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By | May 25, 2021

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  1. Cat Gardner

    Re Fravor video and it’s authenticity, I came across this interesting comment on Reddit recently:

    “Edit: I forgot to add, I’m not sure if people are aware of this but, Fravor was the main focus of a Discovery Channel docuseries back in the day. The series followed one of our largest carriers while it was away on West Pac a number of years ago. It was one of those “life in the Navy, on a carrier” kind of things. The episodes covered everything about the ship and Fravor was the main interviewee throughout the entire series. He ran the carriers flight squadron. Now, I don’t know if it’s pure coincidence that he was the first Navy guy to come out about UFOs or what. I’m not going to speculate. But, Fravor has obviously been a mouthpiece for the military in the past. One may wonder if he is being used to help with a possible misdirection or disinformation operation for our military now.”


    also re TTSA, I thought I understood the key points of what they were claiming, but then I read a couple recaps of interviews with Tom Delonge, and realized my understanding was way off base — for example:

    below are points recapped from a 2016 interview with Delonge and George Knapp on CTC:

    * The exact term [for ETs/ultraterrestials] that is used by Delonge’s government contacts is “The Others.” It’s not “the phenomenon,” it’s not “aliens.” The way it was explained to him is that “they are gods, with a little g.”

    * “The entire UFO phenomenon is about multiple gods that fight amongst themselves and by design factionalize mankind into different religions to step back and let us fight each other because it has other things it wants to accomplish and we don’t notice them because we’re too involved in fighting each other. Our government knows that. It knows that The Others are instigating wars among mankind.”

    * He goes on to say that if you look at the stories of gods coming down to Earth and performing various feats, “it’s all true.”

    * “The government is very aware that this intelligence is pinning different countries against each other based on religion on purpose, and it’s a scary scenario. It’s a multiple front war that we’re fighting, because we have to worry about each other, and we also have to think of The Others.”

    * There are good gods and bad gods, and their interactions have been well-documented throughout history. He says he has detailed documentation on different figures from Sumer and ancient Greece that communicated with these “gods.” Currently, there are three main monotheistic faiths, and the rivalry between them is by design. Humans have a tendency to gather religiously as long as there is a “priestly class,” meaning people will join religions as long as there is a leader or hero figure to follow. Delonge and his group want to warn the world not to fall for the deception.

    so, yeah — lots more going on than just UAPs apparently.


    additional recap posts by same reddit author

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Okay that was quite interesting. For whatever reason, I began using the term “The Others” for some time in the years leading up to writing A.D. after disclosure. In that book, my co-author and I used that phrase predominantly to describe these beings. Everything else you wrote in that passage is also quite interesting.

      1. Cat Gardner

        Cool – glad the info is useful. And that’s very intriguing that you also used “the Others.”

        I continued down the Delonge rabbit hole… it gets even weirder.

        In the paraphrased items above from the Delonge/Knapp convo, he mentions ancient Greece. This is from a 2017 Delonge convo with Joe Rogan (

        * He says there’s also a connection to Atlantis, although he hesitates to talk about it, because he doesn’t think Rogan will believe him. He says a group left the planet after a catastrophe, but kept an outpost here and has been pushing civilization forward – that’s who the Greek gods were.

        * He claims there’s Greek writing on the Roswell wreckage, which you can find online if you look up “Roswell I-beam”

        I googled it. It’s an actual thing.

        * He mentions one of his most senior advisors, who used to be the director of the CIA and went on to be director of the NSA. This person told him he was more interested in Greek mythology than science fiction. This was interesting to Delonge, since his fiction book mentions the Greek gods at the end.’

        and from Delonge’s 2016 convo with Linda Moulton Howe (

        * He refers to accounts of people working on recovered craft that had strange hieroglyphics on them. He was told it was Ancient Greek, and that there is a major connection between “the hardware that we have” and the ancient Greek gods.

        * LMH talks about several myths in which gods fought each other over the decision to annihilate the human race. Prometheus defying the gods to give humans fire, Enki saving humanity from Enlil’s deluge… Delonge explains these gods who came down gave humanity the gift of knowledge, the alphabet, mathematics…

        * After several wars, the gods stuck around and started playing up different religions to divide mankind. The goal was to make sure we were so busy fighting each other that they would be free to roam around the planet and do whatever it is that they’re trying to do, whether that is tampering with the DNA of mankind, or figuring out how to harness a human being’s soul. “Whatever it might be after, I’m not totally sure.”

        and re the Atlantis part, mentioned in the Joe Rogan convo:

        THIS video was just posted this week. Guy who’s been researching Atlantis and makes a compelling (and I mean might-convince-some-hardened-skeptics level compelling) case that the Richat Structure in Africa might be connected to Atlantis.

