understand. I use to wonder why they weren’t communicating telepathically , now it makes sense that maybe they aren’t naturally telepathic, at least they weren’t . Maybe many of them use type of tech ,whether it be external or internal , like some type of internal device connected to their brain which allows them to communicate telepathically.I had to laugh when he was talking about consciousness ,because I feel he is right to some extent that some of the uap phenomenon doesn’t revolve around consciousness. I think a lot of these people who are talking about consciousness are just blowing smoke up asses, such as Greer who believes all the et’s are benevolent. I really enjoyed the conversation between you gentlemen, I hope you have Allan back on soon.

  1. Kelley Landaker

    Guest is silly to deny that consciousness is absent from nature of ufo reality. We are plasma beings and the universe is 99% plasma. This is the basis for mind and human consciousness. Consider the big secret isnt crashed crafts? We are immersed in plasma hologram sez david bohm and ufos are emergent life forms.

    1. Allan Lavigne

      You misunderstand what I was sharing concerning consciousness and the UFO phenomenon.
      You’re right, consciousness is the basis for cognitive thought.
      What I was sharing is that the two incidents I was involved in, and those of eyewitnesses I investigated were not a construct of their sub conscious or an internal projection of an active imagination, which academics are often referencing when they conflate the scientific investigation of biological consciousness and the UFO phenomenon.
      What I saw during those two incidents was no different than if I encountered a stranger exiting my neighbors home as I was leaving mine and just as physically real, not a construct of the mind.
      These were flesh and blood (If in fact they have blood) creatures with a nuts and bolt physical craft that I later learned was displaying overt principles of plasma exchange and lumunation that I wasn’t even familiar with at that time.
      I’m not suggesting that consciousness doesn’t merit scientific investigation,, only that it didn’t play a part beyond my conscious observation of what was occurring in real time.

      Allan Lavigne
      Former A.P.R.O Investigator

  2. Christian Morales

    Dude I mean I like Alan but did he said a raid? First of all let’s be really clear of the situation. Yes they’ve been stealing from congress for these programs, yes they are pissed but we’re forgetting one very important aspect here. Who’s going Raif who!? These things are guarded by airforce and the top strongest national security apparatus. The people saying no we’re not giving you this information they are the force! They are the muscle! They know this to so… even if something like that happened you wouldn’t hear about it on the news but I doubt it. Don’t get me wrong I would love to see the SWAT team just into Area 51 but I wouldn’t put my money on the SWAT team. Ever since the national security act of 47 democracy has been a fantasy. Most people believe in it but people who get into this issue realize very quickly that’s not the case. National security will come 1st every time. If the secrets are sensitive and important enough the president himself will be powerless, but yeah sure congress is going to call for a raid in these super sensitive labs good luck. Tell me if you find anyone that can fight against the security these places have.

    1. Allan Lavigne

      Thank you for your comments.
      In reference to a raid, I’m not suggesting a raid conducted on the Nellis range (Area 51), even though President Eisenhower threatened such according to witnesses, and others share he did get access even to a live Alien, at least that’s always been the rumor.
      What I’m sharing is a raid on a commercial site.
      Given, according to Grousch, Keller and other, Lockheed wanted to unload their cashe, they may even welcome and behind the scenes orchestrate such an event on the down low, to lend credeniable deniablilty to their handlers who don’t want them to hand over the goods.
      When we talk about the 40 Whistle-blowers, don’t presume that these are all Scientists and Engineers. Some maybe Areo space executives, or high ranking private security personnel who have a wide breath of access too many aspects of the program.
      My experience with informants has always been that as they say “The Fish stinks from the head.” Often the first to come forward are those with the most to loose and the most to gain.
      As to the force of such a raid, ex-special forces protecting a contractor are not going to fire on American forces raiding a commercial site.
      When we talk about HIGH SECURITY measures at these commercial sites it’s not a reference to kenetic force. It’s about measures to keep the site secret.
      In my career I’ve been to two “So called” secret sites. Both were located in major urban areas. I can’t say they were hidden in plain site. Though I can say about one, that when we were given GPS coordinates we couldn’t find it until security personel literally opened the front door and showed us in.
      Thats where all the money goes, to hiding the operation. Not physically defending it.. They’re not concerned that the Russians or Chinese are going to invade Lockheed on American soil..

      Allan Lavigne
      Former A.P.R.O. Investigator

  3. Ted2

    Good discussion with Col. Alexander in the recent Weaponized episode dealing in part with Knapp’s and Alexander’s interview(s) with Corso. Perhaps some of the technologies he supposedly seeded to the private sector had already been invented and his purpose was to move those technologies along by providing companies with related alien tech.
    Corso remains a controversial figure and some content in The Day After Roswell apparently was impacted by Bill Birnes who wrote it based upon Corso’s draft/notes. Alexander’s comments on his investigation of Corso are also very interesting. After listening to that webcast, I am really torn about what Corso actually did and what his book claims.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I spoke with Bill Birnes many years ago about the writing of that book. He did tell me he had to wade through a morass of notes that were not always especially clear. I do think that probably led to some mistakes for which Corso was blamed, not sure if fairly or not. I do know that the folks who spoke with Corso seemed to be impressed by him. In fact, I don’t think I know of anyone who doubted him after speaking with him. I don’t think there is anyone. I could be wrong.

