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By | December 1, 2023

[RD NOTE: The secrecy surrounding UAP has obstructed meaningful conversation. Our current dialogue lacks a comprehensive understanding of the historical context and the extent of the cover-up. There is a danger of blindly trusting the government’s handling of the disclosure, given its track record in global policy and transparency. This article extensively uses the phrase “UAP” over “UFO.” I have done so with a conscious effort to invest this acronym with the sense of history and the aura of cover-up that the UFO acronym has always had. It is much needed]

As the Empire Crumbles … UAP Disclosure?

by Richard Dolan
Dec. 1, 2023

For three decades, I’ve immersed myself in the enigmatic world of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs), formerly known as UFOs. This journey began in the 1990s when I abandoned my academic aspirations, captivated by the allure of UFOs and conspiracies, subjects that academia frowned upon. In retrospect, this decision may have been a blessing in disguise, perhaps a story for another time.

Over the years, I’ve come to view the UAP subject as a teacher, guiding me into a realm of ever-widening implications. This journey, however, has not been without its challenges. Despite my solid academic foundation, insatiable curiosity, historical knowledge, and the liberty to devote myself to this subject, the UAP enigma remains a formidable puzzle. This is a difficult subject. The rewards are there, but the journey is seldom easy.

The challenges are even greater for society as a whole, hampered by a government policy of cover-up and misinformation that has permeated the subject of UAP since we first began discussing them.

Yet, despite these hurdles, we are finally engaging in public dialogues about UAPs. Skeptics continue to dismiss these discussions as nonsense, but they are becoming increasingly marginalized. They can no more halt this inevitable discourse than they can command the tide to cease its ebb and flow.

Today, we find ourselves discussing the possibility of Congressional or Senate Hearings on UAPs, the concept of Disclosure – whether it’s “Controlled Disclosure” or otherwise – and a burgeoning global acknowledgment that, indeed, UFOs are a reality. This journey is far from its conclusion.

In recent years, the discourse surrounding UAP has gained significant traction. Key figures like Chris Mellon have played a pivotal role in propelling this dialogue forward. In his most recent article, Mellon underscores the necessity for a controlled disclosure of information pertaining to UAPs. A radical and overnight ending of UAP secrecy, akin to ripping off a bandaid, is most likely not the best way to proceed, he argues.

The stakes are high. The revelation of UAP information could have profound implications on our society and international relations. Mellon speculates on the potential reactions of foreign adversaries and even the behavior of the extraterrestrial intelligences themselves.

He contends that the UAP community and the broader society have not adequately considered the multifaceted implications of Disclosure. As a co-author of a comprehensive book on the subject, I concur that our society has barely begun to grasp the potential ramifications of such a disclosure.

Within the confines of this article, I would like to offer my own assessment of just what is missing from our current conversation and public understanding of the UAP subject in our society today.

Lacuna #1: The History

The first thing missing in our current conversation about UAP is the history. Since 2017, there has been a noticeable lack of appreciation of the deep historical dimensions of this phenomenon. We often hear that the reason is because of a lack of reliable data regarding the early years. We heard it from Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick during his appearance before the Senate, and we heard it previously from Pentagon representatives Ronald Moultrie and Scott Bray. “We need more data,” is the constant refrain.

It’s as if for eighty years the Pentagon has been stumbling around as if it were blind, unable to acquire reasonable data on this phenomenon.

That is called gaslighting. We know for a fact – not hypothesis, not speculation, but fact – that the U.S. military establishment has had dramatic and at times confrontational encounters with these UAP, and has done so since the 1940s. I have lately been researching the long history of water-based UAP (USOs) and have been shocked to find numerous instances in which these objects affected the operation of America’s leading warships.

Now, when you are running the United States Navy, there is nothing more important than your fleet. Yet these UAP for decades have encountered and, yes, interfered with them. (I look forward to publishing these and many other accounts in the coming year).

The point is, our military knows about these objects and has more than enough data. The reality is that someone is not being truthful here.

Sidebar: The Dangers of Erasing Our History

It’s understandable that the U.S. military would prefer to keep such incidents under wraps. However, when we erase the history of these UAPs and pretend as if this phenomenon began in 2004 with the Tic Tac UFO, we severely hinder our ability to comprehend this phenomenon.

The history of UAPs is the bedrock for understanding the issue. If we approach this as an intelligence problem, which we should, we need to understand when this problem truly began. But how can we do that if we disregard the historical data?