        Sounds crazy, right? Trust me. The video is definitely worth 30 mns of your time.
        Bizarre Declassified CIA files on The Eye of The Sahara (The Richat Structure) – The Lost City of Atlantis, hidden in plain sight?

        some freaky weird overlapping info… but also undeniably fascinating.

        I’ve also be reading/listening up on the Pasulka/Bledsoe info this week (Ryan Bledsoe has been doing a ton of interviews lately) and the above dovetails with some of the things he says as well.

        He references the myth of Osiris/Set multiple times, but so far has not elaborated on how Egyptian mythology might intersect with Delonge’s comments about Greek mythology.

        would LOVE to hear any further thoughts you have on this whole line of inquiry.

          1. Cat Gardner


            (i’ll preface this by saying: if you watched any part of the Atlantis video and thought “this is bogus,” please don’t let that prevent you from reading this comment and potentially watching the video I’ve linked here. I’m more informed about the topics in this comment.)

            So… here’s where I’d like to appeal to your sense of “let’s not rule anything out until we’ve investigated it as exhaustively as possible.” — This might take 20 or so more minutes of your time, which I know is a lot to ask these days.

            What if gods exist? What if the things we think of as angels and demons exist? And what if there were a British scholar, historian, and practitioner of esoteric magic who could speak in a very informed way on these questions? Meet Stephen Skinner.

   (video is 16 mns long, best one I’ve found that gives an overview of Skinner’s work)

            This is a real dude who has not only spent decades piecing together info in antique grimoires from countries all over Europe and the Middle East to prove the continuity of magical practice from ancient Egypt on through Renaissance Europe, but he also practices magic and speaks very openly and straigtforwardly about his interactions with the kinds of angelic/demonic/god-like entities Delonge, Padulka, and others talk about.

            I think we (we = folks wanting to apply intellectual rigor to The Phenomenon and all such Big Questions) need to take very seriously the potential overlap between ufology and other fields/disciplines such as religion and magic. Esoteric magic (I’ve learned after about 6 months of looking into it) is very much alive and well these days, and there’s a small, very accomplished cohort of about 10-15 people (those who have a presence in the the podcast/youtube world) who could probably provide some very valuable insight if the lines of communication were opened.

            in 2017, Greg Carlwood of The Higherside Chats podcast actually asked Dr. Skinner whether he thought the entities contacted through magic practice and those in ufology were related. Skinner said he didn’t know enough about ufology to say, but he thought it was a very interesting question.

            any chance you’d be willing to explore this further…? Possibly even have a conversation with Skinner if someone like Greg Carlwood or another person could host/facilitate it?

            there’s a lot more to say about the possible overlap — I’ll try to keep this brief here and just propose the topic. But I hope you’ll be up for further discussion. One of the biggest tendencies that squashes the potential for true insight (imho) is the reluctance to research/think beyond one’s home discipline. Let’s see where this might lead…!

            1. Richard Dolan Post author

              Hi Cat, I just started watching the video, and Skinner is clearly a smart and very interesting man. I personally find ceremonial magic to be interesting and I have no problem stating that there could easily be something to it. As for conversing with him in the future, I am sure I would not be averse.

        1. Henk Kersaan

          About the Richard Structure in Mauritania and Atlantis go to An George Alexander and Natalia Rosen from South Africa, visited and did some research, I believe over 10/15 years ago and made a video DVD of it. Quite fascinating story . Visited the area myself, some years ago. Real hot desolate area, with lots of stone and sand in the Sahara.

    2. itsmeRitaC

      I think DeLong is a silly man. And Grant Cameron, i hope he doesn’t just make things up, has a lot to say about him. So does Ryan Bledsoe who seems intelligent when i have heard him interviewed. Tom wanted to push evil reptilian meme on the Bledsoe story which was required for him to do a project with them. Bledsoe didn’t want to add lies to his story.

      Unless others are lying about Delong, Tom does appear to be the dupe i always thought he appeared to be. And so what if he knows how to play the system and make money? That isn’t intellect or wisdom, it is being good at a game. Cameron claims that Delong has said we should “nuke” the evil greys and “squash the bugs”. It sounds like Tom watched the movie Alien, and is getting ready for an Independence Day third remake. Maybe he had just seen District 9. IMO.

      Having said that, thank you for posting this and i am very interested in Fravor’s history on t.v. It is very important piece of information. And also the Reddit link.

