Live with Chris Lehto at 6 PM EDT

By | December 1, 2023

Hi Everyone, 

Chris Lehto was nice enough to invite me to his program for a discussion about the current issues in the UAP community. This will begin at 6 pm Eastern time. I hope you can check it out. 


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  1. clarsson19

    Speaking of Richard Doty in the context of the USO subject, did Richard hear of the Kerguelin Island incident as recently recounted to Emery Smith on the Gaia Cosmic Disclosure show? If true, this more than qualifies as a more dramatic incident than the 2017 Navy encounters. As always, would appreciate your take.

  2. Richard Lamb

    Like Chris’s optimistic take, though to be frank, I suspect he either isn’t aware of the broader, deeper shenanigans, eg. the WEF and their patrons’ “iron fist in a velvet glove” driving for a global tyranny, or he’s avoiding gazing into that Plutonic pit. I’ll opt for pragmatic optimism, ie. know your adversaries first, and plan accordingly.

  3. Andrew

    Great show as always.

    If I could respectfully beg your pardon with a quick question:
    Would you consider talking with Ashton Forbes about the recent developments in the MH370 airplane videos? I’m very curious as to your thoughts/opinions or guidance on the topic?

  4. Pawel Pernak

    Great interview!

    Also stumbled upon the interview with Mike Herrera on Chris’ channel… seen a couple of his interviews before, not sure what to think about him. The stuff he shares is INSANE, copletely mind bending and world shattering if true. Yet he does strike me as credible.

    Perhaps ignorance is trully a bliss haha.

  5. Allan Lavigne

    Richard and Friends,
    I thoroughly enjoyed Richard’s conversation with Chris, and shared the live broadcast with many friends and associates.
    I believe, as it was on the heels of Richard’s newly released article, that it amplified the many fine points he wrote, and allowed an opportunity to drill down on their explanation.
    Unfortunately, I was VERY disappointed in Chris’s Utopian Vision of a near future with World Wide free energy.
    As long as ANY energy source requires release and transmission to distant sources, regardless if this is done via wires or wireless it will never be free.
    As long as the energy must be housed, transmission equipment bult, and maintained, it will need to be paid for either by the individual users, or via taxes, even if the only thing needed is to paint the office of the grids managers, it will never be free.
    As ingenious and low maintenance as they were, even the Roman aqueducts were not free. They were paid for by taxes created by the Roman Senate.
    Those that believe the Urban Myth that Nicolas Tesla was foiled from building a wireless energy transmission grid should review their cell phone bill and see how much they pay for wireless microwave transmission towers, and 5G amplifier antennas on each city block?
    Not to mention that if Tesla had been successful in his wireless transmission goals, the EMP field the system would have created World Wide would have prevented the invention of any micro electronics.
    There would be no Cell phones, Lap Top computers, or even Smart Watches.
    The EMP Field would fry any micro electronic circuits.
    Chris shared that Germany is now 100% renewable energy dependent. That was true 2 years ago making the German electrical grid the most expensive, and unreliable in the EU.
    As a result they began reopening Coal Burning and Natural Gas burning plants as quickly as possible.
    There are many renewable energy plants operating in the U.S. going back 100 years that require no fuel at all.
    We can thank Tesla for this invention: Alternating Current, and the Electric Turbine Generator.
    Niagra Falls Hydroelectric Dam which Tesla engineered, and later the building of Hoover Dam, to this day, provide more than one third (31.5%) of ALL electricity in the U.S. with not a drop of fuel.
    2 to 4 more dams could supply ALL the electricity needed in the I.S. and could be built on the Great Lakes, though such construction plans are not only not on the table, their construction would never be allowed.
    Other harmless energy sources such as “Thorium Nuclear Reactors” that do not produce ANY nuclear waste have never been permitted permits for construction despite numerous companies egar to build them. In fact the Nuclear Energy Commission early in it’s history deliberately opted to built traditional reactors because their waste produced Plutonium that could be used for weapons purposes.
    A Russian Billionaire is currently pursing mining of Helium 3 on the Moon.
    Used in a Fusion reactor, a single cup of Helium 3 could run New York city for a decade.
    Just returning the same weight of Helium 3 to Earth as Apollo returned Moon rocks (842 pounds) would be enough to run the U.S. for more than a century.
    Also, like Thorium, Helium 3 leaves no atomic waste, only harmless water vapor.
    So, there are available, and obtainable alternate energy sources. Though nothing is free, nor will anything ever be.
    The Utopian vision of free energy derived from the back engineering of Alien craft, demonstrates for me simply how absolutely uninformed the average individual is concerning the modern innovations they enjoy work, or were created.
    Though even a small Nuclear Reactor had the power to bring electricity to all of ancient Rome, it would have been totally useless to them. Their infrastructure was simply incompatible.
    Bob Lazar’s claim that Element 115 runs the gravity amplifiers on these Alien Field Propulsion craft may be true. Though try plugging your cell phone into one.
    Of course since Science has yet to synthesize element 115, importing it from it’s source millions of light years away will likely be pricey.
    There simply is no free lunch.
    Neither do I believe the angst and unrest of humanity arrives from a lack of resources, food or fuel.
    I believe it is an innate genetic predisposition for natural selection.
    Do Chimps, who are known to both murder, and go to War with other tribes do so for fuel or food in Jungles abundant with vegetation, their principal diet?
    No, it’s purely for genic dominance.
    The winning tribe takes the surviving females into it’s tribe which ensures a new generation of a proven dominant genetic strain.
    In H.G. Well’s book the “Time Machine” we saw a future society divided between a Utopian leisure class who’s every need was provided for by the Aggressive underworld dwellers who cannibalized them. It was an obvious allegory.
    As Robert A. Heinlein wrote “Force is the final arbitrator.”
    It’s not the thirst for resources that plagues humanity for “The thirst when your well is full is the thrust that is unquenchable.”

