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By | December 20, 2022

Hi Everyone, 

Earlier today I interviewed Allan Lavigne for a third interview. Once again he came through with a fascinating interview (two hours) in which he described something that I don’t think anyone has ever known about. This is the idea for a UFO museum of sorts for an elite location in the city of Minneapolis which then (apparently) was going to be taken throughout the United States by railroad in a traveling display. 

You will hear Allan describe his conversations with APRO head Jim Lorenzen on this matter. APRO, which during the late 1970s was certainly the premier UFO organization in the country and maybe the world, was apparently working to some degree with the U.S. government on UFOs. Perhaps to a great degree. Allan doesn’t have all the information either, but he knew enough and was close enough to the Lorenzens that he was in a better position to see this than nearly anyone else. 

This traveling museum, according to what Jim Lorenzen told Allan, was going to have not simply replicas of important UFO artifacts, but also a genuine alien body. I honestly don’t know how this was ever going to happen, but this is what Jim Lorenzen told Allan. 

The event never happened, of course. But Allan provides his own paper trail here, which we show in the course of the video. It includes the mock-up artwork he was commissioned to do for the event as well as the original press release of November 11, 1978, and quite a bit more. Honestly, this was just an amazing interview and I was truly shocked by some of the revelations. Shocked, but I believe what he has to say. 

The image on the thumbnail appears in our interview, and you will be interested to hear Allan tell the story about that. 

Allan and I are planning at least one more interview. That too will be an interesting one, I can assure you. 🙂


26 thoughts on “Alien Bodies, Jimmy Carter, the Air Force, & APRO | The Richard Dolan Show

  1. Andromeda107

    Great interview,Mr. Lavigne is wealth of Knowledge. I was captivated by the story of Jimmy Carter and the traveling museum on a train with alien bodies from the Roswell crash; for Jimmy Carter to push to try to make that happen with the Air force and NASA I wonder did he know for sure that alien bodies that had been recovered , had he seen the bodies and the crafts? it leads one to believe he did. And the other story that will captivated me was Jim and Coral Lorenzen , and who was secretly funding them. It’s obvious from the information that Mr. Lavigne shared that APRO was being funded by someone/ group, my guess is the Air Force or some covert black ops government group, but I strongly believe it was the Air Force.And the image of the life cast was fascinating , I was just thinking to myself we are possibly actually looking at alien death mask/life cast , how amazing is that. Richard please pass the message along to Mr. Lavigne that it is a pleasure listening to hear , and I appreciate the amazing stories that he has shared with us,I can’t wait for you to have him back on the show. Now I am going to watch the documentary UFOs are real.

    1. William May

      Hey Richard I am watching this interview from just before last Christmas. The Gordon Cooper edwards AFB ufo landing was may 2 1957. It was my 10th birthday and I was in Fresno. I was born in Coalinga Ca. In 1947. My mother had some comments about UFOs over the years. Thinking back I think she was a believer. I first heard about the Alien Interview video in an ad in Graham Birdsall’s UFO magazine. I used to buy it at Borders bookstore in Vegas. I ordered it and watched it in 98. I had just read Corso’s book. He was the biggest real whistle blower and Congress completely ignores him now. Shortly after the turn of the century I’m researching Bob Lazar and learned he was in business with Jon Farhat. Jon is a pioneer in CGI. They mention Bob a lot in the alien interview. I always believed it was real. If it was faked it was probably a joint effort by Bob and Jon. I still think it is real. The explanation about data transfer from tape to digital makes sense. Feel free to pass this info to Jon Stewart and give him my number if he wants to pick my brain. Like I said before living in Vegas during those years, I was right in the middle of all that stuff

  2. itsmeRitaC

    Uh oh. Dead alien bodies in a traveling exhibit? Well, i may be the only one here who would never be part of something like that. But i come from a background, religion wise, where viewings are not part of funeral. So it may just be me who finds that rather macabre.

    A lot of mythology by now. Like the Emmineger film. I have been quite intrigued by this but no one can know for sure what is true there.

    I would think that by now, Jimmy Carter can feel free to talk about UFOs. I mean, he is in his mid nineties and why not? If he really does have things he believes that humans have the right to know. He has had more than enough years to talk.

    I did listen up til about forty minutes in. Granted i was doing other things at the same time, but i couldn’t get a sense of coherence about what i was hearing. Sort of seemed a bit disjointed, but it may be that i didn’t know all the names and such. I had to look up Lorenzen to recall who he was.

