Is the Window Closing on UFO Research? | The Richard Dolan Show

By | March 8, 2022

Hi Everyone,

This show will be premiering this evening at 8 p.m. Eastern time. It is based on a members-only podcast I gave a couple of weeks ago but decided I want to have this on YouTube for a larger audience. 

I am adding new content and context as well as a few visuals. I hope you find it worthwhile. 


13 thoughts on “Is the Window Closing on UFO Research? | The Richard Dolan Show

  1. SunPower

    Hi Richard, When was the window open about UFO research? Wouldn’t you always have been discredited?

  2. PressToDigitate

    Great Commentary! If Ufology doesn’t manifest more “Exo-Realism” like yours, we’re all going to look pretty ridiculous when the Space Wogs take over *publicly*. Greer’s form of Fifth-Column “Space Brothers” Xenomania will be what gets blessed by the NWO as within the Official Narrative, while anyone questioning the motives or activities of our “Visitors”/”Overlords” will be termed a “dangerous anti-social extremist”. As you pointed out in that Rand Corp. study, the handwriting is already on the wall that this is coming. There is no “Threat Narrative” from Officialdom; just the opposite. Greer is voicing the Deep State narrative, and at some point in the next three years, you’ll hear it from Biden, or, more likely, President Harris when they put Old Gropin’ Joe out to pasture, this year or next. But the Brain-Sucking Aliens will still be the same ones responsible for violently kidnapping, clinically raping, and otherwise terrorizing millions of people since the 1950s. What’s worse is, it will eventually be confirmed that they are ultimately responsible for the C19 Plandemic, and that it is, after all, a Depopulation Program intended to hand the planet over to them and conclude the tenure of our species here, to provide them with our prime real estate as efficiently as possible.

    We’ve seen how blindly Humans will follow their “leaders” instructions, even to the extent of lining up for Government Injections of [God-knows-What], with far less questioning about its contents, safety or effectiveness than they’d ask of a new Spray Deodorant, Artificial Sweetener, or Dandruff Shampoo. The same sort of people who clamor for Government Injections today, and who willingly boarded Cattle Cars in 1940s Germany for parts unknown, will eagerly wait in line to board the ship for that ‘free vacation’ on the Kanamits’ Homeworld – as their “Dinner Guests”.

    The automatic, knee-jerk assumption that Aliens’ turning our nuclear missiles off (and on) is meant as some kind of “Peace Message” – unsubstantiated by any evidence or rationality whatsoever – is probably the most naive and dangerous assumption that any Humans have ever made (at least since the fantasy that the organized thuggery called “Government” would somehow be preferable to other varieties). BY FAR, the most obvious use in doing so on the Aliens’ part would be to test their ability to constrain those weapons of ours which could be most effective in defending us against their predation of our world, should their infiltration of our Command & Control structure fail to sufficiently disrupt our defenses. While today’s missiles could almost certainly have been hardened against whatever they used to interfere with 1970s-era circuitry, its unlikely that they have been, due to such infiltration – which we find to have been complete even before then. While we *know* that Human non-nuclear technology CAN shoot down UFOs – or there would have been no ‘Crash Retrievals’ – we also know that those interceptions were stopped by the turn-of-the-century. Even before then, only military bases seem to have been defended, not the millions of civilian (and Bovine) victims being preyed upon. The belief that civilizations become inherently more peaceful as they advance technologically is irrational, and unsupported by the existence proof of our own history (as we sit, Right Now, on the threshold of Thermonuclear War, with idiots in Both Parties here, and on the other side, all egging it on). The notion that “If they were Hostile, they’d have wiped us out by now” is equally ridiculous, as it assumes their only interest in our world would be as a contaminated wasteland, strewn with piles of radioactive rubble and billions of unburied corpses. Even “fumigating” the place with something more immediately lethal than COVID would be ‘out of the question’; they’d need us to clear out our own dead, gradually over time, in an orderly fashion, for the world to remain livable to their Colonists. (And, Lo and Behold! – that’s exactly what seems to be in the cards for us…)

    1. itsmeRitaC

      “Even “fumigating” the place with something more immediately lethal than COVID would be ‘out of the question’; they’d need us to clear out our own dead, gradually over time, in an orderly fashion, for the world to remain livable to their Colonists. (And, Lo and Behold! – that’s exactly what seems to be in the cards for us…)”

      Well, i have to say, PTD, You must be quite an orderly guy! I am not, so my mind would never have gone , even that far, in your direction of thinking. 🙂 I always tend to think that much of your ideas sound like CIA ops. Maybe ET began the CIA to begin with.

