NEWS – UAP Disclosure Act, Chris Mellon, David Grusch

By | November 25, 2023


[NOTE: STEVE BASSETT ISSUED A CORRECTION ON THE UAP DISCLOSURE ACT. The UAP Disclosure Act remains in the 2024 NDAA. The pressure against the Act still appears to be real, however.]

Hi Everyone 

Tracey and I are both in Covid recovery. For me, it wasn’t incapacitating, but it was an annoyance that slowed me down for a few days. I’ve now been negative for a few days while Tracey seems to get the longer cycle. Still, she is on the mend, too, I am happy to say. 

Lots happening in the UAP/UFO news arena. I have three things on the agenda to discuss.

  1. The rumored possibility that the UAP Disclosure Act (the Schumer Amendment to the NDAA) is being threatened by two leading Republican members of the House – Rep. Mike Rogers and Rep. Mike Turner. In my treatment here I also failed to mention two other important people who are said to be trying to block the Schumer Amendment:  Sen. Mitch McConnell and new Speaker of the House, Rep. Mike Johnson). I first learned about this from Steve Bassett, and here are three articles that link to this. One. Two. Three.
  2. A very interesting recent article by Christopher Mellon, which I have linked here. 
  3. David Grusch just did a new interview with Joe Rogan. The entire interview is on Daily Motion! Link here.

In my video today, I discuss all three of these items in some detail. 

I would very much be interested in your feedback on a few things. First, is the UAP Disclosure Act actually absent currently from the 2024 NDAA? This was told to me directly today by Steve Bassett. I was skeptical when he said this as I distinctly recall reading the Disclosure Act specifically within the NDAA. But perhaps I misremembered this. I need to double-check and frankly have yet to do so. So we can all look into this. 

Secondly, I have some reactions to Mellon’s interesting article. He is always worth listening to, although I have a very different perspective on the reliability and good faith of the US government in properly executing the form of  “controlled disclosure” that he is arguing for. It’s not that I don’t see his point – UFO/UAP realities are powerful. Do you simply rip off the bandaid, or perhaps go through a controlled process, a bit more slowly? That works for me, in theory, if you have a government that is actually working with you in good faith. To me, that is the missing part of the whole equation. I don’t see that. 

In fact, it’s my opinion that virtually the entire UFO community — at least those who are most vocal — bend over backwards to act like “patriots” and essentially kiss up to the National Security State, as if that institution were wearing the White Hat. I just don’t see it that way. I see Washington essentially wearing the Black Hat in most of the current global drama these days, as well as within the UFO subject. However, I do acknowledge there are many complexities to all this. 

And the Grusch interview was, overall, quite candid and refreshing. That’s my take on it. He also seems too trusting of our national government, however. Would like to know what you think. 

I’ll be back tomorrow with a FCP!


19 thoughts on “NEWS – UAP Disclosure Act, Chris Mellon, David Grusch

  1. itsmeRitaC

    Sorry to hear about the covid Richard.

    Well, i am stunned that these guys won’t support the mediocre, and i see no benefit disclosure act from CS. I mean these are all bastions of truth and open mindedness regarding the Universe and all. I kid the far right. Or i should say, since they all are imo, the evangelical ones. I think they should say that it is for Israel to fight terrorists and that will pass it fast, no questions asked.

    I wouldn’t want anyone of these people in congress to tell me what time it is. Seriously. They are not nice people to say the least and i guess for ET sake…………….These guys and gals can’t deal with Palestinians having the right to exist. I am sure they will be all down with grey people. District 9 said it all.

    I doubt Grusch is naive. I have looked at some of his ‘professional’ background . Sorry Richard. But honestly…………………..

    Take care. rita

    1. Walter Malesa

      Hopefully you have the proper Covid supplies from India and your recovery continues at full speed. I’m with you as far as our government and the uni-party shutting the door on disclosure and distracting the citizens with a bunch of military industrial yes men.
      If I took a drink every time they say they need more information I’d be dead from alcohol poisoning

  2. Pat

    Well, since you asked… Hasn’t there been a push from the Black Hats for a while now? It’s another salvo from the other side, so to speak. And it’s a predictable attack against the Disclosure movement. I’m rather surprised it took this long.

