As the Empire Crumbles … Controlled UAP Disclosure? | The Richard Dolan Show

By | November 28, 2023

Hi Everyone, 

Here is the new Richard Dolan Show scheduled for 8 pm EDT.

And here’s what I wrote in the Youtube description:

Perhaps there are no coincidences. Humanity reaches the AI Era as we seem ready to acknowledge the reality of non-human advanced intelligences here in our world. It’s also interesting that this is happening as the US-led global order looks to be disintegrating before our eyes. #disclosure #uap #unidentified UAP historian Richard Dolan looks at our current conversation and discusses what’s missing.

Personally, I like this one. I hope you do as well and I would like your comments. 


29 thoughts on “As the Empire Crumbles … Controlled UAP Disclosure? | The Richard Dolan Show

  1. Nickolas Caldarera

    Richard this is an excellent video presentation. Just beautiful work. Stepping up to the plate and hitting a home run !

  2. Richard Lamb

    Hi Richard,

    I’m a follower of your work from over the pond in Nottingham for past c.5 years, and at the c.30 minute mark in this post, you draw attention to the total hypocrisy and, to be candid, narcissistically blinded, sociopathic game for our captured, shared body politic seems to be at. The gift of conscious living is just a game to them, a zero-sum game, with little to no demonstration of psychological maturity.

    The UK, like the USA, is clearly not a democracy, in any meaningful sense to its citizens. Unless, of course, you’re willing to “play the game”. That is, the fantasy of democracy “the crew”, a term I use to refer to the set of vested interests, their key players (whoever they are), their representatives and enforcers, have implemented for the past c100 years, and likely further back for another 200 to 300, but that’s perhaps for another time.

    Now I’ll come to the “great hope of the US experiment”. You have a constitution that seems unique. Your founding fathers had sufficient prescience to foresee times such as the one we are experiencing right now. I suspect they foresaw the potential for the collusion between business and government to destroy the fledgling US republic.

    So with that said, your 35th president, JFK, and his brother, got wise to the game-plays “the crew” – the MIC being part of that hustle – were up to, and made a conscious, ethical choice to buck the trend. After reading Jim Douglas’ “JFK and the Unspeakable”, I see a dark thread from the close of WW1 and its machinations involving the Dulles brothers (and no doubt their British counterparts at Versaille), through the rise of the 3rd Reich and its supporters on both sides of the pond, to the slotting of JFK. That day in Dallas, 22 November 1963, was an inflection point in our timeline, a reality-pivotting shift we are only really now seeing the terrifying consequences of.

    We must, however, take heart! The simple fact you can share the fruits of your “calling” is pause for hope. You chose to acknowledge the call of your Soul, the demands of your “daimon”, and the world is a better place for that swerve.

    Keep fighting the good fight.

    Best regards,


    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Totally agree with you on all points. The US constitution is a remarkable and extremely valuable document for sure. And what happened to JFK in 1963 was effectively a coup d’etat. We haven’t been the same ever since. No one noticed for a while because the economy was still strong and people still believed in their government. But wow how things have declined since.

  3. Robert McGwier

    Richard, this is a really terrific piece. It lays out the case for how all parties and all the people are playing a game that is not consistent with our representative democratic constitutional republic and that the there is a permanent class that thinks our representatives are temporary occupants and they are the permanent leaders. It is time to overthrow this and demand strict adherence to the constitution, an end to gerrymandering to select your voters, and much more that is as fascist as it can be.


  4. Pawel Pernak

    The last few months have been intense to say the least and things really do seem to be snowballing even more so. There are still so many contradicting narratives that it makes my head spin trying to discern what is real and what is not, trying to figure out the big picture while everyone around me doesn’t even accept the physical objects in our skies as fact…

    I’d love to get to the deep part of the conversation. Which brings me to my question Richard; have you ever done any breakdown of Tom Delonge’s claims? Initially I didn’t pay much attention to him but one can’t deny that he has friends in high places and seemingly engaged with the very top of the military industrial complex food chain. I also think that John Podesta deserves more attention and is clearly involved with the subject on higher levels while choosing to remain in the shadow if you will.

