RD Panel Discussion with Grant, Melinda, and James Iandoli

By | November 25, 2022

Hi Everyone,

Earlier today I was a panelist for a discussion organized by James Iandoli of the Youtube Channel Engaging the Phenomenon. This also included Grant Cameron and Melinda Leslie. I have to say it was an interesting two hours. We started off by discussing the recently released document “Loose Threads,” which I covered in a recent Youtube program. Grant and Melinda have substantial knowledge of everything related to that. From there we moved on to other matters — trying to get to the theme of UFO crash retrievals but always seeming to discuss something else! But it was all interesting. Toward the end we ran into a slight philosophical difference, with my perspectives not entirely aligned with those of Grant or Melinda.  Basically we can say I am a bit more of a pessimist in certain matters than either of them. But even then we managed to see the other’s point of view. It was all good. 

I hope you enjoy! Do take some time when you can to check out James’s Youtube Channel. He has lots of excellent information there. 

Earlier today I did two fantastic hours of interview with veteran researcher Stan Gordon. One hour will go to Youtube for public consumption, the other hour will be for members here. I need a bit of time however to clean up some of the audio. We worked solely off of Stan’s phone, so it’s audio-only. the sound overall is very good but I want a bit of time to do a moderate amount of cleanup. I’ll probably have it ready in a week. Meanwhile for next Tuesday I expect to have another two hours of an interview with Allan Lavigne, who was featured in the last Richard Dolan Show. Allan has two extraordinary UFO encounters to discuss, among a few other matters. You won’t want to miss that, I can promise you!


23 thoughts on “RD Panel Discussion with Grant, Melinda, and James Iandoli

  1. clarsson19

    Thanks for such an informative high level discussion. One question I have is why “disclosure” couldn’t occur in such a way as to separate the technological secrets pertaining to national security interests from the historical nuts and bolts in which crash and body retrievals are acknowledged. In the event that the technological aspects are heavily consciousness weighted, awareness of this parameter is growing so quickly anyhow, as Melinda pointed out, that there will be no way to keep the secret of its importance for too much longer in any case. Grant’s parting comments were a true home run, beautifully relevant and expressed.

    1. Thomas Sinisi

      Well I was in the UFO world all my life. I knew every important person speaking in it. I was speaking from 1996- to 2002 with Sargel18.
      Sadly a good friend Ed Grimsley was killed . He told me a week before it happened. that is when Melinda Leslie started doing what he was doing. The only difference Ed new what ever he was looking at, not like Melinda . When I talked with she was trying to tell me everything I see was STARS. Considering Sargel and I shot more pictures of UFO’s then anyone else inside the US. Maybe the world. We were also the first to go public shooting orbs . Which we could do where ever we went around the US. We got other people to be able to do it too.
      Is there a place to post pictures ???? Why not?

  2. JerseyGirl2008

    Great show with a mix of views. The only thing I’ll say is that while I love Melinda’s positivity on expanded consciousness prevailing over the negative forces of global totalitarianism, I believe there’s a substantial timing issue, and it’s not on the side of mass expanded consciousness. Ultimately, when/if expanded consciousness catches up, can it defeat the then-entrenched global totalitarian control? I want to think so, but it will be a battle unlike anything we’ve experienced.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Yeah, I really do like and respect Melinda, but the (Sedona) Force is strong in her! I felt that neither she nor Grant really grasp the gravity of the global situation, but frankly this is the norm among UFO researchers. I think nearly all of them live in a kind of bubble in that regard.

      1. itsmeRitaC

        I have seen/heard Melinda because of a few forum posts and she happened to be on a couple of panels. I never understood what her research is to be honest. I only could tell that she takes groups out to do CE5 stuff, i gleaned but could be wrong. And she does this in Sedona, which is a good business model i would think. i don’t know how she does it differently than Greer though.

        And Grant i have heard many times. I haven’t listened to this yet, but i hope he has moved past John Podesta and Hillary Clinton being champions of ‘disclosure’ in the usa.

        Geopolitics is not something these people seem to care about. That is certainly true. But that is true of most Americans in general, it seems. One would hope that if someone is talking about issues that go beyond our solar system, he/she would be informed and thinking about what happens right here on this planet. But alas.