    Thanks, rita

  3. Craig Champion

    Once again – this is ufo-discourse of the highest order. Amazing history – MUST be archived for posterity!

    Wow – so Carter was the government hero as far as attempting to expose the ufo phenomenon. Unbelievable that currently, the Air Force and NASA are totally mum on the subject. Looks like back then, a president may have maintained a vestige of power.😆

    How fortunate we are, indeed to have Allan as a member of this site. Can’t wait for his next interview!

  4. Scott Santa

    Okay – You and Allan have to become “regulars” say bi-monthly – that’s all. There’s too much in his skull to screw around with a couple of interviews …. he HAS to be milked ’til there’s nothing left!!

    He just filled in a very LARGE & MISSING chunk of UFO history that none of us were ever aware of – I’m not sure how many realize this!!!

    We want more!! (And Allan seems to be on board with that as well) !! Utterly fascinating and HUGELY important. Thanks to the both of you!!!


  5. T. J.

    Wow thank you both for doing these interviews I know I shouldn’t be but I’m eager to see where researchers take these ginormous clues, especially the loose thread guys! 🙂

    I’m waiting with bated breath to hear how the tictacs knew the pilots waypoints :()

  6. Clifford Ribaudo

    Wow, some WTF moments there! Traveling UFO train museum!!?! One has to wonder if Carter’s attempt to disclose had anything to do with the sabotage in the desert of his rescue mission….. hmmmm. This interview offers that extra bit of info that marries up interestingly with something I was told in the late 90s and which closes a loop that has been open in my mind since the 90s when I read some of Fletcher Prouty’s works including “The Secret Team” and in particular: “JFK: The CIA, Vietnam, and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy”. Once again, one finds that there is often a UFO component to these false flags and coup d’etats.

  7. Lynn Burns

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Thank you for the early present! Allan Lavigne is the gift that keeps on giving!

    Did Allan ever divulge to you what that peculiar characteristic about the “Grays” that no one mentions, but that he noticed early on from abductees interviews? He claims that when someone mentions this, he knows there account is real.

    Outstanding interviews these past weeks. Thank you so much!

  8. whoa45


    Are you familiar with the being showed on Linda Moulton Howe’s show? At the 12:37 mark, there is some potentially fascinating footage here:

    The being is moving and it looks convicing to me. If it’s fake I suppose it could be a puppet, as I don’t think it looks CGI at all.

    I have asked around in the comments and this forum if anyone recognizes the footage from a movie or documentary and have come up empty.

    Can you offer an opinion here?

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Yes I just looked this over. We’ve seen this being before — I mean, this exact morphology type in several images. Regarding the alleged pic of the being with Eisenhower, I don’t consider it credible for several reasons. First, the blackness of the background is unnatural and also makes it VERY easy to fake. I also don’t think that’s even Eisenhower. The nose looks all wrong and I just don’t think that is him. Regarding the video, that does look very good. However, one would wonder why, if someone sends this to Linda, they provided zero additional information about the context. Why not? You would think they would want to help her. Linda has done great work over the years but has sometimes been quick to validate certain alleged evidence. I am thinking of the “cat on the moon.” I’m sure that can be googled. My point is she is a target for both genuine whistleblowers and for disinformation people. Linda herself is brilliant and always worth listening to. But she’s a target, no question. By comparison, I am sure I receive far fewer whistleblower accounts than she does. I do get them for sure but not nearly to her level. That speaks well of her, of course, but again, she’s a target for all types. This video, as I said, does look good and could be legit, but I just don’t know at this point. It could also not be legit.

      1. elevator

        While not an exact match, it does share some similarities to the models Allan created.
        And I agree with others that Allan should be at least semi-regular.
        My first impression was that is not IKE.

        1. Richard Dolan Post author

          I did some more checking on that alien and it turns out that as early as 2011 there was that exact same alien meeting with … Hitler. Same exact image, clearly a fake. Moreover, if you look carefully around the edges of the alien itself, you see obvious signs of photoshoppery. It does not take long to see these things, as long as we look.