      1. Ted2

        I know you are busy, but please watch the latest Weaponized show with Col. Alexander and listen to his comments about Corso. Knapp, Puthoff and Alexander met and interviewed Corso at least once and I think Knapp and Alexander interviewed him again (I don’t know if Puthoff was present at the second meeting). I remember watching a show that left the impression that somethings in The Day After Roswell were not provided by Corso. That was some time ago and I forgot the details.
        If you do watch the Weaponized show, please play close attention to what Alexander says about Corso. He doesn’t sound impressed to me, but rather realistic based upon his evaluation of Corso that was done, I think, for the Bigelow team. Knapp was the one that first met Corso and revealed him to Puthoff et al. He didn’t seem as critical of Corso as Alexander.

  4. William Mott

    What a great interview. I love this guy Allan. He made so many good points! I appreciate you having him on..
    Wishing you and Tracy a happy New Years. The best is yet to come..

  5. Eric_T_Amble

    I see nothing, on any side, that would incentivize a scapegoating or a raid: at this late date, all positions are precarious—except maybe that of the contractors themselves. The government would not throw a contractor under the bus; the contractors _are_ the bus.

    I want to know the truth as much as the next person, but I think the most likely outcome is a bunch of contradictory movements in the news, opaquely reflecting the factions’ agendas. Despite the passed UAP stuff in the NDAA, IRAD abuses will not stop—because, to my knowledge, there’s no legislation requiring a contractor to characterize and disclose its IRAD expenditures to begin with. The government just trusts the contractor to not use IRAD for UAP stuff.

    But, behind the wall, a deal is cut: the programs now report to the Gang of Eight, which can then adopt an unprecedented bird’s-eye view of all these anarchic compartments, reducing redundancy and brokering cross-talk to position talent. The public sees nothing of this whatsoever.

    Then, there’ll be some kind of AARO-esque statement from Congress:
    “An extensive investigation has found no UAP programs that are not under proper Congressional oversight. More details as they become available (which they won’t).”

    …that’s the institutional side. Individuals, however, who have an individual moral compass that isn’t diluted in a gestalt like a corporation or a government? Maybe they’ll carry the truth out of these institutions and overturn everything.

  6. J-Rod

    Now that I’ve seen all of this fascinating interview I have a question. If the US indeed have gravity amplifiers (Alan’s example) and could use them to great effect to deter adversaries why wouldn’t they show their might? Surely it would be a strong statement to Putin and the other bozo China.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I agree that the US Empire managers would love to have access to such tech, since their ship is clearly sinking otherwise. Just a guess — if we have them — could the control over that tech be delegated to a higher authority still?

  7. Scott Santa

    Allan had me at “a dead toenail” ….!!! Always a top shelf discussion with Allan – WE WANT MORE!! I am really intrigued by Allan’s prediction of an upcoming raid. For me, something akin to this has been a sorely missed opportunity over the years and I hope “they” do pull the table cloth off of something other than a “broken tail-light”.

    Also – getting to the point of “there are other things that Congress has to worry about” – I’ve had enough of that statement. WHAT, literally, on Earth, could be more important, that transcends everything else, than this thing? (UFOs)? I s’pose it’s getting the members to realize that exact point. Everything changes right? So all these things that Congress has to worry about most likely won’t be there any longer TO worry about – it’s all about what comes after, not before. For cryin’ out loud, pull back the curtain and THEN, let’s think about what to do. We don’t even know what’s under the curtain, so IF’S, AND’S, BUT’S aren’t going to get us anywhere. I’m all for the catastrophic reveal at this point – right now, everyone is just fucking around with semantics and stalling. Let’s get it done already.


  8. Phillip Lavelle

    Great interview with Allan. I’m surprised Allan is unaware of the obvious. These “private” contractors aren’t
    private, they are owned and operated by the Deep State. Congress is laughably powerless in this “pretend
    democracy”. They have gums, no teeth, whatsoever. The FBI has been an arm of this operation for decades. He must know this. The FBI doesn’t work for Congress. Congress does what the FBI tells them-or else!!!


  9. laughingspirit

    No entity will raid any defense contractors in my lifetime. The Wuhan Labs will be raided before this happens. Also, we will know who killed Kennedy before the defense contractors are subject to reviews or raids. The military branches are in full control of the contractors. Nope….not happening.


    I think it is simply a fairytale to think that we can raid a few domestic commercial enterprises and thereby ‘get ahead of this’. It has been a very long and opportunistic period of gestation (decades) for this ET tech and we are already at a new dawn. The MIC has enabled enough divesting of this tech (purposely or otherwise) to smaller groups who can and will remain very difficult to detect let alone defeat. As a result there are likely to be global actors with this advanced tech that will forever remain out of reach of anyone in the US including our government.

    Whistleblowers have recently reported non-state actors and military-grade craft with advanced stealth and defense capabilities. They are often told it is a government related project, but it is not. Not everyone can operate this consciousness-driven tech so ‘PSI’ capable individuals are being sought out and made into operatives willing to work for a lifetime to pilot and interface with the tech & craft. Without any oversight for almost a generation there is very likely to be a well-developed and well-funded infrastructure of small private military operational groups that are already using this tech for illegal purposes including human trafficking, drug smuggling, and the weapons trade.

    I fear the cat is already out of the bag and we will be experiencing some very strange events in the future.

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