Is DISCLOSURE Happening? | Richard Dolan Show w/Steve Bassett

By | June 27, 2023


Hi Everyone, 

Well, Steve Bassett and I did decide to have a “do-over” with our interview and we both thought it turned out well. 🙂 The show will go live at 8 pm Eastern time and runs for 1:20 hours. Pretty much everyone knows that Steve is very optimistic when it comes to UFO Disclosure, but what’s interesting here is that we got to discuss some of the potential upcoming developments when it comes to Hearings in the House or Senate. 

Steve is very much up-to-date on these matters so he is worth listening to. Overall, this was his game although I jumped in from time to time with questions or a different point of view. I think it flowed well. Let me know what you think. 


41 thoughts on “Is DISCLOSURE Happening? | Richard Dolan Show w/Steve Bassett

  1. itsmeRitaC

    OK. I am not going to say all that am thinking here. 🙂 I will just pick out the spot where i am right now, and i didn’t get in when it began. But he is saying that this will be such a big deal hearing coming within the next two months, we should get our popcorn. Well, if congress is so eager with this, why did two people from that committee, only two senators showed up for the April big public event. And Kirkpatrick, we know what he had to say. Maybe Stephen will address that later, i don’ t know.

    I also have no names regarding the high volume of witnesses with testimony , etc. other than Grusch, but of course i am not that up to speed on all of this. I am sighing deeply and avoiding commenting on something he said about the ‘brilliant’ press secretary……………………………….
    Thanks Richard

  2. Gary Calderaz

    “Follow me!”…yeah. I noticed you’re not rushing headlong into Nirvana.
    Perhaps with Dr. Jacobs in mind, you don’t want to end up on a menu.
    I’m with you Richard, let the Lemmings do what Lemmings do best. I’ll wait and see.
    Gary Calderaz


    Very K interesting conversation. I love opposing points of view. Thank you. Kathleen

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      The one thing I wanted with Steve was that any disagreements we had be expressed in a gracious and civil manner, which I think we accomplished.

  4. Leo Ann

    Richard, thank you once again, for a great chat with Mr. Bassett.

    Really a quite lovely guy with a great deal of faith in a system that has shown no evidence of being, “Of the people, by the people, for the people”, but mired in it’s own agendas, it’s fiefdoms, petty squabbling, shady obfuscation and quiet, well meaning malevolence that we’ve all come to expect – with good reason – from the security state.

    Biden is NOT, I repeat…NOT the “Disclosure President”. Unless he’s been engaged in the longest con in US history.
    Coming from a man who was proven to be somewhat economical with the truth about his academic credentials -poor Bob Lazar always gets picked apart for that but not our glorious leader, oh no!

    I’m not sure what the security state is engaged in: why now, what can they gain from this slow disclosure? I fear it is nothing for the good of the people. Have thought this ever since way back in the times of TTSA and the coordinated alternative media blitz that occured over the last years. I haven’t worked it out, it is VERY complicated but it is not “disclosure”. There, I said it! This is not right, I’ll eat a substantially large hat if I’m wrong. The tea leaves aren’t reading right. We will see….the Chinese “curse” springs to mind and we certainly are living in them at the moment!

    Oh and the Karine Jean-Pierre comments where simply lovely. That made me smile…

    All the best Richard!

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I did not want to get into a big political argument with Steve, although that can happen at the drop of a hat. In this and also in the other conversation, there were definitely moments when I felt (even though I was the host) that I had to push back on some of his positions, simply because he stated them as if they were obvious and there could be no other point of view. I was surprised, to be honest, and it struck me as a bit of like living in an ideological bubble. Which of course we are all in danger of, but I did want to challenge a few of his statements.

  5. Christian Morales

    Jesus Christ. Ok I’ll take it easy on Bassett. On a positive note things have been looking up. Marco Rubio dropped some good information and also Gallagher on the Pat Mcafee show Richard that is a must watch, but contact in a few years and disarming our nukes? What!? I mean I’m sorry but Steven has to come back to reality here. Frankly I don’t think that would even be wise. Accept the ets as our lords and do as they say I don’t know how I feel about that. There are obviously different races here with different agendas but they all have something in common. They operate covertly, a lot of them lie to people, not only that they take people in the middle of the night without permission and do things that are very disturbing, including medical experiments and rape. Sorry I used the R word I know that’s a strong word but that’s happen to a lot of people, I think it happens to most women that get abducted, now weather they talk about it that’s a different story because that takes a lot of courage to talk about and worse of it all is sometimes these experiences start negative and then positive which reminds me of Stockholm syndrome just saying…

  6. itsmeRitaC

    I just have a few more comments but i haven’t seen it all. He is saying that the past five years were all planned out so that the president can announce to the world that ET is here? I am not sure i understood that correctly though. I have not heard that said by anyone else but i don’t pay that much attention to all the commentary so he may not be singular in this.