    To be fair, Tom is part of the reason why UFOs are slowly transitioning into the mainstream. The big picture that he paints is pretty insane. Greek gods being real and part of the phenomenon, these gods with little g influencing humanity for millenia, competing with each other by instigating wars. There is this entire rabbit hole here linked with gnostic texts, earth being a prison planet, our souls getting recycled to consume negative energy… my analytical mind that requires proof has a hard time accepting this at face value.

    All of the secrecy is supposedly a 5 dimensional chess game to protect us and basically prepare humanity so that we can fight back. Here is a link to some of his more recent interview with George Knapp:

    I am sure you are somewhat familiar with this supposed narrative. What are your thoughts on it? Do you think he could really be telling the turth? Half truths? Or is it all just disinformation with him being a useful clown manipulated by the powers that be.

    Chris Mellon seems to be the architect of current push for Disclosure and clearly he is part of the establishment and doesn’t want too much of a shake up. What Tom has been saying/doing somewhat aligns with Mellon’s and Lue Elizondo’s interviews.

    I do see some contradictions though. If there is no greed involved in what the government is doing and its just a bunch of heroes trying to save us all, why is there so much struggle within the government happening right now between varied factions? Is it all just a show put on to trick ‘The Others’ that might destroy us all if they realize what we are doing?

    I’d love for you to do a lecture on this to try to analyze the probability of Delonge’s claims being true and how it compares to your proposed scenarios within The Alien Agendas.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I will have to come back to all this, including Tom Delonge. Overall, I think that entire group is well-meaning but a bit idealistic in my view in terms of their belief in the ability of the US system to do this thing. I have many more reservations. But yes, I think a deeper treatment is a good idea.

      1. Pawel Pernak

        I share the sentiment in terms of their view of the system and I do believe you talked about this on number of occasions.

        I am more interested in the actual claims that Tom made (he was the one most outspoken when it comes to defining details of the supposed alien agenda).

        Understandbly so, if Lue Elizondo or any of the others made such claims they’d be dimissed as nut jobs. Hypothetically, it would make sense for Tom to be the one giving away any outlandish info.

    2. Bernard Pelletier

      The pathologizing of dissidents is a form of projection, of Orwellian inversion, and of hypocrisy ubiquitously used as a tactic by criminally-insane totalitarians and their fanatical followers and is the MO of the UFO cover-up, Big Pharma, the conspiracy denial cult, and orthodox science, and, indeed, orthodoxy in general. Other forms of projection/Orwellian inversion/hypocrisy include the smearing of dissidents in other ways, as done by Trudeau, Biden, Obama, the Covid culture, etc.

      I listened to your De Long link, but there was no mention at all of the supernatural items you refer to. But the proof of the recycling of souls is all around us all the time: the incessant and especially horrifying wars, the rule of greed and fallacy, the increasing totalitarianism, the widening gap between rich and poor (largely because of the Covid measures), 3rd World poverty, the mass insanity of political ”correctness’ and the Covid culture, the population radicalized and desensitized and in denial of practically everything, etc. This disproves entirely the claim of the moral/self-improvement purpose of reincarnation, which is the biggest scam of all, and is there to rationalize and perpetuate evil. The idea that it is to provide sustenance for energy parasites has been corroborated by some abductees and the discovery of a cubical machine on the moon predicted as a soul-capturing device. Also, the Greek gods are merely versions of the original Sumerian gods, who were obviously aliens or at least some enormously advanced human civilization.

  5. Lauren2844

    What Does Tracey and Richard want for Christmas this Year? I hear Santa is rewarding all who are Nice this past year..