We have decades of declassified U.S. government and military documents that attest to numerous encounters with UAPs. Many of these documents reveal deep concern from the higher echelons. This wasn’t something they shrugged off. Furthermore, there were many instances where electronic and film data was acquired and analyzed. It’s neither helpful nor honest to deny this crucial part of our history.

As an aside, I believe it’s crucial for researchers to examine the long history of UAP sightings to analyze historical patterns. We can’t simply assume, “oh, they’ve been here forever.” We need to ask, who is the they? The Grays? Have they been here forever? There’s no evidence for that. Then who? And for how long and in what manner?

Most claims of ancient UAPs or ancient aliens are weak and should probably be discarded. This is not to say there is no evidence for any ancient visitation. But I am saying that accepting all such claims paints an inaccurate picture of the real situation. It is essential that we understand this subject as it has evolved over the years. I will come back to the problem of “ancient aliens” in a future treatment. 

Lacuna #2: The Structure of UAP Secrecy

Another noticeable gap in our current conversation about UAP is the existence of a cover-up. Or, to return to a well-worn phrase, the UFO conspiracy. This remains a matter of great delicacy within the establishment narrative.

This absence exists despite the significant revelations brought to light by David Grusch at the UAP Congressional Hearings. A handful of Congress members, including Tim Burchett, Anna Paulina Luna, and others have commendably touched on the unlawful nature of UAP secrecy. Up till now, however, most of this conversation has been happening in a vacuum.

The cover-up of UFOs is a crucial part of the overall picture. Indeed, we can’t comprehend this subject without acknowledging that it has been subjected to a cover-up – a conspiracy – of epic proportions. Our society has been so conditioned to recoil at the term “conspiracy theory” that most of us now shy away from the concept.

This is the result of psychological manipulation, yet more gaslighting. The glaring evidence of the cover-up is right in front of us, yet our established media and pundits continue to insist that the U.S. government is doing its best to understand this UAP issue and that there’s no evidence of something as sensational as a conspiracy. In this sense, the UFO cover-up has been a malignant growth on our political body.

So, the structure of UFO or UAP secrecy itself is not being discussed or fully appreciated. What does this structure look like? The Davis-Wilson notes provide a clue – some of the secret programs appear to be buried within Special Access Programs within the Department of Defense – and we should also likely include the Central Intelligence Agency and the Department of Energy as starting points. Indeed, a recent article in the Daily Mail points to an ongoing UAP crash retrieval program operated by the CIA.

These programs lead to private contractors, the most logical scenario for reasons both for maintaining secrecy as well as for bringing in the right scientists and engineers to study the technology.

It is crucial for us to recognize the secrecy of these programs, nested within each other like Russian dolls, so that they are beyond the reach of responsible Defense officials, let alone our members of Congress. After all, we are constantly hearing powerful officials describe our society as a democracy (or our democracy, by which I suspect they mean their democracy).

In our world today, the word democracy has lost all meaning. The secrecy surrounding UAP, a matter of utmost importance to the public, to proper governance, and to humanity as a whole, has obstructed meaningful conversation. This alone seems to me to be illegal and potentially criminal. What does this say about our so-called democratic values when perhaps the single most important matter of public policy has been shuttered aside from meaningful conversation for an entire human lifetime?

Lacuna #3: The Volume of UAP Activity

Another key element of this phenomenon which is barely discussed (even by most UAP researchers) is the sheer volume of activity that occurs on our planet every single day.

My own estimate is that we are looking at no less than 50,000 genuine sightings of unexplained objects worldwide every year. This is based on collected North American statistics (no less than 10K raw reports every year), the fact that most sightings are never reported (my own investigations lead me to conclude that perhaps only one out of ten witnesses report what they have seen), and inferences derived from the world beyond North America, most of which lacks a good UFO reporting infrastructure. I will concede there is some guesswork in my conclusion, but I haven’t arrived at it trivially, and if anything I think a total of 50,000 genuine UAP sightings per year may be conservative.

While thinking about the total amount of UAP traffic, remember something else, too. Most UAP sightings are fleeting and could easily have been missed. Therefore, we might well wonder, how many are missed? This is impossible to know presently, but there must be a great deal of traffic out there that we don’t even see.