      I always wonder. What is your solution to all of this?


  3. Scott Santa

    Richard – If you haven’t yet read Kathleen Marden’s new book “Forbidden Knowledge” I strongly urge you, and all of the Dolanites present to do so, as it goes directly to the point(s) you’re making here.

    She, and a couple of others, Denise Stoner included – have gone there (contact through channeling), essentially “ascension” – upgrading our DNA etc., and so on, via a contactee, Kevin Briggs who is in contact with entities referred to as “Ort and Dee” who are an Arcturian couple, and several others(entities) as well make their appearance in the book.. This is a place I never thought Mrs. Marden, nor Denise Stoner would end up in. Admittedly they try their best to mix these experiences with as much “science” as possible, BUT … I’m astounded at what she has written in this book, knowing her from all of her previous books, astounded not at believing in what these “aliens” are telling her, but that she seems to have leaned so heavily on the information provided.

    She also refers to the little known and mysterious “Mrs. Swan” story, and her (Swan)’s contact with Rear Admiral Herbert B. Knowles, and Wilbur Smith (yeah, THAT Wilbur Smith) back in the 50’s and their attempts at contact with Aliens.

    Without overly trying to summarize the book – I can hardly believe that this is where she (K.Marden) is at in her research. It really needs to be read – hell, I read it in one sitting, 222 pages, shaking my head all the way through it.

    Again – I STRONGLY urge you to pick up a copy and give it a read. – Spiritual contact with beings, called “The Council of 8” who are here telling us, thru these channeling sessions, exactly what you told us to beware of in this and several other of your lectures. It definitely falls into the “NEW AGE” category. Denise Stoner, and Kathleen Marden, 2 UFO women whom I hold in high regard, are now there.

    I would be highly interested in your thoughts on this book. It’s relative to your discussion.

    Thanks and as always – you’r ardent supporter – Scott.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I will get a copy of it, Scott. The Francis Swan story is very interesting. I read about it extensively and do find her to be interesting, although many of the communications from “Affa” seem very difficult to swallow. But there was a great deal of interest in her not just from Knowles but elements in the CIA also. I am very wary of the ascension narrative for many reasons but respect Kathleen and Denise. I’ll get it.

  4. deweyweber

    Thanks for illuminating the dynamics driving the Great Reset Richard. The last two years have revealed to anyone paying attention that our government enforcement and regulatory agencies are so compromised by special interests to the point that the bad actors don’t even bother to hide their criminal behavior anymore. Politicians who are paid $200k per year become multi-millionaires? Children of politicians sell art for hundreds of thousands of dollars? The Federal Reserve printed more money in two years than in the previous 110 years? Like an Agatha Christy novel, all the pieces make sense only after you solve the mystery.

  5. itsmeRitaC

    Hi, i am halfway through the podcast. Interesting homeland security information here. Thank you.

    Actually, i guess that making a mockery out of people who believe in ufos stopped working in a sense, since people don’t care as much about being seen that way in recent times. I mean, given the free for all on social media ad infinitum, no one really takes that kind of thing too seriously. So there needs to be something more extreme now.

    I also want to point out that, as i have said all along, the ‘uap’ narrative became official now and totally controlled by the military and intel people who do the talking on the subject in ufo circles, etc. And on msm. They don’t seem to talk conspiracy. At least not what i have heard or seen and i may be very out of that loop so someone can tell me here, if they feel inclined to respond to this post.

    I also still believe and only believe it more and more, that what has been “leaked” from the military in recent times only helps confuse the world………………….Plausible deniability. Wait til the similar enough grainy video leaks out from Ukraine or wherever. Is it the US, or…………………….Nope. U.S. already denied having any such technology.