  3. Nickolas Caldarera

    Richard great job with video. I like to keep it simple and practical. First, if you trust U.S.A government you are delusional. I am not being mean. The evidence is crystal clear. The only way to get full disclosure is to criminally charge the gatekeepers and arrest them. The latter will not happen. Our system is corrupted and all our leaders are compromised in one shape or form. Second, Personally I just want to see the craft and bodies. Tell me if they have made contact. How many species are there, where they come from, and what do they want. Acknowledge abductions and tell us everything about it. Third, I seriously doubt full disclosure will change human society. The human race as a whole is full of fear, it’s selfish, and egotistical. It is so brainwashed and manipulated- most of the human race can’t and won’t be able to be willing to process it. Fourth, I sadly find it hilarious that people forget Melon is the establishment. I totally understand their concern about national security. I am concerned about my neighborhood being safe. Every one that craves power, money, and control are already abusing UFO technology and knowledge. The psychopaths, narcissists, and pure evil wreaking havoc on the human race are already the gatekeepers and leaders around the world. Since the Cold War, governments around the world have been playing nuclear weapon chess(truly baffling, It’s so crazy I still can’t comprehend the thinking and behavior of these dumb ass leaders). Full disclosure doesn’t scare me. Nuclear War doesn’t scare. What scares me? Pole shifts, meteorites, solar flares, and God knows what else regarding natural phenomena that can wipe us out in matter of seconds. Melon give it a rest. You are a broken record. Fourth, David Grusch is awesome. A high functioning Autistic man that graduated from Air Force Academy that is highly intelligent and a highly accomplished intelligence officer. His three hour interview with Rogan is unbelievable and fantastic. Grusch said governments around the world have crashed UFOs and bodies. National Security is an excuse. They use it to keep control. They use it to prevent people from knowing the truth. They are scared because it’s the biggest cover up and lie in the history of humanity. They are afraid of revolution. They are afraid we will behead them like the French Revolution. All they care about is money, power, and control. Full disclosure and they know they lose it all. Five, the bill not being past is not shocking. Follow the money. I’m sure it’s countless of how many Senators and Representatives’ campaigns are funded by military industrial complex. The amount of dirt the intelligence agencies have on Congress, government workers, military, judges, the President, and etc. The gatekeepers can bribe, compromise, threaten, scare and murder(without being held accountable). Senators and Representatives will never be able to control disclosure. There won’t be full disclosure.

  4. AineEithne

    CV suuuuucks – – Hope you both feel better soon!
    I had to fly a few times this week too and there were sick people on the plane. Joy joy! About the ears – when I had CV, I lost hearing in my ears. It came back, but I have 50% hearing loss in one ear and 20% loss in the other. I only have my hearing because I went to the doc and got steroids. Doc said if I had gone within 24 hours of the hearing going in and out, I wouldn’t have lost my hearing, so if you are having hearing loss issues, I implore you to go to the doc asap for steroids. They are rotten, but hearing loss is so much worse because the tinnitus is really bad too. Best wishes for a FULL recovery for you both!

  5. Christian Morales

    I think it’s very possible that the Schumer amendment was in the NDAA for 2024. Things have a strange way of disappearing on this field. I think David Grush definitely talked to Jake Sullivan. Remember February 2023 and the shootdowns and the interagency office for uap which we know nothing about. What I think is going on here is that the leaders of our country most definitely know that the uap issue is real, however there is way they are going to tell us. I used to think every president got briefed about ufos before but I think I was wrong. I think they were victims of the cover up too. Those days are gone and I hope we get this information to the public soon but it’s a Pandora’s box and I don’t see how it benefits the USG so there will be pushback. I don’t think they care about it it’s the right things to do and admit they made mistakes and are in a pickle now. I expect silence, however I still encourage to call your elected leaders early on Monday morning.