  6. Allan Lavigne

    Richard and Friends,
    I concur with Richard completely in this matter.
    How could anyone trust the very people that literally hid the nature of reality from humanity for more than 80+ years.
    After decades of lies, the destruction of lives and careers, these are the people we intend to trust even further?
    This question of a “Controlled Disclosure” needs vetting itself. What is specifically ment by a controlled disclosure?
    What do they intend to disclose over another decade?
    If by that they mean confirming we’re not alone and that Alien civilizations have been viting the planet for years?
    That some have died, and others communicated with a small group of Secret Keepers?
    That we have vaults filled with double digit numbers of Alien craft and dead Aliens?
    Are they going to disclose what advances they secretly gained from the tech and took undeserved credit for to enrich themselves?
    What part of this has not already been disclosed by more than a dozen high ranking government intelligence members to the general public?
    Who doesn’t already know all this?
    For those who are from the “Show Me” crowd, I’m sorry but no one in this government or any other is going to roll out an intact craft and dead Alien.
    So, if that’s disclosure to someone you’ve condemned yourself to live in a false reality as they’ll never do that anymore than roll out their most advanced spy plane and explain it’s engineering secrets.
    I’d be more impressed if someone in authority said they intended to disclose how much tax payer funds were stolen over the decades and who illegally profited from it. Who’s idea this was, the private firms that were involved as well as the corrupt politicians that facilitated it.
    That they intended to disclose who was murdered to hide these crimes, who ordered it and that there will be an accounting.
    Hiding the depth of such a reality as the UFO Phenomenon is no less a crime against humanity than many other War crimes.
    Personally, I insist we are far beyond disclosure of the UFO Phenomenon. Yes we may not have the fine details, though we have a good handle on what’s been going on.
    The disclosure we need now is to take these criminals that under the color of authority perpetuated history’s most outrageous scandal.
    As I shared in a previous post “Rip the bandage off. Sunshine is the best disinfectant.”
    Allan Lavigne
    Former A.P.R.O. Investigator

  7. Thomas Erdal

    Hi, Richard. First I want to say its a privilege to follow your work, your insight, knowledge and expert analysis into the deepest of rabbit holes that you take us into. I really enjoy the variety of your talking points regarding different aspects of the current world situation, being uap/USO reports, or the more dark side of the human aspect going into the current war situations and what it all could lead us to. A quote comes to mind If you don’t know where you’ve come from, you don’t know where you’re going”.

    I also have a humble request for a possible future talking point that I think we all would love to get your thoughts on.

    The UFO phenomenon is dangerous and is a threat to national security, and possibly the entire world.
    We have all heard this narrative from different sources over the years.Some more credible than others. But what if there was some truth to it?… Here is my hypothesis.

    Since world war 2 there has been a tight lock on the whole UFO subject all the way up to the present time. But what if the early findings on the phenomenon revealed to the few initiated that the phenomenon reacts to human consciousness. Its been in the lore for decades that the phenomenon somehow reacts differently to every person who encounters it.

    So what do we know?
    People encountering the phenomenon has been ridiculed.
    Military personnel encountering the phenomenon has been asked to leave it alone.
    Even going as far as being told to ignore the phenomenon even if it is engaging itself on different military installations, ships, bases and more.
    The media rarely, if ever, follow up any sightings.
    We are basically being told “There is nothing to see here”

    It’s as if the entire world somehow agreed that we should just ignore the entire phenomenon.
    But what if there is some truth to this? What if the early governments and agencies found out that the phenomenon reacts to the collective human consciousness, and that the phenomenon changes its behavior accordingly. And possibly not in a positive way. Right now most of the world live in the complete darkness when it comes to this subject, but what if this is by design, and that earlier findings showed that if the world suddenly started to look up at the sky and shift its attitude towards the phenomenon, that would somehow make the phenomenon also change its behavior. And what if earlier findings showed that the change was not in human best interest. Another quote comes to mind “ If the enemy knows you are there, you have lost the element of surprise”.

    If there is some truth to this, then that would explain a few other things in the history of the phenomenon. It would explain the rumors that most of the world superpowers despite war and other issues are in total agreement when it comes to the phenomenon, Because if anyone breaks out of the circle of secrecy it will affect us all no matter who chooses to do it.
    It also gives us some hints that despite recovered crashed debris and other artifacts, we are not in control. We are just small ants in our anthill, doing our everyday ant stuff. But a very selected few are trying to get a grip on the situation. Several 3 letter agencies comes to mind here. But they are limited in numbers because the more people that are in the know, the more the phenomenon changes its behavior, as if its always 2 steps ahead of the human race. That would also explain why reports seem to tell that we have more of the phenomenon around the world now, more than ever, because more people know about it. Perhaps the phenomenon is adapting to the situation. And why would it need to do that? We can only speculate, and i feel thats where you really shine.