    Sorry for another rant. But i am on record that i trust no one in intelligence agencies who are not putting themselves out there in the Phil Agee kind of way. Otherwise, they use their ‘credentials’ as validation (Not with me of course). But i guess they don’t need the likes of me to believe in them. 🙂

    Oh, i would assume ufo research was always monitored. Even the conferences and civilian groups. We know that of course for years. And worse.

    Now we are officially allowed to talk about uap as a national security threat. That will indeed be allowed to continue. But that is about all. And ufo community seems to not have a problem with that i have to say it .

    1. ufoguy

      I was part of the old Art Bell message boards back in the day and some of us at that time suspected that the board had been infiltrated by bots and NSA internet operatives trying to steer the narrative of that time. I was not among them at first as the internet still felt small and the thought that the NSA would be interested in anything a late night listener of the Art bell Radio program Coast to Coast am would have to say was ridiculous. But as time went on I come to think that that was precisely what was going on. Most people were very open, hence that is why we were there but others were rigid and fanatical in their opinions and beliefs and seemed to be on a mission to change the way other people thought. The term “taking control of the narrative” was not a thing at that time but that was precisely what was going on.

  6. Michael Couto

    All the moves are put into place without many people noticing the long game. Sometimes they have to pull back a little, but it’s still a nudge move. I think proper education and moral values can go a long way, in a good human objective. As a trader I have to keep emotions in check to make the right decisions.
    I allow emotions to flourish somewhat, when it enhances the things I enjoy, swimming, exploring, etc.

    Man that Russel does a funny Dr Evil impression.
    Thanks as always RD

  7. itsmeRitaC

    I want to say that the beginning information here is really important regarding ‘treason’ charges, etc. And i came back here because listening to NPR in my car just before and thought of this podcast.

    Terry Gross was interviewing some journalist who worked in Russia for the past ten years. And omg. I have avoided msm. I usually want to know what the spin is so sometimes i check it out for that. But i can’t take it now. Evidently it is ‘out there’ in american media world that Putin is so unbalanced and never wants to be seen as weak, that Terry mentioned it is being discussed that he might do a nuclear strike on nyc. And i only had the show on for ten minutes!!!! Oh, we just mentioned a ‘false flag’ operation in these posts the other day.

    If there is not regime change within six months i will be real surprised. Maybe they will install Condoleeza Rice. 🙂 I just heard that she is publicly denouncing……………….Wait for it……………….The invasion of a sovereign country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also. The pretense that Zelensky is actually calling the shots on anything is just beyond the pale. But i guess i digress here.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Exactly! Years ago I thought Terry Gross was just so awesome. I haven’t been able to stomach her or NPR for many years now. A few years ago, even SNL of all places did a rather funny spoof of NPR culture with the Schwetty Balls skit. Everyone has always known just how absurdly precious NPR is. But the real problem with them is how they mask their slavish adherence to (Davos-directed) The Empire with their sanctimonious finger-waggery.

  8. elevator

    I worked at Public Broadcasting for almost twenty years and was proud of the work we did. Unfortunately they sold out beginning in the Bush Administration and it has gotten worse ever since. They have become corporate controlled like almost all media.
    I figured there was two sides to the UFO/nuclear story. They may have ben altruistic, or they might want to save the planet from radiation poisoning. for colonizing. I’m of the mind that if aliens are here, there is more than one tribe.

    I was a member of the website Democratic Underground for a couple years. Not that I am a democrat, but there was some good info and debate. But, after being suspended once for espousing UFO belief and a coverup, and then again for stating the Warren Report was BS and Oswald was probably a witting or unwitting member of a conspiracy. That’s too much censorship for me….screw ’em. World history has turned on one conspiracy after another since man began to live together. Just because there are a lot of lunatic conspiracies floating around doesn’t mean none are factual.

    Good point above on “Kinda Sleezy Rice” whose famous quote that “we never imagined anyone would fly airplanes into buildings” was such a blatant lie it was embarrassing. Hell I had imagined it for years, especially while sitting in crowded stadiums.

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