  6. Stephen Dudley

    Totally agree with your “pretend democracy” characterization of both US and my country Canada. We can only hope that keeping up the pretense forces a little disclosure that might grow into something substantial. Plus, you know those “covid” tests have a very high false-positive rate. Just saying. Glad you two are on the mend from whatever it was.

  7. Craig Champion

    Thanks for the links!

    As far as trusting the very governmental entities that are involved in supposed controlled ufo-disclosure, I agree – the culture of the secret government is such that truth regarding sensitive information is necessarily obfuscated. Lying isn’t viewed in moral or ethical terms but rather as straightforward IC strategy, designed to accomplish an objective, in the case of crash-retrievals and alien bodies in order to perpetuate the long-standing coverup. It’s of course monumental how Mellon has moved the ball downfield but, consistent with your perception of respective factions within the government, he’s up against the “other” team with vast resources at their disposal.

    Hope Tracey continues to feel better.

    Thanks, Richard!

  8. Allan Lavigne

    Richard and Friends,
    Drilling down on the possibility of a “Controlled Disclosure” I would proffer my thoughts about this with the following analogy.
    Imagine the general U.S. public’s relationship with its elected government like that of a dysfunctional marriage.
    Like a marriage the public must take into account that they chose this partner.
    Now after years of abuse i.e. they (the elected government) doesn’t listen to you, they neglect you, use you for their personal advantage, steal from you, lie and even cheat on you right in front of your face, and they blame YOU for their infidelity.
    If you suspected that abusive spouse had hidden something so important from you, the knowledge of which would literally change the nature of how you see and interact with life itself, and you confronted them.about this secret they’ve hidden from you, and they say
    “Well I’ve kept it from you all this time because YOU couldn’t handel the REAL truth.
    In fact, the truth would not only destable you as an individual, it would also effect the kids, and neighbors.
    Some neighbors may actually over react to the truth once I tell you.
    Now YOU wouldn’t want that would you? Who knows WHAT could happen.
    I do want to tell you. Though I think it’s best that I do it slowly. Let’s say over the next 10 years?
    I’ll share the truth with some friends I trust that are much SMARTER than you, and we’ll kick it around and decide if you’re ready for any of it, and when.”
    Is there anyone reading this that can’t see the irony?
    Can anyone truly say after the laundry list of blatant, laughable lies we’ve been told, the list is far, far to long to enumerate even for the last 3 years, that the very people that told you, you were crazy, a conspiracy theorist who wears a tin foil hat, who sees little green men, who have destroyed prominent careers, and lives about the UFO Phenomenon for nearly 80 years, we’re going to give them another decade?
    Like marriage, it’s said you get the government you deserve. If people truly trust the secret keepers to be honest after telling you a lie that actually masked the reality of the nature of life itself, like that abused spouse, you’ll be further abused, or even worse.
    I shared about the Mellon article, on another site, that hiding the UFO reality from humanity is like a doctor hiding from a patient a Cancer diagnosis.
    The learned Doctor may be concerned how the patient will react.
    After all the patient isn’t as well educated as the Doctor believes himself to be, and the ignorant patient may fall apart and become hysterical.
    They may even blame the Doctor for not preventing the Cancer.
    So, in the Doctor’s wisdom he hides the reality from the patient. Gives him some sugar pills for his complaint and sends him home to die.
    No human, in elected leadership or other position has the moral right under the color of a presumed authority, the right to hide the nature and reality of the universe from it’s inhabitants.
    Well future leaders once again hide that the Earth revolves around the Sun, or that it’s round and not flat?
    This knowledge that the Earth is, and has been, routinely visited, not just by dozens, but hundreds of civilizations from a thousand worlds is even more profound than the knowledge of the Earth’s orbit or the planets shape.
    Wither you’re told the full truth in a day, or over decades, the good or bad nature of that truth well not alter the reality that the government believes you live blissfully ignorant in.
    To quote from the movie:
    “The Matrix”
    Morpheus to Neo: “You have the look of a man who accepts what he sees because he’s expecting to wake up.
    Ironically this is not far from the truth.
    Do you believe in fate Neo?
    Neo: No.
    Morpheus: Why not?
    Neo: Because I don’t like the idea that I’m not in control of my life.
    Morpheus: I know exactly what you mean.
    Let me tell you why your here. You’re here because you know something.
    What you know you can’t explain. But you feel it. You’ve felt it your entire life.
    That there’s something wrong with the world. You don’t know what it is, but it’s there like a splitter in your mind driving you mad.
    It is this feeling that has brought you to me. Do you know what I’m talking about?
    Neo: The Matrix?
    Morpheus: Do you want to know what it is?
    The Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us even now in this very room.
    You can see it when you look
    out your window, or turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work, when you go to Church, when you pay your taxes.
    It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.
    Neo: What truth?
    Morpheus: That you are a slave Neo.
    That you were born into bondage in too a prison that you can not smell or taste or touch. A prison for your mind.
    Unfortunately no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself.”
    Mark Twain wrote “It’s easier to fool someone than to convince someone that they have been fooled.”
    That’s where humanity stands today unconvinced that they’ve been fooled.
    They believe they dwell alone in a vast endless universe and anything said to the contrary is blasphemy and insane.
    They remain in the world that has been pulled down over there eyes to hide the truth that they are slaves to a false reality.
    They remain chained to the wall of “Plato’s Cave” starring at shadows cast on a wall in front of them. Unable to look away.
    For me I say yank the bandage off. The cut, if one exists at all, well heal. Sun light is the best disinfectsnt.

