LECTURE | Move-Countermove: the Disclosure Chess Game

By | June 12, 2024

Hi Everyone,

I have the first of the lectures I recently gave at Contact in the Desert for you. This is not a recording of what I delivered last week, but a fresh presentation with the same slides and visuals. It’s essentially the same lecture, just given here. 

The first few seconds of my recording somehow got cut off — not sure why but it isn’t anything that will interrupt the lecture itself. Also, I made a brief announcement at the beginning, which is that Tracey and I intend to bring back the old AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions, which we did many times in the past. This time, we are going to start with Gold-level members first. After all, you Gold-Level Members pay extra for your membership, you support us at that level simply because you can, and we appreciate that. So we want to start with those AMAs soon. Not sure how many we will do, but we’ll see, and I do intend for them to become a regular feature of the site once again. Expect an announcement soon. 

Regarding this lecture, it’s certainly not perfect but I did a good deal of research going into it. Some of you members here have helped me in many ways with this. Many thanks to you. I was also able to speak behind at the scenes with a few very knowledgeable people who provided bureaucratic insights to me. I do not profess to have all the answers to the “Disclosure Chess Match,” but hopefully it will make sense to you. 

I have more lectures for you coming soon. 




20 thoughts on “LECTURE | Move-Countermove: the Disclosure Chess Game

  1. Ted2

    BTW – The Davos folks are at it again. This time they are cooperating with a Turkish conglomerate to turn Gobekli Tepe into a Disneyland. The ancient site was scanned a decade ago and found to be huge — much larger than what has be excavated. In fact, excavation was halted after the initial archeologist passed away years back. Since then, Davos got involved in there have worked with the Turks to build roads and structures which purportedly are used to show visitors the amazing pre-history site.

    This effort has destroyed some buried items and along with a fruit tree grove managed to hide the true extent of the site. It is obviously intended to stall further archeology and prevent further inquiry into what history conventional archeologists have overlooked. The effort is intended to prevent further investigation and study and to support the conventional historical narrative. It is the same for UFOs. They are trying to dumb-down the public on all topics (not that much effort was ever needed in that direction).

    You were spot-on about that group and their intentions. Here is the link to the story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPNgGnUrCKM
    I recommend that you add it to your recreational watching.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I just watched it now. Wow. Many thanks for sharing this video, which I would recommend to others. I had assumed some of the holdup in further excavation of the area had to do with its proximity to the Syrian border and U.S.-Islamicist destabilization efforts in the region. But this throws new light on the matter and it’s every bit as bad if not worse. Thanks for this link, Ted.

  2. Thomas Hickey

    I’m sad to say that I don’t believe the people or Congress are powerful enough to corral the MIC. They’ve slipped their leash like Eisenhower warned about. The collapse of political norms in our polarized times makes it even worse. What if they just ignore the law as they have been doing up until now? Both presidents and congress are worried about being blackmailed or worse by the intelligence community. People like Burchett have said as much and it makes me question whether we really live in a democracy.

    Our best hope like Richard said is a black swan event or maybe a China or Russia disclosing it to out maneuver the US. The ultimate trump card holder is the phenomenon itself and it tends to like the shadows.

  3. Nickolas Caldarera

    Richard, excellent job! Thank you for your hard work. I’m willing to make a compromise. Show me pictures and videos of craft retrievals and aliens. I don’t need any more information. They gonna take my tax money and can’t stop the USG from stealing my money to what ever crazy s*** they do with it. Don’t have to tell me what private companies have craft and alien bodies, don’t need to know why they are here and where they are from, I don’t need official acknowledgement on abductions, and etc. Show me videos and pictures of craft retrievals and aliens. The latter will have me do back flips which I can’t do. That is disclosure to me- show me. I think it’s not much to ask for considering what USG has done to its citizens last 100 years.

  4. Christian Morales

    Fantastic analysis. I will say the congressional interest is there but there’s been a decision made high upstairs to not rock the boat. I think we can’t underestimate the power of these people. Chuck Schumer the most powerful senator in America very close to the president, and Harry Reid RIP. He couldn’t do it! So… disclosure from the government not happening. I suggest if one needs evidence look at the books or documentaries look at skinwalker ranch the episode last night was the best I’ve ever seen! They got the wormhole!!! Fascinating… so I think it’ll be a drip drip and it won’t come from the government but I think people now in Washington know what’s going on but will they tell us NO.