    I am not one to pay much attention to the likes of Marco, the neocon, Rubio when he talks about anything because i don’t trust him in so many ways. Why would i suspend my disbelief when he talks about something this important? But that is me of course and i say the same about all of them. Even the military intel. folks who brought me the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq and were very involved with those ‘operations’. Liars, and when it is their profession to boot, will lie. But that is me with the MIC, etc.

    Anyway, i am sure he is a very nice man. But i think he is naive in a way that i honestly can’t imagine in 2023. And i don’t think he is being deceptive like some others out there. I just find his view of the u.s. government to be hard to wrap my mind around. And so i can’t take him very seriously as far as his perspective is concerned. It kind of makes me feel sad to be honest.

  7. Craig Champion

    I’ll certainly be impressed if the coverup, as Steve believes collapses. Gotta’ love his dedication to thinking that there’ll be on official (government) disclosure. Steve may not be a utopian but he’s certainly an idealist.😁

    I’m perhaps naively stuck in a line of thought but I’m guessing that the stumbling-block of true disclosure in the hearings may hinge on what can actually be divulged. I’m guessing that there won’t be anything like the physical sharing of pieces of craft or pictures of craft or bodies, etc. There may be an admission, under oath regarding the general “knowledge of” the existence of SAPs, however I’m guessing that there won’t be any specific information about any actual programmatic objectives disclosed. I hope that I’m wrong; maybe just too cynical after all these years, even in light of the recent whistleblower’s statements and possible Congressional hearings. It’ll be interesting to see what happens.

    Thanks, Richard!


    I thoroughly enjoyed and was also informed by your re-doing of the original, which I also appreciated in its less polished and less edited version. What more could I ask for? Blood! That’s what! But not yours or Mr. Bassett’s.

    Being inquisitive and open-minded is not a felony, although the relevant authorities are working on closing this annoying loophole.

  9. Andromeda107

    Steve Bassett was on fire. I he had a lot to say, most of which I agreed with. I definitely agree with him that no government should be deciding for us what we can and can not know, or whether we can handle the truth, no matter how awful it is when it comes to the et presence here. Most us who have been studying this field know abductions happen, we know animal mutilations happen.We know that some people have been abducted and have never been returned, which seemed to have been the case in the Frederick Valentich disappearance, and I am sure many others cases.I am not Greer, I don’t believe that all different types et’s that are coming here are all good , and are looking out for our well fare, that just ridiculous idea. But that doesn’t mean we should have the truth held from us. I can understand the need for national security on somethings ,such as reversed engineered alien tech . Where I disagree with Steve is the idea that disclosure is right around the corners. I just don’t think that is happening. Great interview.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I do agree that Steve was in GOOD form! Whatever one thinks about his position, realistic or not, he did a fantastic job in making his case. I am glad he did so.

  10. Ian Roberts

    A crime against humanity is taking place, and many are complicit–not to mention very wealthy and comfortable. Beyond being war profiteers, they help hide the ET truth from the world.

    Boeing: Arlington County, Virginia; Dave Calhoun (Pres, CEO), Larry Kellner (Chairman)
    Lockheed Martin: Bethesda, Maryland; James D Taiclet (Chairman, Pres, CEO)
    Northrop Grumman: West Falls Church, Virginia; Kathy J. Warden (Pres, CEO)

    Nazi dealers of death were at least forced to flee to South America.

