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Hi Everyone, 

I decided to move my interview with Paul Hynek to next week in order to treat with the topic at hand, which of course is the Congressional UAP Hearing set for tomorrow, July 26. Let’s face it, there isn’t bigger news in the field than that and I needed to shift gears and discuss it. 

As per usual, my talk will be aired at 8 pm EDT this evening. It’s 50 minutes long and I do my best to discuss what we CAN expect and what might the interesting variables be. Ultimately, I am interested in what I call the Red Line of Disclosure — ie. discussion of UFO/UAP craft possessed by the USG or private contractors. This is something that David Grusch of course has already discussed and I would like to see how that plays out tomorrow. There’s more, and I discuss as much as I can, including Chuck Schumer’s amendment to the NDAA and more. 

I will be doing a series of reactions on my Twitter account during the day also. I haven’t been super active there personally, but tomorrow will be working with my social media folks to get some info out there. In case you don’t know, my Twitter channel is here.

I will continue to acknowledge my surprise that the process has gone even this far. Very interesting period we are living in. 

See you tonight!


8 thoughts on “CONGRESSIONAL UAP HEARING | Richard Dolan Show

  1. Ted2

    BTW – David Paulides (Missing 411) is becoming rather blatant on his conclusions that many missing persons have been abducted by UFOs including some that have been found deceased. Just another problematic issue to emerge from the Pandora’s box of disclosure.

    Is it possible that the defense folks come to congress and say that there is some awful secret that they are keeping from the public to prevent panic and, because of whatever the secret is, that disclosure needs to be withheld. Burchett addressed that possibility in the recent press conference as I best remember. I think that he might be willing to press on, but how about others in congress?

  2. Jerry_4226

    Dear Richard:

    Congratulations! I think the Congressional hearings, which begin tomorrow, vindicate your many years of hard work presenting evidence of UFO/UAP presence on our planet.

    Of course, others have “fought the good fight.” And the struggle for full disclosure may be just beginning and may even get more difficult for leaders like yourself.

    Nevertheless, I hope you can celebrate tomorrow. Take a bow. Hold fast. Be encouraged.

    Thank you.

    Wichita, Kansas

  3. Craig Champion

    If nothing else, there’s been a relative swell of mainstream publicity regarding the phenomenon since 2017, which is in and of itself, very cool and historically noteworthy. I suppose that a few members of Congress are as pissed-off as are we common citizens about being lied to, for what feels like – forever.

    I believe that you’ve been correct all along in your assessment that there are factions within the government, some of which desire that the truth be known; it certainly adds-up in terms of what’s been unfolding.

    My sense is that while private contractors are indeed involved in back-engineering craft they are, nonetheless funded by and therefore monitored by respective government agencies. That being said, it strikes me that it would be highly unusual for a deep, USAP to be acknowledged at all, unless under the specific proviso of need-to-know, and the Wilson contention that he was told that they were back-engineering a craft, “not made by human hands” would of course be an egregious breach of secrecy protocol. I can only imagine that people, being human are perhaps subject, under certain circumstances to divulging even highly classified information.

    Geez – do you think that the “Review Board” will adhere to national security protocol? 😆

    I hope that there will be some surprises but my guess is that no specific ufo information will be disclosed other than what Grusch, Fravor and Graves have basically already stated. It’s always been about managing the narrative. I certainly hope that I’m wrong.

    Great wrap-up commentary – keeping the flame of truth-seeking alive and well, indeed.

    Looking forward to your reaction to the hearings.

    Thanks, Richard!

  4. Andromeda107

    Richard I am team Burchett all they way . I also agree with a lot of what has been saying ,and that he means business. I know he and his team was extremely ticked off after flying to Florida and being stone-walled ,and given the run around by some Air Force general. Also I don’t understand why Senator Chuck Schumer is giving the Office of the President 300 days to report back,that is way to much time in my opinion;but at the same time I think the secret keepers already have a narrative prepared,and they have had in plan for some time.I don’t have high hopes that the Office of the P resident will be reporting anything back, sleepy Joe Biden probably has no clue where to begin on the uap matter.The secrecy group runs the show;no doubt they have hand in what goes in the Office of President when it comes to uaps.

  5. HappyCup

    The last time we had this much media, government and UFO community attention was right before 9/11.
    Not suggesting anything…
    I have a feeling this will all be overshadowed by something equally substantial.

    The main difference is that today there are many more people paying attention. Also, tin foil hats are much more common.
    So the game has changed quite a bit.

    I am just curious what they are up to. I can’t believe anything “official” however the way everyone behaves can be more telling than what they actually do.

    Your analysis is invaluable, of course. You make it very easy to keep the wheat and the chaff in their respective buckets. You save me a lot of time.
    This site in general is a heck of a bargain.

  6. Tricia Harvey

    Getting a little tired of them going into the SCIF for more than fundamental information. You would think there would be a way to remove sensitve parts of of images or video to allow for declassification. This may be one aspect the factional war that Richard talks about. Other than that it was an interesting hearing and very close to true disclosure. I did notice unsurprisingly that the hearing was still not being fully covered by many news outlets.

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