        I also think there is way too much faith in these usual few men who were spooks and such. When i actually look into who they are i can’t say i feel a lot of ‘faith’ in them either. I apologize if that sounds critical. It is honestly just meant as a sharing of my own little bit of research into the ‘go to’ men. I find them disturbing and i don’t believe them at this point. I didn’t bother to look them up for ages, but i have more recently.

        Thanks Richard.

  3. Curtis Lightle

    Hi Richard,

    Great interviews lately – thank you. While I am a bit of an enthusiast I am not well versed in all of the players and what they did (e.g. Putoff, Wilson, etc. etc.). If you are so inclined to put together a document that gives a brief summary of the key players, I think it would be helpful for many. Sometimes the interviews are hard to follow because I am not sure who is who and who did what and when.

    Anyhow, I am sure you are quite busy so I understand if this may not be practical, but a brief history of the key players I believe would support the educational aspect of your site.


    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hi Curt. Hmmm. Well one thing I JUST did is to write a 35-40 page summary of the last decade of ufology. This is going to be an addition to my book, UFOs for the 21st Century Mind, and I intend to have that out before Xmas. Trying hard! That doesn’t have all the names you mentioned, but I did do a decent treatment of Wilson-Davis, among many other things. I’ll see about putting some excerpts here for members only. I need a couple of weeks but yes I think I’ll have some excerpts here.

  4. Thomas Sinisi

    I know the two speakers. I would first ask what qualification do they have about the subject. Second these people don’t come from any kind of spiritual level. Meaning Remote viewing is a direct invasion of the most spiritual law in this realm or world. Which is the (The Law of Non-interference). which exists for a very serious reason on this planet- the real reason for why the earth is so screwed up/ Then when I dealt with one – could not even talk about what are really ships and not. I had a good friend who died and she took over what he was doing. He was killed. His name was Ed Grimsley. I talked to hims right before – he told they were going to kill him. He died four days later. Oh on MJ 12 I was friends with one before he was killed . People talking about the Gov secret project do not live long. If they are releasing the truth. I cannot stay in the site much longer. I cannot deal with story tellers that are not releasing anything important . Mr Grant – I am writing him letter everyday. Lue Elizondo another one that cannot talk about anything important. I have been trying to talk to him for over a year. He is afraid to talk to me just like 98 % of the UFO speakers now.

  5. Lauren2844

    Dolan & Cameron is Always entertaining.. with Grant’s rapid fire dialogue and Richard’s carefully spoken interjections. I love when they talk about stories we all know just to hear them pick the pieces that they seem interested in and what part of the story they ignore.. there’s always aton to pick up in their interactions..

  6. Clifford Ribaudo

    People need to be specific and clear when talking about MILAB about exactly what they mean. There is too much non-specific talk about it and which will confuse people. Greer has muddied the waters with his all abductions are MILAB nonsense. There probably is some MILAB but NOT most.

    1) My analysis shows that Greer’s statements are not likely to be true and that it does not seem feasible that the USA is building craft and doing ALL abductions. Apparently Semivan agrees.

    2) It seems possible, as Dan Sherman suggests, that we cut a deal with Gray’s and that they do/did some of it for us. But as LMH stated: “The Grays Lie”. So, some of it might be for us, but it seems like a lot more is for them.

    3) CIA might have faked a few down south, but NO WAY all of those down there are faked. Waaaay too many reports of too many diverse events. No.

  7. intranuclear

    So overall this was a good talk. However, and this is huge however, all of the reporters behave identically when they have a hot scoop, and that is none reveal their sources which make it impossible for independent researchers to verify things and increases frustration a hundred fold, to the point where not knowing is easier. The terrible anger I feel when a person says they can’t reveal their sources, while understandable, as a scientist I am left with what is an equivalent religious statement, that all this should be taken on faith. All I am learning is that if you keep your mouth shut, people will talk to you. If people cannot duplicate an experience without spending a lifetime and endless resources, what is the point?
    One very specific example is Melinda Leslie saying that she teaches spoon bending classes. Well, I Googled it (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5G4wM_VGMc), and the only video that she put out is her showing all these ladies the pre-bent spoons that she claims to have done with her mind, and when one of the guy “reporters” asked if she can do it right now, she totally ignored him and continued to cackle with the other new age ladies. I have spent a considerable time and effort researching and trying out spoon bending, and while the concepts are believable to me, meaning clearly all of the universe is energy, I have never seen or experienced a genuine spoon bending outside of true fakery (in front of my eyes) and magician acts.

