More Confirmation of the Davis-Wilson Notes

By | August 25, 2022


Really nice interview of Garry Nolan by Ross Coulthart. I think we can say that the public support for the authenticity of these notes makes the matter far beyond dispute. Not that we hadn’t already reached that point (at least in my opinion), but the number of people who have said “yes, it’s clearly real,” has passed the tipping point in which the issue simply cannot be argued any longer. 

We can wonder about the accuracy of the information itself that came to Wilson, yes. But I don’t see how it’s any longer possible to question that Eric Davis wrote those notes. And saying that, knowing a thing or two about Dr. Davis, ought to give the overall scenario described in those notes HIGH credibility. 

That is, a UFO crash retrieval program exists, along with a longstanding reverse-engineering program to go with it. And an incredible level of secrecy. 

Congratulations to both Ross and Garry for doing this. 


15 thoughts on “More Confirmation of the Davis-Wilson Notes

  1. Richard Brown

    Fascinating interview. I heard Garry on the Lex Fridman podcast a few months ago say that he doesn’t believe Bob Lazar. Interesting given what he said about the Davis notes.


    1. Joshua Ringer

      Funny, I have said the same thing. I didn’t like Nolan’s take on Lazar while he was on the Lex Friedman show. But keep in mind Dr Eric Davis doesn’t believe Bob either and Nolan and Davis are close. Personally I think the evidence clearly is in favor of Bob being truthful and there may be reasons that those guy say that they don’t believe him. Or maybe they just don’t believe him. Either way I really like what Nolan is doing and I have a lot of respect for him.

        1. elevator

          Lazar and Lee Harvey Oswald. I would dearly love to know the truth about both of these individuals before I shuck my mortal coil. After years of reading articles, interviews, reading books and watching films I still cannot come to a firm conclusion about either. Just when I think I’ve heard the best evidence something else is presented. It is truly maddening. Lately I’ve been reading some stuff by a researcher that interviewed many folks that worked with or knew Lazar and they cast a lot of doubt.

  2. JimmyBee


    Makes me wonder why ADMIRAL Wilson, high-ranking DIA man was forbidden access and knowledge of a reverse engineering program, while-

    SSGT Richard Doty was given a full briefing on…everything. while he apparently ran the New Mexico branch of Project Mocking Bird!

    Why have some low-level OSI guy carry “bags of money” to local reporters, risking EVERYTHING. when you could just pay off the big boys and girls at the top, who would then feed the “story” to local reporters?

    Sorry if this seems off topic, but having watched Mr. Coulthart just last night and this clip of him today, made me think of Wilson vs. Doty.

    It doesn’t make sense, to me, that the DIA Admiral would be shut out, yet Doty was included on all things alien AND project Mocking Bird. I suspect Doty of being a plant (a spy) and a disinfo agent. I certainly hope those in this field will consider this.

    1. Tee Jay Mahler

      Who could cause a real headache for the majic12? Admiral Wilson, who runs an entire Defense intelligence program, or Richard Doty an average OSI investigator ? Admiral Wilson was left out of conversation for reasons we’ll never know, and things that he’s going to take to the grave. Doty has no motive now, and if Bob Lazar is believable (which he is) then so is Doty ( who has verified that Bob Lazar was only person to correctly identify how to enter S2 facility……..

  3. OC

    So what are the chances that Admiral Wilson will come clean about the Davis notes when
    he testifies before congress?
    Big leak in the dam if he comes clean, if he doesn’t come clean will be proven to
    be a liar in time.
    Not the best of choices either way for him.

  4. Andromeda107

    I watched the full interview on 7news spotlight the other day and I was shocked to hear Dr. Garry Nolan speak on the EDW notes. I was like Wow! he has lot to say about these notes ,and why feels they could hold some truth to them . Although he didn’t need to convince me the notes are legit , I already felt they were legit,but hopefully some skeptics who saw this interview, will be somewhat convinced that the notes are real. I am pretty sure Admiral Davis is somewhat annoyed that the talk around the notes won’t go away,but I don’t wonder what Eric Davis thoughts are on all the talk around these notes.

  5. J-Rod

    Well Private Enterprise can be held to account as well. Did it do it’s due diligence before accepting contracts? And exactly who/what is Private Enterprise?

  6. Randy29

    As I may have mentioned earlier, revealing the mere existence of a dark project is a security violation – which is why, I think, that neither Wilson nor Davis will ever be able to vouch for it – UNLESS they are given full immunity from prosecution and that they wish to or are called before congress…

  7. Harry Harris

    While we are fumbling around trying to get a rocket (Artemis) off the ground on a trip around the moon, I read a new article from Chris Mellon that should be required reading for anyone interested in the subject of UAP/UFOs. The article goes over the ground most members of this website will be familiar with. However it really does it well. The only thing I believe you may not care for is Mellons more or less globalist views (at least that is the way I interpreted part of his article). In any case, the article really puts the points together of why we are where we are in regards to the phenomenon. The only thing really missing seems to be his lack of pointing out the ‘abductions’ part of the story and history.


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