More Cracks in the Wall: Chris Mellon confirms Davis-Wilson

By | December 24, 2022

Hi Everyone and Merry Christmas Eve to all! 

Just wanted to spread some other good news. Chris Mellon just gave his own confirmation to the authenticity of the Davis-Wilson notes. This was posted in an article from earlier today, which you can read here.

 It’s interesting that the confirmation comes in passing. I was curious about that but Tracey offered the opinion that perhaps he wanted to do it this way. The context in which he wrote it is here:

… Even before this ‘whistleblower’ legislation was signed into law, credible individuals were providing Congress Information alleging that the US government has recovered extraterrestrial technology. This process began in 2019 when I brought astrophysicist Dr. Eric Davis to Capitol Hill to meet with staff from the Senate Intelligence and Armed Services committees. Dr. Davis, author of the famous Wilson-Davis memo, provided specific information lending credence to sensational reports that an official US government program is actively seeking to exploit recovered technology that was fashioned by some other species or perhaps advanced AI machines.

Mellon writes, “Dr. Davis, author of the famous Wilson-Davis memo….” Not that any more authentication is necessary to a rational mind, but still, this counts for something, I’d say. 

Also, Jay from Project Unity posted a video about this development just a few hours ago, which you can listen to here

I will just add that Mellon’s article is interesting for many other reasons than this and after I’m done with my Christmas Eve and Christmas Day fun, I’ll be back to discuss this a bit further.

Hope everyone is enjoying themselves on this Christmas Eve! 


9 thoughts on “More Cracks in the Wall: Chris Mellon confirms Davis-Wilson

  1. T. J.

    Wow what a great Christmas Eve present! 🙂 eat your heart out John Greenwald, every few months I feel less stupid that I sent ginormous packs to my representatives featuring the Wilson Davis notes in them.

    1. Andromeda107

      I wrote to my Congress person, which is Val demings last year about the Wilson-Davis notes, I don’t know is she read my letter,I hope she did, especially after seeing all the news surrounding the notes, starting with Congressman Mike Gallagher talking about the notes in the uap hearing ,and the news that just came out now.

  2. T. J.

    Its hard to take this stuff seriously when it comes through a govt, system, administration, etc… that gave us the sham scamdemic,
    the poisonous jab, and all the totalitarian nightmares offered as part of it. Its just so freaking confusing to make it into a homogeneous meal to swallow, are they doing this to get themselves off the hook for all the crimes against humanity they have committed!? Look at Melon claim it as a victory for biden in the opening paragraph of the linked article, when as I understand it the administration fought to get this UFO stuff removed from what is actually just a military spending bill? Melon ends by saying “special thanks and appreciation to the members of Congress and their staffs who have put national security and science ahead of stigma and ignorance. “, but science has only been used in name only during covid, what has been used is narrative, coercion, force, censorship, etc…definitely not science and definetly not national security . These folks serve globalists not national interests. How is one to merge these competing views into a cohesive picture that makes sense. Our world is nuts, so why do I care if I don’t write out my thoughts perfectly, nothing makes sense whether your a word Smith or not.

  3. Andromeda107

    Very interesting read, I am very curious to know if Chris Melon has attempted reach out to Admiral Thomas Wilson since this news has come out? Thanks for sharing Richard

  4. Clifford Ribaudo

    Wow, that is quite the article there on Mr. Mellon’s website. I found the most interesting part to be the way in which he directly calls out NY Times and Wall Street Journal for actively being part of the disinformation campaign and being complicit in it. I would love to see the fact that they do this ALL THE TIME on not just UFOs but all kinds of issues dragged out into the light of day. Perhaps this will be the issue that exposes them for what they often are!!

  5. JurassicRanch47

    All in All, It’s Just Another: A.) Crack or B.) Brick In the Wall?

    “This is the reality they stole from us. It’s repulsive, horrifying and dystopian, a gruesome view of a world run by anti-people, but I’ll take it any day over the vile and insulting facsimile of truth they’ve been selling. Personally, once I saw that these lurid files could be used as a roadmap back to something like reality…I relaxed for the first time in seven or eight years.” – Matt Taibbi; The Twitter Files

    The “roadmap back to reality” from whatever convoluted mirage the forces of empire have spread before us over the UFO/UAP issue is what we’re looking for. Will these hearings and reports get us there? Maybe a little bit. Mr. Mellon seemed excited about the triangle someone reported above the main channel of the Colorado river below Moab, UT. If he had spent more nights in the canyons, he’d know more than he claims to from sitting in a Pentagon office. The people who fly the triangles, discs, cylinders, boomerangs, v-shaped craft, spheres and rectangles through here, and their ground security, share no illusions about any of this being “ours.” Since the late ’90s there has been a constant stream of unconventional air traffic through the canyon country coming out of the northern Mojave, across the Arizona Strip into Utah, just west of where the Colorado river crosses the state line, and up the San Juan river basin on the northern Navajo res toward the 4 Corners. During daylight, conventional appearing aircraft do very unconventional things. C-17s stop in mid-air. U-2s with fatal engine problems appear out of thin air. F-16s disappear into thin air. Small corporate jets hang motionless in mid-air before kicking on the jets and rocketing straight up so fast that you don’t see them leave. Normally, neither the plane nor the pilot should survive this. There are fleets of these things. Air Force One with three F-22 escorts blew through here in Feb. 2009. They all turned invisible in a flash, heading for southern Nevada restricted airspace. What part of this technology is controlled by the military or private contractors is unclear. I’ve never seen uniformed military on the ground, but have had brushes with the Men In Black Uniforms. That these inquiries are explicitly not looking at anything that may be “ours”(the military industrialists), tells me that there’s a big red line around the most relevant part of this.
    Let’s not be naive. This is the back door into the secret government and the largest criminal conspiracy in the nation’s history. The energy used to power these propulsion systems could lift billions out of poverty today, which is why it’s not being released. It’s been over 30 years since Brad Sorenson’s view of the ARV near Palmdale. Mark McCandlish had a photo of one in the Great Basin from the 1960s. The Wilson-Davis discussion was 25 years ago. Schratt, Greer and others hold that the breakthrough was in 1954. Given unlimited funds and 70 years, where would the program be now? Nick Cook was right about the race for zero point. Eric Davis was right about the zero point plasma torroidal (“ball lightning”) generator/transmitters. That they’re taking the risk of using these on BLM land that’s being managed to accommodate the needs of the program tells me that they’re taking things to a new level.
    It is unfortunate, but convenient for others, that 1945 is the starting date. Foo fighters and ghost rockets might get in. The alleged recoveries near Cape Girardeau and LA don’t get in. Allegedly, Army Chief of Staff George Marshall sent FDR a memo on LA. Secretary of War Henry Stimson 1940-45 (FDR & Taft/ also served as Hoover’s Sec. of State) had to be deeply in the loop. The Manhattan project was his. He was old school Yale/Skull and Bones. He may have known more than FDR. Allen Dulles and James Angleton were fellow Bonesmen with Stimson and were under him while in OSS. Stimson would have been consulted about the 1947 reorganization and creation of CIA. Somewhere, Stimson had to have paperwork on UFOs.


    “In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.”

    ― Mark Twain

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