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By | September 28, 2022

Hi Everyone,

I will be a guest on Fade2Black tonight with Jimmy Church. No surprise but we will primarily be discussing the Davis-Wilson notes, something he’s been interested in all week as well. 

As always, he begins as 7 p.m. (PT) and 10 p.m. (ET) and I will come on after the first 30 minutes. 🙂


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  1. Craig Champion

    My understanding is that within the intelligence community, there is certainly ufo interest among various officers – mostly “off-the-clock” discussions, as in resulting in the inception of the UAPTF/AATIP.

    One thinks about the Great Reset and the frequency of these silent, black triangle-shaped craft, hovering over communities; sure does seem like there’s some type of correlation. Your health/your privacy – bah…what’s important is zombification of the worthless eaters…

    “Cooper,” from the notes, as in Gordon?

    It’ll be fun to have you break the notes down over time.

    My understanding is that Ronald Moultrie is tasked with ensuring security of information pertaining to the ufo phenomenon. Not exactly one who is going to divulge anything.

    Thanks, Richard for staying up so late!

  2. Clifford Ribaudo

    Love watching you two interact lol.

    FYI – Heard about this last week on F2B (JC Interviewed Melissa Tittl). I purchased Season 2 and binged it last couple of nights: “UFO Witness”.

    It is WELL worth a Watch if you have not seen it. It took a while to get going but Show #5 & #6 got good footage of anomalous events on Ranches in Colorado, Montana and Missouri. ALL of these other places have SkinWalker type stuff going on with cattle mutilations and which they pretty credibly tied into the Abduction program of abductees in the surrounding area! I had never heard of any of these places and which is the value of this show. So, it seems that perhaps the mutilations take place near where there is some kind of Gray, abduction related base. The association has been made between mutilations and the Gray breeding program before, but I’ve never seen it so closely tied into a specific location around which abductions are also taking place and where the mutilations are far more frequent than we might realize!


  3. TomTort

    I enjoy the interaction between the two of you. One thing I have noticed is the fact that you spout information that you have not talked about or slant with a bit of a twist, simply because you get more personally involved in the conversation at hand. There is a passion in your voice reflecting the frustration of dysfunctional behavior by the “powers that be” which you are powerless to combat.
    I find few researchers in their conversation who are as emotionally involved when expressing an opinion or articulating an idea. It is as though there are layers of reasons you don’t have time to articulate that exacerbates your “fire” of emotion. I appreciate very much your passion and enthusiasm and I particularly always look forward to your “fire” of expression.

  4. Joshua Ringer

    This episode was fantastic Rich. You and Jimmy were great together you are a human encyclopedia. I’ve learned so much about the phenomenon from you. I can’t thank you enough.

  5. Greg Davis

    Hi Everyone!

    I live in Columbus, OH, and have a quick comment about Battelle. My daughter played soccer, and I became friendly with a grandparent of one of the players on her team. After talking to Phil (not his real name), he said that he was retired from Battelle. He was a ME there for his entire working career. I asked him if he had ever worked on any of the classified projects, and he said that he had for a while and for multiple agencies and the Army. He said he got out of the classified part because he was a “black hat/white hat kind of guy and couldn’t figure out who the white hats were after a while.” My curiosity got the better of me eventually so I finally said, “There’s some pretty weird UFO stories about Battelle.” He asked if I knew someone else who worked there, and I told him another friend’s son was an engineer there. He then smiled at me and said, “They’re all true.” He didn’t say anything more about it, and I didn’t want to push him further. I can’t stop thinking about that conversation, and the feeling that there’s a lot of gold to mine with the old Battelle guys if someone wanted to dig into it.

  6. Steve Tinson

    Hi a bit of trivia for you, my grandfather was a miner in South Wales, he came from Birmingham and his name was Plant. His brother had a son called Robert, some long haired Herbert!! 🤪Never met the guy!

  7. itsmeRitaC

    I am listening right now and i am at two hour mark. I am not sure why, but i find you and Church engaging together. 🙂

    Anyway, i saw this short article by Chris Mellon and since i did a couple posts the other day, here, about that ‘logo’ broohaha, i thought i would post it here.


    “The natural tendency in each case was for UAP observers to think these occurrences were indications of the views of people at the top or part of some coherent plan involving management of the UAP issue. In fact, each of these cases demonstrate the opposite: There is little if any coherent management of the UAP issue at high levels!