    Allan Lavigne
    Form A.P.R.O. Investigator

  9. Thomas Hickey

    These people in government really don’t understand that every time they thwart the will of the people it chips away at the foundations of even our pretend democracy. History is replete with examples of governments trying to stop peaceful reform only to be shocked when the pressure cooker explodes. Perversely they are ensuring the thing they claim to fear happens. Just like most of our foreign policy decisions and actions.

  10. Lazy Mystic

    Thanks for all of this. So much good material you offer each week.

    The Joe Rogan Experience is easily found on Spotify —
    #2065 w/ David Grusch

    I am noticing the polarized opinions about Grusch and the general Disclosure trend of late, and i want to encourage people = don’t be so jaded or cynical!

    Appreciate how far we have come not just in recent years (since late 2017) but in recent WEEKS.
    e.g. Grusch represents numerous whistle blowers who have compiled and delivered damning confirmation of nonhuman tech/bodies which are stored at various places; he testified for over 10 hours behind closed doors to Congressional parties, reportedly shaking up staffers. The terms nonhuman origin, nonhuman craft/technology, nonhuman biological remains are now OFFICIALLY in the Congressional / Federal Record & lexicon, along with numerous mainstream articles repeating all of this. Bills before Congress and possible impending whistleblower Hearings…

    How is this not absolutely astounding and worthy of celebration?

    On that note, George Knapp &, Jeremy Corbell’s show, Weaponized, is going from strength to strength, dipping into the heart of all these developments, with extreme detail, nuance, and naming Names. Their latest Episode #42 : “Cosmic Conspiracies – Breaking the Code of UFO Secrecy! ” has guest Joe Murgia, and they cover so many fantastic developments, including the recent Sol Conference, which i hope that you can dig into and share with us.

    I fully share the necessary skepticism about secrecy and abuse of power, HOWEVER history is also full of principled people & policies breaking through entrenched special interests to speak truth to power, and inspire cultural movements and reforms.

    A very short, very incomplete list to give us heart–
    — the Enlightenment revolutions
    — the Abolitionist , Populist, and Women’s Suffrage movements
    — General Smedley Butler ( “War Is A Racket”)
    — FDR’s “class betrayal”
    — Daniel Ellsberg, the Pentagon Papers, the antiwar movement
    –the Church Committee and 1970’s reformist legislation, including FOIA
    — so much more

    As Knapp, Corbell, and Murgia said, Grusch’s brave, honest, diligent efforts have “rearranged the chess board”.
    An entire CULTURAL shift is coalescing and MOVING FORWARD. Even lame, corrupt, or bland officials & media can be affected & inspired by principled people and cultural movements.