    I agree 100% with you that the gatekeepers have exactly ZERO incentive to reveal their knowledge and the aliens behave exactly the same. I also 100% understand why, or least I believe I do. I mean heck, this is why USA will NOT reveal the ultra sophisticated chip technologies to China, but as a consequence, if a supply chain is ever broken, there simply is not enough redundancy and all suffer. A single meteor of relatively medium size will totally put an end to all of humanity and of their achievements regardless of how much smarter you think we are from other lifeforms on this planet, and interestingly, only the most primitive ones will survive.


    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hey, I feel your pain! I do. It’s a bitch. For my part I don’t have many such “top secret” sources but I have a few. As I’ve said many times, I literally begged one of them to let me “out” him after Wilson-Davis notes became public. He wouldn’t agree and I did not mention his name, even though it would have made my life a lot easier at the time. I still haven’t done so. I feel it’s the price I have to pay for dealing with this particular subject. This isn’t a normal area of science. It’s highly classified. We are dealing with genuine state secrets, and often are walking a delicate line. I hate it as much as you do. For my part, I have not yet broken a promise of confidentiality. I suppose if my breaking of that promise would result in a clear, identifiable “disclosure” or “exposure,” it would be different. I’d consider it of course. But I haven’t had such an opportunity and meanwhile I am just doing my best to get the best information out there.

  8. Andromeda107

    I have to say I am team Richard and Grant; nothing is going to happen anytime soon in Congress on the uap subject.The so call future hearings /briefings are going to be a joke. I highly doubt that people Congress are being the told the absolute truth.They have no clue have deep this cover up goes. I love the fact that Melinda Leslie and tries to stay so positive with as it relates to all the changes that is going on, but I think she is in a for a rude awakening. She was talking about sightings have increased,and people are have more et contact, but these beings are still operating covertly . What’s that all about ? What exactly are these beings doing ? And as long as these beings continue operate covertly the secretkeepers are never going to admit to anything , they truly don’t have to worry about from Congress and these hearings as long these beings continue to operate in the shadows, for all we know they these beings are working covertly with the secretkeepers. Richard I am also very glad you brought the subject as it relates to digital control, no privacy,that were are moving into a transhumanism phase,people really need to hear that. Great discussion

  9. T. J.

    A lot of goodies being discussed here, I was happy to be here to catch it. I lean in the direction of & want to believe Melinda’s positive viewpoint, but I know she’s probably a covidian, so I’ll keep swallowing the dolan jagged pills for now, you’re the only one that seems to have your eye on the ball. But if the new age crowd could show me what they were once made of, I’d be right back there with um.

  10. T. J.

    Lots of tasty nuggets in this one I don’t get much of that because this is about the only place I go in UFO land these days, I need everything filtered because the rest are all cuckoo cachu covidians

  11. Anthony

    I know I’m late to the party on this one, but I wanted to relate an experience I had with Melinda Leslie. In late 2015, my wife and I went on vacation to Arizona and we spent a few days in Sedona. On our last night there, my wife was sick and wanted to stay in bed in the hotel, so I went to an evening nightvision UFO viewing hosted by none other than Melinda Leslie via the Center for the New Age in Sedona. (My wife has zero interest in such things so she was fine staying in bed)

    Well, over the course of about three hours, we saw a few things in the sky using the nightvision goggles Melinda brought. Nearly all of them were points of light that moved in straight lines across the sky. Some of them could be seen without the goggles. In all cases, she told us how each was probably a UFO coming to or from an invisible “portal” that seemed to be in the Eastern part of the sky. No other explanation, just that she and others had observed these “UFOs” coming and going to the same point of the sky in the East where they seemed to fade in or out suddenly (ie. transit the “portal”).