The implications of all this traffic are staggering. There is a very large infrastructure behind this visitation – some have and continue to call it an invasion. Are they wrong? Disagreements abound on this matter. Yet it strikes me as foolhardy in the extreme to ignore the possibility. Something important is happening, something that utilizes a fair amount of resources by someone to be here at this time. We need to be inquiring about this.

Threats to Disclosure

It has recently become understood the UAP Disclosure Act is under threat. The UAP Disclosure Act of 2023, which mandates the release of government records on UAP within 25 years of their creation, is facing opposition from several top members of Congress. Lawmakers such as Mike Turner and Mike Rogers are working to block the amendment, with support from Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker of the House Mike Johnson.

A bipartisan coalition, The UAP Caucus, is advocating for UAP transparency provisions in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), while Matt Gaetz is supporting a similar measure in the House version of the NDAA. The fate of these UAP-related bills remains uncertain as lawmakers are expected to make a decision soon.

Keep in mind that the U.S. military establishment has concealed this phenomenon for eighty years. This has been a longstanding, well-entrenched, policy. There are several obvious reasons for any obstruction on the part of the MIC to genuine, honest UAP Disclosure.

First is possession of “the technology.” Anything that has been recovered is of immense and incalculable value. Materials science, nano or smaller levels of fabrication, scientific principles dealing with light, gravity, and energy generation. The UAP utilize all of these areas of science as if they were on a Star Trek episode. The rule that existed in the 1940s still applies today: the tech and science of UAP are of immense value, not to be exposed and given away. The provision in the UAP Disclosure Act addressing the potential seizure of such technology via eminent domain is something that defense contractors will not willingly tolerate.

Second are the numerous military encounters. This is a real problem. Do these encounters occur all the time? I don’t know. But the reports that have filtered to researchers are quite enough. We have known for a long time via FOIA releases about encounters that U.S. military personnel have had with these objects for generations. I already mentioned having found numerous U.S. Navy cases in which these UAP seem to have been able to shut down substantial activities of their battleships for upwards of twenty minutes at a time. There can be no reason the military establishment would ever want this information confirmed.

Finally, the establishment must recognize the potential for further UAP releases to contribute to the ongoing destabilization of the US-led global system. These are not separate issues. This system has already weakened from former years. Much of this is due to poor leadership and reckless international actions founded in the arrogance of power. 

Sidebar: Why the U.S. Government Can’t be Trusted

Long standing military overreach, international dishonesty, reputational damage, massive debt, and a noticeable economic downward slide are now showing their effects and are signs of deeper problems.

This has been a bipartisan effort. No one should forget the U.S. decision to invade Iraq in 2003 based on false claims of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs). This decision not only led to a devastating war and the destabilization of the Middle East, but it also undermined the credibility of US intelligence and diplomacy. The same must be said about the U.S. destruction of Africa’s most prosperous nation, Libya in 2011, facilitated by lies, fake social media accounts, control over the international media – and of course CIA covert ops. The same can also be said about the U.S. history with Islamic extremists in Syria, something Americans have never honestly explored. And the deceptions by the U.S. and its European allies regarding the Minsk 1 and 2 accords, something almost impossible to discuss in the West, but which led directly to the current war in Ukraine. Far from being a peaceful democracy, the U.S. is the world’s leading firestarter. 

Indeed, a 2017 study highlighted the increasing preference by the United States for direct violence as a tool of policy. The National Interest found that between 1992 and 2017, America was engaged in 188 military interventions around the world. That is four times as many military interventions as between 1948 and 1991 (which was 46). This doesn’t even address the U.S. history of creating false flags and color revolutions in nations around the world, a pattern that no other country can compete with. 

When you factor in America’s policy to weaponize the dollar and employ economic sanctions against nations and individuals, it’s easy to see why China and Russia now have ascendant diplomatic reputations in contrast with the United States. Compare the ongoing U.S. failures, for instance, with China’s recent coup of arranging a rapprochement between Saudi Arabia and Iran, a genuine diplomatic earthquake. The U.S. relationships with Russia and China are both beyond repair for now, but also relations with allies Saudi Arabia, Turkiye, India, and most of the Global South have been damaged. The U.S. even arguably signed off on the destruction of the Nord Stream pipeline in 2022, an event that has wrecked the chances of its Germans allies and the rest of Europe for any foreseeable economic future. With friends like that …

The point of discussing this: the people who are mismanaging the American Empire are the same people to whom UAP Disclosure would be entrusted. We are talking about a reckless and dangerous policy elite that has held the reins for many decades.