    Allan Lavigne
    Former A.P.R.O. Investigator

    1. elevator

      The utopian dream of a world free from war, disease, poverty and starvation will likely be many decades, if not more into the future. Will it ever come? That will require more than technology. It will require a leap in conciousness, or a “spiritual” birth. Either, or both will require a planet wide evolution.

      Would a worldwide abundant “cheap” energy source available to all change our world for the better…no doubt. It could make starvation and homelessness rare. Can all disease be cured? Doubtful. new viruses will always be hard to control, especially if they are weaponized. But, cancer, heart disease and the debilitating disease like MS, and alzheimers etc. will be basically eliminated from society. None of that will render a utopian world. A “spiritual” evolution will be required for anything like that to occur. But, it would certainly make the lives of billions of people on this planet much, much better. And that is a worthwhile goal in and of itself.
      Comparing human behavior with that of lower primates is a questionable analogy. No doubt we share many genetic dispositions, but we also have a much higher level of intelligence and reasoning. The world is a much safer, more comfortable, less savage place than it was 500 years ago. Much of that is, imo. because humanity as a whole has raised it’s level of conciousness through technology and education. That trend should continue unless there is a manmade disaster that eliminates most of humanity, or a natural cataclysm such as planetary volcanic eruptions or another major asteroid event.

    2. Fox_Mulder

      Great comment, Allan. And I completely agree – we can’t transcend human nature. And I love your approach of grounding the phenomenon in reality, to the extent that we can, despite the fact that it’s rather “fantastical.”

  6. Lazy Mystic

    Thanks for sharing the interview, Richard.
    Many good points addressed.
    Glad to hear you confess at least a tad of enthusiasm for these rare Disclosurish times (despite the simultaneous globe-spanning horrors, hahaha).

    Glad you guys mentioned Chris Bledsoe — your interview with Chris preCovid was one of the most fascinating conversations to date.
    His son, Ryan Bledsoe, started a show, “Bledsoe Said So”, and eventually interviewed his Dad.

    Are you still connected to Chris Bledsoe?

    What if you AND TRACY did a followup interview with him, given the extra interesting times we are now going through? It would also be fascinating if Tracy were part of a trialogue with Chris — her background in remote viewing & nonrational modalities, along with the gender & sensibility difference, may bring out an extra intuitive dimension to the conversation. In any event, a follow up talk with him would be Gold during these times.

    I just did a search and found a few interviews with Chris i have not yet seen. I believe that he went years without many interviews, but it appears he has come out more lately.

    I am keen to hear his take on recent events, and what is new in his exotic experiences. I hope you can interview him again, as the nature of his perspective takes things to a transcendent mystic level, and rings authentic, and even wholesome & hopeful– a nice antidote to the heaviness of current events. (Also, Chris previously agreed that you could go visit him, didn’t he, so i vote that you & Tracy hit the road some day and take him up on that rare opportunity!)

    Here’s some Chris Bledsoe interviews —

    Bledsoe Said So, Episode 22, Dec. ’21
    (first ever interview on his son Ryan’s new podcast — i did actually listen to this one 2 winters ago, and it was well worth it, with a sweet ending)

    Episode 83: UFO of GOD with Chris Bledsoe | Bledsoe Said So , Feb. ‘ 23

    Chris Bledsoe | Do UFOs and God Coexist /
    the Sevan Podcast, April ’23

    Live Stream Event with Chris Bledsoe: Touched By The Mystery / New Thinking Allowed with Jeffrey Mishlove, May ’23

    GRANT CAMERON with Chris Bledsoe, Sept. ’23


  7. Andromeda107

    I knew of the story about a supposed deal between Et’s and president Eisenhower allowing the greys to abduct a certain amount of humans ;what I didn’t know was that Lear was the source of that information. You do have to ask why would et’s even bother to make a deal? Lear said it himself they broke the deal and started abducting way more people than they were supposed to,so that tells you something about them. If they are willing to break the deal , I don’t see them asking permission to abduct people. And from reading David Jacobs book “Walking Amongst US , the greys don’t seem to care about rules and boundaries,or at least they don’t appear to understand rules or boundaries. But at the same time , I don’t understand and alien mind .Maybe that is why the secret keepers are fighting so hard against disclosure, because they have had some kind of deal with one or more of these et’s. Also I highly doubt that clean free energy is going to solve all of our problems, yes it would help in a big way ,but as Tracey said on her interview the other day it is going to take some type of major trigger for most of us to truly wake up and look inward . And for me ,only then we will truly be in place to want take better care of our plante Earth 🌎, but I do like Chris way of thinking.Really great interview Richard and Chris

  8. Lazy Mystic

    Final comment on Bledsoe —

    as he mentions in these latest interviews, he has recently done work @ Monroe Institute, which further confirms my instinct that Tracy may be well poised to trialogue with he & your self, given her unique experiential background.

    I do hope that you guys can reconnect.

    (And, if so, could Members submit questions ahead of time? e.g. the Mishlove interview has viewer questions included, which makes things more interactive & participatory for the audience. Thanks for the consideration of this.)

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