  9. cjazz

    I have enjoyed these videos so much and am blown away by the continuous flow of truly amazing revelatory information from Mr. Lavigne! I’ve been studying this topic since I was a young kid and have had my own experiences with the phenomena (as have my family members – some incredible stuff). I have had so many ‘Aha’ moments listening to Mr. Lavigne that it’s helping me get a clearer picture of what may be actually happening and what’s happened in the past. One thing that stood out for me was this very deliberate cultural entrainment in the media to make everything have this interdimensional element. It’s all over the movies, shows, etc. . And I agree, it seems like an orchestrated way to make the phenomena even more elusive and mysterious.
    I hope these interviews continue! I rely alot on you Richard to help me put the pieces together. This world is both crazy and awe-inspiring! Happy Holidays to you and your family.
    With Love from Michigan,

  10. Henry Howland

    Great interview!
    Couple things I think should be reconsidered that Allan said:
    -It is actually common practice for people in the USAF to do rotations at the NSA, especially for intelligence based roles. My expertise is in cyber security and anyone in a branch of the military will likely do a couple of months there at some point, it’s not a secret. It’s written about in books like SandWorm describing the career of people like John Hulquist. Allan seemed to think otherwise.
    – Spy satellite programs actually started in Late 50s with the first explorer rockets as stated in the book Deep Black. Allan probably knew this but misspoke when he said late 70s.

    -Also not sure if NASA was ever running any spy satellite operations, was let in etc, or if they were always just a front… don’t know enough about Explorer, although the NRO is said to have been officially founded in 1961.
    -Spy satellite programs started in Late 50s with the explorer one rockets, source Deep Black.

  11. intranuclear

    This is yet another mind blowing interview. Thanks Richard.
    If I may ask Richard, please please stop interrupting so much. I have been watching all of you interviews and far too often you interrupt or simply talk over when the guest is saying something very relevant. It is excruciatingly frustrating because very often the guest goes off track only to respond to your constant need for dates and you having to show off how much you know. This is not helpful.

    Example: UFO landed and gave the secrets of the universe to…
    Richard: When did this happen, was it 2am or 3am… because I remember something completely irrelevant…wait let me look that up, oh yeah…
    Guest:… does not continue with the story about the secrets of the universe.


      1. elevator

        Lol. Allan has a tendency to wander and get off track on his own. And while it is kind of endearing there is only so much time. You do a great job Richard.

      2. Rob

        I thought the interview, and the two preceding ones, were really well done. It’s easy to take for granted that open discussions like this are so easily available nowadays, but compared with much of the discussions on this over the past 70 years we’re really lucky to have so many quality interviews like this, available at a click. Thanks Richard for convening and conducting these interviews and making them so easily available. The new details in this interview were really astonishing.

  12. whoa45


    Has there been a more granular discussion about what the Grays potentially are? There appears to be an overwhelming theory they are probably clones. But how much of their body is organic vs AI? The Terminator has an full organic body over a robotic one, but is still 100% AI. In comparison, Robocop still has a very small amount of his human persona in an other wise 95% robotic body.

    If I recall correctly, the alien autopsy accounts I’ve heard you discuss all entail organic tissue. These don’t appear to be robots built (like a Terminator) on an assembly line. Tom Delonge has mentioned bodies have been found with chips in their brain. Linda Moulton Howe said some of the beings that were found at the Roswell site were yelling, seemingly in distress before they died.

    It seems that perhpas these are organic bodies, augmented by an AI chip. One could wonder what the chip enables them to do. Probably no soul, but maybe there is still some personality there. I’ve heard they don’t have much emotion, but I think maybe it was Travis Walton who said they looked annoyed when he was fighting back on the ship. Who knows if that is true emotion, or rather if it’s the AI chip powering the reaction?

    Do you have any opinions on all this or any additional context you can offer?

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Oh yes, I agree with all of this. I think the Grays are organic, just artificially designed (and I would think by some version of alien AI). But I imagine they have various tech enhancements which may or may not be biologically part of them. For instance, I am thinking of Corso’s statement about their “headband.” Of course, I am not aware of a single instance in which a witness saw such a thing on a Gray, but I could see a logic to something like this being used. Or some other tech means by which they are mentally connected to each other. But overall I surmise that they are artificially designed and organic at the same time.

      1. whoa45


        During an actual abduction while one is being taken, and while they are on a ship being experimented on – what state is the individual in? Is the human in a normal daytime beta state like while working or cooking? Or has the brain been altered so they aren’t as frightened? Maybe a drug-like induced experience? I would hope so, otherwise I can imagine every moment being an absolutely terrifying experience.

        Also, do we know how nuanaced ET telepathic capabilites are? To what degree can they can they communicate tone and cadence? Do they have the ability to communicate feelings rather than just words? For example, humans can verbalize “I hate you” in a negative, sarcastic , or even flirtatious manner.

        Does the human “hear” any audible words like a voice in their head? Or is it just a voiceless thought transmission?


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