Finally, with all the self-inflicted reputational damage suffered by the U.S., can we imagine how a genuine UAP Disclosure by the United States would be received? Disclosure advocates like to paint this as a moment of redemption for the U.S. to a grateful world. But it is just as likely that the PR takeaway from a UAP Disclosure won’t be world gratitude, but rather the U.S. admission to the world (not just to U.S. citizens) that it organized an eighty-year deception against the planet. 

How well do you think that will go down? Sure, other countries would be implicated in this, but who is going to deny that the U.S. has always taken the lead role in the UFO cover-up? 

Controlled Disclosure vs. Catastrophic Disclosure

Some have said that the alternative to controlled disclosure is catastrophic disclosure. We can all agree that there are many inherent dangers to any genuine UAP Disclosure.

First, let’s understand controlled disclosure as plainly as possible. In essence, this means a process controlled by the United States government in which information about UAP is parsed out with a view toward maintaining public order. Step by step in a manner that allows for the world to adjust to whatever new shocks that await it.

If Disclosure were to happen otherwise, like the proverbial band-aid being ripped off the skin, very likely there would be a variety of more severe shocks to the system.

Defense contractors would be hard hit initially. It’s not hard to imagine a series of lawsuits from competitor contractors regarding unfair or illegally preferential business practices. This seems relevant, for instance, in terms of government contracts dealing with breakaway revolutionary technology that was provided to one contractor over another contractor, thereby giving unfair advantages.

Other lawsuits can be imagined, including those from citizens covering all sorts of themes. There will be the implications for foreign relations, since the structure of secrecy has deep international roots. The money trail will be another matter of great delicacy that will be thrust into the public limelight. These are practical elements of public policy that will be apparent within a “catastrophic” disclosure.

Probably the most dangerous element of a rapid and uncontrolled disclosure would be in connection with whatever acquired technology exists within the black budget world. I have previously characterized the UFO coverup as a sort of classified corporate gold rush. The evidence for such acquisitions is overwhelming. Ditto the testimony regarding where some of this tech has gone, from the entire aerospace industry including players such as Lockheed-Martin and Boeing, to the Battelle Memorial Institute, RAND Corporation, SAIC, and many others who are implicated in the research and study of this technology.

We are talking about seventy years of research into anti-gravity, materials science, propulsion, weapons, energy generation, and undoubtedly more. These sciences are powerful and would have world-transformative capabilities, especially now combined with the AI revolution we are experiencing.

We have to ask: is all of this information safe for public consumption? Sure, you might trust yourself, but do you trust your next-door neighbor? Or every person in your city? Or your nation? Or the world? Some of these breakthroughs will have implications for terrifying weaponry. This is not a trivial matter. Just how such information and science can be judiciously handled will be a major concern, and frankly must be.

To my mind, this is the strongest argument for some form of controlled disclosure. But let’s please not do this with blinders about just who is doing the disclosure.

Some analysts point to the danger of an existential crisis among the public in the event of a catastrophic disclosure. While we should not discount such factors as public angst in the face of something so dramatic and paradigm shattering as acknowledging the presence of aliens, I think this can be overstated. People will deal with the new realities. What will be more difficult to manage will be the institutional examinations that will take place. In short, catastrophic disclosure will expose the illegal structure of the UFO conspiracy in a way that, as previously stated, is likely to further destabilize an already tottering U.S.-led global system.

So, if we want to manage this process to some extent, please remind yourself that we are not dealing with a government and national security bureaucracy that is trustworthy. We once might have believed this but no longer. Today, we can see that any controlled form of UAP disclosure that is driven by the U.S. government will play into the interests of a corrupt and declining empire, whatever other benefits that might accrue notwithstanding.

Realistically, however, there are no current alternatives to this corrupt oligarchic system. It is what it is. There is no genuine chance of reform and the situation is unlikely to improve any time soon.

But my goodness, it would be a breath of fresh air if the UAP commentariat were to see their own government without the blinders. If they were to refrain from accepting the untruthful narratives from the national security state about its own motives and actions. From my perspective, most disclosure and transparency advocates are far too willing to accept the party line.

This matters because the very same dishonest people running America’s global policy would be the same ones who roll out our much hoped for UAP Disclosure. These are people responsible for the destruction of entire nations, who continue to impose their empire fantasies on the rest of the world, and who never act in good faith.

