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  1. itsmeRitaC

    Hi, i just paused toward the end here, not having seen the podcasts surrounding this one, to respond to the three basic questions you and Bryce put forward from your book. I think the ‘answers to those questions depend upon first of all, do humans in whatever component of the insider group really ‘know’ all that much. And also, depending upon who you consider to be a trustworthy and in the know persons or persons. I only know that i rita, will not consider information and spin, conscious and unconscious, from pentagon officials as ‘Truth’. I personally will try to trust my own inner sensing and intellectual perspective, among other considerations. But i will not feel ‘fear’ any more from ‘alien’ threats, than i have regarding ‘terroist’ threats or other such official scare and hate tactics.
    Good discussion so far, Rita

  2. Anthony_Ian

    Great program! I’ve really enjoyed the first part and can’t wait to hear the second.

    However it occurred to me that as sweet as we now think the vindication of Disclosure might be, do we really want it? We as a species would instantly go from being the apex kings and queens of this world … to suddenly becoming poor beggars, “Teach us your anti-gravity tech, teach us how to feed ourselves and wipe out starvation, teach us new energy that doesn’t spoil the planet, teach us the cure to cancer / COVID / the common cold, teach us how to live with each other without killing each other…” and on and on and on. We would be in a never-ending cycle of WANT from them.

    And what if they don’t think we’re ready? What if they judge us too unruly for effortless space travel, too ungrateful for perfect health, too irresponsible for unchecked overpopulation, too greedy for unchecked avarice, too violent for unchecked power? What if they don’t happen to want that in their neighborhoods? What then? How desperate would the beggars become?

    I can easily imagine a time in the future when the centuries of pre-Disclosure would be seen as the glory days when once we ruled our own planet in blissful ignorance of anything outside of it.

    OR it might be that we need to be domesticated, rehabilitated on a genetic level; and that might be part of what is going on. It creeps me out just writing that.

    What do you think?

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Yes, this is really on target. Even in the early years, I was never sure that disclosure would solve all our problems, as Steven Greer consistently argued, and “make the deserts bloom,” and so on. I always believed in the ultimate need for Disclosure (ie. Truth) to prevail. But I always believed, and believe now more than ever, that it will open up a huge reckoning. We have created an entire world based on a deep lie. It’s not just our entire institutional structure that is at risk, but — as you stated — our fundamental moorings as a society and in our psyche. We all want truth, so we tell ourselves. But I have been asking myself lately, as I believe many people here also ask: how much truth can a person stand? It’s not an idle question, as you so wisely see.

      1. itsmeRitaC

        Hi Richard. I almost want to apologize for making you have to read yet another post…………………..

        I think one of the problems related to what you are saying here is that the truth has been held back for so long now. My belief is that human beings need to expand their views of what is reality. What is the nature of ‘human nature’? What is our place in the scheme of things. As i have mentioned in another post on this site, a fundamentalist friend of mine said he would question his ‘faith’ if conscious life was discovered on any other planet. Why? Because ‘scripture’ said that god created us in ‘his’ own image. Something along those lines. And i am sure he isn’t the only one who has that view as there are i believe 20 percent of americans who are christian fundamentalists.

        However, his very limited view of infinity is quite detrimental to himself and quite frankly, others. I personally feel that those who are in control of the narrative, or have been since the late forties, are very destructive. In my opinion, or i should say, in my deepest ‘knowing’, holding back evolution of consciousness is a profound crime. Cognitive dissonance needs to be faced.

        In my personal experience and professionally as well, i find that people need ‘truth’. How much can they stand? Well, defenses are powerful psychologically. If someone can’t handle the truth they simply won’t accept it. That is how cognitive dissonance works. Most people hold to their long held views and beliefs even when facts on the ground prove them wrong.

        People still believe in american exceptionalism………………….Despite evidence to the contrary for decades. I would rather have the truth come out and let people do with it what they will. But no one has the right to intentionally lie about the nature of reality. It is my opinion that if the truth that we are not alone would have come out seventy years ago, the world might well not be on the verge of ………………………You name it.

        Thus spoke ritathustra. 🙂

        1. Richard Dolan Post author

          Well said, mighty philosopher! I agree with your sentiments here. Along those lines, I actually just posted a belated Fireside Chat that addresses, in part, the fundamental cultural/ideological divide our society is facing.

