NO MORE EXCUSES: Davis-Wilson Notes | The Richard Dolan Show

By | September 27, 2022

Hi Everyone,

There has been renewed discussion lately regarding the Davis-Wilson notes, which detail a meeting held in 2002 that discussed a deeply secret reverse-engineering program pertaining to extraterrestrial technology. Tonight I will discuss the latest developments while also reviewing the notes themselves, my own personal connection to them, the arguments supporting their authenticity, and most importantly the implications. We are now past the point of debating whether or not they are ‘real.’

Referenced in this discussion:

Giuliano Marinkovic’s excellent article on the history of references to the Wilson saga:…

Project Unity’s interview with Oke Shannon:…

My original article on the Davis-Wilson notes, which has detailed information and links to the original document.…

Joe Murgia’s blog, which has extensive research and journalism on Davis-Wilson and much more.

James Iandoli’s YouTube Channel which also has many excellent relevant interview…

Danny Silva’s The Silva Record.

Grant Cameron’s YouTube Channel.

I think this will be a good program and I hope to see you there!


10 thoughts on “NO MORE EXCUSES: Davis-Wilson Notes | The Richard Dolan Show

  1. Ted2

    In episode 1689 of Jimmy Church’s Fade to Black, According to Richard Doty, the MJ 12 documents were a fake government disinformation plant. Doty said he was directly involved in obtaining the original documents from Jamie Shandera and finding out that the government had no interest in them as they knew the documents were a government creation. That portion of the show is worth listening to the entire program which contains some other gems.

  2. Harry Harris

    It has become obvious that Thomas Wilson is either totally lost all his memory of the past or is still covering things up by refuting everyone else. The pieces that we know now fit too conveniently together for the Wilson memo to be false. Billy Cox has also come down on this as per below:

    It is still interesting that Wilson still refutes any knowledge of this and has stated ““To my knowledge I have never met Oke Shannon, and certainly didn’t call him to arrange any meetings with anybody . . . This whole debate about ‘the memo’ is ludicrous as far as I’m concerned.” Yet Oke Shannon remembers speaking to Wilson on a phone call that Wilson made to him about if he (Shannon) could vouch for Eric Davis. Someone is lying here and it does not seem to be Oke. Poor Wilson, he is now caught in the crosshairs but still keeps on lying, but why?

  3. D.A.


    Though it might be of no consolation to you, tacit authentication of the Davis-Wilson memo is taking place as we speak, initially through the disclosure of details involving the AAWSAP-BAASS contract, as described in the book, Skinwalkers at the Pentagon; and now in legislation through language that was inserted into the 2023 IAA.

    The fact that Rep. Gallagher publicly mentioned the Wilson memo during the last public UAP hearing gave it credibility. The fact that a provision was subsequently inserted into the 2023 IAA bill, which essentially calls for an investigation to determine what UFO information and materials the USG intelligence community and private contractors have, validates it.

    It is no coincidence that the IAA provision is virtually identical to one of the contract deliverable in BAASS’ AAWSAP proposal, as described in Skinwalkers; and it is no coincidence that the same provision was inserted into the IAA bill after Gallagher publicly mentioned the Wilson memo during the last UAP hearing. Given Bray’s and Moultrie’s public response to Gallagher’s query, coupled with how the language then suddenly appeared in the last draft of the IAA bill, suggests that the memo–or at least the gist of it– was likely discussed in great detail behind closed doors after the public part of the hearing was over. And whatever Bray and Moultrie said behind those doors was clearly enough to convince Gallagher and others on the committee to insert the new language into the bill.

    Just my humble opinion.


  4. Craig Champion

    Grant just gave a good interview on Church, regarding the notes.

    Thanks for the list of Implications!

    Our tech has received interest from the Others – OR, perhaps they’re involved in the process, indeed.

    Lazar’s testimony would certainly be congruent with the spirit of the notes.

    Thanks, Richard!

  5. Scott Santa

    Totally agree Richard and then with regard to the Oke Shannon notes – IT’S OVER FOLKS! The wall is crumbling and beyond repair. Ain’t NONE of THAT toothpaste goin’ back in!

    Looking forward to your appearance with Church tomorrow!!

  6. T. J.

    It’ll be interesting to hear how mr black vault or whatever his name is expresses his acceptance of this, that’ll be fun 😉

  7. Andromeda107

    Great presentation Richard,hearing you talk about the Wilson/Davis notes never gets old.If certain people still are questioning the legitimacy of the the notes, after watching the interview that Jay did with Oak Shannon, then they just need leave this field all together. People who continue to deny that the Wilson/Davis notes are real, are just another Philip J.Clasp in my book, they are letting their ignorance lead them.With everything that is going Richard all I can say is that we have to be in the great change,like you have stated before ,and like the et’s have been constantly telling abductees; can I say for sure we are ,no, but it definitely seems most likely we are. Also tell Tracey I said hello.

  8. Kevin Hansen

    Richard the record of humanity as ‘Xenophobic’ is pretty clear.

    I can easily imagine ETs know this and are worried that disclosure could endanger their lives, their enclaves, their families and their access to resources. They likely love Earth as much as we do.

    Assuming ETs are actively blocking disclosure, wouldn’t it be logical that they would infiltrate the Pentagon and the security structures of many nations?

    Many have described this…

    Cheers, and thanks,

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Not difficult to imagine this. Xenophobia is sort of hardwired into us, I think. The ETs, like any life form I would imagine, look out for themselves first and foremost.


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