      Cheers, rita

    3. Rosanne Losee

      I remember reading “The Gods of Eden” by William Bramley, way back in the 80s, in which he also tells his version of the same thing you are expressing here. The deliberate attempt at keeping human beings attacking each other for their own nefarious and evil purposes.

  2. Ted2

    I recall as a youngster watching an Armstrong Theater show on UFOs in the late 1950s – on black and white TV. Towards the end of the show Donald Keyhoe was silenced while trying to say something he considered important. Prior to that incident, I was just casually interested in UFOs and considered the topic as something of a mystery. That night, I realized that there was something to UFOs and that our government would go to lengths to cover up the subject. At the time, that event really shook me up and I remember that show to this day.

  3. PressToDigitate

    Are we losing sight of where all this started?
    It began with [two-time] former White House Chief of Staff John Podesta, who is as enmeshed in the Deep State as anyone alive (Human or Alien), who – opportunistically – ‘spun up’ elements within the system to facilitate [the ‘convenient’] Tom DeLonge – including Elizondo – more than a year before Elizondo (and the others) ultimately resigned to join TTSA. The ‘High Strangeness’ surrounding John Podesta cannot be overstated. His lifestyle, his behaviors, his mannerisms, his tastes in artwork – and more personal matters that have been widely discussed in Alternative Media – do not suggest someone who is “comfortable in their own skin”; but, perhaps instead someone who “ain’t from around here”.

    This is the same John Podesta who conceived and architected the ‘Russian Hoax’ in 2016, and recruited John Brennan to organize a secret task force at the CIA to organize U.S. intelligence assets, including Dr. Stephan Halper, Joseph Mifsud, Oleg Deripaska, Igor Danchenko, Fiona Hill, Christopher Steele, and Alexander Downer, including through the Agency’s relationships with Britain’s MI-6, the Italian DIS, and Australian ASIS, to orchestrate the attempted Coup d’Etat to depose President Trump, entirely under false pretenses. This used the same CIA/MI-6 playbook ran against UK Prime Minister Harold Wilson in the late 1960s, early ’70s; then a made up “Soviet Collusion” hoax was the basis for attempts to depose Wilson. Podesta’s disregard for legal and Constitutional norms parallels his lack of “propriety” in … ahem… more ‘personal’ matters, which, unfortunately, has not been “debunked” – to this day. Podesta and his brother’s unregistered lobbying activities in Ukraine – and some of the same co-conspirators (Hill and Danchenko, both at The Brookings Institution) also feature prominently in constructing the fraudulent ‘Ukraine Hoax’ – and associated second CIA Coup Attempt to depose President Trump. You don’t have to ‘like’ Trump; the evidence clearly proves, beyond any doubt, that these were both *contrived* by oathbreaking intelligence operatives – and, apparently, at the instigation of *Podesta* and the *Brookings Institution* contingent.

    We’re getting “Disclosure” now – such as it is – because The Aliens have an Agenda, with Timetable, and the Human hierarchy (or that of it which is “in the know” – such as Podesta) are merely reacting to that timetable, accommodating the ETUFO presence. That is what necessitated removing Trump *at all costs*, prior to the release of a New Narrative, which They need reliably voiced by a Puppet POTUS. They’ve obviously got that puppet in ‘President’ Biden*. So Mellon and Elizondo were allowed to sneak out a few short, distant, old videos, and commence a public discussion which the Aliens wanted to begin here *anyway*, as a [‘public conditioning’] prelude to their eventual public manifestation, later this decade or in the early 2030s.