    2. itsmeRitaC

      Hi Anthony. I honestly don’t think the questions you posed would be asked of the ‘aliens’. I am someone who has always figured that communication in certain forms has gone on for about seventy years now. And those who supposedly would have been in a position to ask were not asking life affirming questions. My guess it has been more about sophisticated weapons making and other such matters.

      “And what if they don’t think we’re ready? What if they judge us too unruly for effortless space travel, too ungrateful for perfect health, too irresponsible for unchecked overpopulation, too greedy for unchecked avarice, too violent for unchecked power? ”

      Well, i think you might think that i am from another planet based on how you think ‘they’ may feel about our so called civilization! 😉

        1. Anthony_Ian

          If a ten-year-old bully in your neighborhood who was cruel to other kids and animals asked to borrow the keys to your new Porsche, oh, and your hunting rifle, you would rightly “judge” him as unworthy and unready for those things.

          They have every right to judge us, especially if we’re asking for their tech.

  3. PressToDigitate

    No ‘Second Guessing’ your work. The problem with writing history around events shrouded in deception, obfuscation, official secrecy, contempt, stigma and denial, is that that ‘history’ can be expected to change – after it is written. We’ve seen the history of Communism revised several times since Stalin and Mao came to power – and that’s just among our American versions of it. Before Germany invaded Poland, Hitler was feted in western media, much like Fidel Castro, who was originally touted as nothing more toxic than an “Agrarian Reformer”. So, don’t sweat any errors or omissions in A.D., UFONSSv1 or 2 or any other of your works. *That’s why God created “Third Editions”*. When some of the things that we were most proud of, 10 to 20 years ago, begin to venture into ‘Grey Areas’ (even without ET), or become ‘fuzzy’ in retrospect, we must keep them in perspective, and remember that, meanwhile, other aspects have gained ‘gravitas’, become settled and…’spread out’, as it were.

    It was great seeing you and Bryce interact, having been a fan of both of yours for so many years (even though, admittedly, I’ve never read “A.D.”). I concur that “Dark Skies” is about the best fictionalized dramatic ‘take’ on post-war ETUFO history yet produced (with the possible exception of ST:DS9 S04E08 “Little Green Men”). I hope that he eventually gets the opportunity to resume his originally planned, five season story arc. Your introduction of Bryce should have noted that he also wrote the very first original film ever produced for the Sci-Fi Channel, “Official Denial”, in 1993, with Parker Stevenson, Chad Everett and Dirk Benedict; arguably one of the most intelligent UFO movies of the modern era. Here it is, in full, on his YouTube Channel:

  4. Ed Klatt

    Great show guys. Personally, I believe that we are in the final stages of the “confirmation” phase of this. That’s the whole point of having the USN task force in the first place. The intention here is to provide a credible backdrop using various vestiges of the government together with impartial empirical evidence gathered by the task force, in order to support disclosure. The resulting official and public admission of alien visitation to our planet can only be legally done by POTUS. Any evidence and/or conclusions reached by the task force, or the Senate intel committee will necessarily be speculative and tentative, until such time as POTUS declassifies, and directly tells the American people. Then, the yogurt will really hit the fan.

  5. Kim_Jellen

    Hi, am new to forum but have important question. Excellent conversation with Bryce. What I don’t understand is why men who are briefed would weep. or put their head in hands. What? Why would a man who’s briefed worry for his daughters’ future? What are some examples of what he might’ve heard that would be so dark? What would Jimmy Carter have heard, possibly, for example? Thanks.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hi and welcome. It’s a good question and no one knows exactly why. But it’s not outrageous to suppose something is going on that could scare the hell out of people. Anything from “they run our world,” to, “talk about this and we will kill/destroy you,” to any number of other possibilities.

    2. Anthony_Ian

      Hi Kim. When I have heard these stories I’ve always thought it had to do with abductions.

      The first job of a government is to maintain the physical sovereignty of a country and protect its citizens, especially children. The UFOs/UAPs fly wherever they want, recognizing no such sovereignty, flying into restricted airspace again and again and there’s nothing the military can do. I can also imagine a president being told the real numbers of abductions — and to children — and there’s nothing that can be done. Abductions are reported as being absolutely horrific more often than not. I’m totally guessing, but that might do it I suppose.

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