    Well a couple nights later, my wife and I found ourselves at the Kitt Peak Observatory outside of Tucson for a night event. While we waited for dusk, a presenter with the observatory gave us a slideshow and talk inside one of the buildings. Then he took us outside and waited for the sun to disappear completely. There were NO lights on at all on the observatory grounds and of course you could see the sky perfectly. Luckily there were few clouds as well.

    Every few minutes he would look down at his dimly lit watch and then he would point up to the sky at a certain location and say something like, “look to the West in that direction and you can see -insert satellite name here- moving overhead”. He did this half a dozen times in an hour. They looked and moved exactly like the points in the sky that we saw on Melinda’s tour. One of them he explained was the International Space Station. They all seemed to magically appear out of nowhere when coming from the East and disappear magically if they were moving toward the East. He said the reason for that was because they were so high above the surface and we were still close enough to sundown that they were still reflecting sunlight until they moved too far to the East where they fell into the Earth’s shadow and disappeared from sight.

    Of course, I felt a little sheepish. I WANTED to believe Melinda and I do know other people have gotten some amazing footage of things in the night sky with nightvision cameras/goggles that definitely did NOT move in straight lines and were more than just points of light. But it did disturb me during her tour that she seemed so certain those points of light moving across the sky were very likely UFOs. I didn’t think her certainty was warranted and it made me concerned for gullible people who would just take her word for it. I am grateful for the grounding I received during the Kitt Peak event and I’m now very wary of Melinda Leslie.

    Having said all that, I DID see two objects on her tour that I could not explain. Both of them would flare up for a second or two to be an order of magnitude brighter than they had been. One moved slowly across the sky and flared every 30-40 seconds (I counted) until it was out of view. The other was completely stationary in the sky and flared every 8-10 seconds and continued to do so for at least ten minutes. I did some research on “satellite flares” and found out that some satellites will move so that their solar panels are reflecting light back down to Earth appearing to “flare”. But the frequency of this flare is on the order of weeks or even months and could not account for the 30-40 or 8-10 seconds frequency I observed.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Thanks for that story. Yeah, as beautiful as Sedona is, the community there is definitely among the most gullible in the United States. (Present company of Sedona residents excepted!) And I know what you mean regarding the satellites. I’ve attended a couple of those types of events and I have experienced the same thing. This also goes doubly so for many alleged CE-5 encounters, although I have many friends who are adamant that they had genuine CE-5s. I am not in a position to say they are wrong, but I do know that these too are often a case of seriously mistaken identity. Having said that, I’ve seen some crazy activity with night vision that I too have no way of explaining away.

  12. Leo Ann

    I just don’t know,
    As a newbie to the topic, I like to try and stick to what can be possibly quantified: evidence based information, witness testimony, literal craft, what the govt might have in their posession, meta-materials, reverse engineered technology and so on. I just can’t quite get into the “consciousness” vibe, as yet. It just seems too nebulous with far too much room for interpretation. I guess I’m a scientific conservative in that regard and a realist. The idea of someone being able to change one’s existence by “voting”, for instance, is naive at worst and at best, ideological. It seems to me that the problem with a lot of the “woo” culture is that it seems to be trying to fill the void that, for many people, religion has left. I have nothing against that, and in some cases this can be valuable but be honest, is all I say. This has nothing at all to do with finding some sort of scientific truth or at least something ACTUALLY tangible. This IS, however, something akin to a lifestyle choice or belief system and I’m just not altogether sure it’s of value in the search for any kind of objective truth. I must add that this is my view and I respect those who have a differing vision of our collective future, I just need more empirical data before I’m ready to give myself, wholeheartedly, to any other narrative.
    Great panel and very interesting guests and thanks, as always, Richard!

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Definitely appreciate where you are coming from. I’ll just say this: you stick around in this subject long enough, and you might find that it alters some of your perspectives. It did to me, I can say that wholeheartedly. I look upon the UFO subject as a wise teacher living in some remote cave in a mountain. You approach it with respect and humility and let it teach you. I’m quite serious. It’s been a hell of an education and at age 60 I still have a long way to go. Glad you are here.

      1. Leo Ann

        Thank you so much for your reply, Richard. I will take onboard what you say. Early days yet, in all truth, so we shall see. I look forward to being more open to these aspects of the topic in the future. Once again, thank you for everything.

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