  4. JurassicRanch47

    In terms of psy-ops to shut down information flows or to distort them, clearly some academics have bee enlisted as “hit men” to enforce a “scientific consensus” that there is nothing to see here, and anyone who looks is stupid and dangerous, especially to tenure and department funding. One or more agencies must handle traditional counter-intel for Los Alamos, Sandia, Lawrence-Livermore, Hanford, Oak Ridge and the military-industrial corporatist complex (FBI?). HOW AND WHERE DOES A PSY-OP FREAK SHOW LIKE THE “MEN IN BLACK” FIGURE INTO SHUTTING PEOPLE UP OR DOWN? So far, TTSA, AATIP, NIDS, MUFON, Phil Corso, Stanton Friedman etc. apparently never got a visit. But, they showed up and got a History channel doc that Aykroyd was working on shut down in minutes, and then disappeared with their car. According to Tessa B. Dick, her husband, sci-fi writer Philip K. Dick, was briefly abducted by them and tried to kill himself as a result the next day. He could recall no specifics of his interrogation. He came home to find his safe blown open and papers missing, and then the voices in his head started. The voices had begun by coming in on a radio that would play even when it was unplugged. They found a stack of high end electronic devices in the vacant apartment next door and the voices stopped. PKD wrote the stories that “Blade Runner,” “The Minority Report,” “The Adjustment Bureau,” “Total Recall,” and “A Scanner, Darkly” were based on. So, why does a dead broke sci-fi writer get a tune-up from these guys, but they don’t go after Elizondo, Mellon, Davis, McCandlish, McKinnon, Lear or Lazar? Are the MIB “our” psy-op or “theirs”? Maybe Lue knows. The McCandlish ARV illustrations must have sent shockwaves through program management.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I will only add that many years ago I was told (by someone with good knowledge in my view) that the cost of SECURITY over UFO secrecy was seven to eight times the cost of scientific R&D. If true, we are talking about a massive infrastructure that most likely knows exactly what it is doing.

  5. Gal Matheys

    i wonder if DR Greer actually believe the false flag alien invasion ?
    so hard to navigate between all the theories out there to day. i feel lucky for actually seeing a ufo an actual craft (dont know what to call it) because it give me some foundation , but its not easy decide who to believe and what is the truth.

    about Lou. I think when Lou cant answer he just says so, i believe when he says NO he is telling the truth but time will tell.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I won’t try to speak for Dr. Greer, despite my many privately held opinions. I do believe he is a complex man, but that said, I strongly take issue with many of his statements. Not all, but many. As for Lue, I think he’s an honest man who is genuinely trying to convey some important truths, but is obligated to conceal much of what he knows. Getting it out of him might be as much of a challenge as it is for people like Davis and Puthoff. My goodness, especially Puthoff, having had very positive interactions with him for years but never getting more out of him than what he is absolutely prepared to give … and nothing more!

  6. Rick

    What I enjoy most about this site is the open forum and room for discussion, consideration and community. I feel safe and not afraid to write my thoughts here. In that spirit, I wrote my position in the comment section of the “Fireside Chat: A Twenty-Year Anniversary,” that any “Disclosure” we get will be a “false flag” of a hostile alien action, creating panic and resulting in loss of our freedoms. I was dead set in this belief, but I never bothered to really think about why. Here is why and what I learned tonight:

    The best part of the show tonight was the schooling in facts, logic, critical thinking and what a “false flag” actually is. I learned from you tonight, and over the past two weeks or so, that I have forgotten, not learned and/or bypassed really understanding those critical pieces. This was a wake up call for me as an UFO enthusiast. I have fallen into the trap of becoming jaded on many things government related. Especially on the topic of government “Disclosure.” So instead of doing the work, I took a position rooted in distrust and emotion, not in facts. To be completely transparent, I didn’t even realize I had come to that decision that way. I wonder if others have fallen victim to this? The topic tonight “Is UFO Disclosure a PsyOp?” was enlightening, however I walked away with something personally more valuable and it changed my reasoning on the whole issue. I’m sure it will have an impact on other topics as well.

    One other very important piece, I have always viewed Lue Elizondo, TTSA and everyone working from the inside out as heroes trying to do whats right. I can hold that opinion because we get vetted fact checked information here on this site. I have yet to find another venue that does that for this topic. This is a truly unique community and I’m glad we have it.

    1. Rosanne Losee

      That is a nice summary and sincere; I feel the same way, although I haven’t been here as diligently as I should. Just lots of family stuff going on, but I have to say with all sincerity that Rich Dolan is the real thing. He doesnt’ play political games, nor is coming from this issue with preconceived notions. He has been doing his homework for a long, long time.

      I e-met Rich online back almost 20 years ago. He and Dr. Scott Littleton used to have chats about UFOs and what they were and what we all thought would happen. I am the neophyte, so I was happily deferring to those two, who had reams more information and education in this subject than I ever could. Dr Littleton is gone now, sadly, but one thing he did say that stuck with me, is that he called, them, ‘the Alien Raj” – the “Raj” being of course, a reference to the old British rule of India.

      He was a professor and was interested in Asian religion/philosophy/belief, and he felt any time a person thought the aliens were ‘demons’ he would just laugh and say they were flesh and blood beings, and nothing more, except they were more advanced technologically.

      I remember thinking how lucky I was to e-met these two brains, and I just enjoyed learning from them, and tossing in my pov now and then. And sooner or later, Rich will be front and center as the historian he is, not only in UFOland, but for the country. His history of UFOs is just amazing.