  11. itsmeRitaC

    OK, yes, i actually came back to this. Wow. Well, he is just naive. And i don’t want to say anything negative about him because he is in his own reality here and at least it isn’t ‘let’s make more weapons’, etc. But, he thinks that the MIC, etc, is going to say, and i already heard Grusch promoting fear narratives. But Bassett is saying that the freaking DOD, etc is going to say “well, ET doesn’t want nukes deployed on earth”. Yes, i have heard many reasons for this over the years and i happen to believe it. It feels ‘right and real’ inside of me, and that is all i have in the end. If we are living authentically, that is the bottom line. If you can’t trust yourself, than who else is there? That is a whole other topic. Anyway,

    He thinks that the military will say, “well, no need for a military any longer, now we see the light”? I don’t even know how i could feel authentic if i were to talk with Stephen personally, because i would be shaking my head. I recall you, Richard, talking about how if there were disclosure, the spin cycle would go on hyper drive and i agree and i think that is what has been going on here. All i have heard from congress people, etc, is the weaponization of tech. Period. Any ‘disclosure’ will be to ramp up these SAPs, and am i supposed to believe that senators don’t know such things exists? They never met a lobbyist from Raytheon?

    I don’t really want to say much about Stephen because as i said, i sort of feel sad for him. I really do. I think that even if/when these hearings that are supposedly going to soon happen, and by the way, if they aren’t public then i don’t give a darn because i can’t know anything true at all, that he will likely just rationalize that and give some reasons why it didn’t happen. But he seems to believe that all agencies and elected officials just want to help us evolve or something because they are so good and kind.

    I am guessing that you are fond of him and wanted to give him a platform. And for me to come back to watching this is unusual, but i am sort of intrigued in a way, even if i can see how he gets lost in his thoughts and not very grounded imo.

    OK. I have said way more on this interview than i would ever imagine, but the way he sees things actually gave me different angles to respond to, if that makes sense. 🙂 I actually think Greer is far more realistic in a lot of ways to be honest as far as government, etc is concerned. And their motives.

  12. Ted2

    Doty was recently on Fade to Black with Jimmy Church. Very interesting and well worth watching. I wish you had done that interview as I think it would have been more penetrating. Some UFO interviewers don’t want to touch Doty but that is to their detriment.
    He stated what the limit to disclosure would be and where it would come from – the executive branch of government. After viewing the interview, it was my feeling that there would be no photos/pictures of UFOs or alien bodies and certainly no explanation of alien technologies. The veil will be only partially lifted. Maybe we will learn that Roswell was real. Jimmy thought disclosure was imminent, but Doty was less sure about that.
    Many of the issues I previously discussed (and others ET related) will remain unanswered by the government. However, many of those issues (e.g., alien-government contact or treaties, abductions, animal mutilations, etc.) that were defined by past personal stories and efforts of UFO researchers will be considered less improbable based on the disclosure and the subsequent lack of reticence by the government on providing more extensive information. In fact, the government may spend more time, effort and money in debunking those issues after disclosure. Those issues will remain worthwhile subjects of future UFO research.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I am considering reaching out to Doty so don’t rule it out. I may reel him in. We’ve met and got along just fine. I am thinking about it.

  13. Kelley Meehan

    Steve Bassett. Blast from the past! Thank you. I completely agree with him on the need to eliminate nukes but I wonder whether he isn’t laboring under a misconception as to the ability of the West to maintain its power globally should that happen. Most people who live in western countries think they would still be competitive militarily without nukes. The war in Ukraine is slowly demonstrating that is not true, either on a qualitative or logistical level. This doesn’t just apply to Russia. North Korea needs no nukes except as a deterrent to western nukes. Then there is the question of Israeli nukes. All of this has to be recognized and accepted if we are to reach the point where children being shown the aftermath of nuclear war by aliens has really been banished as a frightening but all too credible nightmare.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      The whole nuclear discussion baffled me. Yes, I fully agree that having nuclear weapons at all is insane from an existential point of view. I am sure we all agree on that. Crazy and incredibly dangerous. That said, I was puzzled by his believe that somehow Disclosure could facilitate the end of the nuclear era. I just can’t see that happening.

      1. Kelley Meehan

        Steve seemed to tie it into the incidents where UFO’s have appeared over nuke bases and the missiles were disabled. In his view that seemingly meant that ET disapproved of nukes and was sending a message of peaceful aspiration for earth’s future. In light of US dependence on nukes for its worldwide power, it could just as easily be construed as an attempt to gain leverage with our government for some other unknown concession. The implied threat being that our nukes could be permanently disabled.

        I never cease to be amazed at the almost childlike belief in good intentions attached to that demonstration. If any human group did the same thing no one would think it was necessarily benevolent. Richard Sauder got into huge trouble just for his symbolic protests at a nuke site. Imagine how our government really reacted at the highest levels to those UFO incidents.

