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By | July 27, 2023

Hi Everyone,

I was interviewed earlier today by fellow researcher and friend Timothy Alberino. To me, Tim’s a particularly interesting person and researcher. We share many points of view and differ on others. But he’s interesting and knowledgable, very knowledgable, about the subject of UFO/UAP. This interview was something he asked me to do for his Youtube Channel and I gladly said yes. 

In addition, we have an hour-long after-interview discussion that I will be posting in a few minutes, just for members of this site. That’s also interesting. 

In this one, we started by discussing the events of yesterday and then the conversation morphed into a general treatment of aliens, abduction, and what the heck is going on. Good stuff!


9 thoughts on “Interview with Timothy Alberino

  1. MarkH

    Hi Richard
    The Pentagon stated AARO had not found any credible data for the existence of ET.

    AARO is not the Pentagon. It’s a Potomac two-step. The Pentagon has to state what it has found!
    A female spokeswoman for the government has stated that “The Pentagon” has said there is no evidence, but that’s a fabrication and obfuscation of the truth. AAROW is not the Pentagon, and she has been purposefully deceitful to the public. So the anti-disclosure factions are still in power from the point of view they control the narrative and media.

    Remember, Grusch has probably been fed some nonsense and all real stuff to discredit him; that could be the case when they look at historical cases or craft locations. There again, he needs a Historian on UFOs to guide him, not just people around him who will agree with his findings.

    Great interview with Mr Timothy Alberino. I like the way he thinks, and I am onboard with his analysis. Thankyou, Richard and Mr Alberino.

  2. Dubh Sith

    Psyop? My understanding is there are important changes occurring in the solar system. The aliens, humans, others, fish, clouds, tectonic plates, spots on Jupiter… are all responding innately.

    A flower’s petals open. You can see systems managing it. Not a “government psyop.”

    A muscle contracts, but there is always stabilizing counter tension. Not “factionalism.”

  3. Clint Child

    Great interview!
    Since we’re considering a biblical perspective, it’s evident that a veil now separates the heavenly and earthly realms.
    The heavens are stretched out like a curtain or tent to dwell in ( Isa. 40: 22), basically the inter-dimensional viewpoint (although the ETH is still valid). There is a covering or veil over the Earth (Isa. 25: 7).
    At the Tower of Babel, Nimrod attempted to build a structure to form a bridge between the earthly and heavenly realms (Gen. 11: 4). Surely they didn’t believe that their tower could be made high enough to reach heaven. The ancient Mesopotamians believed that their step-pyramids (Ziggurats) were bridges to heaven for communion with the gods. The priests would ascend, and the gods would descend to meet with them. CC

  4. Andromeda107

    Really great conversation, I enjoyed every moment. And I most certainly agree with Timothy that you Richard are an anchor in ufology. And I really appreciate the hard work/ research you do in this field to keep us informed, educated, and grounded. In my opinion Congress should be talking to you on the uap/ufo phenomenon and the decades long cover-up.

  5. itsmeRitaC

    Hey, i am actually 37 minutes in so far and this guy seems to be someone you resonate with a whole lot. So far, no religious mention here. But. I have a lot of thoughts about the discussion, but i must say i had a different take on AOC. 🙂 She does annoy me and of course i knew she would disappoint after elected. But anyway, i thought she was very directed and smart with her questioning and she is or was, into that whole private contractor /military issue. And i was glad that is what she focused on. She may have wanted the publicity, but for me, i liked her questions.

    One of the biggest meta questions, and you guys began with it really. But i think “why now”? And i don’t know why it is here again. I mean, as you said, the public at large does not pay that much attention to this anyway. I don’t know why this is happening, but i just ‘got’ something for the first time. Grusch really is a wild card. For any number of reasons, but that is his position in all of this and i don’t think Kirkpatrick and company were in the loop. I is obvious that his company line was really nothing and nasa was doing the same thing. AARO , imo, is a p.r. operation at heart. 🙂 And designed to bore us so much we lose interest.

    Who invented the UAP term. I have been annoyed for four or five years already. It is like taking the color out of something and making it beige. 🙂

    Oh, i would assume that any place that had anything they want to not risk being seen or found out, had a much longer heads’ up than just since last week. But i hadn’t thought about the idea of moving things around. Well, they have all of that underground infrastructure i suppose.

    This is rather engaging but not as funny as Jimmy Church interviews. 🙂

    Oh, i came back because of what you are talking about right now. It was another thought i had this week. Congress people also don’t want the public to know how toothless they really are, or their actual power itself. The public has a really low opinion of them already. So i don’t know how much they will want to make obvious their lack of authority in such major situations. Although someone like Burchett doesn’t seem to care about that, but he seems fairly singular in that particular way. 🙂

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      yes I thought AOC asked a decent question, in fact. I am definitely NOT a fan of her and consider her an opportunist. And frankly she was STILL an opportunist here, making sure she got some camera attention at a big hearing. So basically she wanted to make sure she looked and sounded good. So yes, she did a modicum of homework.


    The word that Richard and Timothy were both trying to recall from Grusch’s testimony (with regard to SAP obfuscation) was the term ‘tradecraft’ – which is the various techniques and practices used in espionage and in the analysis of intelligence data resulting from espionage. What an intricate web they weave.

    There were some very good questions asked by Congress and it was noteworthy that the DoE’s (Department of Energy’s) name came up in combination with UAP related question more than once. Hmmm…maybe these guys are not clueless after all!

    Great discussion by Richard and Timothy and we need more talks like this by all of our representatives in Congress. It was good to see Jeremy Corbell sitting in the audience right behind the witnesses.

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