      1. Richard Dolan Post author

        Hi Rosie. You know, you are truly too kind, literally. I was going through some old files and I saw an early correspondence of ours from the year 2000! My friendships with you and Scotty were my first true meaningful friendships in this UFO field of ours. The many, many conversations the three of us had via email were very important to me. Obviously in the development of such a unique three-way friendship. But also, for me, in learning from both of you, as well as in helping me gain the confidence in my own ideas. And as much as I adored Scott, I think without you the whole thing would have trailed off much sooner. As it was, we communicated for several years and I think back on that very warmly. And you are right about Scott. He was so very smart and his concept of the Alien Raj IS meaningful to this day. I have his novel “Phase Two” right here in my hand. You know … I am embarrassed to say I haven’t read it! I did read the other book I have of his, “2500 Strand,” which in part recounts his witnessing of the 1942 Battle of LA. But the truth is, there is SO little really good UFO fiction that I never bothered with his book, even though he kindly inscribed it for me back in 2003!! I think I must read it now. Do you know if he wrote any other books dealing with the Alien Raj theme? Anyway, I hope you know how glad it makes me to have you around here. Your friend always, Richard. (although YOU can always call me Rich, which is how I went back then. Can’t change old habits like that. My childhood friends still call me Richie!)

        1. Rosanne Losee

          Someday, Rich, you MUST come to Charlotte, NC, so we can actually meet in person and shake hands and maybe a little hug. I too share your feelings. For a long time in my life, I was the only person who had an interest in UFOs; read my first book back in ’67 (yes, I am that old), in high school , “Incident at Exeter.” Of course I believed. It was incredulous to me that people didn’t.

          I had no one to talk to about this, my family just rolled the eyes. You and Scott gave me a real education and it never ended. In answer to your question, I believe Scott did write an article about the “Alien Raj” so it may be somewhere online. I will do a search for it, it should be good reading.

          Thank you, I am first and always your first fan! I ‘knew you then’ but I told my husband, Rick, that someday your name will be in the lights for being one of the first real brains in this crazy field of ufology. I have always appreciated your ability to mix your prowess in history with the phenomenon, and of course, that is so important.

  7. iam080

    Thanks for a thought provoking discussion Richard.

    I think it’s important to emphasise that those within the US Intelligence community who have participated in the coverup of UFO’s and non-human intelligences for 70-80+ years have wilfully decided to live by a double edged sword.

    IF, after 70-80+ years of collecting data on NHI’s / ET’s, powerful decision makers have consistently determined that such intelligences are, in fact, actively hostile and represent a genuine, ACTUAL threat to the public, THEN their complete failure to alert free citizens of pending conflict (as well as Congress, the President and senior military leadership) would almost certainly constitute an act of HIGH TREASON against the state and her people. How many military and intelligence personnel are complicit by following orders which are treasonous?

    On the other hand, if powerful decision makers have, after 70-80+ of collecting data on NHI’s / ET’s, determined that interactions demonstrate non-hostile intent, THEN the reasons for a continued cover-up of knowledge of such intelligences must also be strongly questioned. Beyond a lack of government oversight, questions should include the extent to which powerful PRIVATE interests may have fraudulently profited from reverse engineering activities involving assets which would undoubtedly be claimed, under law, as both public treasure and near priceless in value. (E.g. An ET database containing the sum total of human history, knowledge of the universe, breakthrough world-changing scientific data – clearly all are of immense public interest.)

    IF powerful PRIVATE interests have been involved in fraudulent profiteering and/or theft of public treasure, (the most significant ever known to mankind), then one must also seriously question the full extent to which military personnel were corruptly deceived and blackmailed in the performance of their public service duties. That is, after 70-80+ years of collecting data, if it has been determined that there is no actual genuine threat, then questions must be asked about how much military personnel themselves have been duped by nefarious insiders.

    Were military personnel deliberately dis-informed about the determined levels of hostility in order to justify continued secrecy as part of sustaining on-going fraudulent actions? Given the significant funds involved, such deception may have been necessary in order to maintain the multi-decade coverup, facilitating the private profiteering, USAP reverse engineering “gold rush”. It could be argued that without the ongoing perception and amplification of a threat, military personnel may not have continued involvement in a generational coverup – very likely to be criminal in nature.

    Thus, we might ask – how many military personnel have been involved in high treason by not disclosing knowledge of pending conflict OR how many military personnel have been deceived as part of the biggest financial fraud in human history?