        1. Richard Dolan Post author

          TOTALLY agree with you: “I never cease to be amazed at the almost childlike belief in good intentions attached to that demonstration.” Yes, absolutely.

  14. Klaatu

    I have only one question. Once disclosure has happened, will the aliens be allowed to appear topless at the White House?
    Kidding aside, good show guys. One of the best.

  15. Wesley Schoonover

    I’ve got to admire Steve’s optimism about the possibility of disclosure, which he’s maintained despite years of disappointment thru previous election cycles & incoming administrations. I think faith in Establishment stalwarts like the Clintons is clearly misplaced (though I have the benefit of hindsight), and Mr. Bassett’s hope in previous administrations ushering in disclosure always struck me as a bit too optimistic. However, his optimism about the current spate of whistleblower claims & Congressional hearings seems pretty well thought out.
    I tend to share Richard’s cynicism regarding the political class & those benefiting from oligarchical capitalism, and wonder if Steve’s reticence to criticize them is really rooted in a belief in their competence. It seems more like pragmatism: working as a disclosure lobbyist in Washington would certainly be easier if his public statements adhere to current political correctness. In the previous conversation on June 17th Richard briefly mentioned that Biden not an ideal disclosure president, eluding to his apparent cognitive decline & inability to speak coherently on even conventional matters, much less paradigm-shattering ET disclosure. The political right are having a field day with his fumbling attempts to read off a teleprompter. His handlers will struggle to guide him through a typical re-election campaign, much less a “UFO disclosure’ campaign. If such a disclosure does take place, I wonder how the info would be processed thru the lens of left vs right politics?
    For what it’s worth, I’m on the older end of the ‘millennial’ generation & I’d be unwilling to accept “because national security” as an excuse for 80 years of criminal/unethical secrecy. I’d hope my peers would feel the same, but my liberal friends don’t seem to have noticed how drastically the Democratic party have changed since Trump/Covid melted their brains, or their increasingly authoritarian tendencies.

  16. Wesley Schoonover

    It is difficult to predict how public consciousness would react to the ontological shock of an ET disclosure event. I scanned comments sections on articles about Grusch, and the ‘normies’ reflexively reject it as “conspiracy nonsense”, while the viewers of alt media (like Russell Brand) just think it’s a Deep State distraction/psy-op laying ground work for ‘Project Blue Beam’ (despite Brand’s obvious enthusiasm for the subject). I have religious relatives who STILL think humans are alone in the universe. Add in the scientific community who are openly hostile to this subject and it seems few outside the UFO bubble will embrace disclosure as warmly as Steve predicts. I groan every time a UFO program mentions that War of the Worlds broadcast: culture was in a very different place in 1938 and, in their defense, they were hearing descriptions of a violent alien invasion. A calm admission to proof of ET contact will not incite the same hysteria.
    The more difficult paradigm shift may be within the national security state, who perceive shutting down nukes at bases like Malmstrom as a threatening show of force. I once heard a story about a Soviet missile base having its nukes armed & countdown activated by a UFO, then being stopped seconds before the launch. Is that story true? That seems like a less ambiguous warning about the dangers of nuclear weapons.

  17. William Mott

    Great show with Steven…I really like him but I just don’t share the same Enthusiasm for DISCLOSURE..
    All these hearings (which I highly doubt would be in public with classified stuff) will probably drawn out over years with the same Ole same ole..
    Many in the UFO community see the Govt just FESSING UP to all their lies over the years. Like a govt official from the Pentagon is just gonna say at a Podium. Ok Guys you caught us. The Saucers are stored at Area 51 etc! Lol. It ain’t gonna happen.
    The Alien hardware is probably in Antarctica by now..I know I sound Black Pilled but I’ve seen this same SHOW before…OK thanks again to you Richard 👍

  18. Curtis Lightle

    Steve’s argument that disclosure is close and eminent is compelling.

    After a lifetime (I am 50+) of endless interest and research into this topic, the idea that they would come out and admit it is hard to reconcile. From that perspective I share Richard’s skepticism.

    Virtually no one I know has any idea that Congress has even formed an interest in the topic. If this disappears know one will notice. Except, those of us who are on threads like this one.