The irony is that the question of controlled vs. catastrophic disclosure probably won’t mean very much in the long run. You have to wonder, how smooth can any controlled disclosure process be in the coming year or so? We are on the verge of an AI revolution in our society that threatens to displace the entire workforce. We are looking at a global economy that continues to de-dollarize. Meanwhile the dreams of America’s empire-builders are crashing and burning in Eastern Europe. To say nothing of a Presidential election in 2024 that promises to unhinge the entire country.

In such a context, I would say a smooth controlled disclosure process is unlikely.

What Gets Disclosed?

UAP Disclosure does not end with a statement from the President of the United States that “it’s real and they’re here.” Any such major admission will create tremendous pressure for additional admissions to be made. Maintaining any sort of control over this process strikes me as wishful thinking.

First Stage of Disclosure: Something is there.

Let’s take a look at where we are now in this process. Our society is at a further stage than we were a decade ago. Although we aren’t at the level of a Presidential admission, the DoD has said enough that we can openly acknowledge that ‘something’ not readily explicable is operating in our world. There is a quiet implication that this may well be extraterrestrial, but no one has made this official. We are in a gray zone in that regard.

This is the last true layer of Disclosure that is safe and stable for the establishment. After this, every new admission will further destabilize the situation. And frankly, it is easy to suspect that even here, at this most tepid stage of disclosure, the slope is slippery and steep enough that further revelations are inevitable. The question is when.

Next layer of Disclosure: That ‘Something’ is not from Our Civilization

At some point we will reach the next layer of UAP Disclosure. This would be an admission that the ‘something’ that’s been detected is not from our civilization – something alien.

A confirmation of this sort would act like a stick of dynamite, blowing up decades-long arrogant statements that all this UFO stuff was nonsense.

The only way to finesse such an admission would be for the military establishment to announce they have only just now realized that these UAP are extraterrestrial. Essentially, to pretend that they were clueless during the twentieth century. Would they try this? If the military were to offer such an explanation, it’s likely that no one would believe it. Not within the U.S., and not in the rest of the world. I think it would be well understood that there has been a longstanding cover-up on the matter, led by the United States.

Next Layer of Disclosure: We’ve Been Studying This for a Long Time

Therefore, any real admission that some of the UAP are not ‘from here’ would lead to the admission that yes, this subject has been studied for a long time. As stated, that would expose the U.S. establishment to the charge of engaging in a lifetime of lying to the entire world. And it would lead to yet another layer of disclosure.

Next Layer of Disclosure: We Have Their Materials and Bodies, ie. The Red Line of Disclosure

Which is that the U.S. Military Industrial Complex has acquired alien tech and bodies (biologics). This is what I have been calling the Red Line of Disclosure. It’s the ultimate admission of culpability and lying in all of this drama. Naturally, if this happens, we can expect all the explanations: national security, protecting the public, uncertainty about the aliens themselves, etc. Sure. There are always explanations, always excuses, for anything you can imagine. But how well will these excuses serve the interests of the establishment?

Crossing the Red Line of Disclosure opens many more uncomfortable questions:

– How has UAP secrecy corrupted our political, academic, and media institutions?

– How much does the Military Industrial Complex know about the entire scenario?

– Are they in communication with any of these beings or their societies?

– What have been their conclusions about the intentions of these beings? As in, why are these beings here … now?


It’s obvious that the human race faces enormous problems on the horizon and we don’t know what to do. There seems to be a vague but widespread hope that super-intelligent alien beings have some answers for us, essentially to save us from ourselves. To fix us somehow.

Perhaps we do need fixing. We don’t seem to have a good idea of how to organize our global system in a way that is safe and provides the opportunity for wealth, freedom, and happiness. Can any new global system do this?

One thing is for certain. The UAP coverup has outlasted its shelf life. It’s beyond the expiration date and we – the world public – need better information about it than we are currently getting. No matter how in the dark we have been in the past, we cannot afford ignorance any longer.

We are going through a transition more significant than anything else our species has encountered since the discovery of fire. This is the transhumanist/AI revolution at the same time that we recognize the global presence of an advanced non-human intelligence in our world.

We therefore need to be as aware of the situation as we can. I believe that the presence of these other beings is an intimate part of the process we are going through. It also seems obvious that their presence in large numbers at this time is no accident.