    As Major General Smedley Butler (of War is a Racket fame) revealed -and as subsequent history shows – the likely plutocrat instigators of the 1933/ 34 White House Coup attempt (who were investigated by US Congress, yet not prosecuted) profited greatly from world warfare. Today, the direct consequence of 20th century militancy is a multi-$ trillion industry and vast Military Industrial Intelligence Complex… at the heart of the biggest cover-up known to Mankind.

    Yet given Pentagon confirmation that UFO’s are real, and the increasing likelihood of war-era craft retrievals, we must begin to ask…

    Why were the adult sons of anti-democracy plutocrats, like the Morgans, placed at THE VERY CRITICAL CENTRE of US Intelligence activity during WWII? Which private shareholders have taken control of ET Tech and priceless public assets?

    No matter the outcome of the June UAP Taskforce report, I think it is clear that far greater scrutiny of the private sector defense involvement in the cover up ,is now essential.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Thanks for posting this. No matter how we slice it, it does strongly appear that we are dealing with generations of deep criminality by SOMEONE. And your points seem perfectly on target to me.

      1. iam080

        Danny Sheehan has also been perfectly on target, in my opinion. Especially his recent comments regarding unscrupulous, clandestine wartime opportunism –

        An important question to ask of intelligence-connected plutocrats – do they perceive “we the people” as a genuine threat to their way of being?

        In the modern era, with almost every free citizen of this planet digitally monitored and raised since birth to be both institutionally brainwashed and corporate media manipulated, with the majority of populations deliberately kept in states of ignorance, confusion, apathy and economic servitude, the answer is very clearly – yes.

        Clandestine decisions, made decades ago, to engage in a prolonged disinformation war against the people may potentially have damning consequences.

        As you may recall, I privately provided both Linda Moulton Howe and yourself with detailed analysis which identifies, in all probability, both the identity of the leaker of the PACL CARET Report, “ISAAC” (a renowned JPL scientist), and also that of the likely author of the report (a visionary XPARC scientist). Please feel free to pass on that information to Danny Sheehan. Perhaps individuals with direct knowledge of reverse engineering activity may be relevant to the DoD Inspector General investigation.

        I’d be happy to verbally clarify the basis of my research with either Danny or yourself, should that be helpful.

        1. Richard Dolan Post author

          Thank you and I will make sure I talk to Danny. It so happens that I was making plans to fly out to try to meet this man. Then the world fell apart. I haven’t ruled it out, but I realize the clock is ticking. Of course, I consider this a very very long shot at best. He’s been quiet for a reason, it seems to me.

          1. iam080


            Similarly, the Xerox PARC author of the PACL CARET report may also remain silent. Or perhaps the ex-Hughes Aircraft attorney, mentioned in the EWDavis / Admiral Wilson notes, Jeffrey W. Griffith, may continue to avoid discussion of the matter.

            Yet if the DoD Inspector General is reviewing inter-related issues, surely such individuals might be formally questioned as to their knowledge of USAP’s and/or the UFO-plutocrat CABAL?

            Decades of criminal duress, threats to family and personal blackmail, originating from rouge, powerful persons at the centre of the “core secret” raises fundamental questions as to the genuine validity of ALL democracies and the purposes which our institutions supposedly serve – if not the interests of “we the people”. Given the history and global scope of the phenomenon, the extent of the cover-up / obfuscation is vast.

            Now that the Pentagon has admitted the reality of UFO’s, the depth of the enforced fiction is clear. Consequently, I suggest that for matters relating to non-human intelligences, all oaths brokered and all NDA’s and contracts signed are VOID AB INITIO due to counterparty fraud.

            One way or another, the disinformation wars against the people of this planet must end.

            The opportunity cost of hundreds of thousands of the brightest minds on the planet being wasted, for 70-80+ years, on redundant fossil-fuel technologies is immense. It’s well and truly time to inspire new generations toward the stars.

  8. pedro303

    Thanks for your excellent analysis ! Recently I read officiall sources that talk of
    NIH Non human Intelligence as as a reality. So is this stage 4 or 5 ?

  9. Michel Olson

    I want to say psy ops and false flags can be two different things. some psy ops have been going on for decades without the masses knowing it is happening, such as operation mocking bird. I think false flags are used for immediate action. My opinion.

  10. Henk Kersaan

    On a philosophical path to Disclosure, it’s like parallel roads, which sometimes disperse, sometimes merge. All depending on who takes the exit and the mindset of those, more often steered by fear or Faith, or whatever and of course it always has and will been. Perhaps more clear in what you call, Richard the 4th stage of human development.
    Richard, thanks for your thoughts (again).

