5 Hour Deep Dive into the Wilson UFO Leak | Richard Dolan Show

By | July 15, 2020

Greetings everyone. I forgot to post this when I uploaded it to my Youtube channel last night, so for those of you who missed it, this is an epic 5-hour interview I conducted with the mysterious (but one of ours) Mr. X. ! 

I see it’s already getting a lot of feedback in the Youtube comments, including a few very loud (and obviously uninformed) skeptics. But mostly positive, and I am glad for that! 


18 thoughts on “5 Hour Deep Dive into the Wilson UFO Leak | Richard Dolan Show

  1. Stark Raving

    Having listened to some of Mr. X’s thoughts on UFO-tech and “not for public consumption” physics on a Project Unity video, I would either KILL or NOT KILL (whichever works) for recommendations on which books/authors to read.

  2. Agro1969

    I split it up into three sittings so my brain didn’t just become over saturated and melt from all the new information. It was a great, but very intense, few hours of my life. Love it!

  3. whatif

    Richard, first thanks for this. I haven’t finished listening, but this is great. I’m taking a break to comment about the “debunkers” that keep popping up in discussions regarding the Wilson docs. Big sigh… I am not one of them, however I can empathize and even agree with some of their opposition. It’s just too easy to discount something once a certain “player” in the UFO field is involved. Take Greer, for instance, I have great difficulty believing anything he says. So as soon as his name enters the framework, I cringe a little bit. I can move past it, but it’s definitely an obstacle to mentally navigate before perhaps more believable details can be digested. The good news is there’s a tonne of more believable details and Richard Dolan backs it up! Ok, back to listening.

  4. Sean Mulhern

    Just listened to the whole 5 hours last night, great discussion. Mr. X is correct about Congress needing to address the whole matter, but they are so partisan and obsessed with ousting the Commander in Chief, I don’t know if they’d even pay attention. Mark Rubio would be the best hope as he’s starting to address the issue via the Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2021.


    See the, “Committee Comments” section near the end, 2nd paragraph entitled, “Advanced Aerial Threats”.

    The fluxliner ARV documentary Mr. X spoke of is:

    Youtube, search on, “Anti Gravity ARV Full Documentary by James Allen”

    As per Richard, Allen was his pseudonym, his real name is James Higgins. His documentary is, “Zero Point – the Fluxliner ARV”, but Youtube has it named differently. I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, but it looks good. I would not of known about it without Mr. X mentioning it (here and on the Project Unity site).

    The, “…self organizing plasmas” Mr. X was talking about can be see here:

    https://safireproject.com/ (original page)
    https://aureon.ca/ (new page)

    Mr. X had a long discussion of this project on the Project Unity page:


    It’s a really great interview overall (both the Project Unity and Richard’s interviews).

    It’s a project up in Canada. If I understand it correctly, this could really be the solution to all of our energy needs, for real this time. It’s a fantastic discussion and project. I believe this is what Richard was referencing regarding getting Mr. X back to discuss this new energy breakthrough.

    The Safire Project will change the world. It appears it really does work and in doing so would solve the world’s energy needs forever. It also appears to be what is powering some of the UFOs. As it’s being developed in Canada, it hasn’t been suppressed yet as I suspect it would have if it had been attempted here in the US (suppressed for National Security reasons). If I understand it correctly, the project came about independent of anything related to UFO tech and reverse engineering, which is why it exists and is moving forward.

  5. WickyBu

    Brilliant discussion with Mr X! Fascinating stuff, and even more insightful than the 3 hour long Unity Project interview…just think what 10 hrs could achieve!

    I’ve heard many times, how some races/types of ET’s have made ‘deals’ with us/humans, or at least the ‘powers that be’ (whosoever that may be) in order to maintain the status quo (whatever that is) so as to retain control of the planet (for whatever purpose). Apologies for all of the parentheses.

    Some have speculated that this may be a relatively recent development…’recent’ meaning the past 80 years or so, i.e. since the 1940’s / crash retrievals / nuclear capability / high tech capabilities, etc. starting presumably with the military and then moving on to the even more powerful (and insidious) military industrial complex / private enterprise and all that that entails.

    Just thinking about this, assuming that ‘they’ have been visiting us/popping into our earthly plane for millennia and also assuming that they are also possibly millennia ahead of us in terms of technology/spirituality/basically everything, even as of today…would it not make sense that they have been making deals/negotiating with our ancestors (as if we had a choice, anyway) for literally thousands of years? Basically for as long as civilisation has existed ? Surely there have always been an elite/ruling class/elders/tribal councils, etc. who maintained control and took it upon themselves to be the go-betweens.

    My main point being, if that was the case, why would we be anywhere nearer to ‘Disclosure’ now than, say 100/1,000/10,000 years ago? Surely our puny attempts at space travel and technological advancements (perhaps leaving aside splitting the atom?) would still be way, way inferior, pedestrian and infantile to the likes of these beings from a place which is beyond most peoples’ comprehension.

