Richard on Coast to Coast AM Tonight

By | June 30, 2019

Hi Everyone, just a quick announcement that I will be appearing with Guest Host Jimmy Church on Coast to Coast AM this evening for the final two hours. I’ll be following Steven Greer. Jimmy and I will be discussing the Wilson Leak and everything related to it.

If I am able to get a link to the show, I’ll do what I can to post it here. Or, perhaps an enterprising listener can find it? 🙂

23 thoughts on “Richard on Coast to Coast AM Tonight

    1. Teahfayre

      If you go to the C2C site and select where to listen, you will get a map of the US. From here you can select a state ((I chose California).. Here, in California, you will find KVGC 1340 AM. They live stream, and according to C2C broadcast the Sunday show. Just select their station and you’ll be redirected to their site. Hope this helps.

      1. MarkH

        It works without paying on phone just don’t download app search for coast to coast don’t download app it asks a couple times then plays from iPhone and on pc fine listening now

  1. Bern

    Tunein Radio has CTC free, provided you don’t mind the ad banners. Listening to Greer now in Sydney.

  2. Satyagraha

    Over the years I have used different stations from that C2C list, not liking most of them. Many have gone to “I heart radio,” and I do not like their streams very much. It seems the ones that I like get changed, so I go back to the list and try other ones. I am pretty sure they eventually will get their internet presence all behind pay walls. But anyway, this is the live stream I like best for now (it has fewer commercials) :

    I was certainly spoiled in the Art Bell days. The internet sure has taken some wrong turns since then. Coast to Coast AM, in the ’90s, was one of the best watering holes on the net. Everything was free, including all the archives, a great forum and chatroom, and Art would drop into our chats. It was a good community for that while. It got overrun with pushy religious supremacists who griped when they weren’t welcomed. They wanted, it seems, to turn our pub into their church. The administrative load became too much and they took down the platform. Art’s show got sold from network to network, and what had been a service, had to become product.

  3. Franc

    The advice provided on the C2C website as to stations works great. You can also record the broadcast with audacity software. I got decent mp3 recording out of it but loads of adverts as fell asleep. Plays back nicely on VLC media player or similar which one can speed up.

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