  11. itsmeRitaC

    Richard, i applaud you for doing this and also for not getting into name calling. I am only halfway into it. I took note that you made reference to the theme of Naomi Klein’s brilliant book from around 2007, ‘The Shock Doctrine:Rise of Disaster Capitalism’. In fact, i believe it is more relevant now than ever.

    I discovered it was made into a documentary and i posted on forum. And i found this from a member there.

    Keith Basterfield (KeithBasterfie1) 1

    TTSA filed a new report with the Securities and Exchange Commission, 30 April 2021. One item of which I was unaware until reading the latest SEC report, was that “Luis Elizondo was laid off…” Other interesting details may be found at my short article
    4:08 AM – 26 May 2021 1
    15 2

    1. itsmeRitaC

      I must say something here regarding the mentioning of Philip Agee , CIA whistleblower, etc. You had mentioned him and Marchetti. Sp? Anyway, i had just seen an article that a book has come out to try to spin Agee as a traitor.

      Anyway, i am hoping that you are not trying to compare someone like Elizondo with those people? I really will be rather disappointed to say the least if you were. I don’t believe they are in the same universe. Lou is still “sir, yes sir” and all in for counterintelligence, which includes Gitmo and “enhanced interrogation”, and i am being sensitive here. Very. So please don’t confuse those whose character made them risk their lives to talk of torture and abuse of u.s. power, with Lou , and his, “I can’t say anything much about uap because i don’t want to lose my security clearance.”

      I am sorry Richard, but i had to say this. And i also saw the services he is selling on his website. It is dark, at least for someone such as myself. I am interested to see if anyone asked him these kinds of questions. Character is all important, imo. Sorry, but this is what i have been thinking for a long time with all of this. My trust level with such a person is not very high. And i admit i don’t know all the details.

      Thank you, Richard. Rita

      1. Richard Dolan Post author

        All I am saying is that there are all kinds of dissenters and people who disagree with policy. As far as I can see, Elizondo has enemies in the Pentagon. I mentioned Agree and Marchetti simply to remind people that the CIA is not monolithic, nor is the rest of the US intelligence community. Not everything is directed from the very top.

    2. Richard Dolan Post author

      Thanks Rita. While I am very familiar with Naomi Klein’s excellent work, I can’t possibly think I mentioned it in this last livestream. Are you sure? Am I losing my mind? 🙂 It’s true that I have referred to her work in the past, but not for years, if I recall correctly.

      1. itsmeRitaC

        No, you didn’t mention that book. 🙂 Not to worry about your sanity.

        But you said a few things in passing that were reminiscent of her book’s ideas. I made the connection because i had just referenced it earlier in the day.

        1. Richard Dolan Post author

          Ah okay, gotcha. That makes sense. I thought her book was a very good one, although she shied away from going one step further into actual false flags. However, great book in any case.

  12. PressToDigitate

    Of course, the UAPTF Report could just be another “Roswell: Case Closed” – the USAF Report, demanded by Congress, which put forth the Air Force’s last coverup excuse, about the Crash Test Dummies that weren’t dropped until six years after Roswell. This piece in today’s The Hill reads like it was written 20 years ago:

    Its so full of ignorance, falsehoods and snide ridicule that its a humiliation for The Hill to have even published it – which suggests that it was *placed* there.

    What if the UAPTF Report said, “Our analysis has concluded that the unknown ‘objects’ depicted in the FLIR camera images from the Nimitz and Roosevelt F-18 gun cameras were the result of a persistent transient software ‘glitch’ in the Raytheon Model XYZ Forward-Looking Infrared (“FLIR”) Imaging System, and that, in fact, no such objects existed”. Would it matter to ‘The Powers That Be’ if they just “hung out to dry” all of the Pilots, Weapons Officers and Seamen who saw the things visually? Given the history, I don’t think anyone in the E-Ring would lose much sleep over that ‘cheap way out’ of the current situation. When some sarcastic one-star Rear Admiral stands at the podium, delivering the Report, and compares a “finicky FLIR” to his wife’s glitchy Windows PC or his Dish Network satellite TV’s ‘rain fading’ “during the Big Game”, we’ll be left to conclude only that the wooden Crash Test Dummies, after being dropped from high altitude, were subsequently promoted through the ranks of Naval Intelligence…

    My question, Richard, is what is our *Contingency Plan* for if something like this occurs a month from now?

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Exactly. For all we know, this CAN happen. Which would make a joke out of the alien false flag psyop thesis, btw. But would be a big problem for UFOs. So, the plan? For me, it will be doing the same I’ve always done. Speak as clearly about this as I can, wherever I can.