    Why would this time be different? We had the 911 commision come out after they were forced into existence, only to have NIDS blatantly lie and cover for the “deep state”. To do otherwise would have meant the destruction of the elites. They do not want to be destroyed.

    It is hard to have faith that people like Marco Rubio are somehow fighting off the elites and going to push this to the brink. It seems more likely that they will get to him and all of this bluster will dissipate like a Dr. Fauci versus Rand Paul debate. Rand nailed Fucki to the cross over and over, nothing happened. Hillary was dead to rights, nothing happened. Biden and his family are OBVIOUSLY corrupt, nothing happened. The Iraqi’s had no yellow cake, there was no smoking gun reminiscent of a mushroom cloud. Evil and corruption is bi-partisan so don’t spin my comment into some right versus left bullshit echo chamber of naive crap.

    I expect that nothing will happen, and unfortunately Steve’s vision of disclosure will be crushed (I share his vision). If somehow he is correct, then we live in a new world order! Not the one Bush was peddling, but a real NWO that no one knows where it will go.


  19. D.A.


    I haven’t watched the video yet. Hell, I was just getting around to watching the first one, so please forgive me once again if you already addressed what I am about to say.

    Regarding the title of this piece: “Is disclosure happening?” Don’t ask News Nation, because they apparently think it already has, and is picking up a gauntlet that neither of the other MSM news outlets are quite willing to touch, never mind unabashedly embrace—at least not yet—and are running full speed ahead with it. A very shrewd move on their part as a fledgling news station, because when disclosure does finally happen with a capital “D”, they will be the ones sitting on top of the greatest story that has never been told. Finally, a MSM outlet that at least tries to be, and by all accounts have so far been, truly fair and balanced, even if you ultimately disagree with their commentary. For moderates, like myself, they truly are a breath of fresh air in a miasma of political bullshit and fake news—on both sides of the isle. The way I look at it, the far left sees the world the way they want to see it regardless of the truth, and the far right sees the world the way they don’t want to see it irrespective of the facts. Moderates, on the other hand, see the world for what it is irrespective of how they want to see it.

    People all too often see the glass as either “full” or “half full”, when in reality it’s relative to whether or not one is filling it or emptying it. The glass is finally being filled with respect to disclosure, and soon it may very well be overflowing.


  20. D.A.


    Quick point regarding the witness protection provision of Section 1673 of the 2023 NDAA: you may want to double check this with Knapp, but based on the timing of events, I believe Grusch’s testimony, wasn’t a by-product of that provision, as discussed with Bassett, but rather that provision was in fact a by-product of Grusch’s formal complaint to the ICIG after becoming the victim of reprisals upon submitting his report on the reverse engineering programs to the AARO/UAP task force (and/or possibly another DoD IG) last year. Remember, in Rubio’s most recent interview with News Nation, he mentioned Grusch’s statements as comporting with what numerous other insiders—many of whom, according to Rubio, were likely in Grusch’s report—have been testifying to Congress about for over a year now. Rubio also mentioned that he had to be careful to protect the identities of these people for fear of reprisal against them. This was the basis for Section 1673. I’m not sure people can appreciate just how scary this is.

    By nature, the government is a reactive entity as opposed to a proactive one—that is why the AOA had to proactively do what they did, otherwise the most newsworthy aspect of the last 3 NDAA’s would not center around UFO/UAP, but rather on whether or not to continue funding the Army’s ERCA program. And meanwhile, you would still be debating the merits of the WIlson-Davis memo and MJ-12 documents with the likes of Mick West and Michael Shermer. And if you are not familiar with ERCA, then point made—it’s just another mundane munitions development program.


    PS: For the record, if Lazar wasn’t telling the truth about his experience at S-4, then his name will ultimately be recorded in the annals of history as the Nostradamus of ufology. And if he was telling the truth, then he will be considered the founding father of UFO whistleblowers.