  5. Jensen

    Hi Richard

    Regarding the ramification of this process :
    If I remember correctly, Ross Coulthart said that Jake Sullivan, the National Security Advisor, attended briefings given by whistleblowers to Congressional staff. Furthermore, Chris Sharp from Liberation Times wrote, according to sources, that some people from the White House were involved in the Schumer Legislation.
    At a more international level, I have been watching Gaia TV interviews of a German gentleman who is reportedly employed by a German defense contractor. He is called « Tim » and is introduced as a « tactical advisor in the covert governance in Germany, trying to understand the missions and strategies of extraterrestrial intelligences on earth. ». He described numerous meetings he has had with greys in a secret facility in Germany. He mentioned some kind of global infrastructure managing the secrecy which is so complex that even a thesis in international relations would not apprehend it. Supposedly, a disclosure program was devised at the highest levels and the ETs were involved somehow. He claims to be aware of international meetings in recent years that discussed preparations.
    I don’t think the heads of states are top players in this business.
    Additionally, there have been « contactee chatter » reporting nordic extraterrestrials giving instructions to USAF generals about disclosure, but it is unverifiable.
    I suspect the UFO phenomenon is itself part of a disclosure program conceived by E.Ts to acclimate the human population to an open contact in the future. It is the logical evolution. Following the crash retrievals, a collaboration has been established with human secrecy groups. I can easily imagine a coordination on the issue of disclosure.
    The pentagon bureaucrats opposing the disclosure could be low level actors and maybe like dogs on a leash completely unaware of the wider implications.
    Jim Sparks, the alien abductee, said he saw military personnel from different countries working with the extraterrestrials. He pointed out that some military industrial complex elements have in their possession some alien crafts and think they are at the top of the cover-up, unaware that other elements operating at higher levels interact on a daily basis with NHIs.

  6. Craig Champion

    Great lecture! Appreciate the reiteration and discussion regarding all of these noteworthy occurrences involved in seeking to increase UFO-related truth. Your call, some years ago about the faction-based, episodic nature of the process appears to be continually borne-out.

    Sigh – I still struggle with what the true objective of AAWSAP might have been; after hearing testimony from employees working at Skinwalker Ranch, my impression is that it was the DOD utilizing the ranch as a proving ground for testing and analyzing directed-energy weaponry, as in psychotronics (pretty much as stated in the RFP). Since the purported spectre of paranormal activity on the ranch was being increasingly popularized it may have also provided a bit of a cover story. I note that the same tech has been purposely utilized in other settings as well. May not have been paranormal phenomena at all.

    Right – still a head-scratcher as to why the Agency’s Prepublication Classification Review Board apparently sanctioned Grush’s verbal statements. I’m thinking that they must’ve pronounced that it’s OK to do so, perhaps in that the statements he was to make weren’t truly a threat to national security, as in no code names or specific CAP data was actually breached. I dunno’.

    Loved the analysis of disclosure vs. transparency – the latter illustrating the process itself, as to how to explain-away the reality.😆

    Thanks, Richard!

  7. G Cole

    Excellent lecture, Richard. Takes the sting out of not making it to Contact. I’m a relatively new member and I can’t stop bingeing all the past content. Thanks for all you and Tracy do.

  8. itsmeRitaC

    Heck, i will say something fwiw. lol.

    I seem to see this whatever is going on as good cop bad cop. Cant help it. I find it not plausible that Kirkpatrick, etc, would not know that the findings would be seen as useless and anyone aware of this topic knows that. So i see that as pointless. Why bother in the first place then? I mean, i am not an insider of DOD, Intelligence, military intelligence, on and on. But i have to guess that it is known that this would sound bogus. As does NASA, btw. Embarrassing people talking from there as well.

    I am confused anyway. Wasn’t Grusch doing the job he was given to do in the first place? Or do i have no idea because it has all been such an absurd situation to try to follow and it got quite boring to be honest. I have no use for those committees myself. It is about weapons and drones (which are weaponized, etc) and spying. That is UAP in the main. I think the ET, etc stuff gets thrown in because they need that for plausible deniability and i am the last person to think i know what kind of mega money is being allocated, etc.

    As i have said, if you Richard, or someone here (i won’t expect any replies), can tell me anyone from the inside who doesn’t have contracts and big money to be made from all of this i would like to know. If they are, i am not interested in what they are putting out there. That is in general on the topic. And i can hear it now, well in a capitalist ‘society’ lol, that is the meaning of life and all. And god granted us the right to do whatever we need to in order to have the most money and power. 🙂

    I am waiting for someone like Keyhoe, they no longer exist, who just wants to inform people. That generation is gone, imo. as far as insiders go. I don’t see it anyplace. I am not a fan of military intelligence folks that were all in on Afghanistan. I apologize to the majority of the uap community who find these people to be heroes. If they do, they can tell me why. I await a reply.