    It is only a slight exaggeration to say nobody at high levels of the DoD or the IC has time to even consider the UAP issue. Anyone who doubts that is out of touch with the reality of life for senior DoD and IC officials who are urgently fighting fires regarding Ukraine and Taiwan; crashing on responses to requests from Capitol Hill; racing to prepare for White House meetings and major press conferences and a thousand other things more urgent than the UAP issue.

    The only reason anyone at DoD or the IC pays any attention to the UAP issue at all is because Congress is compelling these massive organizations to begin to engage. Always bear in mind that, on a day to day basis, the UAP issue is totally irrelevant for senior U.S. government officials. As the Secretary of the Air Force recently said, conveying the views of many at DoD, “I’ve got real threats to worry about.” In short, the idea that senior officials have time to fuss over trivia like a draft DNI logo is absurd. Those reporting on the UAP issue should know better than to think otherwise.”

    This is an excerpt, and about half the article actually. I just thought it interesting that Mellon felt the need to respond to how this became big news in ufo media the other week. Including Ross Coulthart whom i would think should have known what Mellon says here, since he has been on the inside over many years as a main stream journalist who does talk about how much he has covered these agencies.

    Thanks Richard.

    1. D.A.


      I have not had a chance to listen to this podcast yet, but came across your post, and had to comment. As I have mentioned in this forum numerous times, everything we need to know about the UFO/UAP/USG relationship is hiding in plain sight—all one need do is read Skinwalkers at the Pentagon, and then connect the dots with AAWSAP—BAASS/AATIP, TTSP, Elizondo, Mellon and the other Agents of AAWSAP (AOA) , and the resulting public fall out and congressional response, to understand what the last 5+ years of soft disclosure was all about. In short, it was about the AOA restarting, or creating, a new AAWSAP/AATIP—type UAP program. Nothing less, nothing more. And they succeeded, perhaps more than they had even hoped. This is not just an unfounded conspiracy theory on my part, but rather a sound conclusion based on facts and substantial circumstantial evidence to support it.

      To be honest, I was extremely disappointed when I first came to this realization because I was hoping that the recent government mini-disclosures were harbingers of more to come, including full government disclosure and possibly some form of undeniable open ET contact or discovery, but it wasn’t—it was just about restarting the secret USG UAP programs by convincing those at the top to take UFOs seriously. And they accomplished that goal using the public as leverage…by using us, quite frankly. Everything that the AOA have said and done up to this point has done nothing but support this conclusion—everything from leaking the obscure IR videos, to joining TTSA, to creating a multimedia UFO blitz, to painting UFOs as a possible security threat…to the subsequent and unceremonious dropping of TTSA and fading into the background once their goals were accomplished. Melon’s article does nothing but substantiate this notion.

      Much to Steve Bassett’s as well as my own and most other’s dismay, it would appear that Richard was right all along with regards to his pessimism about imminent full disclosure by the USG. Anyone hoping otherwise is setting themselves up for abject disappointment. Now with that said, I do not believe that Elizondo and the other AOA members did anything nefarious, or had anything other than the best intentions, in doing what they did. In fact, what they accomplished was clearly for all of our benefit, just not our wishes, per se. If any of us were in their position, we would have likely done the same thing.

      Getting the public involved as they did, however, is a double edge sword. And it is up to people, like Steve, Richard, George Knapp, and us, to keep up the pressure on full public disclosure, otherwise, the upcoming NASA study will end with nothing less than a Condon-like conclusion. Hopefully, the side effect, or fall out from all of this, with regards to the de-stigmatization of the whole UFO subject, will bring out enough credible people who are in the know, like Garry Nolan, et al, to counter any predetermined prosaic conclusions that will no doubt be proffered by NASA, which without sufficient pushback, will send us spiraling back into another UFO dark age.


      1. D.A.


        One more thing with regards to this subject and the likelihood of a secret UFO reverse engineering program hidden deep within the Pentagon: there is a direct, well established, and well documented, connection between the Wilson memo, AAWSAP—BAASS, and the 2023 IAA bill, which included specific language that was inserted into the bill after the last round of congressional hearings on UAP’s had ended this summer—hearings mind you in which the Wilson memo was not only mentioned by name, but physically submitted as evidence of record.