  21. walidmikhail

    Hi Richard
    Your patient’s with him was remarkable geez , even congressional hearing don’t mean anything, no one will know or hear about them , very few people have even heard about the “whistleblower” , and he admires karine jean-pierre, had to go find some zofran and compazine
    thank you as always


  22. D.A.


    A couple quick points:

    1) Steve was right when he said that Grusch went to DoD IG first with what he had found out about the deep state’s illegal reverse engineering programs and then started experiencing harassment/retaliation. He was also right when he said that Grusch then went to a second IG office, the IC IG, but he failed to mention that Grusch was compelled to go to the second IG office because he believed that it was someone in the first IG office (DoD IG) who leaked what he had uncovered to someone in the deep state, either directly or indirectly, which is an important fact because it lead him to believe that the first IG office (DoD IG) was either incompetent and untrustworthy, or corrupt in that it was in bed with the deep state. I guarantee that a large part of Grusch’s complaint to the second IG office (IC IG) involves specific allegations against the first IG office (DoD IG), which is likely being investigated as we speak.

    2) No one knew Grusch was going public at the time he went to the first or second IG office, which Steve stated was a possibility, perhaps not even Grusch—not at first, anyway. It was likely for this very reason that in the spring of 2022 Grusch sought out George Knapp, the man who essentially kept Lazar’s neck off the chopping block by insisting Lazar go public with what he knew. I think Knapp down plays what he did for Lazar, but there is a distinct possibility that not only did he save Lazar’s life, but by doing so he wrote the deep state whistleblower’s handbook for survival. Grusch likely spent a good part of the last year—after his initial meeting with Knapp—going back and forth with the IC IG office, and others within the shallow-state IC, about exactly what he could and couldn’t divulge to the public. And I strongly believe that the reason he broke the story through Keene/Blumenthal and Coulthart, and not Knapp, was due to the stigma still surrounding Lazar’s story. Someone needs to specifically ask Grusch, and/or Knapp, if Grusch did in fact approach Knapp (and Corbell) specifically to seek out advice on going public as a means to protect himself. The answer to that question is very important, because if Grusch did in fact go to Knapp for that very reason, then it would be a tacit admission that he obtained information during his investigation of the deep state that absolutely corroborated the Lazar story simply because he would have had no reason to seek out Knapp and his side kick, Corbell, in the first place if that was not the case. None. And we know he did in fact seek George out. Just ask George.


    PS: if my hunch about Grusch’s story corroborating Lazar’s story ends up being correct, then everyone needs to think not just about what Lazar said about the reverse engineering programs, but what he learned in the reports he read about ET, and it’s relationships with mankind, some of which Grusch more or less alluded to in his interview with Coulthart.

    1. itsmeRitaC

      D.A. I think going public to avoid getting disappeared or whatever is long known and i have to think Grusch has been around intel. agents, etc, long enough to know this without asking Knapp for his advice. IMO.

      But since this is all conjecture…………………………..I wonder why all of these ever so interested congressional peeps aren’t wanting Lazar involved? No one wants to hear from the non governmental approved whistle blower? I find it dismal that one is a ‘whistle blower’ of integrity, as per what Ross the fabulous journalist says, only if the state approves of what you are saying. I find all of this going down a very pathetic rabbit hole. But maybe i am totally confused at this point. I mean, everything is so ‘clear’. 🙂 And i have been shown ever so much factual testimony on camera. Not.

      Cheers, rita

  23. D.A.


    Steve mentioned that the new UAP provisions in the upcoming 2024 NDAA has a protection mechanism for those coming forward with hardware. I agree with everything he said here, however, unless there is specific language in the NDAA that could somehow compel government contractors to come forward, it may be a moot point, because much, if not most of the actual hardware may be in the possession of contractors, not the government, itself. The deep-state faction within the IC might very well own and control the reverse engineering programs, but the contractor(s) are likely the ones running most, if not all, of the programs; and as a result, they’re likely the ones with the bulk of the hardware. As we all know, possession is 9/10 of the law. A good example of this relationship was the BAASS-run AAWSAP program. The DIA owned and controlled the program, but BAASS ran the nuts and bolts end of it, and anything that they (BAASS) were not contractually required to hand over to the DIA at the end of the contract, physical and/or intellectual, they were allowed to keep. An interesting note about the Skinwalker—NIDS—AAWSAP—BAASS—DIA—AOA—UAPTF—AARO connection: if you ever watch the TV program “The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch”, which centers around Travis Taylor (who once headed up the UAPTF), they often mention previous “government programs”, but so far I’ve only heard, or seen (via graphics), them refer to NIDS, which was a Bigelow entity, NOT a government program. I never heard them mentioned AAWSAP once. Of course, I may have just missed it when they did, but so far I have not heard it mentioned by name, only NIDS and “government programs”, and only relatively recently did they even mention Taylor’s connection with the UAPTF, which they were likely forced (or allowed) to do given his name was about to come out at some point anyway. I only bring this show up because there might be something more to it than just some goofy realestate guy from Salt Lake City wanting to create an ET version of the Oak Island reality TV show.