    Sorry for the controversy. But my tax dollars have been used to pay these people. And still do in fact. I think i do deserve to speak out about it as i have since 2001.

    Thank you Richard.
    Ever more the outlier , Rita

    “The nationalist not only does not disapprove of atrocities committed by his own side, but he has a remarkable capacity for not even hearing about them.”
    George Orwell

    I guess that is why i know what was done ‘in my name’. Or, i know and actually ‘care’. So it isn’t just about not hearing it is also about giving a damn. Part of the banality of evil. Who in the insider group is not in this category. Please let me know here. I so far do not have a willing suspension of disbelief around someone just because they recently said UAP.

    Sorry again Richard. To each their own i suppose.

  9. J-Rod

    A catastrophic disclosure is the only way forward. Controlled is exactly what it implies….controlled.

  10. Allan Lavigne

    Richard and Friends,
    I wanted to say thank you Richard for a great and comprehensive lecture regarding “Move, Counter Move” and the behind the scenes look within the halls of government that have lead us here today.
    You shared in your lecture that you were uncertain what transpired between the Navy’s UAP Task Force set up and it’s later sucessor A.A.R.O., and why.
    I believe I can fill in that blank.
    After funding ended for AAWSAP that was originally intended to oversee the transfer of Lockheed’s cache of recovered UFO materials to Bigalow Aero Space, which was scuddled by the CIA Scientific Division, Stratton and others connected with the AAWSAP program sought to use the 50 UAP related Scientific papers the 22 million had instead been spent on too shop around the Military Industrial Complex too find new funding in their quest to penatrate the maze of the Legacy programs.
    This is when they approached the vary diverse and compartmentalized Department of Homeland Security, which oversees 22 different offices. Most of which were headed by former DOJ staff and not former Pentagon members.
    Given the UAP/UFO Phenomenon fit the DHS mission of protecting the homeland just as well as it did a military one, they believed they might solicit funding and pitched the “Kona Blue” program using the 50 Scientific UAP papers as the foundation.
    Not surprisingly, the esoteric nature of the programs foundation simply wasn’t something that DHS believed could be quantified in future audits.
    Being able to demonstrate measurable progress and resolution of existing stated challenges is a necessity if a pitch for a program is going to get a green light and funding.
    Giving money to research something that isn’t likely to move any metrics forward is dead on arrival.
    DHS said thank you for reaching out to us, but no thank you.
    Undaunted, the UAP Disclosure team soldiered on committed to getting to the heart of the maze.
    They had been so close with the Lockheed/Bigalow exchange everyone could taste it. There was no going back.
    Richard has often spoken about how a “Black Swan” event could favorably influence the trajectory of disclosure, and on March 15th 2020, one such event hit the country “The Covid Lock Downs”.
    This unprecedented event not only shut millions of businesses down around the country, it also stripped Washington D.C. of leadership and oversight.
    Leadership in D.C. were the first to leave and handed the reins of power to subordinates, staffers and underlings.
    The Gate and Secret Keepers that had kept such a watchful eye on the Legacy programs were under the mistaken belief that this interruption would be nothing more than a 15 day leave of absence. What could go wrong?
    Now that the Cats were away the Disclosure Team, which had no luck cajoling Mom into giving them what they wanted would now go to an unsuspecting Dad to pitch their plan.
    The old adage “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” was never more true than in this case.
    If the Airforce won’t play ball with us, let’s ask the Navy.
    Then On Aug. 4, 2020, while the Secratary of Defense Mark Esper was in lockdown, Deputy Secretary of Defense David L. Norquist approved the establishment of an Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) Task Force (UAPTF). Under the Department of the Navy, under the cognizance of the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security, that would lead the UAPTF. The Department of Defense established the UAPTF to improve its understanding of, and gain insight into, the nature and origins of UAPs. The mission of the task force waa to detect, analyze and catalog UAPs that could potentially pose a threat to U.S. national security.
    Why would Naval Intelligence be interested in setting up a UAP Task Force? How might it benefit their aims? Did they have a dog in this fight between them and the Airforce?
    You might ask why did Naval Intelligence sign Bob Lazar’s checks, or who did “Admiral Wilson” confide and or confer with when he found the Legacy programs?
    Remember Christopher Melon was Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, and Former Minority Staff Director for the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence until 2004. Admiral Wilson discovered the Legacy program in 2002.
    I can’t say that Wilson spoke to Mellon about his revolations. Though given Mellon was officially in charge of the Secret Compartmentalized Black Budget, I would have spoken to him about what I learned.