        The documented connection between all of these dots lies in the specific language that was initially used as a contract deliverable in BAASS’s proposal to the DIA’s small business set aside solicitation for AAWSAP, which was subsequently inserted (almost verbatim) into the 2023 IAA bill. This language, which was at the heart of the Wilson memo, essentially calls for an investigation to determine if any factions of the U.S. intelligence community and/or certain aerospace contractors have (or had) any information, or materials in their possession, related to UAPs. Now, what would possess the members of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence to want to insert such specific language into the latest IAA—language that was part of a previous, well documented and fully authenticated, USG UFO program, which was run by the same organization (DIA) that VADM Wilson had previously worked for and had at one point headed? Can we simply chalk all of this up to mere coincidence? I think not. The dots are right there, hidden in plain sight, for anyone to connect. For the life of me, I cannot fathom why MSM has not jumped all over this. Where is Leslie Kean and Ralph Blumenthal? Where is George Knapp on this? After all, he’s the one who started drawing the dots. I just connected them. Of course, I may be just reading too much into all of this, but I don’t think so.

        One more thing to consider: If AAWSAP—BAASS had found no evidence that such secret factions might ultimately exist within the Pentagon/intelligence community, then why was the language added to the IAA bill?


      2. Bernard Pelletier

        Elizondo and Mellon have foolishly said on TV that UFOs are not ET, and Elizondo has cast doubts on the whole matter of UFOs on the same TV series.

        1. D.A.


          Elizondo and Mellon really said that? Recently? If this is true, it would go way beyond two of the most prominent AOA members just fading into the background once they have achieved their goals, and it would not only contradict previous comments/stances on their part (which quiet frankly wouldn’t be the first for Mellon, who at one time was actually a UFO denier), but it would show they are actively campaigning to put the very same genie they released back into the bottle. If this is in fact true, then not only would it corroborate my previously stated beliefs on this, but it would take it one giant step further—-leading to a whole new rabbit hole that has potentially disturbing ramifications for the ufology community at large.

          Where did you see this? Did they say it in an interview? Is it on YouTube? Could it be just a misinterpretation of some ambiguous language on their part?

          I don’t know if Richard is alerted to these replies, but if so, I would LOVE to know his thoughts on this—as I am sure everyone else would as well, because if true, this would be big…real big.

          D. A.

      3. itsmeRitaC

        D.A. Thank you for such, oh, there is more.. 🙂 I will read both before responding here. I don’t know how to know when/ if i get a response on this page. There may be a way, but i haven’t figured that out yet. It is probably really evident but eludes *me*.

        I am sure you know all of this, but, i will post it here. I can’t say i am crazy about his persona, but i saw both parts of this and i must say that i have yet to see anyone argue his points. And it is sort of along the lines of what i have felt about the ‘ranch’.


  8. itsmeRitaC

    I am almost at the end of interview now and you guys are talking about who ‘knows’ over the years, inside US government………………And i know i have mentioned this before and i wish i could recall the date of the Democracy Now show, and it was around 2005.

    Amy was interviewing a journalist that had been at a gathering (at White House i *think*), with W. Bush and others, and he was with another journalist friend who was interested in ufo issue. And he was telling Amy, who of course didn’t follow up on it, that this friend asked W. Bush if he had information about ufos. And Bush replied, in a matter of fact way, “Talk to Dick Cheney”.

  9. itsmeRitaC

    i have another comment. Sorry about that. As i am back again and at the very end…………………….

    Why even bother wasting time with the government telling us anything about this? As you said here, it isn’t going to happen. I know it won’t unless it is fraudulent. So who needs ‘them’ to be the authority on this? Seriously. That is very authoritarian, imo. I don’t look to Biden to tell me the nature of reality. Or the Joint Chiefs, or FBI, etc, etc. And i sure don’t want counterintelligence operatives to be my purveyor of so called ‘truth’. How obvious can it be? I am serious. I just don’t know why the ‘community’ keeps looking to the powers that be for validation. I think it is actually just plain foolish to have that expectation…………Still. After seventy years.

    And, i have seen enough of some insiders on this topic, and Lou Elizondo included, who have consistently predicted what would come about through hearings and reports, over the past few years and they have consistently been wrong. I don’t know if it is that they really have no idea but want to sound like they are in some inner circle, or……………….I don’t know, but i don’t bother to take them seriously. Corbell is one of them, btw.

    I don’t have the patience or time to research it, and god knows i don’t read all that much, but i have seen enough in interviews and things that have been posted from these people and they all have continued talking about the big breaking information that is always coming within the next month or so. Including all the hearings that we were going to have that would blow our minds. I don’t claim to know why they have been doing this, but i find it unhelpful to say the least. And unless they are really rather uninformed, there must be a reason for it. But what it does, imo, is make these folks look silly. At least.

    Whew. That was a lot. 🙂

  10. T. J.

    So did anybody find ARV in the Wilson notes? if not, does anybody have a searchable PDF or something of it?


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