    I am not naive about history and power — sociopathic & psychopathic $pecial Interest$ have corrupted at all levels of government, media, academia, science, medicine, foreign relations, etc…. yes that reality is nauseating, that reality has cost humanity trillions of dollars, millions of lives, via thousands of lies.

    BUT. There actually ARE periodic intervals of reform, of change, of principled people & cultures emerging, and this is one of them. I am both cautious and joyous for this moment and Movement afoot today.

    There is no guarantee how things will develop; we are all sick and tired of words-words-words, empty promises, smoke & mirrors … show us the damned nonhuman craft & entities on live t.v. already!!!

    BUT. I am much happier being where we are now — going forward with measurable momentum toward Disclosure, than where we were just a few years or even months ago.

    By the way, i have some background in holistic psychology, personal life experiences, etc., and must say something about Grusch : he’s on the Spectrum, and a common trait of many such dispositions is that they don’t lie, or are less deceitful /conniving, and they measurably compute relating/communicating differently, often to a fault at being awkwardly blunt and literal. The fact that he is Spectrumly, has been exceedingly loyal to his security oath, saying only what he can, yet bravely spilling the right beans in the right forums — and has suffered for all of this…man, i cannot Xray his soul or ultimate aims, but he rings True. And he is not alone in whistleblowing, and has precipitated a wide ranging culture of support, and Policy movement.

    Skepticism & caution always, yes, but leavened with gratitude, ideals, & hope. This is a good moment.

    Love your weekly posts, thanks.

    p.s. do you guys have a non-gmail email i can send to?
    I use Protonmail, and despise the parent company of gmail.

    p.p.s. glad that you guys are feeling better; i got C19 for the 2nd time, this summer (1st time after the family Xmas party last winter… i spent New Years Eve & week in a Netflix coma on the couch) and it was much milder than the first time. My embodied slogan: “Natural Immunity — it’s a Thing”.
    [and speaking of cynical takes, if Agencies, Officials, & Media actually cared about public health during the Covid Crisis, they would have promoted actual public health and offered free Vitamin D3 deficiency testing & generic D3 distribution; it can be argued that this alone could have done more for actual, measurable Public Health than the shutdowns, masking , mandates, and force feeding of experimental shots. Ugh, what a diabolical period that was!]

  11. Wesley Schoonover

    I share your deep skepticism of the people running the Biden administration (clearly not Biden himself), the national security state, and the US government in general. This irredeemably corrupt establishment presents a huge impediment to resolving nearly every problem in the world today, but the issue of UFO disclosure creates a catch-22 situation. The US Gov’t/MIC has hoovered up all the best data for nearly a century, and much of the public will not believe any disclosure without confirmation from their “authoritative sources”, so we NEED the government on board to get this subject out in the open. No one from the outside can pry out info on crash retrievals.
    However, the Western globalist regime has decided it requires info control over the internet, and every new crisis presents a new pretext for censorship. The pandemic and Ukraine have proven how adept they are dominating the narrative & propagandizing the public. If these people are in charge of disclosure the censorship industrial complex will certainly go into overdrive. Confirmation of ET/NHI interacting with Earth would create the type of crisis atmosphere they use to justify censorship, and all narratives from the UFO field that fall outside the boundaries of controlled disclosure would be labelled “misinformation”.
    So, yes we need a gov’t working in good faith but the public seems unwilling to demand it. In the 70’s Watergate created a demand for accountability/transparency (with mixed results) but the US population is much more jaded now.
    We need an ontological shock crisis for public to demand change & create political momentum for the kind of truth and reconciliation process that Grusch advocated for in the interview last week.

  12. William May

    Hi Rich, Dave Grusch is awesome, Mellon makes good points. He is really thinking. These guys are disclosure. They may be all we will ever get. My conscience changed drastically in the eighties.
    Sorry you had Covid isn’t this the the second or third time for you. I had it in July 22 but just had a sore throat for a few days. The VA gave me all the shots. I think they work. I am a 76 year old asmatic and it might have killed me. Anyway I really enjoy reading the comments on here. Hope Tracy is better.

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