    It’s likely that in the end, after being pitched to fund the Task Force by using the 50 AAWSAP Scientific papers, Naval Intelligence inferred that the Task Force’s research would be centered on what the Scientific research papers outlined, and future weapons and propulsion development. I doubt they suspected that the research would be “How to blow the lid off the Legcy programs.”
    So, Team Disclosure had a new funding source and a new home.
    Colonel Karl Nell recruited David Grusch from the NRO, and given Stratton, Nell and others already knew where the skellitons were buried from their time in AAWSAP they could leverage a swift targeted investigation.
    With the Gate and Secret Keepers still away in lock down, word on the street of an “Open Door” policy at the UAP Task Force emboldened disgruntled and abused members of the Legacy programs to line up at Grusch’s door and tell their stories while their task masters were out of town.
    In just short of two years the UAP Task Force was ready to go to both the Select Senate and Congressional Permenent Intelligence Committes as well as the Armed Services Committe and deliver a knock out blow to the Gate and Secret Keepers. Forty hands on first person Whistle-blowers with documents, video, signals evidence, photographs and even meta materials.
    In all, if you include both Senate and Congressional Select Intelligence members, and Armed Services, plus lawyers, staffers and Stenographers, more than 200+ people got the ontological shock of their lives.
    There was no doubt, “We were not alone.”, and hadn’t been for decades.
    Though these were classified briefings word spread like wildfire. The Secret and Gate keepers had been outed.
    In a desperate attempt to control the narrative, On July 15, 2022, Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks, ( Someone who we should all be familiar with by now, and whose background is officially steeped in strategic military narrative control) in coordination with the Director of National Intelligence (DNI), amended her original direction to the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence & Security and renamed and expanded the scope of the Airborne Object Identification and Management Group (AOIMSG) to the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) and directed that going forward AARO would be the clearing house for all UAP reports.
    Still, it was too late. The quiet part had been said out loud “Alien life is real.”, at least to the Congress.
    So, what could be next? Is everything riding on the re-introduction of the Schumer UAP Bill?
    No, as Congressman Tim Burchett said last week “We don’t need more legislation. Just give us the dank information!”
    Burchett is right. As I’ve shared previously and even posted the specific statue for, the government already has eminent domain powers to confiscate unregistered radiologic materials, weapons of mass destruction, or anything deemed in the public good or national security. They don’t need more or new legislation.
    For that matter under S.Res.400 – A resolution to establish a Standing Committee of the Senate on Intelligence Activities.
    Sec. 8 (a) “The Select Intelligence Committe may, subject to the provisions of this section, disclose publicly ANY INFORMATION in the possession of the Committee after a determination by the committee that the public would be best served by such Disclosure.”
    So, as Burchett shared we don’t need any additional legislation. In fact we really don’t need the Whistle-blowers.
    What we need is the Select Intelligence Committes to disclose what they were shown by the UAP Task Force.
    I can’t think of any greater public good than to enlightened humanity about the true nature of reality.
    Allan Lavigne
    Former A.P.R.O. Investigator

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Allan … this is a very insightful analysis. Like many of the excellent analyses members here offer, I KEEP them and review them. Yes, I honestly do. I am keeping this one also.

      My question to you is … how the heck did you figure this out? 🙂

    2. Joe

      Great post. If you included this in your post my apologies, but I wanted to provide a source for at least some of the information . There may be other places to find this but I know David Grusch went into the original purpose of the AAWSAP funding being acquisition of technology to be divested from aerospace companies during his interview with Joe Rogan.

      Link to interview: https://youtu.be/R8TqBrrqL4U?si=yiEqJ2evehjzAs24

  11. jifsodjfodsi

    My understanding is the Grusch’s testimony is not pre-reviewed for accuracy nor for guiding him to deliver a specific message, but only to make sure nothing classified is disclosed. So Grusch could say that the Earth is flat and they aren’t going to object. What did Sheehan tell you about this process? I follow him, but haven’t heard him explain it yet.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Good question and I don’t know the answer. But I am clipping this and will save for Danny. I suspect you are right however. They can’t very likely check him for the accuracy of his statements; only to make sure he isn’t giving away anything that they state is classified.

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