      1. PressToDigitate

        “Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.”
        — Albert Einstein

        (I’m *SO* sorry, I couldn’t help myself! … It just slipped out…) 🙂

        1. itsmeRitaC

          Einstein did not say that. I am sorry, but i love the guy and need to correct this often referred to twelve step program meme. 🙂 It is obvious that it isn’t even something he would have said, And that ain’t just a river in Egypt either! Maybe he said that one too about ‘Da Nile’. 😉

  13. TomTort

    Another session that is worth spending the time. I find it interesting to acquaint myself with more people who are now open to the possibility to the legitimately of UFOLOGY. I do believe when a person is open minded, it allows them to actually accept the idea that they will not be ridiculed by admitting Aliens from another world exist. However, it is advantages to know someone who makes a claim having seen a craft or experienced a sighting themselves in order to ignite a spark of enthusiasm, opening the door to discussion. Without a personal experience many people are opening up to the subject simply because there are recognized sources such as the New York times, or sincere discussions taking place on various channels that never took the subject seriously. More books from authors with credibility are now receiving recognition. All of this helps tremendously.
    Mr. Dolan, you have captured the attention of numerous people due to your unique, informative and factual presentations. You present new ideas peaking one’s interest and curiosity. You are critical of some, while acknowledging their credibility without insult.
    You have on more than one occasion referred to the concept of “False Flags” and dangled the carrot on it’s discussion, but put the breaks on with concern that you could be entertaining a discordant note. If I may ask that it be possible to least give reference to where one may hear or read some of your thoughts on this topic. If I recall, you made overture’s to having some 200 pages written on a work which is on hold for various reasons.
    I write this because I think you have credibility to ideas that you intentionally hold back. In my opinion, you are writing openly and not holding back on UFOLOGY, so I think there is an audience for other topics that should be open to discussion, no matter the fact that some of what you articulate may suggest a discordant wisdom.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Yes thanks for asking. The main location of my false flag work is probably in the form of my TV series on where it’s available for subscription. I did indeed plan to write a book on this theme, and what I have written is probably around 200 book-pages. The Gaia series is written and hosted by me, with nice production values as well. It doesn’t cover everything I wanted to cover, but it’s not a bad overview. beyond that, I have a few episodes on false flags on my Youtube channel (9/11, Anthrax) and most likely a few here on this site which you can probably search at the top bar. I’ve been thinking about revisiting the subject here soon.

  14. Alex Rancourt

    I’ve noticed that it has become de rigueur in some circles to just assume every nugget of information that makes it way to the public about UFOs is a psyop. It’s taken for granted at this point.

    When I press people about it, they will invariably cite the books that have been written about the 80s disinfo campaign against Paul Bennewitz, such as Mark Pilkington’s “Mirage Men” and Adam Gorightly’s recently-published “Saucers Spooks and Kooks”. I’m not necessarily knocking these works but it seems they have given many otherwise potentially sympathetic people a license to dismiss the UFO subject without taking a deeper look at its history. Very frustrating!

  15. Phil

    It’s worth considering that alien infiltration into our power structures is a very real possibility. The factional divisions and reluctance of the military to disclose information may be a result of alien persuasion rather than purely a human created situation

  16. Ed Klatt

    We are all out there everyday fighting the good fight in spreading the gospel about UFO’s. Do you know what the really funny thing is? Nobody is laughing at me anymore. The 60 Minutes segment was groundbreaking. Not so much for us, because we know all about this stuff, and much more. But, now the average person (60 Minutes usually pulls about 9-10 million viewers), now has some insight into this, and they are beginning to ask questions. Even members of my own family who would generally (and dogmatically) scoff at the issue are now willing to engage on this topic. They are now genuinely interested whereas before, they were at best apathetic, and at worst, were rolling their eyes while making such intellectually profound pronouncements as, “I just don’t think They would come here”, or other such nonsense. They would never admit it, but mostly they felt this way out of an irrational fear, pure and simple. It is a form of denial, not of the superficial sort, but of something much deeper.

    In the end we are all just finite beings, whose subconscious desire to reach out and touch the infinite is buried deep within the human psyche, giving us a motivation to extract some larger meaning out of our fleeting existence in this reality. It’s part of what makes us human. It is the prospect of finally being able to do this that terrifies us. So in that sense, UFO’s are a very real threat. They threaten to begin to actualize our deepest and most primal desires, and if we want to be truthful, the prospect of it scares the living crap out of us.

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