    Not sure i really believe this myself. Ifs a personal thought experiment at best. But i would really love to hear what you think about this. Maybe your own personal spin on it.

    Best wishes to both you and Tracy.

    Thomas / Norway

    ps: English is not my native language, so i hope you dont trip on my words..

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I agree that the consciousness element is far more important than researchers years ago might have thought. What they can do is probably not radially different than what we can do. Perhaps more advanced but yes, that is a very important element to this.

  8. Bjofod

    I think the politics and the «presence» come together more then most people realice.

    Political decisions are made with influence by the presence or even under their complete control.

    That means. No disclosure cause that may interupt the agenda. The coverup will continue until the day they suddenly appear as a thief in night and a great surprise to most people.

    May only be from 2-6 years away.

  9. Jeanne36

    Hi Richard.
    What I wonder: With all the technology, why can’t America win a war?
    All that money that goes to the military industrial complex, what is it really spent on?

  10. Ted2

    We really don’t know when the U.S. government first encountered UFOs. Grusch seemingly indicated that it was prior to the Italian UFO (and, by inference, probably the Missouri case from 1941).

  11. Bernard Pelletier

    The term UAP is awkward and gratuitous at best. Also, it’s contradictory for Mr. Dolan to use since it represents erasing history, which he is against.

    I wholeheartedly disagree also with the view that UFOs and aliens in ancient of medieval history did not likely exist. In fact, the Old Testament is full of aliens (who are called angels, demons, or Elohim) and UFOs. The Black Death was associated with UFOs and aliens and was a horribly inhuman use of bacteriological or chemical weapons in committing democide. The Spanish Armada’s defeat clearly shows intervention by aliens. The Epic of Gilgamesh tells of an alien abduction. The stories of elves and fairies kidnapping children and demons floating people and abducting them are obvious examples of alien abductions. And I could go on. In fact, history is full of all kinds of unmistakable cases of UFOs and aliens. And the depictions of flying saucers in prehistorical caves are just as unmistakable.

    Also, it’s not a question of aliens saving us from ourselves but instead of aliens saving us from other aliens, which has basically no chance of happening anyways. It’s undeniable that aliens have been ruling us in secret since time immemorial.

    And there are many coincidences. The oak leaf alga looks exactly like an oak leaf but is completely unrelated and no more related than star look-alikes are to the stars they amazingly resemble. Insects, birds, and bats all have wings but are also completely unrelated. And I could go on.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Definitely appreciate your comments, although I will have to come back to this statement of yours: ” In fact, the Old Testament is full of aliens (who are called angels, demons, or Elohim) and UFOs. The Black Death was associated with UFOs and aliens and was a horribly inhuman use of bacteriological or chemical weapons in committing democide. The Spanish Armada’s defeat clearly shows intervention by aliens. The Epic of Gilgamesh tells of an alien abduction. The stories of elves and fairies kidnapping children and demons floating people and abducting them are obvious examples of alien abductions.”

      In short, I would say I could interpret those things entirely differently than you do. However, I do not say there was no ancient alien connection. I am not saying that. I do think much of it has been overstated. This is where I am at now. I’ll come back to this and hopefully do a better job at stating my position.

      1. Bernard Pelletier

        And I appreciate yours.

        You did not say there was no ancient alien connection, no, and to clarify I didn’t say that you said there wasn’t, I said that you believed it wasn’t likely there was, since you said the evidence for it was weak.

          1. Bernard Pelletier

            I just came upon by accident (thru a You Tube Recommendation) Diana Walsh-Pulaska who says the accounts of encounters with religious figures from several 100 years ago are strikingly similar to modern accounts. They, along with many others, are unmistakable as UFO and alien encounters. And the abduction phenom goes back much further than David Jacobs is willing to admit.

  12. deweyweber

    Hi Richard,
    FYI – Just spotted this book review in the Wall Street Journal:
    Outer Space,
    The Inside Story
    By Garrett M. Graff
    Avid Reader, 544 pages, $32.50

    Disclosure is addressed by another MSM channel?

  13. J-Rod

    “Catastrophic disclosure.” Let’s unpack this a little. To me, it sounds like the forced revelation of an ET presence is worse that what has and is happening in our world right now. Sorry. I don’t buy it. We’re the “catastrophe.”


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