    In essence, I can’t see why they would want to ‘upset the apple cart‘ right now, just because WE THINK we are ready to accept them. I imagine the big ‘D’ is still a long long way off. Just my opinion…

  6. PressToDigitate

    Got halfway through on first attempt; will probably resume.
    But once I accepted that the Davis leak docs are genuine, its like the legacy sightings; it doesn’t get any *MORE* genuine by hearing it redundantly.
    Properly, attention should turn to *Action Items* spawned by the reported Wilson incident, like:

    1. A “Lawfare” Assault, with Test Cases, to prove, in Court, that the UFO secrecy oaths, NDAs etc. are invalid and nonbinding, because the programs from which they are issued are fundamentally illegal to start with, and do not operate under color of law. Find three Whistleblowers who have been prosecuted for violations of UFO secrecy, and make them Plaintiffs. Oh, Wait! We can’t because THERE AREN’T ANY – because NO ONE has EVER been prosecuted for ‘spilling the beans’ on ETUFO issues. Murdered, yes, “back in the old days” – but the NDAs are legally TOOTHLESS, and, once that were proven in Court, the entire Coverup collapses.

    2. Another Lawfare Assault, this on Aerospace Contractor Liability – Both under the False Claims Act, for diverting federal dollars from legitimate authorized programs (no matter who blinked and waved it on by), and as derivative Shareholder Liability to investors, the offending companies, Lockheed, AECOM (formerly URS, formerly EG&G), Leidos, etc. should be sued for Tens of Billions of Dollars, and forced to account for both government and corporate funds that have been illegally misappropriated. Make it the next ‘Tobacco’, ‘Asbestos’, or ‘Glyphosate’. While the ‘Secrecy Oaths’ are legally Toothless, the FCA, RICO and the Securities Fraud statutes are decidedly *NOT*. Both FCA and RICO provide “Triple Damages”, enough to inspire and motivate legions of avaricious young lawyer larvae for years to come, whereas the Securities Fraud will invite Prison Time…

    3. Launching a “Divestment in Humanity” Campaign, patterned after other “woke” stockholder boycotts, urging people, and the funds they invest in and brokers they invest through, to sell off, henceforth avoid, and otherwise “shun” investments in those specific Aerospace Contractors that have been implicated in ‘Black Projects’ UFO secrecy, until they disclose all that they know on the EFUFO presence to the public, “in the interest of protecting National (and ‘Planetary’) Security”.

    Simply “Knowing” what wrongdoing has occurred (in our names and on our nickels) does no good unless we are prepared and organized to bring to bear effective pressure to ‘Right such Wrongs’. Remember the Nicholas Cage movie, “Knowing”? Fat lot of good it did him in the end…But our Cosmic Nemesis isn’t some immutable natural catastrophe; its the very Human ‘foibles’ of Human Collaborators, who, greater than Julius & Ethel Rosenberg, have placed our security At-Risk by *mishandling* America’s Most Classified Secrets; in this case, by *keeping* them.

    YES, I believe ‘Majestic’ today – and those Contractor Personnel sitting across the table from Admiral Wilson were actually Alien Hybrid Operatives; but they are known to and protected by some ring of Human Collaborators who know the actual underlying truth, and conspire to keep their secret. They are guilty of ongoing Crimes Against Humanity, and, the longer we do nothing, the worse its going to turn out for the rest of us Earthlings in the end.

  7. Joseph Matto

    TWICE now !!! …I’ve been through the full 5 hours of this interview……no apologies for its breadth and depth.
    I will do it again to take finer notes and solidify the connections and details….right down to the obscure physics of “double layer boundaries tangent to a Zero Point Core”.

    “A MAP TO DISCLOSURE”….indeed, and a trail of breadcrumbs to where we currently are that need, in my opinion, further illumination and examination. An extraordinary interview….so GLAD it unfolded as it did unfettered by pre-production goals to be tidy and succinct.

    Thank you Mr. X for taking Richard into the weeds of it all from your personal experiences! More please!

    BTW, I first learned of the Wilson docs thru Dr. Stephen Greer many years ago…. and so I am delighted to see this historic event filled with new life and advanced positively from other sectors of the UFO community. There is an opportunity here to unite disparate factions, which in the face of the sad and shameful news from MUFON leadership, will be an important goal.

  8. Scott Santa

    Have yet to set aside the 5 hour chunk. Will comment after I hear it. Whew – bet you almost lost your voice after 5 hours eh … my ears will probably turn red somewhere in the 3 hour period! 🤪🤣

  9. Craig Champion

    A question that I’ve pondered is: how did Admiral Wilson gain the information that an alien spacecraft was being reverse-engineered? That would seemingly constitute an egregious breech of confidentiality on behalf of the private contractor, sending the operating caveat, “need to know” flying right out the window…

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      It initially came through Greer! He had a legit copy of an NRO document that he brought to Wilson’s attention. How Greer got it is another story.

  10. James Watson

    Thanks for this Richard.

    The notes are certainly causing a stir at the moment, which is a good thing. A lot can fall out of the pot when it’s being stirred hard enough.

    Any chance we can get this up just as Audio, rather than video? Makes it easier to listen to on the phone as iPhones will stop playing the video if you lock them.


  11. deweyweber

    Driving from SC to NJ, I listened to all 5 hours of this deep dive in Wilson/Davis Notes with Mr. X. This was a firehose of insight into the Special Access Programs. You guys are the sword that’s going to cut this Gordian Knot in two.

  12. J-Rod

    Fantastic interview. Loved Mr. X’s passion but it just ain’t gonna happen. Too many people in on it and as you have mentioned yourself once Richard, why should they tell us? If it’s been kept quiet for 80 years, then the modus operandi is etched in stone and will continue. In a corrupt world, truth is a dirty word.

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