Our current geopolitical system meanwhile is breaking down. It is governed by an oligarchic group that does not respond to the people in any proper manner. There are some individuals in Congress who do seem to care and want to do well. They need all the help they can get and then some. I think it is important that the UAP Disclosure Act be passed. That is not a panacea but it’s far better than any law we have previously had on the books.

But the insurgency, as I sometimes call the group pushing this matter ahead, faces an implacable opposition that does not want to give up an inch. And while they have their reasons, we have our own. We need to push hard. Not just regarding the UAP Disclosure Act, but every step of the way during this process. It will be very easy for the interests of truth and honesty to be pushed aside in a process of government-controlled disclosure.

Remember, you are still the foundation of the government. You are a free citizen. Never forget this while we race through the double transformation of Global Revolution and UAP Disclosure.

Richard Dolan
Dec 1, 2023


11 thoughts on “As the Empire Crumbles … UAP Disclosure? | Article

  1. Christian Morales

    Great article the situation is very complicated and it’s a war. A lot of people on the inside are also frustrated and leaking information. Today I saw a leak that the space force saw over 1000 ufos this month!!! Richard did you read that in the daily mail? It’s a leak and it even has documents and a graph! 3 days ago the CIA leak! Holy shit!!!! So I think it’s a clear message to the secret keepers saying fuck you were doing this and putting it out there in a way which many would think could harm national security. I got my popcorn man I tell you! Check out that space force article on the daily mail! I’ve been listening to Danny Sheehan and his views on free energy and eminent domain and world peace and I frankly think there’s no way that’s possible right now but maybe soon. After the trauma of a third world war if we survive which that’s the problem then we might, but we will have to go through growing pains.

  2. Dean DeHarpporte

    Hello Richard. This is the first time I have written to you in the many years I have been listening to almost every one of your your profound UFO research pieces. I wish you had spoken this long article you posted. Not having to read what you write is one of the best things about your site and one of the reasons that I go to your site every day and am able to absorb your thinking by hearing you read what you write. Perhaps you will still do that with this article.

    – Dean DeHarpporte
    Eden Prairie, Minnesota

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hi Dean! Well in fact the Youtube show I did last Tuesday is VERY close to this article. The article does make a number of additional points that I didn’t make in the video, but overall they are very close. I usually do try to provide audio versions of articles I write, but in this case I thought my recent video was pretty close so I didn’t bother in this case. But thank you for commenting on this and I will always keep that in mind when I write new articles.

  3. Peter Hutley

    Wonderful article. Certainly makes one aware of the ramifications of disclosure. I appreciate your problem being a citizen. I must tell you that from our perspective we’ve being watching the US empire crumble since the planes hit those towers. It was shocking but it seemed as if little people were fighting back against US arrogance of being world police. .Pete.

  4. Durkle

    Thank you Richard for your comprehensive analysis of our current situation. What an incredible insight you’ve provided.
    I feel that since I became a member of this community, and began studying the subject seriously , my eyes have been opened to the extraordinary possibility that this journey has exposed.
    I have been intrigued by the UFO phenomenon since 1957 when I was seven. Growing up in a very small “oil” camp 25 miles due east of Casper,WY, on a crystal clear spring evening, the whole group of camp families gathered to watch a startling display of multi colored orbs dancing to and fro from horizon to horizon around in the western skyline . The most compelling thing , and what I l’ll never forget, was the intense uneasy tension by the group of men standing in the road discussing the event as it unfolded. The men were all WW2 and Korean War veterans. They were mystified. I had never seen my dad, a grizzled veteran with the 101st Airborne, 506 Regiment in Europe as disturbed before or since, as he observed the 5-10 minute display that evening .
    Every time you share these mysterious encounters you’ve documented I relive my experience.
    Thank you again and may the force be with us.

