Interesting Video Teaser on the Wilson Leak

By | February 14, 2020

Preparing to upload a few posts for today, but I wanted to start you all off with this interesting video that was sent my way yesterday. It’s still got less than 500 views as of this post, but I suspect people will be taking notice of it. 

It’s very well done. The clips of Mitchell and Greer are both very good and worth listening to. 


13 thoughts on “Interesting Video Teaser on the Wilson Leak

  1. Ed Coffman

    The sincerity of Edgar Mitchell comes shining through in this video. I have seen other “clips” of Mitchell over time that also suggest that he has an honest-to-goodness desire to see important “knowledge” revealed to the general public.

    That said, it still confounds me to this day, that this man spoke at a “Leadership Conference” of young people back in 1973…a conference sponsored by Sun Myung Moon and his Unification Church. Since I’m a former member of the Unification Church (known pejoratively as “Moonies”), this little factoid about Mitchell is important to me. Did Edgar Mitchell know that Sun Myung Moon was a notorious cult leader? Now, with the passing of Mitchell, we will probably never find out the answer to that question.

    For those interested, I found a Unification Church publication, where it discusses Edgar Mitchell’s participation in the conference aforementioned (Note: The Unification Church is also known as “The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity). Here’s a quote from Mitchell:

    “I have greater hope that the body of mankind, when it understands the problem of the need to survive both individually and as a civilization can put aside their personal differences and rise to the occasion ….I don’t just want to survive, I want to survive comfortably, optimally. And that’s not only for myself, but for the entire planet.” (

  2. jennymemon

    Wow Richard, so great to see Edgar Mitchell talking as frankly as he can at that point. He seemed emotional and a bit scared. Thanks for sharing this, btw, i remember very well the youtube broadcast where your voice came from on this. It is etched in my memory, ‘Its out!’. x

  3. Allen

    Very interesting! I downloaded the document you posted awhile back and it would be great to have a video, also. I saw a gray oblong object, similar to that shown in the video, in north Spokane in April 2016.

  4. JohnM

    Excellent video, very relevant and informative. Dr Greer talks about this particular set of circumstances on a Joe Rogan Podcast from 2013, and its well worth a watch/listen on YT; JRE #331. He expands considerably on a few things mentioned here.

    Cheers, and ATB, John.

  5. J-Rod

    Riveting stuff. I’ve always said, I couldn’t care less about the technologies. I just want to see the Roswell hardware that started it all. Then I’d like to see those who were/are perpetrators of the secrecy held to account, and justice for those who lost their lives,over the decades, trying to expose this. Done.

  6. PressToDigitate

    After seeing these clips again, particularly Dr. Greer’s testimony at CHD (I was in the room for it at the time), I am more convinced than ever that there is NO WAY ON EARTH that the ‘Inner Sanctum’ running the ETUFO programs “for the government” – “Majestic” or whatever its called today – could POSSIBLY be run by Humans. The Military/Intelligence program directorate responsible for ‘protecting’ us from the ETUFO problem could *ONLY* obtain and maintain this level of subterfuge if it were being run by the Aliens themselves. Without the use of ET’s powers of ‘psychic suasion’, noted by thousands of Abductees and Contactees – and expressly available to passable Hybrids – there is NO WAY ON EARTH these operations could be kept hidden from JSC-J2/Intel, ADSECDEF/Intel, the DCI or DDIA, among others. What secret power do they have to keep secrets from the most powerful secret keepers? There’s only one answer that makes any sense, and you know it: “They Ain’t From Around Here” – because ‘Majestic’ must have been infiltrated, compromised, and co-opted, long ago.

  7. CT57

    I am looking forward to watching the full documentary. I would hope that Richard has been extensively interviewed for this upcoming Reading room documentary having done a lot of work on this. Cheers

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