    Anyhow, back to my original point: one very good reason for handing over all the ET hardware to contractors was to protect those assets from being discovered and ultimately handed over to someone on the outside—like what Congress is actually trying to do right now. In order for the latest Gilibrand provision in the upcoming NDAA to be fruitful, it must have language in it that specifically compels the deep-state faction to direct their contractor(s) to hand over the hardware, which quite frankly might be very difficult to do because there will be substantive legal issues associated with the contract agreements that were signed between the deep-state faction (i.e., the government customer, which from a procurement standpoint is still very much a legal entity) and the aerospace contractors doing the nuts-and-bolts reverse engineering (i.e., the service providers, who employ an army of high-end lawyers to protect their interests). One need not be a lawyer themself to presume that the contract agreements between the deep state faction and their contractors involve intellectual and physical property right clauses, and disclosure fail-safe clauses, that could create substantive road blocks to turning over hardware and contractor intellectual property, even if under a shared agreement with the government; meaning there is a very good chance that very little, if any, of the fully intact hardware, which is currently in the hands of contractors, will be turned over to Congress anytime soon unless one or more of the government whistleblowers actually have some of the hardware (or pieces of it) in their own possession, which may very well be the case considering that something was told to the Congressional committee by Grusch and/or one or more of the other whistleblowers prompting Gilibrand, et al, to insert the mandate into the 2024 NDAA. The specific language of that provision needs to be carefully studied.

    If the Congressional investigations into the reverse engineering programs ultimately prove that these programs are real, and were conducted illegally by the deep state (and their contractors), then the contractors could be compelled to eventually turn over ALL hardware and shared intellectual properties to Congress in one manner or another, but likely only after a very long and drawn out legal battle, which might ultimately end up being settled with a compromise. In either case, the public will not likely see much of it even if it ultimately leads to some type of formal government disclosure. Interestingly, I suspect that most of the bodies of dead “pilots” are likely still being kept at government facilities somewhere, meaning that there is an outside possibility that Congress might be presented with biological evidence before fully intact craft.

    Just another thing to think about regarding disclosure. More to follow.


  24. elevator

    First of all i consider myself an independent with liberal leanings. So I have little use for the democrats, except to recognize they are at least sane and trying to clean up the mess left by the previous clown show.

    The previous two press secretaries lied more in one press conference than the current one has to date. Hell, trump has just recently ridiculed and called his last press secretary crude names and yet you see fit to belittle the current one. Seems a tad ironic.

    On top of that, this trope being constantly pushed by the right, that Biden is mentally unable to fulfill his duties is typical of their tired attempts to downplay all that Biden has accomplished. I’m no staunch Biden supporter and believe he should not be running again. But from what I’ve seen so far of the alternative is more depressing. Just this past week two republicans, one a senator and the other a congressman took credit for infrastructure success that they actually voted against.

    Next time you go into a bar and are refused a drink because you’re drinking with someone who may look gay, or foreign, Muslim, or whatever the bartender claims is against his religion you can thank the illegally appointed, money corrupted Supreme Court.

    I live out of the US thank dog and don’t have one truly in the fight, except I do care what happens to a lot of good people left there. I attempt to stay informed and deliberate as far as assessing what I see as happening in the US. But, the rightwing talking points here are once again leaving me wondering if it is worth my time and money to seek the valid information and insight on UAP/UFO news and research that is my reason for being a member.

  25. Jussteve81

    I really like Bassett, but sometimes…often… he speaks with such stubborn, optimistic conviction about disclosure that I literally find myself cringing. He has that same affliction that Steve Greer and Linda M Howe have, where they allow their personal wants and beliefs to obscure the full scope of what’s actually happening. While yes- you can be a bit of a pill lol, you’re nonetheless a much needed voice of reason. This conversation was the best I’ve seen you guys have- so mazel tov on that lol- but I do wish his reporting came with more objectivity. It makes it challenging to know when his observations are valid or just expressions of how he wants ti see things. That said- I’d LOVE it if he or Greer or Howe were correct in their assertions.


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