  5. Mel NA

    Richard Dolan-As the Empire Crumbles (My Synopsis in a Nutshell)
    systems are oligarchic and corrupt
    defending the empire
    establishment media bubble
    the U.S. has already lost tremendous credibility
    many Americans are unaware of this due to media bubble
    the American empire, the establishment is crumbling
    UAP secrecy corrupted our political, academic, and media institutions
    academic institutions are irresponsible in their silence
    the human race faces enormous problems on the horizon (Perhaps an Understatement – my two cents)
    can any new global system help us get our shit together
    we are going through a transition (AI replacing workforce, ‘dedolarization,’ rising threat of autocratic rule)
    self-styled intellectual elites running military industrial complex
    these people wrap themselves in the American flag
    the national security establishment fostering the lie that we (the U.S.) wear the white hat and the American system is trustworthy; the assumption that America is some sort of democracy and seeks world peace – none of these assumptions are true
    we have a system that is inherently corrupted
    we are not dealing with a system that generally works for the people
    the U.S. Empire is in bad shape; it’s way over committed militarily around the world, a lot of financial problems, a lot of arrogance in our diplomacy by the neocons who are running the US Empire
    we are on the losing side of all the major wars that we are sponsoring (So true…)
    the U.S. is the diabolical fire starter of all time
    There is a consciousness out there and we can connect to it

      1. Mel NA

        Well, it should be a “Pretty good synopsis!” It’s the notes I took directly from your podcast.

        Yes, I’ve been around since 1941 and yes, Alan J. Hynek (sp?) really used to piss me off with his “swamp gas.” Having said that, he eventually became a ‘true believer’ so I forgave him. And of course Roswell was a weather balloon! No doubt about it! Another lie that would make me boil. And yes, I did have a sighting in 1963 in Albuquerque. Came over the Sandia Mountains and eventually hovered over the Valley before zipping towards L.A.

        But to make a long story short, THE REAL REASON I JOINED WAS BECAUSE EVERYTHING YOU SAID IN THIS PARTICULAR PODCAST ABOUT OUR FAILED CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC RESONATED WITH ME 100%. Yeah, of course I’m a true UFO believer, but your political comments about this broken government could have been written by me – were written by me 15 or so years ago. (See link below:)

        I ran a blog on WordPress for about four years circa 2008. Eventually dumped my website but kept the WordPress stuff because I didn’t have to pay to maintain a URL. You and I arrived at the exact same conclusion regarding this failed and sadly broken system of governance. But after almost a hundred thousand words and a staggering fifteen ‘Followers,’ I threw in the towel. I never did find anyone like a Richard Dolan – until now. We are indeed “not working with a system that generally works for the people.” I proposed some doable “Solutions” but, like I said, just pissin’ in the wind.

        There is a little anecdote, however, that’s somewhat humorous. Almost all of the comments I got were in Russian. Yes, I could have translated them, but I assumed they were coming from our CIA. One day, my wife and I were at Dunkin Donuts and while she was waiting in line, this bald dude in his 50s pulled up a chair and started talking politics. I said, “whoa, don’t get me started; try to get me on my soapbox!” With that, he stood up, showed me his badge and said he was a U.S. Marshall, and walked out. Never saw him again. I have to believe he was ‘checking me out to see if I was a ‘no good Commie.’ AND THIS IS AMERICA?? WHOSE AMERICA?? Certainly not the one the Framers envisioned!

        1. Richard Dolan Post author

          Hi Mel. Thank you so much for writing this comment. It resonated with me. First of all, I appreciate your disappointment from writing so much and not getting followers. You had to be wondering … what the heck is going on and why am I howling into the wind? And, is it even worth it? But there ARE people who think like you, and I am glad you found me here. I would say also that we have a good community of folks, many of whom focus mainly on UFOs, but many also who are interested in the broader political issues. Very glad you found us.

          1. Mel NA

            Ditto, but time is (or appears to be) running out. Trump/Biden? C’mon! Either way, nicht so gut for the Motherland. I will admit that “Disclosure” appears to have legs and, hopefully, this will be transformational and humanity will somehow wake up from its somnambulant stupor. Having said that, we both know that the National Security State, the ruling elite, won’t roll over. Like the old Chinese curse, are these not “interesting times?”

            (By the way, are you and Daniel Sheehan on the same train? Lehto sure is optimistic but he’s young. But hey, wisdom doesn’t always come with age.)

            Quick comment: Walked/drove all over Rochester, Fairport, Pittsford, Horseheads, Elmira, and Watkins Glen and lived on our Carver in SLSP (summer only) outside Geneva for over ten years. And yes, if you could see Canandaigua from your property, you had a “view tax!” An yes, Watertown and even Mexico, NY with it’s 12 feet of “lake effect.” Been aboard the submarine in Buffalo and sat in a rocker on the porch at Sonnenberg and walked in the gardens. Niagara on the Lake to the Frontenac. Small world…

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